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Production Photo: The Town of Fort Smith, Arkansas

Above: Fort Smith & Boarding House Sketch Right: Production Photo

Production Photos: Monarch Boarding House Interior

The End of The Line: The Outskirts of Fort Smith

Top: Birdseye View of Stonehill’s Stables Set Right: Production Photo of Stonehill’s Office

Above: Col. Stonehill in His Office Right: Mattie Rides Her Horse in The Stonehill Corral

Above: Mattie Rides Out Of The Stables Right: Sketch of Stonehill’s Corral from Stables

Production Photo: Mattie Ross visits Rooster Cogburn

Above: Production Photo of The Fort Smith Gallows Right: Set Sketch of Gallows

Photos of The Fort Smith, Arkansas Set

Photos of the Fort Smith, Arkansas Set

Photos of the Fort Smith, Arkansas Set

Above: Illustration of Mine Entrance Right: Production Photo

Above: Bagby’s Store & Trading Post Right: Bagby’s Under Construction

Above: The Cave Full of Snakes Right: Sketch Up Model of Cave Set

Left: Sketch of Specific Cave Set Elements Below: Sketch of Mattie & Skeletal Remains

Above: Production Photo of Rooster Carrying Mattie Right: Schematic of Set for This Scene

Above: Sketch of The Younger & James Wild West Show Set Right: Elevation of Wagon Design

Above: Production Photo of Memphis Train Station Right: Set Sketch of Exterior of Memphis Train Station

Production Photo: Graveyard on the Hill