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“GRANITE FLATS” Television pilot, Producers: Scott Swafferd, Terri Pappas “AMERICAN RIDE” Tevision series, Producer: Jeff T. Miller "THE MULE" Feature, Southern Line, Producers: Lucas Jarach, Sharon Stone "TOUGH ENOUGH" Pilot & Season 1, USA Network, Shed Media, Producer: Eric VanWagenen "SNOWMEN" Feature, MPower, Producers: Stephen McEveety, John Shepherd "WAITING FOR FOREVER" Feature, PCH Films, Producers: Trevor Albert, James Keach "BULLY BEATDOWN" Pilot, Seasons 1,2, & 3 Mark Burnett Productions for MTV , Producer: Mark Burnett "THE AMERICAN MALL" Feature, MTV Films, Producers: Bill Borden, Barry Rosenbush "LOCK AND ROLL FOREVER" Feature, T&C Pictures, Producers: Bill Borden, Barry Rosenbush "ANIMALS" Feature, T&C Pictures, Producers: Paul Green, Barry Rosenbush "EVIL ANGEL" Feature, Main Street Movie Company, Producers: Richard Dutcher, Jeff T. Miller "AMERICAN PASTIME" Feature, Shadow Catcher Films, Producers: David Skinner, Barry Rosenbush "BONNEVILLE" Feature, Senart Films, Producers: Robert May, Bob Brown, John Kilker "UNEARTHED" Feature, Ambush Entertainment Producers: Francie Grace, Ty Ruben Ellingson, DJ Marini "A HOUSE DIVIDED" (The Work & The Glory) Feature, Vineyard Films, Producers: Scott Swafford, Jeff T. Miller "AMERICAN ZION" Feature, Vineyard Films, Producers: Scott Swafford, Jeff T. Miller "BLOODY MARY" Feature, Sony Pictures, Producers: Aaron Merrell, Scott Messer, Jefferson Richards "SLOW MO" Feature, New Movie Corporation, Producers: Forrest S. Baker, Jeff T. Miller, Tim Nelson

ART DIRECTION "DARLING COMPANION" Feature, TBD. Producer: Lawrence Kasdan "127 HOURS" Feature, Fox Searchlight. Danny Boyle, Producers; Bernard Bellew,Christian Collson, John Kelly "REMEMBER I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU" Feature, Producers: Marcus Loges, Carlo Rola "GENTLEMEN BRONCOS" Feature, Fox Searchlight, Producers: Jared Hess, John Kelly "DARKMATTER" Feature, Producers: Mary Salter, Janet Yang, Jeff Miller "TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL" CBS Episodic (212 Episodes - Nine Seasons), Producers: M. Williamson, J. Anderson "PROMISED LAND" CBS Pilot & 5 Episodes, Producers: Martha Williamson, Jon Anderson "NOTHING LASTS FOREVER" CBS Miniseries, Producers: David Gerber, Vanessa Green

GRAPHIC & SET DESIGN, OTHER FILM WORK "EVERWOOD" Warner Brothers Productions, WB Eposodic, Set Designer "ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES" Four Square Productions, Feature Film, Graphic Designer "WATER WITH FOOD COLORING" Short Film, Producers: Luke Schelhaas, John Dye, Graphic Designers "DEADER THAN EVER" CBS Pilot/M.O.W. Set Decorator "AS GOOD AS DEAD" USA Movie, Set Decorator "LAST CHANCE" Sony/Colombia Pilot, Leadman

COMMERCIALS National Spots Clients include: Disney, Marc Echo, Sears, eHarmony, Nine West, Sara Lee, Mattel, Nestle. UTA, Utah Travel Council, Several other television & fim projects in other art department capacities. Member: Art Directors Guild, IATSE Local 800. Education: B.F.A. San Diego State University, 1991 References: Tim VanPatten, Terry Spazek, Barry Rosenbush Reel & Images can be viewd at More information available on request

CONTACT 801.599.5557


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