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BTEC Art & Design

Academy Closure


Over the past few weeks you have produced a number of Art works which in most cases have worked really well and you should be pleased with your efforts. During the course of the next two weeks you are expected to complete the following work. ●

Make sure you have written up the evaluation for the painting part of this unit. It needs to be creative, interesting to read and eye catching. Include drawings, sketches and annotation.

Make sure you have a dedicated page for ‘How to make a mask’. Leave a space at the top of the page for the photo of your mask. This can be as decorative as you like. Include one of the faces by the Artist Gormley as this will help with more marks and places a purpose and link to why you made one.

Make sure you have a page dedicated to ‘Drawing out all the body parts of the Maquettes’.

All of your pages should have a title, date and page number.

This is a chance for some of you to tidy up and organise your sketchbooks for the final time before all work is graded and submitted to the exam board. If you fail to complete this to a high standard then you will fail the whole project (in this case 4 units).

UNIT 7 Graphic design: Working with graphic design briefs. The purpose of graphic design is to promote or sell something or inform the viewer of a specific message. With this in mind you are required to produce the following: Research Task Create a piece of Art work A3 in size. This could be a collage of pictures you have collected. Drawings you have produced or a mixture of both. You could include text, information about your chosen topic. We are surrounded by examples of graphic design in: Magazines, flyers, posters, billboards, games, packaging, menu, advertising, tshirt design, logo, leaflets. ●

Choose any of the above suggestions as your starting point and begin by collecting examples, through the use of search engines, photocopies, your drawings of pictures/text you like.

Target audiencemale/female/family/children/teenagers/single people/young professionals/elderly.

Annotate the pictures, information you have collected, stating why you have chosen them? This could be for a number of reasons such as use of colour, lettering style, layout, catchy phrases.

The more information you are able to collect the stronger the start of your new unit will be.

Good luck Mrs Taylor.

ALBERS BTEC A tribute to Gormley project Evaluation sheet

As part of the BTEC course you are expected to write an evaluation after each main task completed. This unit has a number of parts to it You are required to produce: 1 A painting of a figure in action in a landscape setting – have you done this? 2 A mask in the style of a Gormley sculpture showing erosion due to the elements – have you done this?

You need to include the following; What figure did you include in your main piece and how does it relate to your chosen landscape picture? What could you do to improve the quality and detail of the work? Did you enjoy the project? Make sure you write down any changes made between the prep painting in the sketchbook to how your main piece has ended up.

All work should be clearly labelled, titled and pages numbered.

The more information and carefully thought about work will enable a higher grade ie: pass – merit.


2 Wk STUDY PACK Academy Closure BTEC Art & Design ● All of your pages should have a title, date and page number. This is a chance for so...