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Adrian Gorton Designer: Film, Television, Architecture, Environments, Props P. O. Box 2149, Carlsbad. CA 92018 Voice and Fax: (801) 605-8140 • Cellular: (310) 874-2156 Email: • • • •

CONCEPT design studies prepared in line form, color visualizations, multimedia combinations. DESIGN DEVELOPMENT studies: plan, roof, aerial, perspective, sections, details. CONTRACT DOCUMENT supervision and production. CONSTRUCTION/MANUFACTURE supervision/assistance/design solutions.




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LONE RANGER – Set design for feature film, Disney . Directed by Gore Verbinski, Prod. Design by Jess Gonchar, Sup. Art Direction by Brad Ricker. WE BOUGHT A ZOO – Set design for feature film, 20th Century Fox. Directed by Cameron Crowe, Prod. Design by Clay Griffith, Sup. Art Direction by Peter Borck OFF THE MAP–Lead Set Design for tv pilot, shot in Hawaii. Production Design By Greg Melton, Art Direction by Tom Walsh. HOUSE, MD – Set design for television series, Jeremy Cassels Prod. Designer KNIGHT & DAY – Set design for feature film, 20th Century Fox. VALENTINE’S DAY – Art director for Warner Bros. feature film PHOENIX PROJECT –Set design for Universal Studios backlot rebuild. THINKWELL – Supervising Art Director for Warner Brothers theme park. CHANGELING – Lead set design for feature film, Warner Bros., directed by Clint Eastwood, production designer, Jim Murakami. TROPICANA HOTEL & CASINO – Designer for themed environment for Gary Goddard Entertainment, lead designer Scott Zuber. CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR –Assist. Art Director for Brad Ricker, Art Director, Production Design by Victor Kempster. UGLY BETTY – Lead set design for ADG design award winning TV comedy, Production Design by Marc Worthington, art direction by Jim Wallis. LETTERS FROM IWO JIMA – Lead set design for Malpaso/Warner Bros. feature film, Production design by Henry Bumstead and Jim Murakami. FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS – Art direction for Malpaso/Warner Bros. feature Film, directed by Clint Eastwood, Production Design by Henry Bumstead. POSEIDON -- Lead set design for Warner Bros. feature Film, directed by Wolfgang Peterson, Production Design by Bill Sandell, art direction by Mark Mansbridge, Kevin Ishioka, and Brad Ricker. FLIGHTPLAN – Lead set design for feature film, directed by Robert Schwentke, Production design by Alec Hammond. NORTH SHORE – Lead set design for Television Pilot, Production Design by Michael Hanan. PRINCESS DIARIES 2 – Art Direction for Disney feature film, Production design by Al Brenner.

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RIDDICK – set design for feature film, directed by David Twohy, production design by Holger Gross.


MYSTIC RIVER – set design for feature film, directed by Clint Eastwood, production design by Henry Bumstead, for Malpaso?Warner Bros. THE LAST SAMURAI – set design for feature film, directed by Edward Zwick, production design by Lilly Kilvert. SPECIAL FORCES – production design for feature film for NuImage, directed by Isaac Florentine, shot in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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BOAT TRIP – Art direction for feature film, directed by Mort Nathan, production design by Charles Breen.

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DUELL CORP –Design Director for Hong Kong sea life theme park. FANTASTIC FOUR - Set design for feature film, production design by Bill Boes, 20th Century Fox. SIX FEET UNDER - Set design for HBO movie, directed by Alan Ball, production design by Marcia Hinds. MALPASO/TEHAMA - Design project for Clint Eastwood with H. Bumstead. CUNINGHAM GROUP - Design consultant for various client projects including Disneyland and Warner Bros. MovieWorld, Madrid, Spain. SPACE COWBOYS - Set design for Clint Eastwood film at Warner Bros., production design by Henry Bumstead. MONKEYBONE - Set design for feature film, production design by Bill Boes, for 20th Century Fox HOK/STUDIO E. - Design consultant for entertainment division, European client, movie theater chain. CREATIVE KINGDOM - Design consultant for Korean client, food and beverage, retail area development UNIVERSAL’S ISLANDS OF ADVENTURE - Senior Art Director for $1.35 billion theme park in Orlando, Florida. SAMAWORLD - Senior Art Director for SamaWorld theme park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. WILD RAIN - Commercial for Gillette, filmed in Florida, production design by Robin Standefer. MIGHTY DUCKS II - Feature film about contemporary ice hockey, production design by Gary Frutkoff. IWERKS - Cinetropolis – a special venue film company, designing a themed environment for Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut.

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BLOOD WORK – set design for feature film, directed by Clint Eastwood, production design by Henry Bumstead, for Malpaso/Warner Bros. C-FORCE - Art direction for computer game, Pandemic Studios, for Sony ImageWorks, Directed by Andrew Paquette, Production design by Carol Wood.

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DISNEY/MGM STUDIO EUROPE – Art director for a $1.1 billion project with sound stages, movie backlot facilities, restaurants, shows and dark rides. JACK’S PLACE – Art direction for a television series with musical and dramatic themes, production design by Jim Hulsey. UNFORGIVEN – Art direction for a classic western, period 1878, directed by Clint Eastwood, production design by Henry Bumstead. CAPE FEAR – Assist. art director for a contemporary drama set in a southeastern town, climaxing in a fight aboard a storm-tossed houseboat. Directed by Martin Scorsese, production design by Henry Bumstead. JOURNEY OF HONOR – Production design for an epic sea adventure in 1602 involving Japanese, Spanish, and Islamic cultures, filmed in Japan and Yugoslavia. Directed by Gordon Hessler. UNIVERSAL STUDIOS FLORIDA – Art Director for structures, area development, signs and props for Entry Forecourt, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Blvd., San Francisco Wharf and New England Village. PHARAOH’S KINGDOM – Conceptual designer for $600 million theme park complex in Las Vegas, Nevada for Duell Corporation. TOP DECK, UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, CA – Designer for theme park complex of shops and restaurants: 1900 London and Paris, and 50’s USA themes. RAMBO III – Art Director for portion of film shot in Israel. Directed by Peter MacDonald. Production Design by Bill Kenney










Spanish and German (speak, read and write)


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Compaq Presario x6000 Macintosh G3/250, iBook Epson Scanner, Canon ipf8400 44” printer, Lexmark print/scan Familiar with Autocad 2011, Illustrator, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, RenderWorks, Revit 2011, Photoshop, SketchUp 6 Pro, Rhino, Internet. Hand drawing specialist


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Mr. Kevin Ishioka, Art Director, (604) 726-8330 Mr. Scott Zuber, Art Director , (310) 292-2666 Mr. Peter Borck, Supervising Art Director, (310) 365-1047 Mr. Thomas Walsh, President, Art Director;s Guild, 818-762-9995 Mr. Norm Newberry, Supervising Art Director, (818) 845-4038 Mr. Brad Ricker, Art Director, (818) 416-6868


Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Colorado Major: History of Art and Architecture Minor: Painting and Sculpture


I.A.T.S.E. Local #800, Art Director’s Guild, Art Director and Senior Set Designer