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Minutes Elders Meeting Park View Mennonite Church January 3, 2006 12.00 to1.30 pm


Art Borden, Barbara Moyer Lehman, Phil Kniss, Margaret Swartz, Jim Glanzer, Bonnie Stutzman, Ross Erb

Absent: Devotions • Ross led with reading from Col. 3. • Barbara will lead next meeting. Sharing • Each one shared about the holidays. Membership Issues • Letter arrived for Don and Carol Burkhart from Bethel Mennonite, Lancaster. Action to receive them is pending pastoral visit. • Regular attendees are being contacted by pastoral staff to find out interest in becoming members. Pastoral Care Issues • Sadie Showalter’s mother passed away. Barbara is meeting with women who have lost parents in the past year. • Dick Benner is to have surgery this Friday at Sloan-Kettering, NYC. An anointing service was held in the Shalom class with Barbara leading. • Jim Glanzer raised the issue of how to share concerns with the SS class caregivers and not betray confidences. Discussion followed without anyone having an easy simple way to do this. • Virginia Derstine. Don Foth called about her being concerned because of the problems Jean, her daughter, is having. Phil asked for counsel on how to deal with Jean. Consensus was the she needed to take responsibility and get financial counseling. Phil is going to see is there isn’t someone else to mentor and watch over Jean. • Andre reported that Hannah is still having eye problems and probably will have to have more surgery in the future. There is improvement, but need for more correction. • Joe and Hannah Lapp are concerned over the family situation with Johanna and her ex-spouse Perhaps Manny and Lois Martin can help mentor Johanna and act as a buffer for Joe and Hannah. • Nicole Yoder: Jim and Bonnie have met with her.

Elder Visibility • Give elders visibility by participating with pastors in some special occasions. • Submit an article for inView about elders and responsibilities. • Bonnie could put something in about spiritual formation. • Jim said that he could put something in about his responsibilities. Date of next meetings • 1/24/06 • 2/7/06 • 3/7/06 • 3/21/06 Prayer • Art closed the meeting with prayer.

Note: The chair has requested that one of the elders volunteer to take the minutes for the next quarter. Reminder: Items discussed in the Elders Meeting are considered confidential unless otherwise noted. Recorder: Art Borden

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