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Igor Knezevic Concept Design, Illustration, 3D CGI, Architecture 310 346 7892 | 606 Montana Av. Santa Monica CA 90403 |

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE Member: Portfolio/Reel: Skills:

Art Directors Guild, Sr. Illustrator, (local 800) Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator, 3D Studio MAX , Maya, Softimage XSI, ZBrush, SketchUp, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, AutoCAD, Rhino, Revit, Syntheyes

WORK EXPERIENCE July 2010 – Dec 2010 Culver City, CA

New Regency / Immortal Productions Concept Designer / Sr. illustrator in Art Department of feature film “NOW". Director: Andrew Niccol, Production Designer: Alex McDowell

March 2010 – May 2010 LA, CA

Morgan Creek Concept Designer on feature film “Passengers". Director: Gabriele Muccino, Production Designer: Andrew Menzies

April 2007 – March 2009 Santa Monica, CA

Chimera Design Concept designer / Thematic Architect for Marvel Superheroes theme park project in Dubai, UAE. Work included creating environments and cinematic sequences for Marvel branded attractions.

Oct 2008 – Dec 2008 Culver City, CA

Zoic Studios Environment concept designer - Created designs for CGI environments for two TV projects: (Eli Stone TV series, Season 2, episode 8 & Revolution series TV pilot

March 2008 London, UK

MTV Europe / Onedotzero. Director / Art Director - My short film concept, “Proxies”, was winner of international short film competition organized by Onedotzero. Film was then commissioned by MTV and was used as station ID throughout 2008

May 2006 – may 2007 Los Angeles, CA

Red Bear Films Environment concept designer / Art Director - Rings of Orbis book series & on-line multi user game (

August 2005 Burbank, CA

Kappa Studios 3D animator - designed and produced 3D CGI animated scenes for “Knight to F4” feature film directed by Aaron Burnett

Aug2004 – Nov 2004 Los Angeles, CA

mOcean Post Motion graphics designer - created 3D content and VFX for movie trailers while working at mOcean post Inc. Projects include trailer for “Ghostrider” and 3D sequences for Denver Auto Museum exhibit.

August 2003 – Nov 2003 Venice, CA

Pixel Liberation Front 3D artist - Working on previs and final renderings for Goldeneye2 intro cinematic for Electronic Arts game project..

March 2001 - August 2003 Venice, CA

Jerde Partnership Architect / senior 3D designer - Working on many retail and entertainment projects in USA, Dubai, and China.

March ’99 – January 2001 Santa Monica, CA

Yahoo Music / Launch Media Inc 3D environment designer - created virtual sets, interfaces and assets for broadband interactive magazine “Launch” and Yahoo Music on-line ads.

EDUCATION: 1992 - 1997 Study of Architecture, Technical University in Vienna, Austria

Igor Knezevic Concept Design, Illustration, 3D CGI, Architecture 310 346 7892 | 606 Montana Av. Santa Monica CA 90403 |


First place winner at international architectural and branding competition to design new retail space for major Italian automobile re-seller DADDARIO.IT

Nov. 2009 UK / USA

My lighting designs published in Inc. magazine (US) and in ICON and OnOffice magazines (UK)

March 2008 London UK

Winner of MTV / Onedotzero international short film competition. I was commissioned to direct a station ID video for MTV Networks. Broadcasting on MTV Europe thru 2008.

April 2008 Milano, Italy

First place winner of Alcantara Film Competition. I directed and executed short film for Alcantara corporation. Video was presented at Milano Design Fair at Zona Tortona.

Summer 2005 Pasadena CA

My artworks exhibited as part of California Design Biennial 2005 at Pasadena Museum of California Art – a showcase of best design and graphics in California.

July 2004

Several of my 3D CG artworks are featured in new books of computer art ELEMENTAL and EXPOSE 1 - collection of best computer graphics worldwide - published by Ballistic Publishing.

Nov 2003 San Rafael, CA

Recipient of Autodesk Design Award for best stylistic rendering for IVAR project nightclub design

May 2003 Copenhagen, Denmark

First place winner of International 3D Award in Architectural Visualization category. Awarded by The International 3D Awards Committee.

Nov 2003 L.A., CA

Article about my designs published in L.A. Architect magazine

July 2003 San Diego, CA

Siggraph 2003 main Art Gallery – my artwork was chosen for exhibit at juried exhibition of digital art section

Nov. 2000 Nagoya, Japan

Third prize and group exhibition of awarded works in 2000 Nagoya Design Do! competition at Nagoya Design Center