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Palo Alto, CA 94306

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Résumé, November 2, 2012. Company Town, Lead scenic Artist, Eye Productions, March- April,2013 Production Designer Geoffrey Kirkland.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse Tour 2012,  Scenic Lead, October 2012, Production Designer Neil Young. The Shadow King, Scenic Artist, Shademaker Productions, July 2011- September 2012, Production Designer Lou Romano, Art Director Tom Proost.

A Spectacular Century; Republic Of China Centennial Birthday Party, Set Designer, January October 2011 Taichung City, Taiwan, Council for Cultural Affairs, Production Designer Sandra Woodall The Master,  Lead-Painter San Francisco Unit, The Weinstein Company, June, 2011, Production Designer Jack Fisk, Art Director David Crank. The Five Year Engagement,  Lead-Painter San Francisco Unit, Apatow Productions, July, 2011, Production Designer Julie Berghoff.

Hemingway and Gelhorn,  Scenic Foreman, HBO, January 2011- April 2011, Production Designer Geoffrey Kirkland.

On The Road,  Scenic Lead San Francisco Unit, MK2 Productions and American Zoetrope, November-December 2010, Production Designer Carlos Conti. Trauma,  Scenic Foreman, Universal Media Studios, January 2009- March 2010, TV Series, 19 Episodes, Production Designer Stuart Blatt. Parenthood,  Scenic Lead, NBC Universal Television, March 2010, 1 Episode, TV Pilot.

Swan Lake,  Scenic Artist, San Francisco Ballet, 2009. The Butler’s in Love,  Scenic Lead, Short, 2008, Coquette Productions, Production Designer Katherine Covell.

MILK, Scenic Foreman, Focus Features, January 2008- March 2008, Production Designer Bill Groom. University of California, Davis,  Lecturer, Dramatic Art 125 – Scenic Painting, Winter Quarter 2007. Spring Quarter 2009

Four Christmases,  Lead-Painter San Francisco Unit, New Line Cinema, December 2007, Production Designer Shepherd Frankel. The Kite Runner,  Stand-by-Painter San Francisco Unit, Dreamworks SKG, December 2006, Production Designer Carlos Conti.

The Heartbreak Kid,  Lead-Painter San Francisco Unit, Dreamworks SKG, Sept. – October 2006, Farrelly Brothers.

Production Designer Sidney J. Bartholomew, Jr.. Travellers Insurance,  Lead-Painter, Morton, Jankel, Zander, June 2006, San Francisco.

Van Kampen Lighthouse,  Lead-Painter, Pytka, April 2006, Half Moon Bay. Secrets of a Small Town,  Standby-Painter, Touchstone, March 2006, Half Moon Bay location shots, Production Designer, Bill Arnold. Coke-America's Parade,  Lead Painter/Standby-Painter, MJZ Films, December 2005, Production Designer, Nigel Phelps.

The Pursuit of Happyness,  Painter, Sony Pictures Entertainment, July-November 2005, Production Designer, Michael Riva. Rent, Scenic Artist Foreman, Rent Productions Llc, Revolution Studios, February-June 2005, Production Designer, Howard Cummings.

Just Like Heaven,  Painter, San Francisco,  November 2004.

XXX2 - State of the Union, Second Unit Stand-by Painter, USS Hornet, Alameda Naval Shipyard, Three Strikes Productions, Revolution Studios, September 2004, Production Designer, Gavin R. Bocquet,

Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the Sith,  Sculptor/Painter, LucasFilm Ltd., July 2004- - January 2005.

Sleeping Beauty, Set Designer, Oslo Ballet., 2004 - 2005, Production Designer Sandra Woodall. A Cinderella Story, Set Designer, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet., 2004, Production Designer Sandra Woodall Bee Season, Painter, Fox Searchlight., January - May 2004, Production Designer, Kelly McGehee. The Assassination of Richard Nixon,  Painter, ARN Productions, LLC., May-August 2003, Production Designer, Lester Cohen.

Bloodshed, Production Designer , Drainbamage Films, April-May 2003, Writer/Director Jim McMahon. Twisted, Scenic Artist , Paramount, July-November 2002, Production Designer, Dennis Washington. Mlada, Scenic Artist in Charge, San Francisco Symphony, June 2002, Production Designer, Sandra Woodall. Merritt House Murals  Scenic Artist, Oakland,  March 2002, Designer, Steve McNally. Mercedes Commercial, Lead Scenic Artist, San Francisco,  Morton Jankle Zander, Inc., January 2002-February 2002, Production Designer, Rob Pearson.

The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions, Standby Painter, San Francisco, Warner Brothers/Village Roadshow, January 2001-June 2001, Production Designer, Owen Patterson, Director of Photography Bill Pope. High Crimes, Lead Scenic Artist, San Francisco,  20th Century Fox, October 2000-December 2000, Production Designer, Paul Peters.

Forty Days and Forty Nights, Lead Painter, San Francisco,  Working Title Films, September 2000-October 2000,Production Designer, Sharon Seymour. Sweet November, Standby Painter,  Warner Brothers, March 2000-June 2000, Production Designer, Naomi Shohan, Director of Photography, Ed Lachman.

Bartleby, Lead Scenic Artist, Parker Film Company, December 1999-January 2000, Production Designer, RosarioProvenza.

Boys and Girls,  Standby Painter , San Francisco,  Miramax, October-November 1999. Production Designer, Marcia Hinds, Director of Photography, Ralf Bode. A Woman on Top,  Lead Painter, San Francisco,  August 1999. Production Designer, Phillipe Chiffre.

