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Undergraduate Admission for International Students


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Welcome from Chancellor

Timothy P. White

On behalf of all of us at the University of California, Riverside, I welcome you to our University, which has a long tradition of hosting international students and scholars. From its beginning, the University of California, Riverside, has actively participated in international exchanges, projects and programs. International students at the University of California, Riverside, have enriched our programs and enhanced scholarship and research. I strongly believe that in today’s global society, it is important for all students to increase their international knowledge and intercultural competence in order to become prepared to actively participate in an international environment. Having international students at UCR broadens and enriches the educational experience for all of our students. We hope you have a wonderful experience at the University of California, Riverside, and that you will find many opportunities to meet and participate in academic and cultural activities with our diverse population of domestic students. Sincerely,

Timothy P. White Chancellor, UC Riverside

University of California, Riverside

Welcome to the

University of California U C R FA C T S

Riverside FOUNDED: 1954

CAMPUS: 1,200 acres located in the heart of Southern California, one of the fastest growing regions in the state, 80 kilometers east of Los Angeles

Southern California has it all: from sunny beaches and snowy mountain resorts to the fun of Disneyland and the glamour of Hollywood. Located 80 kilometers east of Los Angeles, in the heart of beautiful sunny southern California, the University of California, Riverside (UCR), is one of 10 campuses within the prestigious University of California system, one of the nation’s premier public institutions of higher education. UCR faculty members are internationally renowned and have received prestigious awards. Several faculty members have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences and more than 50 have received Guggenheim Fellowships. UCR’s nearly 80,000 alumni have excelled in a variety of fields and have made significant contributions to the world. Our distinguished alumni include a Nobel and a Pulitzer Prize winner, a United States Ambassador, and an Oscar-nominated screenwriter.

How UCR Ranks • U.S. News & World Report ranks UCR 41st among national public universities. • Forbes Magazine ranks UCR twenty-fifth among Best Value Colleges for its quality and affordability.


• UCR’s undergraduate business program was ranked in the top 5% of all business schools in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.

FALL 2010 ENROLLMENTS: 20,746 (18,242 undergraduates; 2,504 graduate students)

• UCR will open its medical school in Fall 2012 – the first new medical school in California in over four decades.

DEGREES AND CREDENTIALS OFFERED: 88 undergraduate majors; 56 minors; 48 Master’s degree programs; 39 Ph.D. programs and 17 California teaching and administrative credential programs DIVERSITY: UCR is the most diverse campus in California. It is the 4th most diverse university in the nation.

• U.S. News & World Report ranks Bourns College of Engineering #1 – higher than any engineering college of its size among public universities in the U.S.

Why choose the University of California, Riverside? Choosing a university is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. As an international student, you have thousands of universities around the whole world to choose from. With so many important features to consider, like rankings and reputation, campus life, academics, expenses and location, the selection process can get very confusing. No one can tell you which university to choose; only you can decide which university is right for you. We’re glad to know you are thinking about the U.S.A., and the University of California, which has one of the most highly regarded systems of education in the world. We will share with you some of the reasons so many students have decided that UCR is just right for them.


University and College Study in California Understanding the California Postsecondary Education System The California postsecondary education system consists of over 140 public and over 120 private universities and colleges.

The University of California System (UC) The University of California system is California’s top research university, which comprises 10 campuses and offers degrees at the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels. UC campuses at Berkeley, Davis, Irvine, Los Angeles, Merced, Riverside, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, and Santa Cruz provide stimulating environments that foster world-class educational and research opportunities, and generate a wide range of benefits and services that touch the lives of people around the world every day.

The California State University System (CSU) The CSU is the largest university system in the United States and consists of 23 campuses. The universities within the CSU are primarily for undergraduate education, although many of the larger campuses offer Master’s degrees and since 2007, the CSU is authorized to award Doctoral degrees in Education (Ed.D.).

