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Dr. Dadurian has found the Fountain of Youth

A special photo shoot featuring Holly Signorelli, Olimpia Zuccarelli, Dr. Bart Rossi and many more...







Style is timeless… EDITOR & PUBLISHER Rebeca Herrero



S.R. Rehman Sabrina Wirth

Tayler Made Development and owners Doug and Esther Durrett are happy to share a look at their



latest creation. This outstanding new modern home, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, is located directly on the intercoastal waterway in Delray Beach Florida. The attention to every detail inside the home and the vanishing edge pool and spa, that appears to fall into the intercoastal, is what makes this a

Rosanna M. Perez


Antony C. Dodds


true piece of ART.


All furniture provided by Sklar Furnishings in Boca Raton, Florida

NEW YORK John Caballero Marc Tousignant Miguel Rajmil


Raul Amado Amada Egan Aaron Bristol Mitch Herring Jim Derks

Recently the Oscars of fashion took place at the MET in New York. Beyonce and Rihanna wowed the red carpet with fabulous dresses, and business moguls as well as the celeb spouses took center stage under the watch of Vogue editor, Anna Wintour. For Art Bodega, style goes beyond the fashion trends on the red carpet. The unmatched dedication of the stylists who work relentlessly in all corners of the world, be it Milano, New York or Palm Beach, are work in tandem with these annual events. This commitment to styling men and women, regardless of their age or ethnicity, is also fully realized when you go shopping at high end stores. In this edition, we give you a glimpse of what really happens behind the doors of the private homes of wealthy patrons, and what Worth Avenue, the most exclusive shopping strip in the United States, provides to their loyal visitors.


Miguel Sarmiento Candida Portugues Lori Simmons Zelenko


The Paraiba necklace will debut its first viewing in partnership with Art Bodega in New York and the Hamptons in the Summer of 2015. We’ve also partnered with an amazing non-profit and another fantastic Palm Beach story, Judy Berens, who works protecting the wildcats. At Panther Ridge Center, she provides a great home for them. Another great story comes in an adventure from the other side of the World on a beautiful estate in the Hills of Tuscany. Art Bodega visited the Ornellaia estate in Tuscany, Italy, and we were incredibly impressed with the beauty and subtlety of this brand. Owned by the Marchese di Frescobaldi, the carefully crafted wines are truly a piece of art. The family has a thirty generation history in Florence and is as



FOR EDITORIAL: TELEPHONE NUMBERS: New York 646-761-9123 Miami 305-989-6230


PO Box 1084 NY NY 10029


Saks Fifth Avenue superior quality service when it comes to styling you for a gala, or simply fulfilling your needs for a business is a concierge service that brings the stylists to your home. Another name to watch is David Maison, a young Cuban designer who provides high end couture to Palm Beach debutantes and socialites. He brings eye poppingly colorful dresses and ensembles to women of all ages. We worked with an incomparable jeweler Moneca Kaufmann, also known as Lady M, who designs exceptional artistic creations that surprise and fascinate the eye. From the moment she sets her work in her store windows of Kaufmann de Suisse on Worth Avenue, it exudes style and romanticism. Unique in their display, these creations can easily be compared to high end brands like Van Cleef & Arpel or Cartier.

revered as truly Renaissance patrons of art. The men and women on these pages or not only highly successful, they are very stylish. Dr. Daniela Dadurian, Olimpia Zuccarelli, Holly Signorelli and Dr. Bart Rossi each have a unique passion for what they do, for the love of style in the luxury market. Two of these women have self-published books, a new trend that high end readers are seeking. These pages prove that they deserve a medal of honor for what they do, because they carry style, effortlessly…….and because Life is ART!





Cuban artist Carlos Quintana exhibition: “Images of a Place that Never Existed” at the National Arts Club in New York City. Do not miss it!

THE ITEM LIST Wilken’s W1 Suitcase limited edition can be fully customized to each client’s needs. Price: $3,200. Available at

Gregoire Alexandre is a photographer whose nonchalant sense of humor is revealed in playful uses of artificial lighting or transformations of seamless backdrops from hidden set elements to active centerpieces. The exhibit of the photographer is currently at FIAF Gallery, 22 East 60th Street NY NY 10022,

Jane Iredale believes in the natural beauty of women. For that reason she created a powerful product, the Jane Iredale Golden Shimmer Face and Body Lotion. Price: $32 available at PETA now offers these cool vegan shoes, wear them and be conscious of our animals. To live a vegan life go to www.

