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# 1 $150

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Pint Glass, War Series Porcelain Underglaze, glaze

Pint Glass, War Series Porcelain Underglaze, glaze

Pint Glass, War Series Porcelain Underglaze, glaze

# 4 $150 Pint Glass, War Series Porcelain Underglaze, glaze



Making pots provides a few very important things for me: discipline, including regular physical and mental exercise; a measure of creativity and productivity; a role in history as artisan. The choice to pursue potting as a profession came as a bit of a surprise to me at first, but now seems the ideal solution to the puzzle of life. It satisfies the athlete, the academic, and the connoisseur in me alike. I can be my own boss, make my own inventory, and connect with those who buy and use my work. Along with the rewards, there are many lessons to be learned in patience, cooperation, and loss.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, mid-career artist Christa Assad is best known for her Re-objectification series — teapot designs based on objects and buildings from American industry. Assad explains the inspiration for her pieces:

Working within the timeline of ceramic history, my position comes humbly after centuries of past civilizations, whose technological developments and discoveries are still viable today. I have been strongly influenced by Chinese pots from the Han and Sung Dynasties, as well as the contemporary Yixing teapots. Equally stirring are the ancient Etruscan black ware vessels, Korean celadons, and the dynamic forms and surfaces of Persian and Egyptian wares. My education and formal training honors these cultures and their ceramic traditions, and places me in the context of contemporary American art…a culture wherein handmade pottery seems archaic, but somehow manages to endure.

A teacher, traveler and full time ceramicist with an MFA from Indiana University, Assad’s work is in the permanent collections of The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, The Ceramic Research Center at Arizona State University Museum, and The Penn State Fulbright Scholar Collection. She was named, “Ceramic Artist of the Year,” in 2012 by Ceramics Monthly. Assad is represented by Ferrin Gallery (MA), Harvey Meadows Gallery (CO), Friesen Abmeyer (WA), and Chloe Fine Arts (CA).

“Growing up in Pittsburgh, PA, I was strongly influenced by the Steel City’s dying industry and the grit of these oft-abandoned sites. Tagged with graffiti and other remnants of trespassers and squatters, the physical remains of these sites serve as archaeological artifacts in the study of human behavior and societal evolution.”

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Static cup ii catalog