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making your business stand out “advertising in art business Today has helped deliver an outstandingly successful year for Valiani” nico Valiani Valiani srl

“informative, topical and in touch with all aspects of the framing industry. We regularly receive a fantastic response from customers to both articles and advertising in abT” Pauline HuTcHinson markeTing manager, arqadia

art Business today 16-18 empress Place, london sW6 1TT, uk Tel: +44 (0) 20 7381 6616 Fax: +44 (0) 20 7381 2596 email:

adVerTise in arT business Today indisPensaBle, aWard-Winning • 50:50 ratio oF editorial to adVertising tried and trusted

timed right

Fresh contacts

Founded 1905, art business Today is not only the oldest uk magazine for the art and framing sector, it is also the industry’ s only award-winning magazine. Promote your products to a dedicated, discerning readership.

art business Today, published five times a year, advertises your products when it matters most. our January and august issues are published at least two weeks ahead of the uK’s spring Fair international and autumn Fair at the very moment readers are selecting new ranges. april hits the doormats as the crucial spring season gets underway, and in June we highlight your products alongside the industry’s brightest and best in our special art & Framing industry awards issue. in october, we place your products on our readers’ shopping lists as they make their final christmas stock purchases.

be assured, we keep our mailing list fresh by regularly adding the details of visitors to the art and framing sectors of the spring and autumn Fair international in birmingham, as well as buying in other relevant third-party lists.

editorial integrity at art business Today, we guarantee a 50:50 balance between editorial and advertising as a minimum, so your advertisement always appears alongside features, not another company’s marketing message.

the industry leader readers turn to art business Today for authoritative, in-depth coverage of news and trends. • First with news on company moves, product launches, the trading picture, industry standards. • First with interviews of key players, trendsetters and policymakers. • First for international news – the latest developments worldwide. • Focused on the bottom line, with dedicated sections on business, art and framing.

the right audience abT is read by: artists, gallery owners, bespoke and contract framers, art materials’ suppliers and retailers, printers, conservators, publishers, interior designers, department store buyers, moulding manufacturers and equipment suppliers. art business Today has an average circulation of 3,000 with a pass-on readership of 9,000 key industry contacts.

resPonsiVe readershiP our recent survey to all abT readers revealed that unlike many magazines and media platform out there - half of aBt readers have responded to an advert, the majority of abT readers don’t read any other art and framing magazines and that readers see the ads as part of the informative and relevant content aBt provides.

online Presence art business Today is also published online. This means a wider, world-wide reach and increased exposure for advertisers. readers can click onto web links within the adverts to be directed straight through to external websites. art business Today can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

art Business today has advertising packages to suit all budgets. to book, complete the form overleaf, telephone: +44 (0) 20 7381 6616 or email:

adVertising rates 2014 Page raTe

aBt BooKing Form Please deTacH

guild member raTe

Please ticK

Front cover inc Page 3 double page spread

£2390 £2905

£1890 £2145

Front cover includes P3

inside front cover outside back cover inside back cover

£1905 £1905 £1905

£1495 £1495 £1495

inside front cover

Full page Half page quarter page

£1645 £955 £525

£1265 £735 £405

Product news



Quarter page



Product news

classified – Text: first 30 words (plus 50p per word thereafter)

inserts per 1000 (60g or less)















double page spread

outside back cover inside back cover Full page half page

classified disPlay £250


classified teXt

less than 60g, must be machine insertable

inserts per 1000 s e ri e s d i scou n Ts 3 adverts saVe 5% 4 adverts saVe10% 5 adverts saVe 15%

(60g or less)

copy by




* uk advertisers, please note all prices are net of VaT

technical sPeciFication Full page (a4) Trim size 297 x 210 mm Whole page bleed 303 x 216 mm rec. type area 277 x 190 mm

half page vertical With bleed 303 x 108 mm (3 mm bleed on 3 sides) no bleed 262 x 90 mm rec. type area 252 x 80 mm

i would like to reserve the above ad space(s) and i agree to Terms & conditions or please call me to discuss my advertising and editorial requirements in more detail (nb editorial information is included at the editors’ discretion) i am a member of the Fine art Trade guild contact ________________________________________ company ______________________________________ address ________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________

half page horizontal With bleed: 216 x 143 mm (3 mm bleed on 3 sides of ad)

