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Dan Morski 5960 JAMIESON AVE. ENCINO, CA 91316 Home: 818-881-4358 Cell: 323-497-7502


Secure a position in the art department on a motion picture or television production as an Art Director

Qualifications I am design oriented and able to convey my ideas quickly through the use of SKETCH UP, VECTORWORKS, PHOTOSHOP and ILLUSTRATOR. I have Sketchup to new levels with finish modeling for various sets. I am a focused, personable and computer skilled individual with the ability to communicate well with construction as well as other crew individuals. I deal with situations head on. I am very good in problem solving and organized. I take direction well. I feel comfortable taking charge. Member of the Art Directors Guild- Local 800.

Recent Experience Film & TV 03-05-12 thru 3-28-12

Art Director- Television Pilot “UNTITLED, CLAUDIA LENOW PROJECT” 20th Century Fox Television Directed by Julie Anne Robinson. Exec. Producers; Brian Grazer, Francie Calfo. Line Producer Mark Grossman. Production Designer Randy Ser

08-04-11 thru 3-24-12

Art Director- Television Series- 24 Episodes “THE MIDDLE” Warner Brothers Production in association with ABC. Directed by Lee Shallot Chemel, Blake Evans, Phil Trail, Alex Hardcastle John Putch, Ken Whittingham, Elliot Hegarty and Eyal Gordin. Exec. Producer, Eileen Heisler and Deann Heline. Produced by Werner Walian. UPM Leslie D. Waldman Production Designer; Randy Ser.

06-09-10 thru 12-02-10

Art Director – Television Series - 12 Episodes "HAWAII FIVE-0" Eye Productions in association with CBS. Directed by Brad Turner, Chris Fisher, James Whitmore Jr. Matt Earl Beesley, Alex Zakrzewski, Elodie Keene, Fred Toye, and Paul Edwards. Exec. Prod., Peter M. Lenkov, Co-Exec. Producer/Director Brad Turner, UPM/Line Prod.- Jeff Downer and Prod. Designer Keith Neely.

01_04_10 – 04_30_10

Art Director – Feature Film “HALL PASS” S & K Pictures in association with Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema. Directed by Peter and Bobby Farrelly, starring Owen Wilson, Jason Sudekis, Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate. Exec. Producer Marc Fischer, Production Designer Jay Vetter.

08-18-09 thru 10-30-09

Art Director – Movie Of The Week “STARSTRUCK” Close To Home Productions for the Disney Channel. Directed by Michael Grossman, Producers Doug Sloan, Jeffrey Thal and Jon Brown. Production Designer Mark Hofeling.

O6-06-09 thru 07-09-09

Art Director – Feature Film “COLUMBUS CIRCLE” G4 Productions, Feature Film, Directed by George Gallo, Writer Kevin Pollak, Producer Chris Mallick, William Sherak and Jason Shuman. Production Designer Martina Buckley

05-26-08 thru 04-08-09

Art Director – Television Series "THE UNIT" Fox Television for CBS. 22 Episodes. Executive Producer, Shawn Ryan, David Mamet. UPM, Jeanne Van Colt, Production Designer, Bruce Allan Miller. Art Director – Television Series- 6 Episodes "THE CLEANER" A & E Channel. Executive Producer, Jonathan Prince, Director’s James Whitmore, Felix Alcala, Chris Long, Christine Moore, Steve Boyum. Production Designer, Tom Fichter

03-03-08 thru 05-21-08

10-21-07 thru 11-3-07

Asst. Art Director – Television Game Show "AMNESIA" Mark Burnett Game Shows Inc. Executive Producer, Adam Cohen, Director, Don Weiner, Set Designer, Joe Stewart, Art Director, John Sabato

O9-21-07 thru 10-21-07

Art Director – Television Series "UNHITCHED" Comedy Series for 20th Century Fox Televison Exec. Producers; Peter and Bobby Farrelly, Directors; John Blanchard Arlene Sanford and Linda Mendoza, Production Designer; Jay Vetter Art Director, Dan Morski

09-13_07 thru 09_18_07

Set Designer – Television Series "SIDE ORDER OF LIFE" Television episode 112 for Lifetime cable Producer, Charlie Goldstein, Production Designer, Steven McCabe, Art Director, Colin Derouin

5-25-2007 thru 9-12-07

Art Director – Feature Film "POWDER BLUE", Independent Feature Film, B lue Snow Productions Director, Timothy Linh Bui, Exec. Producer, Forest Whitaker, Production Designer, Keith Neely.

2-7-2007 thru 3-26-2007

Art Director – Television Pilot "THE CURE" Pilot- Warner Brothers Television Productions

Director, Danny Cannon, Producer, Matthew Carlisle, Production Designer, Keith Neely 1-25-07 thru 2-9-07

Asst. Art Director "GOLDEN OAKS PROJECT" Developmental project for Disney. Production Designer, Michael Hanan , Art Director, Jay Vetter

12-20-06 thru 1-12-07

Asst. Art Director – Feature Film "RAILS AND TIES" Feature Film MALPASO PRODUCTIONS in association with WARNER INDEPENDENT PRODUCTIONS Director Alison Eastwood, Producer Robert Lorenz. Production Designer Jim Murakami

08-05 thru12-05

Asst. Art Director – Feature Film 'THE INVASION" Feature Film OLIVER PICTURES in association with WARNER BROTHERS. Director Oliver Hirshbiegel, Producer Joel Silver, Production Designer Jack Fisk, Art Director Jim Truesdale. P.M. Richard Prince

2002 thru 2005

Asst. Art Director – Television Variety Show "Mad TV" Comedy Variety Show, Seasons 8, 9 and 10 Mad TV/Girl Group, David Salzman Production for Fox Television Director Bruce Leddy, Exec. Producer David Salzman, Line Producer Scott Sites, Production Designer John Sabato, Art Director Martyn Bookwalter..

References Production Designer, Keith NeelyProduction Designer; Martina BuckleyProduction Designer; Jay VetterProduction Designer; Tom Fichter Production Designer; Mark Hoefling Exec-Prod/Director, Brad Turner Line Prod/UPM, Jeff Downer-

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Honors Nominated with the MAD TV art department for the 2004-2005 Art Director Guild Award for Production Design. Nominated with the MAD TV art department for the 2002-2003 Art Director Guild Award for Production Design