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Current colombian art Without the intention of making a unifying vision that absolutely

conceptualization of the artworks contains several meanings that

The artworks point out the paradoxes of the human being, seeking

aspect in their process because the artworks present a halo of

defines the contemporary Colombian art, Al Límite Colombia group

are not isolated and derive from an investigation. Artists have

to reflect on everyday life, where the objects in the environment

performance and ritualistic act, giving the observer a sensation

has the intention of creating a multiplicity of nuances regarding

generated a breeding ground for the constant criticism about the

and the existential uneasiness are on a par. In addition, the religious

that goes beyond time and space. However, in relation to the

the outlook of the current plastic art, showing a compendium of

capacity or the inability in relation to the coexistence between

is also questioned there and the struggle with the material, the

metaphorical structure, it is imminent to observe the sharpness

artworks loaded with symbolic values that revive diverse themes

the continuous moral and material contrasts in order to be able to

moral, and the spiritual is clear, which at the same time sentence

that artists have for highlighting messages with double meaning,

–daughters of the national past– and at the same time the genesis

understand life from what it is, of what it should be, and of what

the fragility of life before power and vanity.

maybe it is due to their ancestors, who have a sense of what is

of speeches about intimacy and new visions of a Latin American

can be perceived about what might become. The compendium

diaspora that observes both the world of today and its universal

of artworks is linked to three main thematic axes such as identity,


paradox, and the force of the root, from which an amalgam of

The artists of Al Límite Colombia are connected by the interpretation of coexistence between opposites and complementary. From the resignification of the object and even of the human being, they refer to themselves by means of a strong indication in relation to contrasts; they express outwardly the reflections of the inner part and seek the balance by pursuing a symmetrical order that

situations can be perceived between opposing poles: life and death, the real and the unreal, the good and the bad, the rude and the fragile, and so on. According to this perspective, the identity of the Colombian territory can be seen from the imbalance. The symbols related to

There's a content that pries into the force of the root, into what is considered taboo, what is not scientific, what is unknown, what comes out but is not yet seen; it even proposes about the inexplicable of the cosmos and the multidimensionality of space. These are artworks that increase the power of nature, of its greatness, not only for its connotation of life, but also for its feminine virtue; artworks that contrast the ancestral and organic wisdom with the lack of empowerment, violence, and the hardship of women.

known as "indigenous malice." Their art is one step ahead: it's not stationary in the crudity of reality but emits a second message that, with ingenuity, manages to penetrate the observer, expecting something in return. Perhaps the fact of living difficult realities and being a country of fantasy and "magical realism" means there is the ability of hitting rock bottom and escaping from situations through irony, with a naughty sense and also with a wink or with a subtle taste in the lips. In short, it's about using a clever indication of some element. Thereby, the artists of this exhibition have been able to interpret their cultural identity.

war conflicts, what is sown by the economic and social inequality

The process of the artists of Al Límite Colombia makes clear that

are linked to a way in which the screaming of the artworks are

it does not only respect a conceptual and formal structure but also

looking for the peace not only of a territory, but also of the soul and

a metaphorical one. On one hand, its debt is faultless and there

The emerging Colombian art, which is young and fresh, is an

that of the silenced communities. It is also observed the identity

is rigor in the artistic skill, in the appropriation of materials, in the

accumulation of dissensions, of dissimilar opinions that widen

regarding the universal from the perspective of the evolution of

multiple of the material, in the management of mixed techniques,

and ramify more and more, but when it is viewed from a golden

the cities that are in transformation and the contrasts within them.

in the use of technology, in the idea of sustainability. It's obvious

age of freedom and self-confidence, it reflects a world that is

It's an art that describes the architectural and the imaginary of its

that artists dominate the trade even if they are hyperrealistic,

about to be explored. It also deals with a story that is being built

This selection of artworks from the last decade deal with realities

inhabitants, the effects of the hybridization of cultures, the change

figurative, abstract, installers, photographers, video artists,

in relation to the limitations of a classic rigor, but taking into

through unchanging vestiges, that invite from the intention

in their social fabrics. Therefore, it means the reunion with the

sculptors, painters or draftsmen; they preserve the balance and

consideration the school of modern masters and looking for its

of a proposal and not from the inflexibility of a dogma. The

aboriginal and the iconography of its traditions.

harmony in their artisticity. On the other hand, there's a relevant

own canon to dignify its inherent contemporaneity.

organizes the situations and even the same nature. In these acts of reflection there are concepts that are blended and permeated in order to express a strong message to the observers to change their status quo. Thereby, their new state of thinking and emotional condition generates an explosion of connotations that annoy the observer all the time.

Jimena Peña Bennett Guest Curator February 2017


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