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# 1 $65

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Mug Thrown and altered Earthenware, cone 2

Mug Thrown and altered Earthenware, cone 2

Mug Thrown and altered Earthenware, cone 2

Mug Thrown and altered Earthenware, cone 2

# 5 $65 Mug Thrown and altered Earthenware, cone 2



The inherent usefulness of pottery has provided a vehicle for self-expression for twelve millennia. Clay is seductive; it can be molded into nearly any shape, adorned and embellished, metamorphosed into stone, and sealed with glass. Working with one of the oldest technologies known to humans excites me as a counterpoint to the abundance of new technologies on which we depend.

Marty Fielding became captivated by clay as an anthropology major at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He continued his study of ceramics as a student and teaching assistant at Penland School of Crafts. Marty is currently an M.F.A. candidate at the University of Florida.

Contrast sparks interest. One visual aspect of an object often goes unnoticed without the juxtaposition of its opposite. By searching for elements that accentuate each other via resistance, I strive to construct a visual statement that attracts attention, and therefore use. To this end, I seek tension and balance by pitting loose vs. tight, curve vs. angle, warm vs. cool, shiny vs. matte, smooth vs. coarse, and historical vs. contemporary. Color has the power produce a visceral reaction in us. I am interested in the way color and its context can punctuate and activate my work. In music, a chord must be made up of at least three notes. I have found that color also works well in a triad.

Fielding’s work has been included in invitational and juried exhibitions locally, nationally and internationally. Craft galleries throughout the U.S. represent his pottery. Marty’s teaching experience includes adjunct positions at Ohio Northern University and Middlebury College, several community studios including Frog Hollow in Middlebury, Vermont where he was Resident Potter, and various workshops including Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and Truro Center for the Arts on Cape Cod. His work has been published in several books as well as Ceramics Monthly, Pottery Making Illustrated, and Clay Times.

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Static cup ii catalog