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Ben messmer Toyota/Strother MacMinn Endowed Legacy Scholarship

Eighth-term Transportation Design major Ben Messmer was six years old when he started telling people he wanted to be a car designer. He remembers family road trips where he spent the entire drive drawing cars that passed them on the freeways. “I was fascinated with the way cars reflected the personalities of the people driving them,” Messmer said.


Messmer’s devotion to cars lasted until high school when he shifted gears and decided he wanted to become an artist. The North Carolina native took his new direction seriously and went on to study fine art at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York. But while there, he found it impossible to shake cars from his head. He constantly sketched cars in the sidelines of his notebooks. Even the work he created reflected his interest in automotive design.


8/ Ben Messmer’s concept for the futuristic Mercedes-Benz Biome was turned into a full-scale exterior and featured on the company’s Super Bowl ad. Images courtesy of Mercedes-Benz and Design Los Angeles.

A few years after graduating, Messmer learned that one of his Cooper Union classmates had been accepted into Art Center’s Transportation Design Program. 8/


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