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# 1 $50

# 2 $35

# 3 $50

# 4 $45

Soda Fired Yunomi Porcelain with silica sand, soda fired, 2013

Soda Fired Yunomi Porcelain with silica sand, soda fired, 2013

Soda Fired Teabowl Porcelain with silica sand, soda fired, 2013

Shino Teabowl Stoneware, shino, slip, wood ash, reduction fired

# 5 $45 Shino Yunomi Stoneware, shino, slip, wood ash, reduction fired



It is important for a teapot, bowl or cup to engage with the user a sense of existence and duty. I feel that in the world we live today, where many objects are mass produced and without thought, a handmade ceramic pot reveals something more. It reveals a sense of dedication and determination by the creator to release artistic thought and meet the demands of practical purpose.

Jayson Lawfer is a potter and director of a fine art gallery and consulting business entitled The Nevica Project ( After graduating from the University of Montana, Jayson completed an artist residency at Guldagergard (2002) in Denmark, The Archie Bray Foundation (2004), A.I.R. Vallauris in Vallauris, France (2006), and Lillstreet Art Center (2007). His work has been featured in prestige American exhibitions at the Lancaster Museum of Art (Pennsylvania), Missoula Art Museum (Montana), Cedar Rapids Museum of Art (Iowa), and New Hampshire Institute of Art. His pottery has been selected for the Totally Teabowl exhibition in England, the Sydney Meyer Fund International Ceramic Award in Australia and The Salzbrand 2006 competition in Germany. The American Society of Ceramics awarded Jayson one of the "2005 Emerging Artists of the Year". From 2002-2006, he was the Executive Director of The Clay Studio of Missoula (USA), Gallery Director of its exhibition space and Resident Director of its artist-inresidence program. He was a Resident Artist and Guest Curator at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago, Illinois from 20062007 and their Executive Director of the nonprofit sector of Lillstreet from 2010 - 2011.

Passion lives within everybody. Mine is in the momentum of clay.

Jayson’s talents of being an artist and holding positions of directorship have granted him the opportunity to present lectures and lead workshops in Mexico, Italy and in the USA.

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Static cup ii catalog  

Static cup ii catalog