Visit Longhouse in East Hampton. This retreat makes it the most enjoyable and serene experience one can enjoy, surrounded by incredible works of art. For the calendar of events that go through October of this year visit

Engel & Volkers Yachting is now brokering exclusive motor and sailing yachts on the French Riviera such as the 43.8-metre superyacht “Seven Sins”. The charter price for this yacht is $137,500 Euros per week.

Alexandra Koumba designs fantastic gold jewelry inspired by her Greek roots.

Fashion designer duo Mark and Estel design this chic clothing line with rocker inspired themes. They are also the creators of Lady Gaga’s cheeky leggings. The brand is available at 300 retail locations in the USA and internationally. For more information go to www.markandestel. com

Rachel Roy just launched her new collection at Macy’s, and as part of her Self-Rule campaign, an initiative to empower women and listen to their inner voices, the famous designer donated $10 for each pledge made at the event in Miami; all proceeds were made to the Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade. If you are fan, follow her on twitter at @rachelroy or @MACYS

Vintage photos of designer Jackie Rogers, American muse to Coco Chanel. Her designs are a must for women worldwide, from Palm Beach to Paris, to New York. Her store is located at Via Amore on Worth Avenue, 256 Worth Avenue or New York: 344 W 38th Street, Suite 506.

4 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 |

Creative jewelry by Elena Kriegner at

“Perception” by Dubai artist Shajeel® Exhibition starts May 15th at the National Academy Museum New York. For more information about the artist: Contact: 718 795 5864

The Art of the Spirits 1800 Tequila launches Limited-Edition bottles sculpted by Gary Baseman. Only 40 bottles of this exceptional, handcrafted tequila will be available in retailers across the country. The “Sirena del Deseo” is a handmade decanter, which took three years to create, and it exhibits Baseman’s artistic philosophy of the “beauty of the bitter sweetness of life”. Price: $2000

This Hennessy Mango Fresco drink was part of a private luncheon hosted by Team Hennessy at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in South Beach, Miami. TV personality Julissa Bermudez will document her own experiences with the brand throughout the year.

Reserva de la Familia is a tradition passed down through the Jose Cuervo family line, resulting in the extra-anejo Tequila. The bottle is packaged with a work of art by artist Enrique Rosas. Price: $150. | ART BODEGA | 5

Health & Beauty


Dr. Dadurian found the fountain of


The dedicated doctor, who keeps expanding her business with a second location in Palm Beach, is revolutionizing the way we look for the sake of natural beauty! 6 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 |


By Rebeca Herrero Palm Beach, Florida


in Palm Beach, Dr. Dadurian is revolutionizing the Anti-Aging world in one of the most demanding cities when it comes to looking and feeling youthful, Palm Beach. Her secret stems from her professional background as a doctor. After years of being an internist, she decided to venture into field of anti aging, functional preventative maintenance skin care, weight loss and more, becoming the most notable doctor for contouring parts of your body and minimizing wrinkles in your face. Her refreshing and youthful appearance is a testament to her own research in the Anti-Aging and Regenerative processes. She excels in laser liposuction, skin tightening for face and body, and instant wrinkle correction. She also offers important micronutrient testing, telomere testing, weight loss therapy and iv vitamin therapy. Recently she completed a fellowship in Stem Cell Therapy and is an extreme advocate for preventative medicine. The mother of two – she has two teenagers that attend the Rosarian Academy- is a world traveler with an incessant quest for finding new techniques that will expand her practice in regenerative medicine. A big believer in methods that will make us feel and look youthful, she believes that taking care of your face and body are integral part to finding the fountain of youth. “I believe you should start young and not wait until you are so old, because this way you can prevent aging at a faster pace. You will be more in control,” admits the Armenian born doctor, raised in Germany and England. She opened a second location in Palm Beach, BioageMD, a spin-off of MD Beauty Labs (this location in West Palm Beach consists of a 4,000 sq feet venue). The new facility includes an oxygen bar, an organic juice bar and an iv vitamin cocktail lounge in a 1200 sq ft surrounding. Her expectations are for it to grow into a national franchise that will empower customers to seek positive changes in their lives. From her office at MD Beauty Labs in West Palm Beach, Dr. Dadurian gives Art Bodega Magazine an insight into her powerful world of beauty and health. ith two locations

