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# 1 $40

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# 4 $40

Toasting Cup Soda-fired porcelain

Toasting Cup Soda-fired porcelain

Toasting Cup Soda-fired porcelain

Small Tumbler Soda-fired porcelain

# 5 $40 Small Tumbler Soda-fired porcelain



My work hovers between pottery and sculpture. Some pieces move in a sculptural direction, yet still derive some of their form from vestiges of my more functional work. I find this a fascinating interplay, with one body of work informing the other and making both stronger for their interaction. These toasting cups and tumblers fall into a long line of functional cups that I have made, most of them soda or salt fired. Atmospheric firing is the way that I think when I’m making work after 40-plus years of soda and salt firing my work. I love the complex surfaces that result from creating forms that will react to the movement of sodium through the kiln.

Richard Burkett, Professor of Art at San Diego State University, has traveled extensively in Ecuador many times over the past fifteen years with Joe Molinaro, researching and photographing Ecuadorian potters, with a focus on documenting indigenous pottery cultures in the Amazon basin. He is currently working on a book on Ecuadorian Kichwa pottery with Joe Molinaro. One of the first ceramists to make extensive use of computers and the Internet, Burkett has lectured internationally on ceramics and the Internet at events in Stockholm, Sweden, Eskeshihir, Turkey, and Helsinki, Finland. He has traveled to Jingdezhen, China to study porcelain making in this city near the original source of porcelain clays. He is the author of HyperGlaze, educational glaze calculation software for artists, students and teachers, and the coauthor of the sixth edition of Ceramics: A Potter’s Handbook, one of the most widely used ceramics textbooks, and curated an international group of forty porcelain artists and wrote essays for the Lark book Porcelain Masters: major works by leading artists.

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