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A4: Tonal Canvas

A4: Tonal Canvas •

For this assignment you are required to create a painting on a stretched canvas using acrylic paint.

You will need to ensure that you have practised and developed the subject matter for your final outcome thoroughly in your sketchbook.

The main outcome of this assignment will provide you with marks and evidence for assessment objective 4.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the assessment objectives.

Guidance: •

Plan carefully for this assignment as it is likely to be the first time that you have used acrylic paints on a stretched canvas.

Choose your subject matter with thought. Choose a celebrity that you are interested in as this will help keep you motivated throughout the work.

The subject matter needs to be original, you should source your own celebrity and collect a range of photographs so that you have plenty of choice. This will also serve well as development evidence.

This painting assignment follows on from your previous assignment (A3 Oil Pastel Portrait), being that you are to identify tonal zones/areas within your subject and make these feature in the style of painting that you create.

Attend Art Clinic each week for extra time on your work to ensure that you can finish by the given deadline.

A4: Tonal Canvas Tips:

Try to be original. You will get more marks if your work is unlike anything else others have done or intend to do! Choose your own celebrity, and importantly choose a unique shot/photo of them so that your outcome is different to other students.

Before you submit your finished work for assessment make sure that it is complete! A complete artwork needs to have a full interesting background and all of the surface area of work should be covered in colour/ imagery/ line and detail(s).

Make sure you do your research before you begin this task. Check out other pupils work in the online gallery.

Begin this work in your sketchbook and develop a few ideas on a small scale first of all. Experiment with layout, proportion, medium and colour. Above all show your ideas thoroughly, using annotations that explain what/ how you intend to develop your ideas into your final work of art.

Make sure you have read the assessment objectives so that you know what you will be marked on.

A4: Tonal Canvas Task 1: Initial ideas •

The theme for this assignment is 'Celebrities' so conduct research and find examples/ photo's of celebrities that you feel you may like use in your work.

A series of sketchbook developments should take place at the start of this assignment to help you learn how to 'paint' using acrylic paints.

During your initial development explore alternative ways to use colour and tone.

A4: Tonal Canvas Task 2: Development. •

Choose one of your possible celebrity's to use as the subject matter for your work.

In your sketchbook produce a couple of drawings (one per page) based on your chosen work/idea. For each identify and draw 'Tonal Zones' and mark-up to show at least 4 different levels of tone (Light > Dark).

Aim to illustrate each idea using different/ alternative 'compositions' and 'layouts'. Play about with a range of alternative colour options.

After your initial ideas have been developed, it is time to select your strongest idea/work and create 'prep' items that you can work from for your main/final outcome.

Produce a full-page 'prep' outcome of your chosen idea showing/ using alternative colour and layout options.

A4: Tonal Canvas Task 3: The Final Outcome

When all of the above tasks are completed in your sketchbook (the more you do, the more marks you can gain!), you should be ready to begin work on your final/main outcome for this assignment. Tips: •

Collect an A3 (size) canvas and write your full name and class name on the back.

Sketch out your intended work/idea working directly from your sketchbook 'prep' work.

Draw 'light' lines to indicate where the 'tonal zones' are going to be in your work.

Be organised and ensure that you have your sketchbook and all/ any source imagery to hand for every lesson.

Work directly from your sketchbook development pages.

Begin your work (painting) with a light/loose sketchy line.

Map-out your work/outline with a light pencil line.

Reflect on your work periodically (often), so that you can spot/ identify any errors or mistakes early on.

Develop your outline with a slightly stronger line.

Remove any old sketchy line before you begin applying paint. A neat, sharp outline will provide a clear boundary for applying paint(s).

Work in layers, from the background towards the foreground. Build up these layers of colour by working in 'zones', allowing one zone to dry while you work on another, then return to previous zones and build the layers more.


Consider attending Art Clinic for extra time on your work, and should you fall behind, ensure that you catch-up any missed lessons/time.

A4: Tonal Canvas Do you have a smart phone? If so you can use the camera on your phone to access online resources to help you with this assignment. All you need is a QR code reader app, point your phone web browser to one of readers below: • • • • • For iPhone users. Go to iTunes and search for: QR Code reader

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A4 Tonal Canvas  

Help, support and guidance for students at the Wellington Academy

A4 Tonal Canvas  

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