When did you start your practice? 1997 Why Palm Beach? Since I went to Miami University and lived in Miami for so many years, I was ready for a change. Palm Beach is great place to be. Where are you from? I was born in Romania, raised in Germany. I attended a boarding school in England. After high school, I left Europe to attend the University of Miami School of Medicine. How would you describe yourself in the field of medicine and what makes you unique? I consider myself to be an innovative doctor in

8 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 |

the field of anti-aging and aesthetic medicine. I am unique because I am relentlessly seeking out the newest technologies and anti-aging and beauty treatments on the market How would you describe your style? My style is artistic and science-based. You have been successful for more than two decades in South Florida. Why clients prefer you? I think my clients prefer me because I was their trusted medical doctor prior to specializing in the field of aesthetics. I have worked hard to become an expert in this field and most people choose to come | ART BODEGA | 9

MD Beauty Labs

Bioage MD

320 S. Quadrille Blvd West Palm Beach Florida 33401 Telephone: 561-655-6325

Royal Poinciana Way #325 D Palm Beach, Florida 33480 Telephone: 561-797-9090

great environment in your venues. Who creates this? How do you get inspired? I’ve always had a passion for art and the decor is a reflection of my modern style and love of colors. My mother was an architect so I am naturally inherent of these characteristics. Where do you like to travel? I have been all over the world traveling is my passion. I work hard and I also play hard. My favorite place to visit so far has been Africa. What is the secret to your youthful look? People tend to tell me that as I age I’m looking younger. As I reflect back on some of my photos, this seems to be true. I would attribute that to many of my aesthetic techniques and services that are offered in my practice are due to the fact that I have not waited until I look old before I do something about it. I feel that many of the treatments that I’ve had done are for the purpose of maintaining my youth. What is your daily routine? My daily routine consists of getting my kids ready for school and starting work at my MD beauty labs location for most of the day. Then I leave that location and continue working at BioageMD which is my Palm Beach location. I work on a daily basis at least until 7 p.m. Any good advice for us to know about beauty…What we shall not do? One beauty suggestion that I would give to someone if they asked me is to stay out of the sun as much as possible. Also what are the plans for the future… What is the next goal for Dr Dadurian? It don’t have any immediate plans for the future but I would like to eventually franchise my BioageMD location as it is now. I want people to know what a great concept it is, all for their enjoyment. 10 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 | | ART BODEGA | 11

The Aesthete

The AB Marketplace



By Stephan Likosky

it is rather incredible to think that the wearing of pants by women was once seen as a radical act of gender bending. But starting in the 1850’s with Amelia Bloomer encouraging women to shed their restrictive corsets, petticoats and long skirts and experiment with “bloomers,” a dress reform movement was born. Pants or pants-like garments had been worn by female miners, ranchers, sportswomen, stage performers, and munitions workers oday

during the First World War. Here, practicality and necessity won out over tradition. However, among white middle and upper class women, the change to bifurcated clothing was wrought with social significance and consequence. The wearing of pants was initially associated with utopian socialism and the free love movement. Later, critics would argue that the wearing of pants by women might engender masculine traits in the female. There are many reasons why women began to wear pants when it was still a

socially unacceptable thing to do. For some, it was simply fun, a way to mug in front of the camera. For others, it was a serious social statement, an act of rebellion against the rigid gender codes of their time, or a matter of comfort. In all cases, until pants on women became widely fashionable in the United States and Europe in the 1930s with role models such as the pioneering Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn, to wear them was a marked statement of challenge to gender expectations. *Continued at first image

female role of nurturing an infant. He stands in a long white woman’s robe with frills, making him look all the more ridiculous with his full mustache. By his side, his threatening wife, dressed in undergarments and pants, stands menacingly with a shoe in her hand. She wields the power and there can be no doubt who now heads the family.

women’s rights has reached its apex: no longer can one distinguish the male from the female. Though its intent is humorous, the card reflects the anxiety caused by such a thorough transgressing

Depictions of women dressed in male attire and mugging before the camera became rather common by the 1880’s. The setting here is most likely a private home, as in many locales in the United States, women dressed as men were subject to harassment or arrest if they appeared in public. The card predates 1907. On this photo postcard from 1907, two women dressed as men sit contentedly in their parlor

of gender and role expectations. Androgyny in Germany between the wars had come to symbolize modernity, but for the majority it still indicated the unnatural masculinization of the woman and the feminization of the male, which could only lead to social degeneracy and the collapse of the family.

