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Edition XV, Number 4

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Join us for our April luncheon! Featuring guest speaker:

Congressman, California Congressional District 4


District 4 now includes a portion of Fresno County.

Special Guest include candidates for upcoming elections. Thursday, April 24, 2014 Ramada Inn University(Shaw Avenue & Freeway 41) Room Shaw A

MENU: Roasted Marinated Teriyaki sliced Tri-tip with Jasmine Rice, Stir-Fry Vegetables, Rolls, & Dessert Check-in starts at 11:30 a.m. with lunch served at 12 Noon. All attendees must register for the luncheon. Luncheon costs $18. Vegan/dairy-free or gluten free options are available if requested at the time of reservation. Payment accepted at the door with reservations. (Please make checks out ahead to FCCRWF for luncheon and dues.) Or pay online at For more information, or to make a reservation by phone, call Una Freitas at (559) 224-3720 or email Please reserve by Tuesday, February 25. Cancellations will be accepted until 24 hours before the luncheon.

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Our club with the joint efforts of the Clovis-Fresno Evening RWF had a booth at the Clovis Big Hat Days. What a crowd! Thousands of people were filing by giving us the thumbs up and many stopping to sign the “Common Sense Voting Act” petition that would require that voters present ID before registering or before casting a ballot. We did register voters too. It was especially fun to help a gentleman change from a “D” to an “R”. I guess when he and his wife had their taxes done and found out how much they owed and that it would be worse next year, he decided to change his registration. He is expecting some action in Congress and I hope he sees some soon. Also, many people do not realize that when they move they need to re-register. So we had a great weekend as we always do. It is so interesting to talk to the folks and hear what is on their mind. Unfortunately, there are too many people that do not want to register to vote. Why??? Do they not trust the government? Or are we seeing more and more of the younger generation not informed or involved? Republican Women need to continue to bring good programs to our members so we can pass information on to our friends and family as to what a great country we live in and what the risks are now of losing our liberty. HOPE TO SEE YOU AT THE APRIL 24 LUNCHEON WITH CONGRESSMAN TOM MCCLINTOCK!!

Cheryl Storer , President

CARING for AMERICA By Mary Heredia, Caring for America Chairman

At our April luncheon FCCRWF will gratefully receive your tax deductible monetary contributions to Evangel Home, Evangel Home has been serving homeless women and ch i l d re n s i n c e 1 9 5 5 . Yo u r contribution by check made out to Evangel Home will serve as your receipt.

Sunshine Through Clouds

“No Bake Sale” Was Not a Half-Baked Effort By Jessie Robb, Second Vice President

Thank you to all who have participated in the FCCRWF “No Bake” sale. We are only $338 short of our $2,000 goal. If you have not had an opportunity to send your donation in yet, please do so as soon as possible to help reach this goal.

By Connie Silva, Sunshine Committee

Do you know of a member who has had a recent bereavement, an illness, or who could just use a kind word of encouragement? Please let me know at (559) muf fin276-2386 or email me at Do not forget to inform me of contact information for the person who might appreciate a card or other greeting from FCCRWF. It is with great sadness FCCRWF notes the passing of Mary Ann Dews’ mother on Saturday, April 5. Our hearts and prayers are with Mary Ann at this time.

Look for the ladies offering opportunity drawing tickets at the FCCRWF April luncheon! Get ready to show your colors! Patriotic jewelry for sale at the luncheon as well!

SHINING THE SPOTLIGHT on Audrey Redmond By Roberta Genini, Editor

Audrey Redmond was born in the South, raised in the Midwest, and moved to California 30 years ago. She was widowed after 12 years of marriage. Audrey worked for the Fresno Police Department (via AmeriCorps) for three years. She has been volunteering with the West Fresno Ministerial Alliance as Administrative Assistant for two years. Fifty years after her last schooling she returned to complete her Bachelor’s Degree, attending Ecclesia University of Divinity and graduating in 2012. She has been involved in politics for most of her adult life, and has been with the Republican Women for over 10 years. Audrey is the founder of the Clovis Republican Women Club, and has proudly observed the successful growth of Republican Women clubs in our area and elsewhere. She has certainly contributed generously to that success. As a Republican Woman she has served on various committees, local and division, and as a delegate to the Republican National Convention from California in 2004. She is enjoying a good year as FCCRWF Community Outreach chair and comments, “ I hope to leave a legacy for others to carry on the fight.”

“Christmas in July” for Santa’s Village By Audrey Redmond, Community Outreach Chair

Santa’s Village is a two-week event at Christmastime where the community (especially families with children) is invited to visit Santa and Mrs. Claus, take a free photo with Santa, receive a gift, receive winter clothing, fingerprinting for the children, enjoy refreshments and entertainment. This is a very magical moment for these children and one that many of them would never experience, if not for Bringing Broken Neighborhoods Back To Life. The event is going on its eleventh year giving back to the community at Christmas. This year there will be a greater need than ever for “Teddy Bears” given as gifts to the children who attend the event. Please add this to your gift list for Christmas and/or make a monetary donation. It’s not too early in the year to make this a part of your charitable giving. Donations will be collected at each luncheon meeting or make your donation(s) to Fresno Police Neighborhood Watch Association (FPNWA) and mail to P.O. Box 11563, Fresno CA 93774. In the memo section put Santa’s Village. Your gift is tax deductible. For further information contact me at

DO YOU KNOW? Education Committee

. . . that the issue of the Common Core curriculum being put into use in America’s schools is drawing more and more headlines? The FCCRWF Read to Know book club is desirous of staying up-to-date on this subject, so our April book-of-the-month was The Story-Killers: A Common Sense Case Against the Common Core, by Dr. Terence O. Moore, a professor of history at Hillsdale College and a former Marine with a Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh. Sharon Gerardi led the group in a lively discussion concerning the impact of the Common Core standards on the education of our children, particularly in the field of literature. Appropriately, then, the selection for our May 8 meeting is Rush Limbaugh’s Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans. It is one of a series of books being written by Rush for school-age students to give them the story of America which they might otherwise be missing. All women are invited to the book club, which meets on the second Thursday of every month at 10 a.m. at Adair Murphy’s home. For further information, please call her at (559) 439-7094.




