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David J. Negrón Jr. STORYBOARD ARTIST ILLUSTRATOR/CONCEPT ARTIST Feature Film Credits: BROKEN CITY – Director: Allen Hughes SHERLOCK HOLMES: A Game of Shadows (re-shoots) - Director: Guy Ritchie MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Ghost Protocol (re-shoots) – Director: Brad Bird BATTLESHIP – Director: Peter Berg SEEKING JUSTICE – Director: Roger Donaldson THE MECHANIC - Director: Simon West YOUR HIGHNESS – Director: David Gordon Green FIVE KILLERS – Director: Robert Luketic G.I. JOE Rise of Cobra – Director: Stephen Sommers G-FORCE – Producer – Jerry Bruckheimer SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES – Director: Mark Waters INVASION - Director: James Mc Teigue RUSH HOUR 3 - Director: Brett Ratner THE GAME PLAN - Director: Andy Fickman THE DEATH AND LIFE OF BOBBY Z - Director: John Herzfeld THE BANSHEE AND FINN MAGEE - Director: Dean Dubois NATIONAL TREASURE - Director: Jon Turteltaub OPEN RANGE - Director: Kevin Costner STAR TREK NEMESIS - Director: Stuart Baird SCORPION KING - Director: Chuck Russell THE GENERAL'S DAUGHTER - Director: Simon West WHERE THE HEART IS - Director: Matt Williams THE POSTMAN - Director: Kevin Costner SPEED 2 - Director: Jan De Bont THE SAINT - Director: Phillip Noyce ANACONDA - Director: Lucho Llosa VIRTUOSITY - Director: Brett Leonard FORGET PARIS - Director: Billy Crystal CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER - Director: Phillip Noyce WYATT EARP - Director: Lawrence Kasdan BABY'S DAY OUT - Producer: John Hughes SLIVER - Director: Phillip Noyce FEARLESS - Director: Peter Weir UNDERCOVER BLUES - Director: Herbert Ross FIXING THE SHADOW - Director: Larry Furguson PATRIOT GAMES - Director: Phillip Noyce EXECUTIVE DECISION - Director: Stuart Baird NAKED GUN II 1/2 - Director: David Zucker THE EXORCIST III - Director: William Peter Blatty CHILD'S PLAY II - Director: John Lafia CHRISTMAS VACATION - Director: Jeremiah Chechik LETHAL WEAPON II - Director: Richard Donner DEAD POET'S SOCIETY - Director: Peter Weir Online Portfolio: Local 800 ADG Cell: (310) 993-0126 Home: (562) 431-2922 Email: GOLIATH PICTURES 11672 Wembley Road, Los Alamitos, CA 90720