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Emin SCHOOL ClOSURE PACKS (Work to Completed at Home over the following dates – 28.03.2011 – 08.04.2011) Hand in Date:

Wednesday 27th April 2011

Introduction Over the two week school closure you would usually have 3 lessons. In order to stay up to date with your coursework you will need to work through this pack and complete all of the tasks. When reading the tasks take note of the highlighted text – these will give you tips to help you carry out the task.

Aim The aim of this pack is to work towards the following assessment objective. This is objective is worth 20marks out of your total coursework mark of 80.

AO2 - Develop ideas through investigations informed by contextual and other sources, demonstrating analytical and cultural understanding. Assessment objective 2 is worth 20marks out of your total coursework mark of 80.

Tasks Task 1: Artist Research Carry out a search using the internet/library/ books and find 1 or 2 of the Textiles Artists on the list below. Try to choose an artist whose work you will be able to realistically copy/experiment with. Textiles Artists Ewa Kuniczak Caroline Saxby Jean Littlejohn

Karren Rao Karol Naylor Jeanette Appleton

Once you have found your Artist(s), you need to research and find out some information about them. Key facts to find out ○ Who made the work? ○ What is the work about? ○ What is/was the work made from (materials/ medium).

○ ○

For example is it a painting/ print/ collage/ sculpture etc. When was the work created? Save copies of the work(s) for presentation and development.

You should also find and record your knowledge and understand of the artist(s). Try to include: ○ Where the artist(s) lived ○ When the artist(s) lived/ work ○ What 'style' or 'period' of art the artist is known for.

Task 2: Collecting Images

When researching you should collect 4+ images of the artists work. You need to annotate and analyse each of the images you collect. This writing should include your OWN thoughts and opinion about the artist(s), and, their work. ○ How does the work make you feel? ○ What do you think the work is about? ○ Does the work hold any symbolism, or deeper meaning? ○ Was the artist happy in their life? ○ Try to form arguments for, and against your opinion to give your work depth.

Task 3: Present your research After gathering all of your research you should present your findings in your sketchbook. Do not clutter your pages. Consider using the following techniques to make your pages interesting and eye catching. ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

Mounting your work on colour paper Copying an image on to the back ground of the page and writing over it Painting your pages Making your pages interactive by having writing in envelopes, images hidden under folds of paper etc Adding quick drawing to your page in response to the artwork you have found

Task 4: Create a response

Select 1 examples of artwork (1 Image) created by your chosen artist(s), using 1 page in your sketch book try to replicate/copy the work. This can be done by using the following methods: ○ Drawing ○ Painting ○ Collage ○ Hand Stitching ○ Machine Stitching

Once you have completed your response you will need to annotate your work. Try answering the following questions: ○ How did you create your response/ What materials did you use? ○ Why did you chose to respond to that particular artwork? ○ How could your response be improved?

EXTENSION TASK: If you are aiming to get 20 out of 20 marks for this assessment objective consider carrying out the following tasks: ○

Develop your own work further by using your chosen artist(s) style, technique, subject and/ or medium to create an original development piece.

Produce 2-3 alternative development pieces, exploring different possible outcomes.

Jeannette Appleton Karren Rao

Carloine Saxby Karol Naylor


SCHOOL CLOSURE PACKS Wednesday 27 th April 2011 (Work to Completed at Home over the following dates – 28.03.2011 – 08.04.2011) Hand in Date:

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