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Volume 3 ~ Issue 6 ~ February2012

In this issue: Message from the President 1 Snapshot Iowa 2 2012 Art Teacher Workshop 3 Time for some Artful Reading 5 2012 AEI Election 6 Biography of a Board Member 7 Technology for the Intimidated 8 Just My Opinion 9 YAM Reminder & Schedule 10



Happy February! As I write this, I am preparing for the final three weeks of our second trimester of classes, which means there are about 15 weeks of school left. Whoa...where has this school year gone? Your AEI Board recently had their winter meeting at the State Historical Building in Des Moines. The meeting was the same day as adjudication of the statewide K-12 Youth Art Month exhibit. Congratulations to all students and teachers who had work accepted into this year's show. In fact, in a few short days Scholastic Art will be announcing their award winners also (check the website shortly after February 8). And, the deadline is fast approaching for entries to this year's All-State Art Team competition. Yes, Iowa has much to be proud of, and does a fantastic job of celebrating the artful accomplishments of it's students. There are not enough words to thank the numerous people who make all of these ways we recognize students possible. You know who you are, but I'd like to thank the chair of each of these awards programs: Susan Noonan (YAM), Dr. Clar Baldus (Scholastic), and Maggie Harlow-Vogt (All-State). One thing that we did during our last Board meeting was to create artist trading cards for exchange at the end of the meeting. I encourage each of you to make the time to be creative. As busy educators, we often "run out of time" to feed our own creativity, but it is so important that we create. I think it is vital that we "practice what we preach" and share our own work with students as appropriate in the classroom. Our students need to know that we are artists, as well as educators. Lastly, the next time I write my president's message will likely be just before heading out to the NAEA convention in New York City. How many of you will I bump into there? Give me a shout at and let me know!

Message from the President

“snapshot Iowa”

a photography contest for Iowa students


All Iowa students, grades 7 th – 12th are eligible, including home-schooled students.

WHAT: We want to see unmounted, black and white

PHOTOGRAPHS SHOWCASING HISTORIC IOWA ARCHITECTURE! From the vernacular to the spectacular, feel free to get creative! Photos should be 8” x 10” and printed on photo paper. Manipulation of photographs is discouraged.

WHY: One winner from each group will earn a $100 cash prize: 7th – 9th Grades and 10th – 12th Grades.

WHEN: Entries must be received by March 14, 2012. Winners will be announced by March 22, 2012 ..

What Piece of Historic Architecture Inspires YOU?

Please include the following information on a separate piece of paper, taped to the back of the photo(s):

1. Student’s name, grade, age, signature and full home mailing address. 2. Parent or legal guardian’s name, signature and contact information. 3. Student’s school name and address. 4. Title and description (100 words or less) explaining why the subject of the photograph was selected. Include the name and location of the subject. 5. Each student may submit up to three photographs.

“Snapshot Iowa” is proudly brought to you by the

The student must take the photo, no group work allowed. Entries will not be returned. Mail photos to the IAF address shown below. Mail photo(s) between two sheets of corrugated cardboard or like material to prevent damage in the mail. The IAF reserves the right to exclude damaged entries. Contact information (phone numbers/e-mail addresses) will not be released to the public. If selected as a winner, a jpg file of the photo (high resolution) may be requested via e-mail. All information must be legible for the entry to be valid. No response to prize notification within five days will forfeit the prize. Entry images become the property of the IAF. IOWA ARCHITECTURAL FOUNDATION • 400 LOCUST STREET SUITE 100 • DES MOINES, IOWA 50309

5th Annual Art Teacher Workshop!! Friday,February 24, 2012 At Hoover Elementary in Council Bluffs Hosted by Pat Stevens! (in her new art room)

Reason: To connect, support each other, and share our wisdom so we can all be better teachers that prepare our students for future success as creative thinkers!!! Cost: Sharing yourself, your expertise, and your talents as a professional art educator. (In other words, free) Agenda: 9:00-12:00 Make and take workshops in stations; we will

present and then you can choose and try at your own pace. Jewelry: Viking Knit, button rings, pewter casting demonstration ****if you want to try Viking knit, please bring 26 or 28 guage wire with you!!! Start with the cheap stuff at hobby lobby! For rings we use 18 guage for button rings and 22 for bead rings ( I will have a limited amout with me that you could purchase for $1-2.) Shaving Cream Prints Monochromatic sculptural/painting Painting with primaries: A few examples and lessons for color mixing.