Quarter page 125 x 85 mm

no bleed: 180 x 125 mm

______________________________________________ Postcode ______________________________________ tel ____________________________________________

rec. type area: 170 x 115 mm

Fax ____________________________________________ terms & conditions oF BooKing all advertising bookings must be confirmed in writing and are subject to the following terms and conditions: 1. you must notify us in writing 28 days before the deadline date if you need to cancel for any reason. Failure to do so will result in a charge of 50% of the space booking. 2. Please supply a colour proof with your digital files. if we do not receive this proof, then we cannot ensure your satisfaction with the published advertisement and cannot be held responsible for discrepancies of colour. 3. For new advertisers and for classified/Product news booking, payment is pro-forma in advance of publication; otherwise invoices will be issued after the publication has been mailed and we require payment within 30 days of the invoice date. series booking payments must be up to date to ensure the running of subsequent ads. agency commission will be disallowed on all overdue invoices.

e-mail__________________________________________ i confirm the booking as indicated (signature) ______________________________________________

send to art Business today 16-18 empress Place, london sW6 1TT, uk tel. +44 (0) 20 7381 6616 Fax +44 (0) 20 7381 2596 email

WeB BooKing Form Please deTacH all website advertising spaces are charged at a standard £50 per year. a horizontal banner can be placed along the bottom of any content page. Vertical banners can be placed underneath left hand menu boxes, or sign in box, on any content page. Please ticK

horizontal banner £50 per year Vertical banner £50 per year *uk advertisers, please note all prices are net of VaT

Please specify preferred page(s) ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ advert spaces are available on a first come first served basis. if the page you have specified is already booked, we will let you know when it becomes available and suggest suitable alternatives. adverts can be replaced on a monthly basis if desired. i would like to reserve the above ad space(s) and i agree to Terms & conditions or please call me to discuss my advertising and editorial requirements in more detail i am a member of the Fine art Trade guild contact ________________________________________ adVerTising

the right audience For your Business advertising on gives you unique access to the art and framing trade. it is the home of the Fine art Trade guild, an international organisation representing all those in the art, framing and printing business. The guild’s 103 years of expertise in this industry ensures that the website is a trusted source of information on all aspects of the industry. The website was revamped and relaunched in 2013 which has led to improved duration spent online and number of pages viewed. The website holds vital information not found anywhere else online. advertisers can choose between consumer and trade pages, meaning that you can target your advertising to the right audience, something not offered by many other media platforms. online advertising is fully measurable, you can easily track the effectiveness of your campaign. advertising on is highly affordable, our prices mean that you can sustain an ongoing campaign which will allow you to see measurable results. “as a professional artist i know that i am targeting all the right people and i use screen shots of the banners to market myself. it shows i am serious and professional and gives my work exposure to a wider audience” anne corless,

“We've seen a 20% increase in business and our google ranking has improved. customers like the reassurance of finding us on the industry website; it complements our own web presence” PeTer HayTon, ToWngaTe PublisHing

company ______________________________________ address ________________________________________ ______________________________________________

technical sPeciFications

______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Postcode ______________________________________ tel ____________________________________________ Fax ____________________________________________ e-mail__________________________________________ i confirm the booking as indicated (signature) ______________________________________________

send to art Business today 16-18 empress Place, london sW6 1TT, uk tel. +44 (0) 20 7381 6616 Fax +44 (0) 20 7381 2596 email

Pop under banner 960w x 160h pixels skyscraper banner 240w x 600h (max) pixels optimum dPi 72 - 96 maximum We offer a banner design service, this is an additional £50 + VaT Terms and conditions of booking all bookings mus be confirmed in writing either via post, fax or e-mail. all advertisers must pay for all adverts booked before they can go live. Please supply your advert or images and text for us to design the advert in good time for the commencement of the time slot you have booked. The advertiser is responsible for ensuring that the file(s) provided are suitable for web use and for checking the quality and positioning of the advert after it has gone live. adverts will be removed at year end unless payment has been received to renew the booking. *uk advertisers, please not all prices are net of VaT

Media pack 2014  

Advertising opportunities, rates, specifications and deadlines

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