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Joe Lemmon

IATSE Local 800


Cell: (310) 466-7400 Office: (818) 835-9622

22626 Holanda Rd. Woodland Hills, CA 91364

PRODUCTION DESIGNER FEATURES “Sea Isle” “Night of the Templar” “Answers To Nothing” “Wrong Turn at Tahoe” “Table For Three” “Deep In the Valley” “Lower Learning” “Senior Skip Day” “Waiting to Live” “Joe Killionaire” “If You Only Knew” “Enemies of Laughter” “The Giving Tree” “Detour” “Mel” “Wild Horses” “Matter of Trust” “Laws of Deception” “Earth Minus Zero”

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Patriot Pictures Sampson Enterprises Ambush Entertainment Paramount Entertainment Anchor Bay Entertainment Persistent Entertainment Starz Media Alla Prima Productions Imageworks Entertainment Goldenlight Films Eternity Pictures Two Sticks Production Shoreline Pictures Shoreline Pictures North by Northwest Skyline Entertainment Rough Diamond Productions Two Sticks Productions Lethal Intent Productions

TELEVISION “Godbrothers” Pilot “Model Employee” S1 “Redneck Island” S1&2 “Supermarket Superstar” Pilot “Counter Offer” Pilot “My Ride Rules” S2 “Takin’ Bout Your Generation” Pilot “Making the Cut” Pilot “The Contraptions Show” Pilot “Chefs Vs City” S2/3 “People’s Choice Awards 2010 Spoofs”

UTArtists VH1 CMT Food Net DIY Speed BBC Lifetime Discov Kids Food Net CBS

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“Chefs Vs City” “Obsessed” “Anger Management” “Hitched or Ditched” “Dr. Phil’s Ultimate Weight Loss Race” “Miss. America: Countdown to the Crown” “Eat the Clock” “LA Shrink” “Intervention: After Treatment Special” “Country Fried Planet” “America’s Next Top Model” Recap “Here’s Your Sign Awards”

Food Net. A& E VH1 WB CBS TLC Food Net. MTV A& E CMT FOX CMT

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S1 S1/2 Pilot Pilot S7 S2 Pilot Pilot S5 S1 S9 S2

UTA & Harvest Films Studio Lambert 51 Minds Studio Lambert Film Garden Entertainment Upper Ground Enterprises Upper Ground Enterprises Tijuana Entertainment Foundry5 Media Pie Town Productions

Mark Burnett Game Show, Inc. Pie Town Productions State Penn Productions State Penn Productions Santa Monica 23 Prod.

CBS / Dr. Phil Show State Penn Productions Pie Town Productions Ryan Seacrest Productions GRB Entertainment First Television 10x10 Entertainment First Television

“The Two Coreys” “Shoot to Kill” “Country Fried Home Videos”

S2 A& E S1 VH1 S1-S5 CMT

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Clocktower Productions Flower Films & Skraggs Inc. First Television

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Harvest Films Harvest Films Klutch Creative Klutch Creative Klutch Creative Klutch Creative Bullpen Integrated Marketing Bullpen Integrated Marketing Klutch Creative Klutch Creative Bullpen Integrated Marketing Bullpen Integrated Marketing Bullpen Integrated Marketing Spirit EMX Bullpen Integrated Marketing

COMMERCIALS HP: “One Size Doesn’t Fit All” HP: “Catch” Frosted Mini Wheats ”Crunch” “Famous Footware” “ABC Family Moment: Purina” Pilsbury “Family Breakfast” “Travel BlanKid” “Disney’s ‘Shake It Up’” “ABC Family Moment: Schwinn” “ABC Family Moment: Lowes” “Sprout TV: Brush Your Teeth” “Sephardic” “Hotwheels Stealth Rides” “Running with MS” “Apples to Apples”


“Tokarev” “Snitch”


Hannibal Pictures


Barracuda Productions

“My Mom’s New Boyfriend” (Asst. Art Director) “Food and Snacks”

2008 2004

Millennium Films

2008 2007 2007 2007 2006 2006 2006 2005 2005 2005 2004 2004 2004 2003 2003

A Day With, Inc. Tijuana Entertainment Bongo Inc. Tijuana Entertainment

Maverick Films

TELEVISON “Eddie Griffin: Going for Broke” “Video Remake” “The PickUp Artist” “ManBand” “Biggest Loser” “Supergroup” “Breaking Bonaduce” “Jimmy Kimmel Live” “Am. Next Top Model” “Who’s Your Daddy?” “The One That Got Away” “For Love or Money Reunion” “My Life As A Sitcom- Special Episode” “T.H.E.M.” “For Love or Money”

S1 Pilot S1 S1 S3 S1 S1 S3 S2 S1 S1 S4 S2 S1 S3&4


3Ball Entertainment Tijuana Entertainment Bongo Inc.

ABC Studios 10x10 Entertainment 10x10 Entertainment NBC Studios Inc. All Hands on Deck Nash Entertainment 10x10 Entertainment Nash Entertainment

SKILLS: Fluent in Spanish. Proficient in Google SketchUp and Photoshop Certified Pyrotechnic, Certified Open Water Diver Resume Condensed. Full Resume, References and Reel Available Upon Request

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