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IN THE RESIDENCY Silence Awareness Existence Program, December 2016

“Open mind to whatever comes to my creations, always with grateful heart.”


Taiwan // Past few years, I have put my attention to the topics that are

in life and related to womb. based on those uterus drawings, I

related to women, female bodies and the relationship to the

started to curating exhibitions, meanwhile continue working on

mother earth. In 2014 we started a project called “ My Womb,

my handmade Jewelry brand, I work with precious metal, all kind

My Mother Earth – Uterus Painting”. Nearly two year, we have

of hardwood (sandalwood), mainly do customized Jewelry.

hosted over 15 Uterus Painting workshops in Taiwan, Hong Kong,

BONTE Handmade Jewelry | Designer, Creator, owner Visual

northern Thailand border, Nepal, South India and other places,

Design of Dhartimata Sustainable workshop My Womb, My Mother

thus collected all kinds of stories about people’s experiences

Earth Art Project| Exhibition curator / project initiator / creator

Arteles Catalogue  

Artist residency projects & other activity done in the creative residency program of Arteles Creative Center, Hämeenkyrö, Finland.