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AS Art & Design

Academy Closure


Firstly.... a massive WELL DONE on completion of your recent exam. Now, the name of the game is: COURSEWORK

â—? DEADLINE for all coursework is:

Tue 24th May 2011.

Therefore, during all remaining lessons until the deadline (above), you should aim to complete all coursework items. This could be to enhance, develop further or even re-do some of your weaker coursework outcomes. Identify (via your teacher) the items of coursework that require further attention/ time. Take home your journal(s), and aim to develop further your identified coursework items by working on them for at least 4hrs over the fortnight. For example, spend approx 30mins per day, or an hour every other day. DO NOT FORGET to return your journal(s)!

You may like to work on your main outcomes, be sure to collect any required materials/ equipment, and of course you items of coursework that you need to work on. A reasonably priced Art supply/ store is: The Range Northern Avenue Northern Business Park Andover Hampshire SP10 4DU Telephone: 01264 369127 Opening times Monday - Friday: 9.00am - 8.00pm Saturday: 9.00am - 6.00pm Sunday: 10.00am - 4.30pm Alternatively, see your art teacher and ask for equipment/ materials that you may need. Here is a reminder of all coursework items: BritArt - AS Art & Design Projects Human Form


Main Outcomes/ Assessed items of work

● ● ● ● ●

A1 - Monochrome Figure

● ● ● ●

A6 - Pencil Portrait

A2 - Coloured response A3 - Contextual Essay A4 - UNIT 2: Exam

When? Term 1 Term 2 Term 2 Term 3 Term 3/4

A5 - Response to Human Form

A7 - UNIT 3: Personal Investigation A7 - Response to Portrait A8 - UNIT 4: Exam

Term 5/6 Term 7/8 Term 9/11 Term 9

All of the above coursework assignments can be accessed online via the visual arts site:

If you need any help during the closure period. Email the Visual Arts:


2 Wk STUDY PACK Academy Closure AS Art & Design Identify (via your teacher) the items of coursework that require further attention/ time...

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