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BTEC Art & Design

Academy Closure


Firstly.... a massive WELL DONE on your recent 3D Maquette construction work. Your maquettes are looking ‘fantastic!’

● During the closure of the academy you will miss 3 lessons of your course. As such, this pack has been put together to help you continue your current art project in your sketchbook.


Inside your sketchbook, using an appropriate number of pages (3-4), you need to create an ‘evaluation’ about your recent 3D construction work (Maquettes). Your evaluation should include: ● WHAT - You did during before, during and after (how can you develop your work further)? What did you do to help your construction technique/ method. What materials did you use etc ● HOW - did you use the materials for your work, and how did you plan your maquette, how did you find the materials of choice? ● WHY - did you design your maquette in the way that you did? Why do you think you used card and gum paper, instead of other materials. Why do artists/ sculptors use maquettes to help them with their work?

● WHEN - Try to explain the process of your construction method, what did you do first, second, third etc. Explain why you did what you did in the order that you did it. Consider drawing and illustrating parts of your evaluation too, to help make it clearer. Why not have a go at making another ‘smaller’ or ‘super-sized’ card maquette/ model, and then take snap-shots of it’s development stages. These can then be used to illustrate your evaluation and construction process. Maybe you could make a video that captures the construction stages in film. Edit the movie, add a voice-over and share it on YouTube! For example, spend approx 30mins per day, or an hour every other day. Include on each page: ● Page background effects ● Large clear titles ● Your own thoughts/ comments/ opinion ● Sourced facts (including URLs’ and/ or book titles) ● Annotations DO NOT FORGET to return your journal!

Be sure to collect any required materials/ equipment, and of course you sketchbooks. A reasonably priced Art supply/ store is: The Range Northern Avenue Northern Business Park Andover Hampshire SP10 4DU Telephone: 01264 369127 Opening times Monday - Friday: 9.00am - 8.00pm Saturday: 9.00am - 6.00pm Sunday: 10.00am - 4.30pm Alternatively, see your art teacher and ask for equipment/ materials that you may need. REMINDER, all resources and help for the BAUHAUS course can be found via the visual arts site:


2 Wk STUDY PACK Academy Closure BTEC Art & Design Firstly.... a massive WELL DONE on your recent 3D Maquette construction work. Your maq...

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