The California Community College System (CCC) The California Community College System has 112 campuses and provides first- and second-year courses only, leading to Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees. Students can then transfer to the CSU or UC system to complete their third and fourth years, and receive their Bachelor’s degree.


Private Education California has many private colleges and universities, including many religious and special purpose institutions. “Private” means that the university or college does not normally receive federal and state funding; the institution is primarily funded by student tuition.

Accreditation Accreditation is a certification of the academic quality of an institution of higher learning. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) is responsible for the accreditation of public and private universities and colleges in California, including the University of California.

What is the difference between a “University” and a “College”? In the U.S.A., the terms “university” and “college” generally mean the same thing and are often used interchangeably, but are different. Universities are often larger than colleges, and universities normally contain multiple “colleges” or “schools.” UCR contains three colleges and two schools: the Bourns College of Engineering; the College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences; the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences; the School of Business Administration; and the Graduate School of Education.

What is the difference between a “College” and a “Community College”? In the United States, a college can offer full degree programs. Community colleges offer two-year Associate’s degrees and can provide the first two years of a four-year degree program. A California Community College cannot grant four-year Bachelor’s degrees.

UCR International Pathway Programs Imagine

Pathways to

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Undergraduate Programs at the

University of California, Riverside The University of California system is well known and highly regarded throughout the world. A prestigious University of California degree is recognized globally and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Riverside, places students at a competitive advantage for both graduate study and future employment. Admission to the University of California is highly competitive. Only the top 12.5% of California high school graduates are eligible for undergraduate admission. For over 50 years, the University of California, Riverside, has helped international students meet their long-term educational and professional goals. UCR has created five undergraduate pathways especially for international students. Our goal is to help students gain admission to, and graduate from, the University of California, Riverside. • • • • •

Direct Admission UCR-Admission Preparation Program UCR-International Transfer Track for High School Graduates Transfer from a University outside California or the United States after second year University Credit Program for visiting students

The UCR Admission “Preparation Program

HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE 5 International Pathway Programs to Choose From

Direct Admission

Admission Preparation Program (APP)

International Transfer Track Program (ITT)

Transfer from a University Outside California (2+2)

University Credit Program (UCP) (visiting students)



No minimum TOEFL, GPA, or SATs required



3.4 GPA (85%) specific courses required

High school graduation – no GPA requirement

Minimum 2 years 2.8 GPA (specific majors may require higher GPA)

Normally recommended by home institution

SAT/ACT with writing 3.4 GPA (85%) specific courses required

Ziran Wang (P.R. China) (UCR-APP) has helped me greatly in preparing for my university life. It has built a bridge for me and has taught me valuable skills, especially those for writing academically. The courses here are interesting and the teachers and staff are wonderful. My experience (in the APP program) is one that I will never forget.



Direct Admission into UCR With over 20,000 students and 88 undergraduate majors, the University of California, Riverside, is your pathway to success! Your future doesn’t just happen. You dream it. You design it. You build it. And this is where it all starts with a world-class education from a highly ranked and internationally respected university. Come to University of California, Riverside, and invent your future.

Admission Requirements International students must meet the following 4 requirements to be considered for direct admission: Complete A-G course requirements by the end of the grade 12 year. A-G course requirements are a list of seven courses that all students eligible for direct admission must have taken between grades 9 and 12. They include the following a. History (2 years). Students must show they have taken one academic year of world history and one academic year of either U.S. history or the history of the country where the student completed high school. b. English, or language of the country in which the student completed high school (4 years) c. Mathematics (3 years required, 4 years recommended) d. Laboratory Science (2 years required, 3 years recommended) e. Foreign Language (2 years required, 3 recommended). An international student who has met the language requirement in area “b” with their first language, must meet the foreign language requirement with the formal study of English.

f. Visual or Performing Arts (1 year required) g. University Preparatory Electives (1 year required)


Minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) 3.4 out of 4 (85%): Students must submit their application online to UCR at Students are required to submit transcripts from grades 9 through 12. However, the assessment of qualifying GPA is made on specific courses taken in the 10th and 11th grades (part of the A-G requirements in #1). Complete the SAT Reasoning with writing, or the ACT plus writing, by December of the Grade 12 year. Receive a minimum TOEFL score of 550 PBT, 79 iBT or IELTS 7.0 if the student’s native language and language of instruction in high school is not English. Honors Courses: The University may assign extra points for Advanced Placement (AP) courses and Higher Level International Baccalaureate (IB) courses.

Application Deadline Students applying to UCR for direct admission must submit their application between November 1 and 30 for admission to the following Fall term. Students must submit their application online to UCR at

Questions Contact undergraduate admissions at to receive individual counseling on UCR admission requirements.

UCR Undergraduate Majors The Bourns College of Engineering • Bioengineering* • Business Informatics* • Chemical Engineering* • Computer Engineering* • Computer Science* • Electrical Engineering* • Environmental Engineering* • Materials Science & Engineering • Mechanical Engineering* * A combined B.S plus M.S. five-year program is offered in this discipline.

The College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences • African American Studies • Anthropology, also a major with Law and Society • Art (Studio) • Art History, also a major with Administrative Studies and Religious Studies • Asian American Studies • Asian Literatures and Cultures • Asian Studies • Business Economics • Chicano Studies • Classical Studies • Comparative Ancient Civilizations • Comparative Literature • Creative Writing, also a minor with Journalism • Dance • Economics, also a major with Administrative Studies and Law and Society • English • Ethnic Studies • French • Germanic Studies • Global Studies • History, also a major with Administrative Studies and Law and Society • History/Administrative Studies • Interdisciplinary Studies • Language • Latin American Studies • Law and Society, also a major with Anthropology, Economics, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology • Liberal Studies • Linguistics • Media and Cultural Studies • Music

• Music and Culture • Native American Studies • Neuroscience • Philosophy, also a major with Law and Society • Political Science, also a major with Administrative Studies, International Affairs, Law and Society and Public Service • Psychology, also a major with Administrative Studies • Public Policy • Religious Studies • Religious Studies, also a major with Art History • Sociology, also a major with Administrative Studies and Law and Society • Spanish • Theatre • Women’s Studies The College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences • Biochemistry • Biology • Biological Sciences • Chemistry • Entomology • Environmental Sciences • Geology • Geophysics • Geoscience Education • Mathematics • Mathematics for Secondary School Teachers • Neuroscience • Physics • Plant Biology • Statistics The School of Business Administration • Business Administration Concentration/Specialization options: ♦ Accounting ♦ Arts Management ♦ Environmental Management ♦ Financial Economics ♦ General Management ♦ Human Resources Management ♦ Information Systems ♦ International Management ♦ Managerial Economics ♦ Operations and Supply Chain Management ♦ Public Policy and Management


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Richard R. Schrock

(UCR alumnus and co-winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize in chemistry) I was accepted at (UC) “Berkeley but chose to attend (UC) Riverside, a relatively new campus about 90 miles north of In San the UCP Diego,program becauseI I have Extension thought that abusiness smaller classes, English school one might allow me class and some courses to do more independent onresearch the mainearlier campus. In in my these classes I can meet career. That proved to people different be thefrom case. cultures and different backgrounds; that is


UCR Admission Preparation Program (UCR-APP) Conditional Admission to UCR To earn a degree at UCR, students must successfully complete the UCR-APP program, and meet the SAT and TOEFL requirements during the APP program. As part of the UCR-APP, students will complete up to 32 UCR credits. These credits are transferrable toward a UCR degree. A student advisor will assist each student with their course selection.

Choosing Your Undergraduate Major As part of the UCR-APP application process, students will be asked to identify their intended major of study. During the UCR-APP program, students will work with an advisor to select the appropriate courses for transfer into their UCR major.


