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A4: In the Style of... For this assignment you will be tasked with challenge of making a ‘response’ to your chosen artists work/ style...

Above is an example of a yr8 students ‘response’ to the work of David Hockney.

A4: In the Style of... Task 1: Planning ● Begin this assignment by finding and selecting an artist to use for your work. Use the postcard (handed out in class), and/or visit the examples in the Visual Arts eGallery HERE ● Ideally you should work from your previously chosen (A2) artist/ postcard. ● Begin by drawing/ illustrating a mindmap that shows at least 3 possible ideas for making a ‘response’ to your chosen artist. ● Then produce some initial sketches/ studies that help to visualise your intentions. Add colour and detail for effect. ● Choose ONE of your ideas to use for your main/ final outcome, which will eventually be a painting created on A3 (size) paper.

A4: In the Style of... Task 2: Preparation ● After deciding which of your ideas you will use for your main outcome, using a new full-page in your sketchbook, create a ‘prep’ piece. This should be a practice, smaller version of what your intended final work will/should look like. ● Try to be as accurate as possible, and use water-colour paints effectively for higher marks. ● Remember to use ‘good’ process/ technique, for example working from the background towards the foreground, using a range of tones, and including fine line using stronger colour/ tone for the details.

A4: In the Style of... Task 3: Final Outcome ● After you complete your ‘prep’ work, you should then be ready to commence work on your final/ main outcome. ● Collect a sheet of A3 (size) paper. ● Draw a 1cm border around the inside edge of the paper, and add a title, date and your name/ class name. ● Lightly sketch-out your work, working directly from your ‘prep’ piece. ● Improve the sketchy line by adding/ using a sharper harder line. ● Remove your previous sketchy lines. ● Add paint/ colour using ‘good’ process/ technique. ● This final outcome should take approx 2-3 lessons to complete in full. Take you time, be careful and accurate.

A4: In the Style of... Do you have a smart phone? If so you can use the camera on your phone to access online resources to help you with this assignment. All you need is a QR code reader app, point your phone web browser to one of readers below:

● ● ● ● ● For iPhone users. Go to iTunes and search for: QR Code reader

Once you have a reader/ app on your smart phone. Simply take a quick snap of the code(s) below, and you will be redirected to the required resource, directly on your phone.

AFL: Assessment for Learning. ● Learn about the assessment process for your


eGallery: ● Take a look at some examples of work for this


YouTube: ● Go to the Visual Arts YouTube channel and watch

some amazing video content for this assignment.

A4: In the Style of...

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A4 In the Style of Guidance  
A4 In the Style of Guidance  

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