Invisible Circus, Lead Painter, San Francisco, July 1999. Production Designer, Robin Standefer. Bicentennial Man, Painter, Walt Disney Productions, May-July 1999. Production Designer, Norman Reynolds.

Partners, Lead Painter, CBS-TV Pilot, April 1999. Production Designer, Bill Eigenbrodt, Director of Photography, Hiro Narita.

Nash Bridges 4th Season, Scenic Artist, July 1998-April 1999.  Production Designer, Michael Helmy. Mumford, Standby Painter, The Mumford Co., Touchstone, March-June 1998, Directed by Lawrence Kasdan, Production Designer, John Hutman, Director of Photography, Ericson Core. Nash Bridges 3rd Season partial, Scenic Artist, December 1997-March 1998.  Production Designer, Michael Helmy.

The Horse Whisperer, Scenic Artist and Standby Painter, Sonoma County Pick-up shots, February 1998 Directed by Robert Redford, Production Designer, John Hutman.

What Dreams May Come, Scenic Artist, Interscope Communications in Association with Metafilmics, MayOct. 1997. Directed by Vincent Ward, Production Designer, Eugenio Zannetti.

Soulmates, Lead Painter, Glenhill Productions, Inc., Sony Television, March 1997. Production Designer, John

Taylor Walker.

The Rainmaker, Lead Painter, Paramount, Douglas/Reuther in association with American Zoetrope, Jan. Feb. 1997 Directed by Francis Ford Coppola, Production Designer Howard Cummings.

Flubber, Painter, Great Oaks Entertainment/Walt Disney Productions, September -December 1996, Directed by Les Mayfield, Production Designer, Andrew McAlpine. News Set for Starlight Productions, Designer, Construction Coordinator, San Jose, September 1996.

A Smile Like Yours, Painter, Rysher Productions for Paramount, May-September 1996, Painter, Directed by Keith Samples, Production Designer, Garreth Stover.

Nash Bridges, Painter, Sculptor, Off Duty Productions for CBS TV, 1st Season, November 1995-May 1996, selected episodes 2nd Season, 96-97, Production Designer, Nina Ruscio.

Phenomenon, Painter, Walt Disney Productions, September-October 1995. Directed by Jon Turteltaub, Production Designer, Garreth Stover. Larger Than Life, Painter, Oakland locations, United Artists, July 1995,  Production Designer, Marcia Hinds.

The Conversation, Scenic Artist, Valley Vista Productions, Inc., March 1995. Down Periscope,  Standby Painter, Oakland, Twentieth Century Fox, May 1995. Directed by David S. Ward, Production Designer, Michael Corenblith, Director of Photography, Victor Hammer.

The Kindred, Lead Painter, San Francisco, Granite Productions for Fox TV, March 1995. James and The Giant Peach, Sculptor and Painter, live action sets and two giant peaches, August -December 1994. Directed by Henry Selick, Production Designer, Harley Jessup. News-Interview Set for Still N Motion, Design, Construction, September 1995. Operations Today, Video for Sun Microsystems, Design,, Construction, Spotlight Productions, July 1995. Fox TV Football Playoffs at Candlestick Park, Set Painter, January 1995. Playoff Games at Candlestick Park for CBS Sports Lead Painter, Sign Painter, 1986-1991. KTSF San Francisco News backdrops for Mandarin News, Hong Kong News, 1990, 1991, Designer, Painter.

Liberty Weekend, New York, Lead Painter, 1986. Live Aid, Philadelphia, Lead Painter, 1985. 1984 Olympic Games, Los Angeles, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Lead Painter. FM Productions, Scenic Artist in Charge, 1988-1993, Scenic Artist Lead, 1984-1988. FM was named set company of the year in 1990 and 1991 by Performance Magazine. Touring Shows: Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, U2, Don Henley, Digital Underground, ZZ Top, Ozzie Osborne, Ratt, Prince, Ronnie Dio, David Bowie, Huey Lewis and the News, Whitney Houston, Genesis, Reba McEntire, Metallica Las Vegas Shows: Siegfried and Roy Japanese Tour; Splash, Riviera Hotel. Theme Parks: Universal Studios Tour Top Deck, Miami Vice, Star Trek. Disney Tour Orlando , Raiders of the Lost Ark, Disneyland Orlando Comedy Theater. Industrial Shows: Apple Computer, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Coca-Cola 100th Birthday, Pepsi-Cola, Buick, Cisco Systems, Pacific Bell, Genentech, Arthur Anderson, Ciba-Geigy, King World, Toyota, Walt Disney Company Buena Vista Television.

Porgy and Bess, Design Assistant, Opened at Radio City Music Hall, 1983, Production Designer Douglas W. Schmidt.

San Francisco Opera, Scenic Artist, 1979-1984 and various times, Samson et Delilah, The Ring, Carmen, Lear, Midsummer Marriage, Tosca, La Boheme. List of films at, search for Tom Richardson (I), Art Department Member or go to:

Art Directors Guild Member Profile: Art Directors Guild, Scenic Title and Graphic Artists Local #800 IATSE, San Francisco Business Representative 1984-1988, San Francisco Executive Board 1997-2005. President of San Francisco Executive Board 1998-2005, Field Rep. 2000-present. Local 16, IATSE Linkedin Profile: Member, Bay Area Film Alliance, 2002-present. California Contractors License #681960. M.F.A., University of Pennsylvania, Graduate School of Fine Arts.

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