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THE TEMPTATION OF REY DE LA PEÑA By: Paula Rae Catacutan We, all like different creature delve into the fondness of artistry. We empty our mind by swallowing the biggest chunks of notion how the hell this piece of endless colors bugs us to the extreme. Until you start picking your brains from your backyard where it started to be tossed by the nearest hungry dog due to the colors that have just bugged you, where all in a while you can’t stop thinking of the art that just caught you red blooded. Temptation I Acrylic on canvas 9” x 12” 2009

I personally believe that artists are born. They are not made out of a four-cornered wall where paints and expensive canvasses are up to being tested for prelims or so. They were breathed by the finest soul of artistry and were called to express idea through colors, figures, shadows, shapes, etc. and one of them is Reynaldo dela Peña of San Jose Antique. Reynaldo dela Peña or Badong has been known about his painting that portrays the ideals of humanity narrowed down to culture, church and environment. Born in Tagbilaran Bohol on the evening of December 12, 1977 from family of farmers, Badong taught his self of sketching at the age of 8. It was through his ingenuity that he learned how to sketch and color things. Lived in a province that is considered haven when it comes to century old churches, this has embarked a different thing to the young Badong. At that age, his mother would bring him all around Tagbilaran to find paper bags as means of livelihood. He would be caught then glimpsing on churches that eventually dig him in making them alive through his hands.

He said “The Temptation series would remind us the temptation of eve in the paradise, of which now we almost forget what sinfulness in our life. We always forget that in daily life we are facing many temptations that purely alter our personality”.

He has officially produced paintings at the age of 14 but due to lack of materials, this has stopped him for awhile. Until then he managed to join different arts competition in and out of the province of Antique that made him renowned for the last years. He finished Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in Saint Anthony College in Antique and is a great fan of Michelagelo and Leonardo Da Vinci. He also feels at home with the style of Vincent Van Gogh one of his favorite expressionists. Through then he has tried many experiment including splashes of colors through his Dancing in the Garden painting that won an award in the Arte San Antonio Student Art Competition last 2000. On the other hand, one thing especial about Badong is his passion of serving God. Some actually wanted him to enter priesthood, though he also likes to, there were reasons that halted him to do so and they were left unsaid. Through then Badong dreamt of working in Manila but was never discouraged to continue his hands in pursuing arts. Today he is considered one of the most active participants of different art bodies in the metro for the last couple of years since 2008. He is actually an affiliate of Artists Association of the Philippines, Paranublion Antique, Artists for Crisis, Filipino Artist Realist Movement and many more. He has already done from sketches to paintings at about a hundred plus. Some were given to churches and some were in good hands of unnamed sponsors. Asked what art is, Badong simply said “art is fathomless where soul breathes in and where life springs out”.

The Temptation  

The temptation of Rey De la Pena

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