An American postcard from 1905 addresses with humor the issue of women wearing pants. It reads in part:

facing the camera. Both wear men’s outfits, including starched collars, ties, and trousers, and their hair is cut short. Rather than wearing men’s clothing to amuse themselves in front of a camera, the couple seems instead to have adopted the masculine style as a matter of personal choice in their private lives.

On this German New Year’s Card, the caption reads: Tell me, if tell me you can, which is the wife and which is the husband? The struggle for

An early German postcard dated 1901 lampoons the consequences that can be expected from women’s achieving equal rights as men. Titled Modern Marriage, the caption below reads: She is wearing the pants. The male in the picture is a saddened figure, “reduced” to the traditionally 12 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 |

Pants are made for men, not for women. Women are made for men, not for pants. When a man pants for a woman, and a woman pantsfor a man, they are a pair of pants. Women’s bifurcated clothing became fashionable as the twentieth century progressed. Here, the question is raised whether or not the French jupe-culotte appears ridiculous or will it become the fashion of tomorrow? Stephan Likosky New York City


A Modern Day Mobility Aid Pioneer We all want to make changes in the world for the better. But wanting them and aggressively creating a meaningful evolution are two very different things. For as long as he can recall, internationally renowned entrepreneur Roland Reznik knew he was going to lead the pack by example and foster positive advancements that would have lasting impact. Ambitious, bright eyed and brimming with ideas, New Jersey native Mr. Reznik considers himself a forerunner from birth. With innumerable companies under his belt and years within the opulent landscape of luxury cars and lifestyle brands, he yearned for more. The son of a father who owned and operated a medical rehabilitation center, Reznik witnessed the dramatic shift back to strength, health, well-being first hand; fully cognizant of how one man made change with passion, perseverance and a strong will to break societal boundaries. But unlike other savvy businessmen flooding the professional landscape, Roland Reznik encompasses one very pivotal differentiating point – compassion. In 2013, the wheelchair industry eternally changed with the launch of this industrialist’s brainchild, KD Smart Chair. Marrying his acute business sense and teachings from his father with a driving ambition to transform and reform, Reznik’s KD Smart Chair has grown exponentially to become a leading force in the wheelchair mobility market. With a 19.2% expected growth in this sector over the next four years*, his forecast for the needs in the marketplace are impeccable. KD Smart chair is the original lightweight, foldable power wheelchair, offering two award winning models. The standard model, weighs a mere 50 lbs., and provides weight support for passengers up to 265 lbs., and the heavy duty version (weighing

just 59 lbs.) accommodates up to 397 lbs. of weight. Not only are KD Smart Chairs ideal for transport, offering adjustable speeds and customized accessories, but both models house lithium batteries that provide up to 15 miles of travel. As technology advances, Reznik ensures that his products will reform as well - with a promise to consistently deliver top performance, convenience, affordable cost and a trusted, reliable brand to his cust omers.

“I recognized that not only there was a dramatic need for a change in the options available within this arena [those with disabilities], but more importantly there was an urgent call to alter the stigma of being impaired. I set out to create a device that not only offered freedom in mobility, but one that lifted self-esteem and gifted control and a sense of normalcy”, said CEO, Roland Reznik. Praise and recognition for KD Smart

Chair are plentiful, and not just from grateful customers, but from high profile media, including CBS’s The Doctors and publications such as New Mobility and Home Care Magazine. This lightweight power chair has been cited as one of the most radical and progressive additions to the mobility solutions platform to date. “This chair has changed me – I have my everyday life back in way I never imagined I could. I have regained my independence”, said a KD Chair owner at the Abilities Expo Conference. The proof is certainly in the testimonials of this motorized wheelchair. Roland Reznik is not just a CEO and entrepreneur, but a modern-day pioneer. He is an inspiring innovator that continues to grow and foster his company based on the simple mission of giving back to those in need. Globally, people’s lives continue to be enriched and transformed as KD Smart Chair aggressively builds its portfolio within the mobility aid industry. “The flood of positive responses I get from KD users is humbling” says Reznik. “This is what continues to fuel me to push forward with new and innovative ways to continue to help others succeed in their day-to-day lives. I am invariably inspired by the personal exchanges I have with my customers and reminded how one small idea yielded such a vast positive personal ROI.” What can we expect next from this young visionary? Compassionate, spirited and forward-thinking growth and development of the KD Chair brand. Reznik pledges to offer expansions that continue to cultivate the lives of not only the disabled, but help flourish the lives of the family and friends that support them.