12:00-1:00 Lunch Bring a salad to share for pot luck and a beverage. 1:00-3:00 Lesson Plan sharing

Bring a lesson to share (15-20 copies) and/or an example to show

Bring ideas to share on how you incorporate subjects like math, science, reading, 6+1 traits, what works, cross curricular cooperation, theme projects, special programs, visiting artists, museums, integration, mentoring, or any other activity that enhances the teaching/learning environment in your school. See below for RSVP

See following page for printable RSVP.

Please respond via e-mail by Feb 17 to

Information: Your name, school, address, phone ____Yes!! I can come! or ____No, sorry, I can’t. ___Yes! I will bring a salad (or whatever) for pot luck (and beverage) ___No, I would rather eat my leftovers from last week. You can also call me at TC on Mon, Wed, Fr (pm only) 712-485-2271 Invitations will be sent to all Green Hills Art Teachers that I can find and please feel free to share information with others who might like to come!! Hoover Elementary is located at 1205 North Broadway in Council Bluffs. North Broadway is near Pizza King, Super Saver, Mercy Hospital. Google for directions, call, or e-mail. Snail Mail Form (copy and send) ____YES!! I will be there!! ____Sorry, I can’t make it. Name________________________________________ School_______________________________________ Address_______________________________________ Phone________________________________________ E-mail________________________________________ ____YES, I will bring a salad to share for pot luck ____No, I would rather eat my leftovers from last week Send to:

Liz Lyons Tri-Center Elementary 33980 310th Street Neola, Ia 51559

(Green Hills Rt. 5)

Time for some Artful reading... Review by Ronda Sternhagen Grundy Center MS/HS President, Art Educators of Iowa "Chuck Close Up Close" by Jan Greenberg and Sandra Jordan I pretty sure if you're reading this newsletter, you are an art lover the way that I am, and this book is about much more than Chuck Close, the artist, as the title indicates. The book gives an in depth look into the medical struggles that Close encountered mid-career. A debilitating stroke stole away the function of his limbs and his ability to do what he loved...creating art. He found a way to use art as a way to rehabilitate himself. A passage in the book describes how Close took the term "Occupational Therapy" quite literally, thinking that it would help him to get back to his occupation as an artist. The author is a friend of the Close family and had an intimate connection to some never before told stories, as well as an extensive look at the processes, mental and physical, that Close uses in his life and in his art. We have a chance to "see" Close, the father of two young girls and husband to a wife who has an intense interest in horticulture, from the beginning of his career (selling his first piece), through his stroke and recovery (in a sub-par hospital setting), to his current diminished physical state. He has persevered in his art career. We also experience the toll that an exhausting physical and mental situation can take on a marriage and what essentially split the Close family in the later years. Don't let the number of pages in this book scare you away. It truly is a fairly quick read with lots of beautiful images thrown in to give you moments of simple "awe." Editor's note: Chuck Close is scheduled to be a keynote speaker at the NAEA convention in New York on March 3.

AEI welcomes all art teachers that Vote early!about Voteretiring often!or have are thinking retired to consider staying involved Well, please only vote once, but do vote. with AEI in the future. Please continue to support Art Educators Voting for the President Elect happens in of Iowa staying and even yearsby(like 2012)active and will be open helping fellow art teachings out untill March 30, 2012. with programs and conferences. We What does thefor President do? To are looking a 2nd Elect AEI Retired quote the AEI By-laws: Represenative to work with Tempest Kuykendall at this time. Section 2. President-Elect: Please contact AEIofPresident for in a. Assume the duties the President more infomration the absence of that officer b. Assume the duties of President following term as President-Elect AEIaistwo-year an open enviornment in c. Assistwe thestrive president in carrying on the which to create genuine work of theenvironment organization and push our learning d. Oversee the work of the AEA repreown professional capabilities sentatives and encourage art education further. within Thereeach are various positions activities AEA open in AEI’s you onlyby e. Perform otherboard duties and as determined need check out the website the Board

( for more information!

The President Elect nominated this year is Tony Onesto, a middle school art teacher at the Aldo Leopold School in Burlington. Tony has been on the AEI Board for several years and is on the Issues and Directions Committee.


