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Fashion Image-Making and Styling BA (Hons) Fashion Design or Fashion Image-Making / Styling The Programme is designed to reflect contemporary practice in the wider fashion industry. Individual creativity, both in design, image-making and fashion styling, balanced with realism, are key factors underlying the ethos of this programme. Students are encouraged to explore their individual talents through the application of the professional design and image process, from concept to final product. The programme aims to create flexible, resurceful and creative fashion designers and fashion stylists with well-developed transferable and interpersonal skills. It is important that the programme provides a broad design education, concentrating on fashion, and develops not just high levels of analytical skills, critical judgement and the ability to learn independently, but also helps students acquire tecnical skills and the understanding necessary for the effective realisation of creative fashion concepts. It is imperative that fashion students become multi-skilled and professional people, able to adapt themselves to the specific needs of society and to the fulfilment of their own creativity. It is a priority for the programme to provide an environment where personal talent and individual potential are nurtured.

Students have worked with the following; Ryan Mcginley, Nylon, Metal, Wonderland, Tank, Teen Vogue, Dazed and Confused, SuperSuper, Kim Howells, Fantastic Man, Giles Deacon, Barbour, Elizabeth and James, Marcus Lupfer, Tata.naka and Richard Nicoll.

contact: Christine Ratcliff Fashion Dept School of Art and Design University of Salford Centenary Building Peru Street Salford Manchester M3 6EQ t: 0161 295 6093 e:

cover image by Louby McLoughlin

And i just bought a new camera!!! That medium format i borrowed for the last shoot. Found it in a camera shop 2nd hand for £250. Thank god for loan. I will hopefully be able to shoot tomorrow or thursday and it will all come together. x Its in there somewhere, potential or whatever you want to call it. I hate this feeling, its almost self harm by being neglectful of my own emotions. Your one of the few people who sees that side of me. Im scared. Of wasting it. Of f**king up. Of expectations. More from myself than other people. Who wants to live up to what people say anyway? Im in this for me. Would you kill a shark if you knew you could get away with it? the electricity company are going to shut us off today unless i can come up with £!42 and the weather sucks wo me “everything in the back of things is behind the front of things in the heart of things is behind the love of things is [everything]”. and im thinking extension leads to the corridor plugs in my building! LET THERE BE LIGHT! I have decided to do one shoot in one day about a boy who learns to see again. But he sees in his own fantasy world that is dark yet mystical. Starting out as he wakes up and does the mundane things like brushing his teeth and eating breakfast and his mind slowly wanders to a land far greater where the child inside him is at play. I hope this explains a few things better for you. And i hope i havnt majorly f**ked up with a week to go! ive not felt this happy in a long time. despite the fact i dont have a penny to my name ive just managed to get a load of more amazing stuff for my shoot, including some blue and white flower printed pants and and an amazing sheer black knee length shirt. spent the day listening to the beatles and peter sarstedt. found an amazing photographer who work is insanely beautiful and fits with the more creative side of my shoot. maybe its all the coffee i just downed but i feel amazing, and still buzzing from the exhibition. big looooove so tired and exhausted guna sleep, then going to see my friends band tonight, they are cool check em out – gota get that photography project done, and start that bloody essay. will pop in and see u next week. hope your good loveeee yo c hows was ya new york? are you stuck there with that ashy cloud? i bet your loving it, not coming back. hopefully that shit will clear and my flight will all be ok! greetin’ sss hows ya be? you have a gurd holidae? living it up here, de niro style. shooting with ryan tomorrow, M.I.A. for the new york times! loves

BA (Hons) Fashion Image Making & Styling: Graduate Catalogue 2010  
BA (Hons) Fashion Image Making & Styling: Graduate Catalogue 2010  

Photography by graduating students from BA (Hons) Fashion Image Making & Styling, based in the School of Art & Design at The University of S...