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# 1 $48

# 2 $42

# 3 $48

# 4 $48

Light and Dark Yunomi Wood fired Porcelain with Iron Slip

Espresso Cup Soda Fired Porcelain

Blushed Yunomi Wood Fired Porcelain

Soft Yunomi Stoneware Soda Fired

# 5 $48 Striped Yunomi Wood fired Porcelain with Iron Slip



Connection to our world and people around us is the failed promise of technology; technology alone cannot bring us closer. Touch, interaction, engagement and conversation are the inroads to intimacy. Functional pottery in the home, in the hand, can begin to forge connection between artist and user, between object and human, between process and people. I see my work as an artist is to forge deeper connections; to create interactive forms that communicate across the synapses of our compartmentalized world. My work speaks eloquently about my love, exploration and development of a hugely rich and ancient process of wood fired ceramics. I use technology as a tool to create opportunities where the intimate connection to clay can occur. My website,, is a resource for information, relevant links, images of work and kilns, published articles, and recently, candid photos of pottery in other people’s homes.

In 1993 I fell in love with the movement of flame through a wood-kiln. Its sensuous quality is something I seek to capture in my work with soft forms, sensuous full curves and flame paths etched into the surface. This quest led me to an M.F.A. from the University of Iowa. I now own Mill Creek Pottery in Wisconsin, where my apprentices and I work to advance the cause of wood-fired pottery. In 2013 I was a Fulbright Senior Scholar in Taiwan exploring the potential of local materials. Clay is central to my life.

I believe that our lives are richer for being connected to our everyday objects. Artistic potters are privy to a unique and subversive role in contemporary art. Whereas much of late twentieth century art has been an attempt to merge art and life, pulling art out of galleries and bringing life scenes into the setting of the museum, the functional pot continues to hold a place in everyone’s home. A cup is one of the first things we hold in the morning and often one of the last things we touch at night. When we touch our cups to our lips, it is an intimate moment. Honored by that intimate space, I hope to fill it with deep connections between user and maker, clay and fire, in an ageless exploration of emotion.

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Static cup ii catalog  

Static cup ii catalog