Many top international high school graduates meet the high school course requirements and the GPA (3.4 out of 4) for direct admission to UCR; however, international students may not have written the SAT/ACT and/or do not have the required TOEFL/IELTS score. The UCR-APP program is a nine-month academic preparation program that runs from September to June,for International Students that have met the A-G and GPA requirements but not the SAT/ACT and/or TOEFL/IELTS requirements. This bridging program combines advanced English instruction, SAT & TOEFL preparation courses and academic skills training with UCR credit classes, which are transferrable toward a UCR undergraduate degree program. The APP program enables international students to complete the SAT and/or TOEFL test after the traditional UCR application date. Students accepted into the APP program are eligible for conditional admission to UCR. Upon successful completion of the nine-month APP program -- including campus courses, test scores and application documents -- students will enter UCR. UCRAPP focuses on instruction in university study skills, including academic reading, writing and research plus critical thinking. Highly experienced instructors prepare students for the challenges of academic work and life on an American campus.

Top academic students who are accepted into the UCR-APP program are eligible for entrance scholarships, between $1000 and $5000 depending on the student’s GPA. Scholarships are awarded with the UCR-APP admission letter.

Admission Requirements to UCR-APP Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.4 out of 4 and have completed the A-G requirements (described on page 4) from an academic, non-vocational, secondary program. Students must also have a TOEFL 530 PBT, 71 iBT or IELTS 5.5. Students who do not have an official language score will be considered, and may be assessed for eligibility by phone or skype interview by the program director.

Questions Contact International Education Programs at to receive individual counseling on UCR-APP admission requirements.


Admission Preparation Program TOEFL 530PBT/71iBT OR IELTS 5.5 3.4 out of 4.0 GPA (85%) specific courses required



Your pathway to success begins at UCR! The Academic Preparation Program helps students to prepare for and gain admission to UCR. The UCR-APP curriculum focuses on university study skills including academic reading, writing, and research, as well as critical thinking. Highly experienced instructors prepare students for the challenges of academic work and life on an American campus.


yourself here!


Quarter 2 January-March

Quarter 3 March-June

Academic Reading and Writing I

Academic Reading and Writing II

Advanced Reading and Writing Tutorials Support features include advanced and personalized tutorials for specific research, writing and/or reading needs in online, individual and group formats.

SAT Test Preparation

SAT & TOEFL Test Preparation Students should complete tests by Quarter 2.

THREE University of California Undergraduate Courses (12 credits)

TOEFL Test Preparation

Up to three University of California Undergraduate Courses (9-12 credits)

SAT & TOEFL Test Preparation Students should complete both tests by the end of Quarter 2, but opportunities to retest are provided.

One University of California Undergraduate Course Students will take an undergraduate course to prepare them for their general education requirements or major requirements at UCR.

Academic Workshop Series II Workshops include advanced academic skills and academic speaking.

Academic Workshops Series I Workshops include advanced listening and note-taking, time-management and American academic culture. 4-8 credits

8-12 credits

12 credits

Optional Quarter 4 (Summer Sessions) Students may take additional undergraduate courses during the summer session as well as optional Intensive English courses (not included in UCR-APP program tuition). Academic advising is available. Freshman Orientation begins in summer.

Samantha Ortiz (Mexico)

Being part of the UCR “Admission Preparation Program (UCR-APP) has been one of the most satisfactory experiences in my life because I have learned a lot of new things. What I liked the most is having the opportunity to meet people from other countries. The people at UCR Extension are so friendly and amazing!


BEGIN FALL at UCR! (with up to 32 credits)


UCR International Transfer Track Program (UCR-ITT) The UCR International Transfer Track program (UCR-ITT) is a cooperative program between UCR and select California community colleges. High school graduates who have not met the academic or language requirements for direct entry to UCR or the UCR-APP program, can strengthen their language and academic skills through the ITT program, another pathway to help students graduate from UCR with a Bachelor’s degree.

