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Canon EO5

1000D Camera!!!

Contents!! Mega pixels

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Digic Processor

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Cleaning system

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RAW images

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Detachable Lenses

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Mega-pixels The Canon EOS 1000D has 10.1 mega-pixels so it can give you a very good detail and helps the photographer give an amazing result. It can give an excellent result with or without using the default settings.

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A Digic Processor is an application specific intergrated lower power circuit designed to perform high speed signal processing.It has a faster camera operation and a motion detection.

Digic Processor

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The cleaning system for the canon 1000D is intergrated and has a built-in dust prevention . The system guards the images that are stored on the camera .

Cleaning System To get rid of dust in the camera, you need to shake the sensor when the power is off.

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The au t o - f o c u s o n t h e Can on 1 0 0 0 D is 7 . 1 c r o s s t y p e an d h a s 7 f o c u sing p oin t s t o lo ok t h r ou gh.

To get the sharpest photo, the camera has high auto-focus accuracy. There are 2 type of auto focus on EOS 1000D: Quick Mode and Live Mode

A u t o - Focu s Quick Mode is the “normal� type that common on D-SLR, auto-focus by using the focusing sensors, there are 7 focusing points on 1000D (9 on 450D). Live Mode is a new focusing method that is part of the Live View feature, to provide Live View capture.;

This c a m e r a h as 35 z o n es.

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RAWimages are adifferent format instead ofJPEGor TIFFformat images. It is better withthe Canoneos 1000d.

RAW Images Digital camera image sensors create an image from literally millions of tiny light sensing areas on a silicon chip.

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The Canon 1000d is compatible with EF + EF-S lenses.

Detachable Lenses These lenses can help the camera to produce a brilliant image.

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Glossary Mega-pixels:the resolution of a camera

Auto-Focus: the focus of the images

Digic Processor:


an application specific intergrated lower power circuit.

Cleaning System: something that prevents dust from the photos.

RAW: it indicates that the file was read directly from the camera sensor.