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A3: Digital Painting

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A3: Digital Painting Overview: ●

During this is assignment you are tasked to create a piece of art using digital tools, methods and technologies.

Think back to your previous assignment (A1 Creative Software/ Task 3: Types of digital art). You may recall recording a range of different ways in which art can be/is created using digital technology. This assignment provides you with the opportunity to create your own piece of art using one or more of the methods that you previously explored.

To be successful in this assignment, you should choose your ‘method’ carefully, and your subject (what your digital painting will be of/about) also with care.

There 1. 2. 3. 4.

are 4 tasks required from you to complete this assignment: Choose a method that you wish to use for your work. Decide what your picture will be about. Make/create your digital painting. Post/blog about your work.

Task: 1 ●

Find/choose a suitable ‘method’ to use for your work. Some examples/ reminders are: Digital Photography Photopainting Digital Collage Integrated Digital Art Digital Painting Vector Drawing Algorithmic/Fractals

CLICK HERE to find out more about these different methods of ‘Digital Art’, read about what they are, to help you make your choice carefully.

A3: Digital Painting Task: 2 ● Choose a suitable ‘subject’ for your work. This can be anything you like. It might be something realistic or abstract. So long as you find it interesting and fun to do, you can at least ‘try’ to do it! Some suggestions are listed below: ○ You might like to use an item of work from your sketchbook (previously created in your Art lesson) as a starting point, on which you can then build/develop further, or modify/change into something new - Digital Collage

○ You might like to take a photograph of your chosen subject, and then manipulate it by applying filters or adding layers of digital ink/paint Photopainting ○ You could try your hand at ‘free-style’ painting a picture of your choice, using a software program or web-based tool - Digital Painting ○ You might like to have a go at creating a digital pattern using shapes and other vectors available in most software programs - Vector Drawing

Task: 3 ● Make/Build/Create your chosen digital painting. This is probably something very new to you, and as such you might find some of your work tricky. This is perfectly normal so don’t be put-off from ‘having a go’. ● Simply try your best to create your picture using the method and subject that you decided to use. ● If you don’t finish your work in time, don’t worry. Turn-in what you do manage to create, and you can always return to it at a later time to finish off. ○ TIP: Be sure that you save your work often throughout your development. Use appropriate file name(s) such as: A3 Digital Painting, and save correctly to your academy user area/folder(s). ● Good Luck!

A3: Digital Painting Task: 4 Be sure to ‘Blog’ about your work.... Use your blog as a type of ‘diary’ to record your progress. Add/write new posts for (at least) the following things: 1. Which ‘Method’ of digital art did you choose to use for this assignment, and explain ‘why’ you chose this method. 2. What is the ‘subject/content’ of your work/painting? Explain why you chosen to make your work using your chosen ‘subject/content’. 3. WHAT did you find ‘challenging’ about your work? 4. WHAT did you find ‘rewarding’ about your work? 5. List any new skills and/or techniques that you discovered. 6. Upload a copy of your work and explain what it is, how you made it. ● For each of the items listed (above) write a new POST for each. ● Ensure that you assign CATEGORIES (for example - A3: Digital Painting, iArt, Fauves) ● Ensure that you add TAGS (for example - digital,painting,photo,)

A3: Digital Painting Do you have a smart phone?

If so you can use the camera on your phone to access online resources to help you with this assignment. All you need is a QR code reader app, point your phone web browser to one of readers below: ● ● ● ● ● For iPhone users. Go to iTunes and search for: QR Code reader

Once you have a reader/ app on your smart phone. Simply take a quick snap of the code(s) below, and you will be redirected to the required resource, directly on your phone.

AFL: Assessment for Learning. ●

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A3: Digital Painting eGallery: ●

Take a look at some examples of work for this assignment.

YouTube: ●

Go to the Visual Arts YouTube channel and watch some amazing video content for this assignment.

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