P Senate Constitutional Amendment 5 Dead… For Now What was deemed as “the most racist bill in California history,” SCA 5 (Hernandez, D) has been put on hold by the author. SCA 5 would have amended the 1996 legislation that outlawed affirmative action in California to allow race and gender based standards in state hiring and state school admissions. If SCA 5 passed it would have put the amendment before the voters to decide. Luckily there was a huge uproar from Californians against the bill and a petition to stop SCA 5 received over 112,000 signatures. Sometimes the legislature listens when their constituents complain. Senator Hernandez has pulled the bill from consideration though hopes to bring it back after community education on the legislation. Senator Hernandez said, “I believe we need to make sure there’s equal opportunity for everyone in the state of California.” Ironically that is exactly what SCA 5 would destroy, equal opportunity, by creating quotas for race and gender instead of hiring or granting admission based on merit and qualifications. Hopefully this terrible bill stays dead and buried!

P Stop the High Speed Rail Nonsense! See

Internet To Be Shorn of Its First Amendment Protections By Roberta Genini, Editor

The Commerce Department is planning to carry out a unilateral decision by President Obama to surrender protection of the Internet’s domain name system, and of the authority to assign numbers, to unknown international bureaucrats. As Investors Business Daily (April 3, 2014) puts it, “These functions are the lifeblood to the free flow of information online….” So why, oh why, would Obama want to “fix” what is not broken? Up until now, the federal government has zealously kept these functions within a combination of a California non-profit and what National Review (April 7, 2014) calls “the light touch of the Commerce Department” to keep ideas flowing without censorship around the globe. That department’s touch, thanks to Obama, is about to come down like a fist. The opportunities for dismantling the Internet’s dance of freedom are rife once the U.S. relinquishes its guidance of the Internet … the Internet which the U.S., after all, created and until now has protected. The genius of American guidance regarding domain names and numbers ensures freedom for all users of the Internet. Certain nations (perhaps Israel?) or certain points of view could be cut off from Internet access if such control passed to foreign bureaucrats whose identity we cannot predict. Barack Obama has once again outdone himself.

From the NFRW Political Briefing for the Week of April 9, 2014 The McCutcheon Ruling: Myth vs. Fact On Wednesday, April 2, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in the McCutcheon vs. Federal Election Commission case concerning political contributions. Congress can only regulate campaign contributions in order to protect against corruption or the appearance of corruption—a quid pro quo arrangement between donor and political recipient, not considered “general influence.” The Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 (FECA) and the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (BCRA, also known as McCain-Feingold) imposed two limits on campaign contributions: a limit on how much money a donor can give to a candidate or committee, and a limit on how many candidates or committees a donor can give to, abiding by the limit for each candidate. Last Wednesday, the Supreme Court struck down the aggregate contribution limits, meaning that donors can give to as many candidates or committees as they like while still abiding by the individual limits. Here are some quick talking points on the ruling: • The McCutcheon ruling does not mean democracy is for sale or that individuals can contribute unlimited amounts of money to candidates. The ruling keeps intact limits on how much a donor can give to a single candidate or committee. • The McCutcheon ruling simply removes the limit on how many candidates or committees a donor can give the limited amount to. Many on the left were quick to condemn the ruling, but were not clear in their critiques of the ruling and therefore spread falsehoods. As an instance of leftist bias obscuring the facts of the McCutcheon ruling, President Jimmy Carter said in an interview with Politico that the Supreme Court has “exacerbated” problems with last week’s McCutcheon ruling, adding that during his presidency, “There was a spirit of harmony there, friendship. ... All of these things are gone, primarily due to a stupid decision that the Supreme Court made on Citizens United and that they exacerbated this past week with another ruling,” Carter said Friday. “And this massive infusion of almost unrestricted money going into the political campaign, a lot of it is spent just on negative commercials to tear down the reputation of your opponent and that polarization that occurs, that didn’t exist when I ran for office.” He also lamented that his grandson Jason, who is running for governor in Georgia, “won’t have the ability or the massive sums of numbers from the Koch brothers and so forth that the Republican candidates will enjoy.”

Congratulations are in order! By Roberta Genini, Editor

P FCCRWF rejoices with President Cheryl Storer on the birth of another grandchild! While she was attending the Tea Party Meeting on April 3 she got the news that she and Don have a beautiful new grandson, name TBA as a little girl was expected! P Congratulations to Audrey Redmond for her appointment by Supervisor Debbie Poochigian to the National Guard Commission. FCCRWF is proud of you!



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FCCRWF Board of Directors Meeting First day to vote by mail (formerly called absentee). This is also the day most vote-by-mail ballots are mailed. Read to Know Book Club at Adair Murphy’s Last day to register to vote for June 3 Primary FCCRWF Luncheon Meeting @ Ramada Raffle of Joint Service Honor Command Quilt Last day to request a vote-by-mail ballot by mail.


3 ................... Primary Election Day in California

November 4 ................... General Election Day in the U.S.

Death is swallowed up in victory. I Corinthians 15:54

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April 2014 Trunkline  

The April 2014 issue of the monthly newsletter for Fresno County & City Republican Women Federated

April 2014 Trunkline  

The April 2014 issue of the monthly newsletter for Fresno County & City Republican Women Federated