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Newsletter 7 Mane Attraction Designer: MissFire Clare Roberston Theme: Circus! Category: Open over 18 Photo by Mike Pence

As usual Art Couture Painswick needs you!

And this is how you can get involved...


All sorts of people enter this unique competition: children of all ages, college students and professional artists and designers, as well as blacksmiths, florists, carpenters and yoga

.....where art comes to life

teachers. What they share is a passion for being creative and for thinking outside the box. ‘It’s fantastic fun’, says Frances Day, an IT professional who has entered each year. ‘What I love is the challenge of creating something totally original. There is no instruction book, no pattern, no constraint except

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imagination. You just have to find a way to express an idea in your head and make it come to life. Last year I imagined a huge eye that would blink as the model walked by. I created two vast images on my computer: one of an open eye and one of it shut, and printed it on massive sheets of paper that I then pleated to

ACPNewsletter 7

make the artwork. Finishing touches are important – I printed eyes all over a pair of tights and made a windmill eye for a headdress. It’s very satisfying to see people staring at the costume and asking about how it’s made.‘ This year, there will be more opportunities than ever for visitors to the Art Couture Painswick Festival to interact with designers and see the costumes up-close. Models will be wearing the creations all day as they move about the village, so lots of photo opportunities. Millie Mercer, who with her brother Josh, has won her category for the last two years said, ‘It’s great walking around and having people admire all the hard work that has gone into making something so fantastic. I loved talking to everyone about how we thought up the idea.‘ Entering the Art Couture Painswick competition can have a big impact on people. Many young entrants have found they gained huge confidence in their abilities. Art student Abi Garbett has entered each year and is now applying for university and finds her portfolio greatly enhanced by displaying her remarkable Art Couture work, not to mention that she has also won her category twice. Students can also win work placements: Abi has worked with Savannah Miller, and another student, Mila Harris-Mussi, won a placement with Denise Innes, of The British School of Millinery. These opportunities can be life-changing, as well as very enjoyable.

hard earned money on beautiful items of art, craft and produce and looking for a delicious late breakfast, sumptuous lunch and gorgeous afternoon tea. If you have something which you feel would enhance the array of fabulous stalls already booked for the event, please contact for details or go to the website for applications.


We need to assemble an army of volunteers to help with the festival. We need help in many guises: NOW in the run up to the festival, with a myriad of tasks, one of which includes sorting and curating our collection of past ACP creations. ON THE DAYS of the festival, helping with car parking, directing and helping competition entrants, help with setting up stalls, running errands and messages around the village, and much more. AFTERWARDS with The Art Couture

Painswick Museum and Gallery

It has long been a goal of Art Couture Painswick, really since its inception, to have a permanent museum and gallery in Painswick, where creations from the festival can be exhibited throughout the year, for the enjoyment of our visitors and the local community. The gallery will also be a focal point of inspiration for future entrants, where people can get up close with the art and discover the unique stories behind them. We would like this museum and gallery to be open six days a week, between 10 am and 5 pm. To achieve this aim, we Take a stall... again need another army of helpers: Art Couture Painswick attracts ambassadors for Art Couture Painswick, thousands of visitors to Painswick, all in a to welcome the visitors, assist them with good mood and keen to spend their any information they need about the

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ACPNewsletter 7

festival and perhaps sell them some ACP merchandise for good measure! If you are interested in offering your time and energy to this exciting new project, please email Whether you can offer half a day each month, several days a week or only help on an occasional basis, we would love to hear from you. Local young people on gap years or looking for work experience should also apply – you can enhance your CV, whilst contributing to the success of this wonderful enterprise.

Sweet Sensation Designer: Dawn Fuller Theme: Food for Thought Category: Open over 18

catching adventure such as Art Couture Painswick.

Become a Member...

Once upon a time we wanted friends, but now Become a Sponsor... we want Members! A As the event grows, so the single annual Membership bills grow too and we are is £25 and a joint therefore always looking Membership, only £40. for financial sponsorship Help support your premier from companies keen to local event and be proud get involved with a to be part of the story! young, popular and eye- Get in touch... A host of inspiration and details on all aspects of the Festival can be found at our website Please contact us by email to get involved. Shoes for Sweet Sensation

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2013 Dates Live@ACP Saturday 13 July Festival Sunday 14 July

2013 Themes World Where You Live Metamorphosis Well Suited and Headgear

ACPNewsletter 7

Dairy Made Designer: Jessica Fowler Theme: Food for Thought Category: Open 12 to 17

Left photo by Mike Pence Photo below by Anne-Marie Randall

A Deeper Look in One Artist’s ACP Journey This month we take a closer look at Jessica Fowler. Jessica won third prize in the open 12 to 17 category, with a Food for Thought theme. The title of her entry is Dairy Made. Jessica used plastic from recycled milk bottles, gold paper fasteners and paper and threads for materials. To construct her creation she joined hole punched strips of bottle plastic with paper fasteners, allowing for some movement as well as being strong.

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Jessica says about the creation, “The bottle plastic has an opaque white pearl like quality. When joined together they make a sculptural shell that contrasts with the skirt’s delicate paper shape, reminiscent of dairymaids.” The judges commented, “The intricacy and complexity in making this piece was highly impressive.”

Congratulations Jessica on winning third place!

ACP Newsletter 7  

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