English and Academic Preparation By enrolling in the UCR-ITT program, students begin studies in UCR’s Intensive English Program (INT), where they will strengthen their English language skills in order to prepare for academic study in the U.S.A. Students are admitted into the UCR-ITT program at any language level, from beginner to advanced. Upon arrival at UCR, students will be tested and placed at the appropriate language level. When the student’s language skills reach an advanced level, the student will be recommended to the INT’s advanced level class, level 600. Upon successful completion, the student will gain admission to a California partner community college.

Community College Experience California community colleges are highly regarded and provide students with smaller class sizes and individual attention. The majority of California high school graduates go to community college before they go to a UC. Community colleges prepare students for transfer to four-year universities. The community colleges also offer opportunities for personal enrichment and learning at an affordable price.

Graduate from UCR Our staff continues to assist students when they have transferred to one of our partner community colleges. At the partner community college, an undergraduate Admissions counselor directs students to the right courses to ensure successful transfer back to UCR after two years of study. TOEFL and SAT scores are not required to transfer back to UCR, but students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.8 out of 4 while in community college. Upon successful completion of the UCR transfer requirements at the community college, the student’s pathway is now clear to complete course requirements at UCR over two years and proudly graduate with a UCR Bachelor’s degree.


Conditional Admission to UCR Conditional letters of admission are provided to students who apply for the UCR-ITT program. UCR-ITT students will receive: • An acceptance letter from UCR’s International Education Programs for English language training • A conditional letter of acceptance from our partner Community Colleges • A conditional letter of acceptance to UCR for degree completion at UCR

Admission Requirements High school completion

Questions Contact International Education Programs at to receive individual counseling on UCR-ITT admission requirements.


 International Transfer Track Program High School Completion No Minimum TOEFL Required No GPA Required No SATs Required Enter at any English level – Students tested upon program start Take Intensive English Courses through Level 600

 Enter Community College Complete 2-Year AA Degree at a UCR Partner School UCR Partner Schools include: • Riverside Community College • College of the Desert • Chaffey College • San Bernardino Valley College • Irvine Valley College • Diablo Valley College

 UC Riverside Undergraduate Degree Return to UCR for Final Two Years

Transferring to UCR from Another University (2+2) Students who have taken one or more university-level courses in their home country or in the United States, must apply as a transfer student. Normally, students transfer a block of two years (60 transferrable semester credits) to complete the final two years of credit at UCR.

Admission Requirements Students are eligible to transfer with a minimum GPA of 2.8 (75%) and must complete the following, with a grade C (70%) or better in each of the courses: • Two transferable courses in English composition • One transferable course in mathematical concepts and quantitative reasoning • Four transferable courses chosen from two of the following subject areas: arts and humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and physical and biological sciences

Some UCR majors require a GPA that is higher than the published admission requirements. UCR evaluates transfer applicants in part on the courses that prepare students for their intended major. Students should investigate the requirements for their intended major as soon as possible. For more information about specific course requirements for transfer, please visit admissions/transfer/preparation-paths/ major/index.html.


yourself here!

Questions Contact undergraduate admissions at to receive individual counseling on UCR admission requirements.

Saeed Salma (Qatar)

I am enjoying the UCR “International Transfer Track (UCR-ITT) program. Through this program, I have improved my English writing, grammar and reading skills. This program and these courses have helped me to prepare for university studies.


University Credit Program for Visiting Students Undergraduate and graduate students from outside the U.S.A. who are looking for the opportunity to study abroad at the University of California, Riverside, can enroll at UCR as a visiting student through UCR Extension’s University Credit Program (UCP). UCP provides the opportunity to experience undergraduate, graduate and Extension courses, without having to formally apply to UCR. The UCP program is designed for university students who have demonstrated advanced understanding of English and who are academically strong.

