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Perspectives on Create Change The ambitious proposals outlined in Create Change are the result of the Art Center community coming together and developing a shared vision for the College’s future—one that reflects a deep commitment to student learning and to the values embedded in Art Center’s mission. On the following pages, we’ve asked faculty and planning committee members to weigh in on some of Create Change’s key areas and to share their perspectives. To learn more, visit

Knowing and Passion: HDS and the Conservatory Spirit DR. PENNY FLORENCE

Imagine Change phil van allen

Art & Design: A Commando Raid on the Conventional LAURENCE DREIBAND

Systems for Change Andy Ogden

Diversity’s Promise: Building Capacity for a Pluralistic Society Daryl G. Smith

New Spaces for Learning David Meckel & Heidrun Mumper-Drumm


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DOT 19  

DOT 19 is dedicated to the Art Center College of Design’s new strategic plan, Create Change, which sets the stage for the next era of growth...