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STORYBOARDS (323) 447-0090 w w w. F i l m a n d V i s i o n . c o m

With 10 years of experience as an illustrator specialized in stor yboards and more recent experience as a filmmaker, I look to continue to develop my exper tise as a stor yteller and ar tist in the film, television, game and adver tising industries.

Film Fired Up

Screen Gems, Dir. W ill Gluc k(2009). S t or yboards & Graphic Design.

The Echo

Ver tigo Ent. Dir. Yam Laranas(2008). S t or yboards.

Pineapple Express Tenacious D: Pick of Destiny Gary The Tennis Coach Beerfest The Dukes of Hazzard Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle

Club Dread

Sony Pict. Ent. Dir. Da vid Gordon Green(2008). S t or yboards. N ew Line Cinema. Dir. Liam Lync h (2006). Boarded reshoo ts (uncredit ed) O.N .C. Ent. Dir. Danny Leiner(2008). S t or yboards War ner Bros. Dir. Ja y Chandrasekhar(2006). S t or yboards. War ner Bros. Dir. Ja y Chandrasekhar(2005). S t or yboards. (uncredit ed) Senat or Films Dir. Danny Leiner(2003). S t or yboards Fox Searc hlight Films Dir. Ja y Chandrasekhar(2004). S t or yboards and super vised 2nd U nit.

Television CSI:Miami

2008. S t or yboards

House MD

2006-2008. S t or yboards on multiple episodes.

ER Desperate Housewives Swingtown The Loop


2007-2008. S t or yboards two episodes. S t ephen Cragg (Direct or) 2007. S t or yboards Ep.409: Somet hing始s Coming. 2007. Provided on se t illustration and coac hed act ors. 2007. S t or yboards and on se t illustration Clients include: NBC, CBS, Domino始s Pizza, KFC, MacDonald始s, Burger King, VW, Chevy, Ford, Satur n, Dodge, Toyo t a, GM, Hyundai, Targe t, Pep t o-Bismol, Sco tt, T ime War ner, Direct T V, N e t Zero, Matt el, Kenmore, L始Oreal, Clorox, Mr. Clean, Kaiser Per menent e, and more.

Education 2008 UCLA Extension 2007 Associates in Art 1998-2002

Produced and Direct ed shor t f ilm entitled: Man Wit h A Guit ar Directing Course. produced and direct ed shor t f ilm Killing Mat hematics Ar t Classes Including: st or yboarding, f igure dra wing, ent er t ainment illustration and production design

1998 Pepperdine University Malibu, California Special Skills

Bac helor of Ar ts Degree in Humanities, Minor in Ar t. Graduated Cum Laude A r t E d i t o r f o r U n i v e r s i t y n e w s p a p e r : T h e G r a p h i c 19 97 - 19 9 8 Exper t wit h Adobe Pho t oshop, Dra wing and Design Prof icient wit h Illustrat or, Af t er Ef f ects, Paint er, Flash, and Final Cut Pro. Digit al int er f aces including: Macint osh and Wacom Cintiq



Local 800: Ar t Directors Guild: Illustrator

Furnished upon request