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flect on the deep presence that residency programs can have within their particular cultural, geographical and political contexts. Personal Narratives and Reflections foregrounds the artist’s role in the cultural milieu of residencies; here artists share their perspectives and personal experiences of the impact residencies have had on their personal and professional growth. Both Su Grierson’s Artists Across Borders and Daniel Gasol’s Oficina36: Despacho Para La Gestión y Promoción De Artistas Emergentes De Barcelona offer readers insights of the immediate effects residencies have on artists. An extension of such anecdotal reflections is Sue Donnelly’s Art in the Archives: An Artist’s Residency in the Archives of the London School of Economics which illustrates the potential for reviving spaces and stimulating surrounding communities.

these limitations in mind, we hope that this guide will instigate more writing and analysis of contemporary models, in addition to historical reviews of residency programs. The Residency Resource Handbook was produced in partnership by ArteEast and Delfina Foundation as part of the January 2012 edition of ArteEast’s Quarterly Magazine. The Quartlery, guest edited by Aaron Cezar of the Delfina Foundation, explored the subject of artist residencies. Special thanks to Ezgican Ozdemir, Rosana Zarza Canova, M.C. Abbott, Sarah Dwider, Valeria Bembry

Finally, the works in Assessing Impact: Outcomes and Assessments look closely at the possibilities and limitations of residency programs. Todd Lester and Karen Phillips’ Art Spaces Hosting Activism explores how surplus resources can deepen community engagement and support individuals, and Anna Ptak’s Re-tooling Residencies: A Closer Look at the Mobility of Arts Professionals extends this tactical use of residencies to a macro-scope by exploring models and methodologies that tap into the global mobility of artists and residency initiatives. In addition to the aggregated publically accessible resources found here, there exist a plethora of unpublished and inaccessible resources such as dissertations, internal organisational reports, and residency program evaluations produced for funders and stakeholders. However, with 3

Residency Resource Handbook  
Residency Resource Handbook  

This resource manual offers readers a brief overview of online platforms and print sources relevant to understanding residencies and the soc...