BIOGRAPHY, of a board member. Curt Nelson, Panorama Community Schools This month’s Board Member Biography if of Curt Nelson of Panorama Community Schools. He has previously taught in in Lakota, Bancroft, and North Kossuth but has been at Panorama since 1989. Curt recieved education at NAICC and completed his B.A. of Art Education at the University of Northern Iowa. He has continued education at Mankato State and Iowa State University. For AEI, Curt is the High School Represenative and also serves on the All State Board. As Curt put it’s, he chose Iowa because “it’s the land between two rivers”. One of the reasons he loves Art Education is because he feels as though he can and does have a hundred different art projects going on at the same time. Another highlight is when he has students’s children as current students - and we quote him, “[it’s] a trip”! Outside of art, he also spends his spare time trying to play music. His goal in AEI is to create large participation in All State Art. He believes Art Educators of Iowa is the best place to get “revived”. Continued, he states, “Being with so many art educators makes a person sense that they are truly with people that love art as much as you do.” And did you know? He is the member of the “Ordinary Cowboys Band”.


by Liz Lyons, of Tri-Center

I first heard Kevin Honeycutt give the keynote address at a technology conference held at my school last fall. He is a former art teacher turned techno guru who changed my world in a day: now I’m learning to feel empowered by technology rather than petrified! I stayed for every session he gave that day because I couldn’t bring myself to miss a word! I even went up to express my appreciation to him and with tears in my eyes I could barely speak: Kevin just hugged me and he cried too! Finally someone was speaking my language! SO: Now I belong to Kevin’s website called ArtSnacks,


and also plurk. I have acquired an Ipad 2 and am working on getting a projector that will record audio and video so I can use it to assist myself in teaching lessons (especially the ones where kids need more help). There are so many apps on the Ipad that are free or fairly inexpensive that could be useful to you! I found a great free app for folding origami, one to throw pottery, another to write e-books, painting/drawing (some free, some not) whiteboard presentations, and an art museum app ($9.99) that has an amazing amount of work to choose from. I’ve only just begun down a whole new road to explore a whole new world, so I hope my story can inspire you to give technology a try if you have been intimidated by it! If you are already on that road, keep inspiring and teaching the rest of us!! If you are interested in learning more about Kevin Honeycutt, just google his name! His website is called ArtSnacks so check it out and join if you are interested! It’s a free resource!

Just My Opinion, by Cappie Dobyns

Iowa Core Vision: Clarity through Authentic Assessment “The vision for the Iowa Core is to ensure the success of each and every student by providing a world-class curriculum. The Iowa Core is designed to improve achievement of all students, preparing them for the world of work and lifelong learning. It identifies the essential content and instruction of critical content areas that all students must experience.” (Department of Education, 2011)

In many Iowa schools, emphasis has been placed on the first and third statementssummarizing the “why, who and what” of Iowa Core teaching. Yet, the second, pertaining to “how” has received minimal attention by comparison. Ironically, it is the desired shift from the “what” to the “how” that is a driving force behind the creation of the Iowa Core (with its Characteristics of Effective Teaching), and its accompanying 21st Century Skills and Universal Constructs. As referenced in the Department of Education document “Universal Constructs Essential for 21st Century Success,” Tony Wagner’s book The Global Achievement Gap served as an impetus for the creation of Iowa’s Universal Constructs--creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, complex communication, flexibility/adaptability, and productivity/accountability. It was the developers’ belief, that if these were taught “intentionally,” embedded and infused throughout rigorous curriculum, Iowa learners would achieve the types of “student outcome[s], habits of mind or dispositions” Wagner put forth as needed to keep pace, and competitive, in today’s world. (2010) Authentic Assessment is evaluation of learning that results from engaging in meaningful, open-ended problems within real-world context. This type of learning requires students to construct and apply multidisciplinary problem solving and critical thinking to integrated skills and products. These tasks are often student-structured, easily differentiated and cooperative in nature. And, it is this type of learning-by-doing that is the most effective way to learn. It is apparent, simply by its definition, that authentic tasks can support the Iowa Core’s Characteristics of Effective Teaching--creating Student Centered Classrooms, Teaching for Learner Differences and Understanding, Rigor & Relevance and Assessment for Learning. Further, with the adoption of this one quality assessment practice, inclusion of Iowa's Universal Constructs can be realized, and thus able to steer instruction towards the kind of learning that prepares students for future success. Given the vision of the Iowa Core is to “improve achievement” while grooming students for successful “lifelong learning” within the “world of work,” we can not overlook this one assessment tool which can prove to be the best suited vehicle for driving change. Iowa Core (2011) Iowa Department of Education Web page. Retrieved December 6, 2011 from: Wagner. T. (2008). Global achievement gap. New York, NY: Basic Books.

REMINDER! Schedule for “Artistic Magic�

Youth Art Month Celebration 2012 March 11, 2012 (Snow Date March 25, 2012) State Historical Building Des Moines, Iowa 10:00 a.m. Teachers and volunteers help set up facility 12:30-1:45 p.m. Registration and activities for student to participate, as well as refreshments 1:45-2:00 p.m. Participants and families get seated 2:00 p.m. Ceremonies begin

AEI The Message, February 2012  

Volume 3 Issue 6

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