For more information on KD Smart Chair, please visit the website at: | ART BODEGA | 13

Non Profits At Panther Ridge Conservation Center, one woman is saving the lives of these precious creatures


by AB Editorial


void of the enigmatic felines that call Africa, Asia and the Americas home. Within twenty years this will be a reality. Cats that have prospered in all corners of the globe will be extinct in their home ranges in the near future, mostly due to the intervention of the human race and the rampant degradation of habitat. Panther Ridge Conservation Center is dedicated to providing a lifetime home for captive exotic felines that have been abandoned, abused or are simply unwanted. Once a cat is accepted by Panther Ridge, its needs are met for the rest of its natural life – it will never again be in need of a home or at risk of neglect or mishandling. “We strive to connect people with wildlife through our educational and entertaining tours of the facility that raise awareness of the conservation issues that these species of cats face in the wild… and how our visitors can become involved in the future of these wild feline treasures. The fragile balance of nature is in peril, and it will take all of our efforts to tip the scale in favor of survival”, says Judy Berens, the founder and director of this important non-profit. magine a world

“These young people leave Panther Ridge with an in depth, hands on experience that could never be duplicated in a classroom”

o this end, Berens admits that PanT ther Ridge mentors a dozen college graduates each year, young people who are

passionate about conservation efforts and research. “It augments their college resumes with invaluable husbandry experience with the endangered species, helping them to succeed in their desired careers. These young people leave Panther Ridge with an in depth, hands on experience that could never be duplicated in a classroom”.

Judy Berens runs Panther Ridge with style and class




Mino Netta wears Michael Kors Available at Saks Fif th Avenue Jewelr y by Lady M f rom Kauf mann de Suisse Hat by Tracey Tooker | ART BODEGA | 15

Yasmina from Worth Avenue All dresses available at Saks Fif th Avenue 150 Wor th Avenue Palm Beach Jewelr y by Kauf mann De Suisse Located at 210 Wor th Avenue Palm Beach , Flor ida Tel. 561-832-4918 w w w.kauf Photography by Amada Egan Makeup and st yling by Tia Mar ia & Rebecca Mauser Info: 617-212-6728 info@tiamar

Amy, Yasmina and Mino Netta in David Maison

Yasmina in Dolce & Gabbana

Photography by Amada Egan at Doug Durrett’s Private Residence in Delray, Florida

All dresses on this page are only available at David Maison Couture located at 323 Worth Avenue Suite 5, Palm Beach, FL 33480 Tel. 561-444-8183 Coming this summer to Jobs Lane, Bridgehampton. 16 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 | | ART BODEGA | 17

Yasmina wears Monique Lhuillier Available at Saks Fifth Avenue 150 Worth Palm Beach, Florida Emerald and Diamond Necklace & Earrings by Lady M from Kaufmann De Suisse

18 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 |


Pink top by couturier David Maison Hat provided by Tracey Tooker

Barbara Gilbert wears Oscar de la Renta The gold and B&W dress in these pages are exclusively available at Saks Fifth Avenue Jewelry by Lady M from Kaufmann de Suisse (Oscar de la Renta, B&W dress-right)

20 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 |


22 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 | | ART BODEGA | 23

A CLASSIC YACHT IN WEST PALM BEACH Allowing yourself to immerse in a great fisherman’s boat requires the per fect yacht. This classic beaut y called Blues Cure, named to make your ride pleasurable, is a true boat available to the professional fish spor t aficionados and tastemakers. The luxur y yacht runs smooth, at unexpected speed, and has gone through a complete renovation (see detailed lists of items, new additions and products).

