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mike bARTon Production Designer 1246 n. screenland dr., Burbank ca 91505 (818) 448-3361 Film & Television

Dating Rules from my future self Fragments: Marilyn Monroe Stuck Talent Talent: The Casting Call Hollywood is Like High School First Day Issues Circle of 8 Brainstorm Road kill The Collector Pulse: invasion Feast 3 Feast 2 Pulse: afterlife Hpc: comedy show Grindhouse Tell the story Already dead Pulse Feast He was a quiet man Picture perfect


LaLa Loopsey (5 spots) Hasbro: Monopoly Bratz: On the Mic Mattel: Rollover Rampage Bratz: Glam it Up Mattel: Total Control Nerf: Xploderz” Bratz: Masquerade Hasbro: Easy Bake Oven Hasbro: Cookie” Max Clarity: Coffee Shop Hasbro: Go-Go Puppies Keystone Light Stone Shop Pastry Kicks Campaign Farmer’s ins. parachute Farmer’s ins. future Seventeen Magazine Cover shoot MV: One more girl misery Verizon house warming Pentel pens big house Chrysler super slick Chrysler photo album Heineken jet bet

(818) 448-3361


Alloy Entertainment Diamond Girl Prod. Independent Feature Alloy Entertainment Alloy Entertainment Alloy Entertainment West of 7th Digital Sony Pictures Paramount Pictures Fox Independent Feature Fortress Features Dimension Films Neo Art and Logic Neo Art and Logic Dimension Films VH1 Dimension Films More Entertainment Sony Pictures Dimension Films Weinstien Company Neo Art and Logic Short Film

Liz Allen Liz Garbus Stuart Acher Tripp Reed Stuart Acher Janice Cooke Sandy Smolan Matt Oates Stephen Cragg Silas Howard Robert belle Marcus Dunstan Joel Soisson John Gulager John Gulager Joel Soisson Tom Lowe (Prod.) Rob Zombie Ben Ormand (Prod.) Joe Otting Jim Sonzero John Gulager Frank Capello Bill O’donnel

MGA Entertainment The Cavalry Prod. Silo Films WSR Creative Silo Films WSR Creative Loft 203 Prod. Silo Films The Cavalry Prod. The Cavalry Prod. Euro The Cavalry Prod. BMI Pastry Kicks Weird Pictures Weird Pictures Hearst Magazines EMI Records Great guns usa Great guns usa Great guns usa Great guns usa The Oil Factory

Michael Wilson Gil Green Luis Ruiz Jose Delgado Luis Ruiz Jose Delgado Luis Ruiz Luis Ruiz Luis Ruiz Luis Ruiz Craig Barker Luis Ruiz Andy Robinson Chris Voleker Martin weisz Martin weisz Hearst Magazines Margarette Mal. Great guns usa Great guns usa Albert Hughes Great guns usa Hughes Brothers

1246 N. Screenland Dr. Burbank, CA 91505



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