Course Options Students can choose from a range of credit classes across disciplines; however, fully admitted UCR undergraduate and graduate students have registration priority. UCP students can select their courses once the quarter has begun, subject to availability. UCP students must meet all prerequisites.

Undergraduate and Graduate Level Courses UCP students have access to courses in over 80 undergraduate and 50 graduate programs. UCR is one of only three UC campuses with an undergraduate program in Business. However, availability is limited and students should not expect to get into their first choice of classes*. We recommend students choose between 10 and 15 courses in which they are interested, and have been approved by their home institution. Our College Advising Office works with each student to ensure a full course load. * Some courses, such as the MBA program, are restricted and/or require additional professional fees.

Extension Classes In addition to daytime credit classes, UCP students also have access to a wide range of Extension classes that are normally offered in the late afternoon and evenings. Many Extension courses carry University of California credit and every Extension course has been approved by the UCR Academic Senate Committee on courses. Extension courses give students the opportunity to study with professionals from the community, and make excellent business connections. Extension courses are taught by working professionals in the top of their fields. Many Extension courses can be combined to complete a UCR professional certificate or diploma. UCP students have full access to and can pre-select Extension courses. For a full list of Extension courses, please visit

What is Extension? UCR Extension is the continuing education and professional studies department of the University of California, Riverside. It offers non-degree, professional courses and Certificate Programs. Many Extension courses carry UCR credit and like all UCR courses, classes are rigorous. Courses provide great opportunities to network with other professionals.


Course Assistance A college advisor is available to all students to assist them in course enrollment.

Transcripts Upon completion of each quarter of study, students may request an official UCR Extension transcript which details grades and numbers of credits that can be transferred back to the student’s home institution.

Admission Requirements • Receive a minimum TOEFL score of 550 PBT, 79iBT, IELTS 6.0 or equivalent • Demonstration of strong academic record • Recommendation from home school suggested

Questions Contact International Education Programs at

Summer Sessions Undergraduate and graduate courses offered during the summer sessions (June through September) are available to qualified international visiting students; however, they are not considered part of the UCP program. Summer quarter classes follow a separate date and fee structure, which is announced each February. UCP students who wish to enroll in campus classes may do so at an additional fee. The summer quarter is divided into two 5-week sessions. Students can take a maximum of 2 courses during each 5-week session. Students have the same priority as UCR students for summer session courses, which is on a first-comefirst-served basis. Students enrolled in UCP during the summer quarter still have full access to Extension credit courses. For a full list of up-to-date undergraduate and graduate offerings, students should visit

We welcome new university partners. If you are interested in sending your students to UCR for their study abroad, please contact: Ms. Bronwyn Jenkins-Deas Associate Dean, International Education Programs UCR Extension University of California, Riverside


yourself here!

Anaïs Casimir


the UCP program “IInhave Extension business classes, one English class and some courses on the main campus. In these classes, I can meet people from different cultures and different backgrounds, and that is really interesting and rewarding. I am about to obtain my Certificate in Project Management and now I can speak and communicate easily in English, something that I thought was difficult five months ago.


Student Services Student Housing for UCR-APP, ITT, and UCP Students For students enrolled in the UCR-Admission Preparation Program (APP), the UCR-International Transfer Track program (ITT) and the University Credit Program (UCP), UCR offers the following three housing options. In addition, apartment housing is readily available within walking distance of classrooms and lecture halls.

International Village (IV)* Open year-round and located within walking distance from the UCR Extension Center (three minutes), IV offers single- and double-occupancy apartments with kitchen facilities and living rooms. All rooms are furnished and air-conditioned, with private bathroom, wireless Internet, telephone (free, unlimited local calls), and free premium cable service. Students can cook their own meals. Laundry facilities are located within the building. Other facilities available to students include a computer lab, fitness gym, billiards room, sports field, and basketball court. International Education Programs organizes special activities for IRC and IV guests, including camping trips, hiking, movies, parties and barbeques. Minimum age: 18 *IV is an independently owned residence that is located on the UCR campus. UCR assists students with the application process, but is not responsible for placement or the management of IV.

