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Allen Coulter IA 800 Set Designer (Sr) 209 N.Niagara St Burbank, CA. 91505 818.331.7479

______________________________________________________ Career Summary -

Set Design and Illustration Production Design,Concept and Content Artist (game, print graphic) Previsualization artist (film, television) Miniature and Prop construction (film, television) Architectural modeler

Professional Skills -

Set Design Illustration Concept, character, set and environment development Digital tools - Sketchup/Layout, Vector Works, Modo, Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Unity 3d, PC and Mac

Professional Experience Set Designer – RagTag Pilot (ABC Television) (11/2012-1/2013) TV Pilot. Pilot/Permanent Set; C-17 Customized Cargo Bay and Forensics Lab. Greg Melton Prod. Des. Alex Hajdu Art Dir. Set Designer – Hangover3 (Warner Brothers) (6/2012-11/2012) Feature. Stage and Stunt sets; Caesar’s Palace, hotel rooms, location mods. Maher Ahmad Prod. Des. Austing Gorg Art Dir. Set Designer – “Her” (Untitled Rick Howard Production) (2/2012-6/2012) Feature. All sets and location mods. KK Barrett Prod. Des. Austin Gorg Art Dir. Set Designer – “Mob Doctor” (Woodright Prod.) TV Pilot. Hospital set. Michael Hanan Prod. Des. Jay Vetter Art. Dir. Set Designer – Star Trek Into Darkness (Paramount) (11/2011-1/201) Feature. Location plans, Star Fleet hangar, alien forest, Enterprise transporter room, locker room, warp core. Scott Chambliss Prod. Des. Ramsey Avery Sup. Art Dir. Set Designer – Perception (TNT) (7/2011-11/2011) TV series. All sets and location mods. Steven Storer Prod Des. Set Designer – Revenge (ABC) (6/2011-7/2011) TV series. House and Tavern permanent sets. John Hansen Prod. Des. Chris Burian-Mohr Art Dir. Set Designer – American Horror Story (HBO) (5/2011-6/2011) TV series. House permanent set. Beth Rubino Prod Des. Charlie Lagola Art. Dir. Set Designer – Akira (Warner Bros.) (2/2011-5/2011) Feature pre-production. Future Times Square set. Martin Whist Prod. Des. Dave Scott Art Dir. Set Designer - Golden Oaks Ranch Project (Disney/ABC)(1/2010-10/2010) Back Lot. Residential and Business District buildings. Michael Hanan Prod. Des. Art Director – Skyworks Interactive (2/08-11/08) Video Game. Large-scale digital world including architecture, vehicles, and characters for on line game. Art Director –Zono/MumboJumbo Inc (2/05-11/07) Video Games. Graphic, environment, and character art for game development. Print Graphic 3d Contract Artist - (2/01 – 2/05) Modeled and rendered environments, vehicles, and characters for magazine, CD box, poster, and billboard art for Disney, Pictureplane Imaging, the Ayzenberg Group, and Poster Child. On-line portfolio available at