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213.280.0108 | | 6212 Saylin Lane, Los Angeles, Ca 90042

EXPERIENCE FEATURES - Assistant Art Director World War Z Paramount Studios

Marc Forster - Director Nigel Phelps - Production Designer Jon Billington - Supervising Art Director

FEATURES - Art Department Researcher, Digital Archivist Transformers 3 Paramount Studios

Michael Bay - Director Nigel Phelps - Production designer Richard Johnson - Supervising Art Director

Spider-Man 4 Sony Studios

Sam Raimi - Director Dennis Gassner - Production Designer Richard Johnson - Supervising Art Director

FEATURES - Costume Department Researcher Avengers Marvel Studios

Joss Whedon - Director Alex Byrne - Costume Designer

FEATURES - Set Designer, Set Dresser, Set Dec Buyer Me and You and Everyone We Know IFC Films

Miranda July - Director Aran Mann - Production Designer

FEATURES - Art Department Assistant Thor Marvel Studios

Kenneth Branaugh - Director Bo Welch - Production Designer Maya Shimoguchi - Supervising Art Director

Bring It On V, Fight to the Finish Universal Studios

Billie Woodruff - Director Mark Zuelzke - Production Designer

TELEVISION - Art Department Assistant Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 7 HBO

Alec Berg, David Mandel, Jeff Schaffer - Director Michael Whetstone - Production Designer

MUSIC VIDEOS - Set Designer, Set Dresser, Set Dec Buyer Chapin Sisters “Digging A Hole” Bonnie Prince Billy “The Seedling” Hello Stranger “Take it to the Maxx”

Aran Mann - Director Aran Mann - Director Aran Mann - Director


Masters of Architecture, 2005

University Of Oregon, Eugene, Or.

BFA Photography, 1999