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Canon EOS1000d camera

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contents page 1.megapixels 2.digicprocessor system focus 5.detachable lenses 6.raw images 7.system chart 8.glossary


Other benefits of the high megapixels are when you zoom it still

The canon EOS 1000d camera has 10.1 mega pixels.The benefits of this are it takes photos in more detail.

has good detail also

it can cover a larger area


Digic processor the digic processor is very helpful for the photographer for an attention to detail and desig

The digic processor helps by computing the correct colour and brightness to each individual pixel.


Cleaning system

the cleaning system for this camera is intergrated and has a built in dust preventer the system guards the image that is stored on the camera.


Auto focus

The auto focus (or AF) optical system uses a sensor,a control system and a motor to focus automatically or on a manually selected point or area. 4

Detachable lenses this camera can be compatible with EF-S and EF lenses. All of the different lenses can help create lots of different pictures depending on the lense.


Raw images

raw images are images that haven't had any change since you have taken the photo. The brightness hasn't been changed , there isn't any red eye feature or


system chart this is the official system chart of the canon

1000d camera. 7

Glossary. 6-Raw- a type of image format. 1-Mega pixels- a unit of measurement wich reperesents. one million pixels wich are tiny dots o colour that creates an image. 2-digic-canons name for a family of signal processors and control units. 3-intergrated-a popular computer buzzword that refers to two or more components merged together in one system. 4-sensor-any device that receives signal or stimulus messages and replies to it in a distinctive manner. 6-red eye feature- a feature on some cameras meant to try and stop people having red eyes in photos. 5-compatible- when some thing is able join with something else. 5-detachable- when you can put things on and of some thing and it fits. 4-auto- to do it yourself. 4-optical- things to do with eyesight.



contents page Canon EOS1000d camera 1.megapixels 2.digicprocessor system focus 5.detachable lenses 6.raw images 7.system c...