International Residence Center (IRC) Open year-round and conveniently located in the UCR Extension Center, the IRC is a cost-effective dormitory option, offering single- (limited), double- or triple-occupancy rooms. All rooms are furnished and air-conditioned, with private bathroom, wireless Internet, telephone (free, unlimited local calls), and television. A meal plan may be purchased separately. Bed linens and towels are provided and laundry facilities are located within the building. Minimum age: 18


Homestay Homestay is the best opportunity for students to experience American life and customs and to improve their English. It is also the most economical housing option. Students who choose homestay live with an American family. All rooms are furnished, double-occupancy. All meals are provided. The family also provides transportation to and from school daily and school related activities. Homestay is required for all students under 18 years old.

Residence Halls for Direct Admission and Transfer Students Serving more than 3,000 students, UCR’s three Residence Halls combine comfortable living with a sense of community that will make the student housing experience a memorable one. The Residence Halls are the recommended and preferred home for over 75% of UCR’s freshman class. Priority for on-campus housing is given to first-year students for the residence halls and is guaranteed for two years to all newly-admitted freshman who live in the residence halls for their entire first year and continue to meet all housing deadlines. The Transfer Hall is designated for new transfer students. The community in the Transfer Hall is composed of transfer peers seriously engaged in their academic pursuits, who are making a similar transition to the University, and hoping to take advantage of the exhaustive resources and unparalleled access to campus that the Residence Halls offer.

Student Services Services for International Students Include: ✓ Visa assistance for F-1 and J-1 visas ✓ Housing Assistance ✓ University and College Counseling ✓ Medical Insurance ✓ Advice and assistance with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regulations ✓ Letters certifying the student’s current immigration status or inviting your parents to attend your graduation ✓ Activities throughout the year, such as whale watching and beach trips ✓ Advisors who will listen when students have a problem ✓ Referral Services – if students don’t know where to go ✓ Assistance with adjusting to academic life at UCR and in the United States

Student Life UCR is in the middle of it all – just a short drive from some of the most exciting and interesting places on earth! Go surfing, snowboarding, shopping and sightseeing. Students don’t even have to leave campus to find interesting and entertaining things to do. Attend a concert or dance recital at our Fine Arts Center. Don’t miss our Block Party, Spring Splash, “HEAT” or our weekly concerts held every Wednesday at noon under the Bell Tower. Sports fans, come out and support our athletic teams, including the Big West Champion women’s basketball and men’s baseball teams. UCR’s Student Recreation Center features a state-of-the-art weight room and fitness center. Take classes in aerobics, yoga, jazz dance, self-defense, and karate, to name a few. Or get out in the fresh air! Outdoor Excursions has frequent trips to the great outdoors for camping, rock climbing, sailing and more!


yourself here!


Timothy P. White For our students, we “promise a campus that is characterized by pride and excellence, by integrity and innovation, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for learning and discovery.


For More Information: Direct Admission and Transfer Students

UCR-Admission Preparation Program (APP), UCR International Transfer Track Program (ITT) and University Credit Program (UCP)

For information specific to direct international admissions, visit the International Website at For information about transferring to UCR, visit

For more information about UCR-APP, UCR-ITT and UCP, including schedules and fees, visit our website at:

For information regarding International student/ non-resident fees for undergraduate students, visit

University Admissions Preparation Program

To apply for direct admission to UCR, students can submit applications online to For questions about undergraduate admissions, contact

Transfer Track Program University Credit Program For questions about UCR-APP, UCR-ITT and UCP, please contact

International Education Programs University of California, Riverside 951.827.4346

Pathway Brochure  

Institutional brochure for international undergraduate pathway.

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