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A4: Artists Presentation

Your chance for public speaking ­ Take the stage!

A4: Artists Presentation Welcome to your 'Extended' Homework Project: ● ●

Title: A4: My Artist Presentation Duration: 4 weeks

For this project you are to 'Plan', 'Make' and 'Present' a presentation about your chosen artist(s) and your own artwork (A5: In the Style of...). Use the guidance and instructions below to help you complete this project: Support and help: To help support you throughout this extended homework project, as well as occasional discussion about your progress in lessons, there is online support via the Visual Arts website which you can use throughout the project to access resources.

Wk Guidance and Instructions 1

READ this guidance paper carefully. Discuss your project with friends, family and teachers. Decide how you will make your presentation: ● SlideShow? ● Movie? ● Act/ Drama? ● Dance? Be sure that you have enough content for your presentation. Now would be an ideal time to conduct some more research, find examples of work and information about your artist, take pictures of your own work etc.


Plan your Presentation project: Your presentation should be at least 6 slides in length (if making a SlideShow), or include the following six sections, if you choose to use another medium for your presentation such as video or show and tell. The six sections are: 1. Title/ opening credits 2. Introduction 3. My Artist(s) 4. Examples of my artists work 5. My own artwork 6. Conclusion Complete TWO tasks for the 'Planning' stage of your presentation: 1. Mind-Map - CLICK HERE 2. Story-Board - CLICK HERE and go to FILE > DOWNLOAD as WORD


Begin work on building your presentation: You can make your presentation using any method or tool that you think will work best for your own work. This could be: MS PowerPoint (slide show), or MS Movie-Maker (video), or MS Word to type up your notes supported with a images. However, you, what you(an would like for to use go for it. Aim to build thedecided main structure outline eachand of the required six sections)

A4: Artists Presentation by the end of the 3rd week. Don't forget to save your work in-progress during your work to prevent losing any work. 3

Complete your presentation: During the 4th week of this extended HWK project, aim to complete your 1st version of your work. Make sure that each of the six sections have sufficient information and detail so that you have enough content to talk about during your presentation.


Make some support notes: Use MS Word or similar word processor to type up a few notes for each section of your presentation, these can be used by you to refer to so that you can face the class when you present your work, rather than reading from your presentation. Type up a few notes for each section.


Rehearse/ time your presentation: (3-5 Mins in Length) The following criteria will be used to assess your work/ presentation: ● Planning (Mind-Map and Story-Board) ● Presentation content ● Presentation delivery ● You will present your work to the class at an agreed date/time with your teacher.

A4: Artists Presentation Do you have a smart phone? If so you can use the camera on your phone to access online resources to help you with this assignment. All you need is a QR code reader app, point your phone web browser to one of readers below: ● ● ● ●­support/nokia­n80/phone­software/smartphone ● For iPhone users. Go to iTunes and search for: QR Code reader

Once you have a reader/ app on your smart phone. Simply take a quick snap of the code below, and you will be redirected to the required resource, directly on your phone.

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