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Arthur Edward Chadwick Set Designer (local 800) I have worked for... VINCENT JEFFERDS • Set Designer for Production Designer Vincent Jefferds • Art Director Adam Rowe ( 815-252-6837 ) CRIMINAL MINDS (Season 7-9)

JESS KENDER • Set Designer for Production Designer Jessica Kender ( 818-554-3320 ) DEXTER (Season 5 - 8) for Showtime • OCTOBER ROAD (Season 2) for ABC • AMAZING MRS NOVAK (MOW/Pilot) for LIFETIME • INSIDE THE BOX (Pilot) for ABC/ShondaLand

BAD WOLF PROD. • Set Designer for Production Designer Ed Thomas ( ) and Greg Melton ( ) TORCHWOOD : MIRACLE DAY for Starz

MAMA’S BUSY INC. • Set Designer for Production Designer Glenda Rovello ( 310-892-5575 ) way too many PILOTS • RICH INNER LIFE of PENELOPE CLOUD • DANNY & NOAH • MASTERSONS OF MANHATTAN • FOUR.PLAY • HITCHED • OPEN BOOKS • SHIT MY DAD SAYS

STEPHAN OLSON • Set Designer for Production Designer Steve Olson ( 323-547-6908 ) ACCIDENTALLY ON PURPOSE (Season 1) for CBS / BermanBraun Productions • MIKE BIRIBIGLIAS SECRET PUBLIC JOURNAL (Pilot) for Fox/TV

E! • Art Director for Production Designer Catherine White ( 323-460-3159 ) LIVE EVENTS • E! Live from the RED CARPET 2009 (All Shows: Golden Globes, SAG, Grammy Awards, Academy Awards)

HBO • Set Designer for Production Designer Kitty Doris-Bates • Art Director Valerie Green ( 818-231-1183 ) SERIES • BIG LOVE (Season 3)

TAKESHI KATA • Set Designer for theatrical Production Design by Takeshi Kata ( 917-653-1616 ) THEATRICALS • HEAVENS ARE HUNG WITH BLACK • THE SEAFARER • AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY DAYS • WHAT’S THAT SMELL

SHAFFNER/STEWART • Art Director & Set Designer for Production Designers Joe Stewart & John Shaffner ( 323-650-6939 ) pretty much all drafting (CAD) ; model construction; rendering before anyone even knew what that was ; photography & re-touching (digital) ; buy samples & supplies; site work; took several projects from sketches to load-in, and on other projects just a really good assistant SERIES • IRON CHEF AMERICA : BATTLE OF THE MASTERS (pilot) & IRON CHEF AMERICA : THE SERIES (Food Network) current • TV GUIDE CHANNEL (all shows through 2007, including “What’s On”, “Watch This”, “411,” all Red Carpet Shows & Specials) • THE MAN SHOW 2000-2001 (first two seasons) • MAGIC OF DAVID COPPERFIELD XXII, XXIII, XXIV • ANNUALS • AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS 2001-current • ESPN “ESPY” AWARDS • RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR 1997-2002 (Includes shows for Cincinnati, Nashville, Branson, LA show, Detroit show...) • AMERICAN CHOREOGRAPHY AWARDS 1998-current (sporadic) • MISS TEEN USA 2002-current • MISS UNIVERSE 2002-current • MISS USA 2002-current • JERRY LEWIS’S MDA TELETHON 1997-current • IFC SPIRIT AWARDS 2001-current • A HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS (benefit Special) 1999-2002, 2004 • BOBCAT’S BIG ASS SHOW • CREATIVE ARTS (EMMY) AWARDS • DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS (including NBC FALL PREVIEW) • PRIMETIME EMMY AWARDS • FILM NOIR (Carly Simon Music Special) • LEEZA (redress) • LOVELINE (mtv) • VIRTUAL ED SULLIVAN (Variety Special/Pilot) • VIVA VARIETY (Pilot) • ARTHUR’S LUCKY PENCIL (touring live show) • BOBCAT’S BIG ASS SHOW (pilot) • BRETT & LORETTA SALUTE (pilot) • ESPN PLAYER’S CHOICE AWARDS • LOVELINE (redress) • MONTEL (concept) • NFL COMEDY BOWL • ARISTA 25 YEARS OF HITS (special) • FORGIVE OR FORGET (pilot) • HYPE (model grafiks) • PARTY HOUSE (Fox dance show / pilot) • PRIMETIME EMMY AWARDS • TWENTY-ONE (game show) • DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS • DISCOVERY CHANNEL • DISCOVERY KIDS • FOX “HOUSE OF POP” (music/dance show) • SCARIEST PLACES ON EARTH (pilot) • TRUTH OR SCARE (pilot) • AMEICAN CHOREOGRAPHY AWARDS (live show) • SPIRIT AWARDS • VICTORIA’S SECRET FASHION SHOW • ADG AWARDS • AMERICA’S STRANGEST FAMILIES (pilot) • BIG BROTHER 4 • ELLEN • ELLEN (redress) • LATE LATE SHOW with CRAIG KILBOURN • ORTEGAS (pilot) • PARIS BY NIGHT (music video / special) • VICTORIAS SECRET FASHION SHOW • DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS • GEORGE LOPEZ COMEDY SPECIAL • MOTOWN EVENING • WOMEN ROCK! (music video / special) • WORLD STUNT AWARDS • AMERICA’S TOP 40 with RYAN SEACREST (Special) • SOAPNET RED CARPET SPECIAL • RACHEL RAY (“everyday” talk show) •

in addition to all that... Computer Drafting (MiniCAD v1.1 thru VectorWorks v2013, including useless 3D; stupid SketchUp; dude, I have been drafting on computer since 1986) Computer Design (Illustrator, Photoshop, blah blah blah, all that stuff) • Computer Operations (MacOS X system & maintenance, incl. Networking & Hardware installation, basically, I’m NEVER the guy that needs help, I can do everything I need.) AEChadwick is Set Designer and ersatz art director in Hollywood. He is the first person in his family to have an imdb page which he likes to think makes his brothers jealous (it does not). He has designed and drawn scenery for over 100 television shows of all types, including funny shows, serious shows, a lot of pilots (you’ve never seen them), Iron Chef America (you may have seen that), a lot of variety shows shows and Red Carpet specials (wtf?), a lot of Awards shows (including the Primetime and Daytime Emmy Awards, the American Music Awards, you get the idea). He was Head of Costume Crafts at the Colorado Shakespeare Festival for about 20 years, but that isn’t important. Chadwick has worked with the Food Network, Dick Clark Productions, Paramount Television, E! Entertainment, Triage Entertainment, and Radio City Music Hall. He has also worked at the Embassy Theater in London, and the Orpheum Theater in South Dakota. He has NOT won an Emmy on at least three specific occasions. Chadwick has an MFA from Carnegie Mellon University, where his completely ignored thesis detailed “reactive generation” paradigms in the political operettas of Gershwin, Kaufmann & Ryskind (don’t worry, the professors didn’t understand it either). He likes smooth shiny girls, hardboiled and loaded with sin. He is a co-founder of le Theatre du Fat Henri. ➡ 11483 Killion St / North Hollywood CA 91601 ➡ C: 818-389-2746

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