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ANALOGUE NATURE STILLS, CAFFENOL PROCESSING AND PERCEPTION RE-NEWED. I’m from a world of photography, that mostly want focused, pretty

it, expose, decide on flash or not, move the camera slightly on

images. There’s no room for film winding errors, accidental

a slow shutter exposure and so on. The loss of control comes

double exposures and weird scanner decisions. I was trying to

from me being forgetful, the state of my equipment, processing

loose a bit of control when I was out in the woods, shooting more

the film, scanning the images - embracing the errors instead of

from the hip which was hard for me to do and I don’t think I really

discarding them - and the subsequent reflection on what makes

believe in it. It’s much more interesting to consider it a controlled

the image ‘great’, eventually going for the ‘ugly ducklings’ instead

loss of control, since I still consciously choose my subject, frame

of the more ‘perfect swans’.

Arteles Catalogue  

Artist residency projects & other activity done in the creative residency program of Arteles Creative Center, Hämeenkyrö, Finland.

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