NEW ADDITIONS AND RENOVATIONS • E x terior refinished with the hullsides & transom in sk y blue and the rest in oyster white • 2 8V92 MTI Detroit recently rebuilt 720 h.p. @ 2400 RPM less than 100 hours • New Simrad AP-24 Auto Pilot and Steering Ram • Nor th Star 6100 Char t Plut ter (updated) • Furund naunet V X 2 cmap nt ma x (updated) • New Lewmar VI-6 & Spor t Windless • 1987 48’ Viking Conver tible Spor t fish with tuna tower • Interior completely refinished with new carpet, • New glasstop leather sofa with rod storage. • Leather sit ting in dinet te • New Venetian blinds

If you are looking for an ideal boat, this is it! It speeds in excess of 30 knots, has the most luxurious and revamped interior, t wo private staterooms, t wo heads, galley-up with dinet te and a salon with enter tainment center that provides amenities and the most pleasurable experience. Be it that you plan a vacation trip to the Bahamas, or just to enjoy fishing in the pristine Florida waters, this Viking Yacht behaves sof t when charging into a headsea. You would not even spill a beer inside the boat while in motion. • New Kenmore Washer & Dr yer • Detailed engine room with new paint • Rupp Outriggers

SPECIFICATIONS LOA 48’7” Beam 16’0” Draf t 4’7” Displacement 45,500 lbs. Bridge Clearance 33’ with tuna tower Freeboard f wd. 5’9” Freeboard af t 3’5” Cabin Headroom 6’5” Fuel 680 gallons Water 200 gallons

So if you are looking for a tgreat sport fishing boat with pedigree but have a budget, the Blues Cure may be the boat for you! SALE PRICE: $225,000 Serious inquiries only call 305-775-4514 24 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 | | ART BODEGA | 25

Wine & Art



The Swiss artist commissioned to create a limited edition series of large size bottles labels for Ornellaia 2012 L’Incanto.

Written by Rebeca Herrero at Basel, Switzerland & Bolgheri, Italy. Photography: Courtesy of Ornellaia The wine country of Ornellaia is a paradise to the eyes. Men and women delicately pick the grapes that will make an elixir of consumption for the most discriminating palates in the world. Surrounded by the greenery of its vines, the company, that has been under the Frescobaldis’ family name for 1000 years, delights the Italian aristocracy and wine aficionados with flavor that is elegant and carefully crafted. 26 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 |

Photography Courtesy of Ornellaia

Intense scrutiny takes place at the winery where the wine is fermented in barrels, stored for several months and then distributed to only the best restaurants, hotels and private buyers who enjoy this superb elixir of the Gods. Ornellaia is exceptional, reminding us of the ancient mythology, where the daily routine of cammaraderie and conversation centered on wine and other elixirs. When a good wine is consumed, the Gods and Goddesses tremble. Mythology tells us that the kings and fauns consumed aromas, smelled them, lavished themselves in the fruits of grapes. Our feet stepped on these tiny delicacies from heaven and nature, intermolecular particles that excite the palate and melt in our tongues. Women washed their feet with grape juice and milk, but it was only the power of wine that made us relax, enjoy a good talk and awakened passions hidden in humans, unbeknown to men. During times of war, wine reduced the tensions even in the worst of circumstances. Wine defines our spirit and it also has a special connection to the waters of the oceans, and the ponds in the hills. The sun heats the Tyrrhenian sea near the Bolgheri estate and creates a template wind that envelops the hill, covering and caressing the trunks where the baby grapes are waiting for the harvest in September. Once they are picked from parcels, they are transported by hand and carefully selected, one by one, to be fermented. From a mix of 65 “base wines”, one bottle emerges signifying a uniqueness under the name of Ornellaia. Ornellaia’s Winemaker and Director of Production Axel Heinz tastes each flavor with a talent that only a few possess. He wants that perfect bottle that will stimulate the wine enthusiast, to enjoy a most unique experience.

The auction in Basel Beautiful women walked elegantly dressed holding a glass of the exquisite wine from the Ornellaia estate. In the hills of Basel city, where you can breathe and see art, these ladies await you with white pearly smiles at the entrance of Fondation Beyeler. The guests admire the presence of one man that continues the legacy of the Ornellaia estate, the Marchesi de Frescobaldi. This man

of great stature discreetly welcomes the collectors of fine wine. It is this delicate atmosphere that captures you, almost a testament of what is about to come. The auction handled by Sotheby’s is about to take place. Marchesi Fernando di Frescobaldi commissioned Swiss artist John Armleder, to create a piece of art for the robust bottle; he says a few words of inspiration, relaying the message of a Renaissance man who promotes the art for the beauty of the world to remain and be cherished in our hearts. These wealthy wine collectors sit apart from each other, strategically placed holding their bidding numbers, waiting for the live auction. Men with intense eyes, waited anxiously to hear the starting prices for the purpose of owning a piece of art, if not the Ornellaia bottle itself, beautifully dressed with Armleder’s interpretation. Armleder got his inspiration from watching candles melt on the top of the wine bottles at his childhood home. The wax melted and covered the tip of the bottle, making a resplendent light around the dark room, thus his creation for this piece of art. Instead of wax, he uses glass, and the results are incomparable. Several bottles with this art were auctioned off, reaching a figure of more than 200,000 EURO in one night, all proceeds destined to the Fondation Beyeler.

