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# 1 $50

# 2 $50

# 3 $50

Cup 1 Porcelain, wood-fired

Cup 2 Porcelain, wood-fired

Cup 3 Porcelain, wood-fired

# 4 $50 Cup 4 Porcelain, wood-fired



To express what I find moving and beautiful through the making of functional ceramics is a great privilege. The life of a potter demands something from all aspects of one’s being and is a wonderful dance of routine and experimentation, hard work and soulful searching. I am most interested in making pots that can be held in the hand and enjoyed visually and tactically, and every work session in the studio is an opportunity to explore new variations on familiar themes, keeping them fresh and recharged. I am deeply influenced by the environment I grew up in as well as by the natural world, architecture, functional objects of many types and historical decorative arts. Through my work I hope to contribute something to people’s lives that may help them pause and reflect on a bit of beauty or on a memory that brings pleasure during their daily routines or ritual celebrations.

Originally from Indianapolis, Charity holds both a Bachelors degree in Spanish and a Master of Library Science degree from Indiana University, and a Master in Fine Arts degree from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. As a full-time studio potter for the past 15 years her focus has been on limited production porcelain wood-fired pottery. Charity has taught ceramics for the Saint Louis (MO) Community College system and is a frequent workshop presenter for clay guilds, universities and craft schools such as Anderson Ranch Arts Center and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. Her work can be seen in numerous professional publications, private and public collections, and at exhibitions and gallery events around the country.

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Static cup ii catalog  

Static cup ii catalog