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Art Directors Guild 14TH Annual Excellence in Production Design Awards for the Awards Year 2009 Awards Banquet to be held Saturday February 13, 2010 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel

NOMINEE INFORMATION SHEET PLEASE RETURN THE COMPLETED FORM ON OR BEFORE JANUARY 15, 2010 You may return this information by EMAIL to by FAX to (818) 762-9997 or MAIL to 11969 Ventura Blvd. 2nd Floor, Studio City, CA 91604 Nominated Achievement: Project Title: Production Company: Contact (name, phone, email):

Distribution Company: Contact (name, phone, email):

Addt’l Awards / Publicity Contact: (name, phone, email)

Please provide the Guild ASAP with: -two (2) viewing copies of the project on DVD -A copy of the final crew list and final main and end credits -one (1) source copy of the project on DVD or Beta SP -Clip Selection Sheet (see attached) -two (2) posters mounted on black foam core

on or before: Jan 15 2010 Jan 15 2010 Jan 18 2010 Jan 18 2010 Feb 1 2010

Nominated staff: Information you provide in this section will be the primary source from which we will compile your nominated art department and create nomination and appreciation certificates. Please make sure it is accurate and complete!

Production Designer: _________________________________Address: Daytime Phone: ________________________________ Email: Address: Art Director: Daytime Phone: ________________________________ Email: Art Director: Address: Daytime Phone: ________________________________ Email: Asst. Art Director: _________________________________ Address: Daytime Phone: ________________________________ Email:

Nominee Information, cont. Nominee Info Sheet

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Project title:

Set Designer: ______________________________________Address: Daytime Phone: ________________________________ Email: Illustrator: _____________________________________ Address: Daytime Phone: ________________________________ Email: Graphic Designer: _____________________________________Address: Daytime Phone: ________________________________ Email: Scenic Artist: _________________________________ Address: Daytime Phone: ________________________________ Email: Set Decorator: ______________________________________Address: Daytime Phone: ________________________________ Email: Other Art Department members:

Title, Phone Number, Email, Snail Mail:

Other desired invitees: Please use this section to provide contact information for anyone connected to you or to the project that should receive an invitation.


Nominee Info Sheet

Phone Number, Email, Snail Mail

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14 ANNUAL ADG AWARDS The ADG creates a nominee clip reel for each category, comprised of 30 second clips for each project that will be shown at the event. If you have created a 30 second clip already for the ADG website and you want it used for the nominee clip reel, you must contact the ADG office at and/or to confirm, and deliver the clip on DVD no later than Jan 18, 2010. If you need the ADG to cut your clip, please review your project and make selects using the following form. We will need a copy of the project, on either dvd or beta sp (preferred), that includes the title treatment and music and/or score delivered no later than Jan 18, 2010. The ADG has “final cut” of all clips in the final nominee clip reels that will be shown at the event. Any re-cutting or revision of the clips that appear in the final nominee clip reel is at the ADG’s discretion. All clips must include title treatment and music/score from the episode or film. No text (other than the title treatment) is permitted. Clip specs: • 30 seconds long, cut to music from the project - no dialogue, music from the project only • The title card will be included in the finished clip. No other dialogue, credits, or text will be included. • Choose shots that feature the sets and showcase the Production Design of the project as opposed to talking heads. • Deliver source material from which we can cut your clip from on Beta Sp with viewing copy on DVD, or two copies on DVD. • When selecting scenes, be sure to start your time code 5 seconds before the actual clip selection and leave 5 seconds after as well.

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Time in

Time out

Title card Music (at least 30 seconds)


Nominee Info Sheet

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