The history of Vendemmia d’Artista Throughout history, art and wine have always enjoyed a unique interrelationship. It was thus Ornellaia’s desire to strengthen that bond by launching a multi-year project that would direct the creativity of internationally-renowned artists to the expressive capability that wine embodies, an initiative whose key attributes would be enthusiasm, sensitivity, and passion-on both sides. In this way, Ornellaia, the Tenuta’s iconic wine, which every growing year can exhibit a different “character”, gives an artist of international repute the opportunity to artistically interpret the vintage in its distinctive nuances, to render visible and tangible an expression that is initially composed of vinous fragrances and sensations. “The Vendemmia d’Artista reestablished Renaissance patronage of the Arts in a modern key, while forging a bond between art and wine. Tenuta Dell’ Ornellaia had already made donations to the restoration of international artistic treasures since 2008” says Giovanni Geddes, CEO of Tenuta dell’ Ornellaia. | ART BODEGA | 27

On the Via Bolgherese Two Steps from the historic Cypress Avenue

Ornellaia 2006 Vendemmia D’Artista L’Esuberanza Ornellaia Danza Esuberanza Sull’aia, 2009 Interpreted by Luigi Ontari Auction House: Gelardini & Romani 17,000 EURO donated to Poldi Pezzoli Museum, Milan October of 2009

Ornellaia 2007 Vendemmia D’Artista L’Armonia Happily*Ever*After Interpreted by Ghada Amer and Reza Farkhondeh Auction House: Sotheby’s, 2010 157,000 dollars donated to The Whitney Museum Foundation of New York April of 2010

28 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 |

Ornellaia 2008 Vendemmia D’Artista L’Energia Energia, 2010 Interpreted by Rebecca Horn Auction House: Christie’s, 2011 130,000 EURO donated to Verein der Freunde der Nationalgalerie May of 2011

Ornellaia 2009 Vendemmia D’Artista L’Equilibrio Questioning Confucius, 2012 Interpreted by Zhang Huan Auction House: Sotheby’s, 2012 144,500 EURO donated to H2 Foundation for Arts and Education, Luo Zhongli April of 2012


Revered by the Poet Carducci Lies Ornellaia…

Ornellaia 2010 Vendemmia D’Artista The Celebration of its 25th Anniversary Specchio in Sei Parti, 2014 Interpreted by the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto Auction House: Sotheby’s 275,000 pounds donated to The Royal Opera Foundation May of 2013

Ornellaia 2011 Vendemmia D’Artista L’Infinito Untitled, 2014 Interpreted by Rodney Graham Auction House: Sotheby’s 126,500 Canadian Dollars donated to AGO Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, June of 2014

Ornellaia 2012 Vendemmia D’Artista L’Incanto, 2015 Interpreted by John Armeleder Auction House: Sotheby’s 2015 Donation proceeds to Fondation Beyeler in Basel April of 2015 | ART BODEGA | 29

On average, Ornellaia produces 140,000/160,000 bottles of Ornellaia Bolgheri DOC Superiore, 190,000/210,000 bottles of Le Serre Nuove Dell’Ornellaia, and 450,000/480,000 bottles of Le Volte. The large format bottles of Ornellaia are produced in extremely limited numbers, and all of the double magnums (3 liter) and the imperials (6 liter) bottles are individually numbered, making each bottle unique and personalized and highly collectable. The wines are distributed in 60 countries,

John Armleder

born in 1948 lives between Geneva and New York; he is recognized as one of Switzerland’s most outstanding and influential artists of his generation. With his unique personal style, he has created over the years a universe of eclectic pieces that range through pictorial sculpture, and performance art.

30% in Italy and 70% worldwide. The demand for Ornellaia far outstrips its availability.

