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PROJECT FUNDAYCHAIR FUNDAYCHAIR, a joint project of the Departments of Textile and Furniture of Tartu Art College (TAC), highlights different ways of using digitally-printed textiles, both on objects and in interiors. Students, working in design teams, created five seat prototypes. The keywords during the product development process were: seating, resting, comfort, digital print and variety of fabric design. The design of the seats is driven by an easygoing Sunday mood, lightness and a sense of freedom. Prototypes are produced in cooperation with various Estonian companies. All prototypes can be dismantled and easily packaged for transport, the textiles can be removed for maintenance purposes and exchanged for a new design if needed. The fabrics are printed in cooperation with Lipuvabrik (Flag Factory). Fundaychair is exhibited at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in the Greenhouse pavillion at stand VH04:12. In September, during London Design Week, the prototypes will be presented at TENT London. Twenty-two 3rd- and 4th-year students of the Departments of Textile and Furniture have participated in the project. Project tutors: Jaak Roosi (product design), Marju Nurk (textile design), Aet Ollisaar (textile design, project management). For more information, contact: Prof Aet Ollisaar Head of Department, Tartu Art College Department of Textile Project Fundaychair manager

Vegechair Vegechair is a spacious upholstered plywood seat with metal legs. The fabric is inspired by structural patterns found in flora which after digital alterations resulted in dazzling psychedelic textures. The armchair spreads its roots and offers a chance to take a break and regain your strength for the upcoming week.


Designers: Kreeta Aidla, Eva Liisa Kubinyi, Kaarel KĂľrv, Marta Tarvis, Birgit Uibo Materials: plywood, metal, polyester upholstery velvet Dimensions: H 720 mm, Â W 110 mm, D 640 mm

Cooperation partners: Lipuvabrik, KAHA, Choosday





STRIPE Leisurely chair for outdoor purposes with a Japanese twist. PVC textile is easily removable, waterproof and with a reversible pattern.

Designers: Helmi Arrak, Merit Eensoo, Kadri Essenson, Helena Utsal Materials: birch, PVC textile Dimensions: H 700 mm, W 560 mm, D 560 mm Cooperation partners: Pixmill





A low rocking seat made of two details: fiberglass base and bean-baglike soft top. In textile design, the emphasis is put on orderly composition, opposing the angular surface to the round shape of the base. The digital print pattern allows a numerous variation of colour combinations.


Designers: Kadri Hiibus, Mari Hinn, Merle Nisuma, Ingrid Olesk, Henri Viljarand Materials: fiberglass , polyester upholstery velvet Dimensions: H 650 mm, diameter 830 Â mm

Cooperation partners: Lipuvabrik, Estanc AS, P천vvat Racing Boat





Spectacle Spectacle isn’t your 8-to-5 chair. It’s your theatre night, day in the museum, afternoon browsing magazines, ferris wheel ride or a walk in the old town. Incentive for creating Spectacle came from the shape of eyeglasses. Its metal legs mimic the frame of glasses. The backrest and seat are made of plywood. The chair may not be traditional but it is light and comfortable. The idea for the fabric is derived from sunglasses and how the world seems looking through them – warped yet picturesque. Watercolor illustration on the fabric is based on a photo of a 13th century basilica taken with a fisheye lens.

Designers: Aadi Jürmann, Liisa Mahlapuu, Silvia-Sigrid Sillaots, Liina Tiidor Materials: metal, plywood, polyester upholstery velvet Dimensions: H 870 mm, W 600 mm, D 600 mm Cooperation partners: Lipuvabrik, Tahel Metall




FEEL FELT When Sunday finally arrives, after a Monday to Friday work week, all you want to do is feel comfy and relaxed while reading your favourite book. Every day is a Sunday when sitting on FEEL FELT rocking chair. The subtle rocking motion harmonises with your slow flowy Sunday emotions. The form of the chair is held up by two plywood pieces which fit inside felt without any attachments. Legs are made from steel and rockers from birch. Felt is collapsible for easy transportation.


Designers: Kätlin Eskla, Mihkel MÜlder, Teele Tenso, Ilja Uhlinov Materials: plywood, polyester felt, birch Dimensions: H 750 mm, W 700 mm, D 500 mm Cooperation partners: Lipuvabrik, Mistra Autex AS




TAC Tartu Art College is a university of applied sciences situated in Tartu, Estonia. It educates professional artists, designers and restorers/ conservators. In Tartu Art College (TAC), students can acquire education in the speciality of photography, painting and wall painting’s restoration, media and advertisement design, furniture design and restoration, leather design and restoration, sculpture and textile. TAC is active as an institution of higher education since the year 2000. TAC is related to educational institution of arts Pallas, founded in Tartu in 1919. TAC’s aim is to give the students an education which guarantees their competitiveness in the Estonian and European labour market. During their studies, students will participate in art, design or restoration projects, working closely with specialists from different areas, and also practicing in Estonian and foreign enterprises. TAC intensively cooperates with both Estonian and foreign higher education institutions to enrich art education with different skills and values. In the European Union, TAC currently has a total of 45 partners in 16 countries and two partners in Russia. TAC is definitely interested in cooperative projects in areas of art, design and restoration. In addition to that, TAC welcomes projects that focus on cooperation between higher education institutions and businesses. TAC encourages its students to take part in different exhibitions and design competitions to promote their work internationally. Tartu Art College provides all our students and staff members a creative and motivating environment that enables us to develop new values for the future.


Textile and Furniture Departments at International Design Fairs Since 2010, The Departments of Textile and Furniture have participated in Stockholm Furniture Fair and exhibited students' projects in the Greenhouse pavilion. The last three years TAC has exhibited a cooperation project between the two departments where students can combine their knowledge of furniture design and interior textiles. In 2013 furniture and textile students' project 8:TOOL (eight chairs in Estonian) Â and in 2014 project 5TUFF were exhibited also at London design fair Tent London. Working in teams provided the students with new background information about their neighbouring fields as well as about cooperation in general. Combining different skills and styles made it possible to develop carefully elaborated product prototypes in which the chosen source materials and ideas from both parties act as an organic whole. Throughout the years all the teaching staff in both departments has supported the students with their knowledge. These product development projects have given the students valuable knowledge about cooperation and working in design teams. Exhibiting at international design fairs gives students opportunities to gain contacts for future. For more information about previous projects: 2013/2014 5TUFF 2012/2013 8TOOL 2011/2012 PINK For more information about Department of Furniture: For more information about Department of Textile:


Photo credits: Juri Seredenko Graphic Design: Helmi Arrak Maarika Martins Tartu Art College +372 730 9822 Tähe 38B Tartu 50103 Estonia Project is supported by    Lipuvabrik Cultural Endowment of Estonia Ministry of Culture

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Fundaychair is a cooperation project between the Textile and Furniture departments of Tartu Art College.


Fundaychair is a cooperation project between the Textile and Furniture departments of Tartu Art College.

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