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film experience

1143 22nd St. #5 Santa Monica, CA 90403 (310) 880-9620

Art Directors Guild Member

Production Designer

SEQUOIA - Director: Andy Landen

Assistant Art Director (ADG)

THE INTERNSHIP - Production Designer: Tom Meyer BURT WONDERSTONE - Production Designer: Keith Cunningham THIS IS 40 - Production Designer: Jefferson Sage AKIRA - Production Designer: Martin Whist THE MUPPETS - Production Designer: Steve Saklad REAL STEEL - Production Designer: Tom Meyer BROWSERS - Production Designer: Keith Cunningham PRIEST - Production Designer: Richard B. Fitzgerald JONAH HEX: ADDT’L PHOTOGRAPHY - Production Designer: Tom Meyer/Seth Reed

Set Designer

THE APPARITION - Production Designer: Steve Saklad ZEKE & LUTHER - Production Designer: Donna Hattin

Graphic Consultant

FUNNY PEOPLE - Production Designer: Jefferson Sage

Art Department Assistant JONAH HEX - Production Designer: Tom Meyer VALKYRIE - Production Designer: Tom Meyer

Illustrator / 3D Model Maker TOYOTA COMMERCIAL - Production Designer: John Hammer BUD LIGHT COMMERCIAL - Production Designer: John Hammer AUDI COMMERCIAL - Production Designer: John Hammer

Art Director

THE GODMOTHER - USC Thesis Short Film UNIT 47 - AFI Student Short Film BON APPETITE - Webisode Series


education other experience

computer: SketchUp 8 Pro, AutoCad 2006, Photoshop CS5, Illustrator CS5, Adobe Professional, Powerpoint, Mircosoft Office, InDesign, Vectorworks 2009, Rhinoceros(moderate), Maya (moderate) - Mac rendering/model building: graphite, ink, colored pencil, charcoal, wood, CAD, chipboard, clay, foamcore, cardboard, Plexiglas, museum board

Syracuse University School of Architecture Bachelor of Architecture Management Studies Minor International Study: Florence, Italy

Arrowstreet Inc: junior designer/intern architect III Generated various documents and drawings, both digital and free-hand, at different project phases. I contributed to large scale mixed-use, high-end hospitality, and residential projects from their initial schematic design through the final construction documents. Researched historical context and architecture for designs. Coordinated and produced presentation packages for clients and for city approvals. Implemented and instructed Google’s SketchUp 6 Pro software courses within office. Traveled extensively to different states to survey sites. Photographed and documented existing conditions.

Google SketchUp Pro software Instructor & Beta Tester

Implemented and instructed three 4-class courses at Arrowstreet while maintaining a 40+ hour work week. Currently teach to various industry professionals around the Los Angeles area.

3 Years