30 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 | | ART BODEGA | 31


presentó en una residencia exclusiva en North Bay Village, Black Label at Home, el programa trae a la vida los cuatro temas de diseño de Black Label disponibles en el sedán de tamaño mediano Lincoln MKZ 2015 y el pequeño utilitario Lincoln MKC 2015. LINCOLN MOTOR COMPANY

Black Label es la expresión más elevada del lujo y servicio personalizado de Lincoln. Además de disfrutar de materiales de alta calidad como el cuero Venetian, Alcantara® y maderas de diseño, los clientes de Black Label reciben servicio personal mejorado, incluyendo llamadas de servicio al vehículo de acceso remoto, visitas de conserjería fuera del concesionario y privilegios como lavado de autos en cualquier momento y experiencias exclusivas de cenas en restaurantes de lujo, parte de la red de la Colección Culinaria de Black Label. READ MORE VISITING

32 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 |

introduced at an exclusive home at North Bay Village, Black Label at Home, the program brings to life the four Black Label designer themes available on the 2015 Lincoln MKZ midsize sedan and the 2015 Lincoln MKC small utility.


Black Label is Lincoln’s most elevated expression of luxury and personal service. In addition to enjoying premium materials such as Venetian leather, Alcantara® and designer woods, Black Label customers also receive enhanced personal service amenities including remote vehicle-service calls, such as anytime car washes and exclusive dining experiences at upscale restaurants belonging to the Black Label Culinary Collection network.


Lincoln Continental Concept muestra el futuro del lujo en el próximo sedán de tamaño completo. Lincoln Continental Concept shows the future of quiet luxury and upcoming full-sized.

Elegante, potente y sereno, el Continental Concept combina la artesanía meticulosa con la tecnología para crear mejores conductores y proporcionar a los pasajeros con un entorno más relajado y entretenido inspirado en los viajes en primera clase.

the Continental Concept blends meticulous craftsmanship and technologies designed to create better drivers and provide passengers with a more relaxing and entertaining environment

Con una silueta elegante y una nueva parrilla cromada centrada, el Continental Concept señala la llegada de una nueva cara para Lincoln. Una insignia Lincoln elevada está rodeada por un arco de repetidos emblemas Lincoln Star en aluminio pulido.

With a sleek silhouette and a new centered chrome grille, the Continental Concept signals the arrival of a new face for Lincoln. A raised Lincoln badge is surrounded by a span of repeating polished aluminum Lincoln Star emblems.

Debajo de la piel, el Continental Concept es impulsado por un motor EcoBoost® V6 de 3.0 litros - exclusivo de Lincoln. También cuenta con las tecnologías para la mejora de viaje de Lincoln Drive Control y Adaptive Steering. El automóvil monta en ruedas de 21 pulgadas de aluminio pulido y de bolsillo pintado. Las nuevas tecnologías son un sello distintivo del vehículo. Se inicia con el vehículo detectando su aproximación y la iluminación de hasta saludarle dentro y por fuera.

Under the skin, the Continental Concept is powered by a Lincoln-exclusive 3.0-liter V6 EcoBoost® engine. It also features Lincoln Drive Control ride-enhancing technologies and

“El nombre de Lincoln Continental se asocia con la belleza icónica y elegancia,” dijo David Woodhouse, Director de Diseño de Lincoln. “Al captar esas cualidades y basándose en ellas nos condujo durante la elaboración de este concepto de sedán completamente moderno.”

with iconic beauty and elegance,” said David Woodhouse, Lincoln design director. “Capturing those qualities and building upon them drove us as we crafted this thoroughly modern sedan concept.”

aluminum, painted-pocket 21-inch wheels Driver assist technologies include Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection, Enhanced Park Assist and a 360-degree camera that displays on the MyLincoln Touch™ screen.

| | ART BODEGA | 33



Holly Signorelli

03 02


is a Texan with a Cosmopolitan

Art Bodega Magazine celebrated its “100 Most Powerful Issue” in Palm Beach during the Spring of2015. Rolls Royce was a major sponsor and many socialites and power women attended the event thanks to the partnership with Art Bodega Magazine and the Palm Beach Yacht Club’s Manager, Michael Nadeau. Livernano Wine also sponsored the event with wine and champagne for the guests during a beautiful and serene afternoon in Palm Beach.





09 10


Photo by: Jim Derks

11.Zac Posen has been chosen as the fashion designer to upgrade the Delta flight attendant uniforms.

1.Livernano sponsors with AB Publisher Rebeca Herrero 2.Gail Worth 3.Baroness Erminia Landau, Sharon “Queeney” Weintz & Pat O’Brien 4.Barbara Gilbert 5.Leonardo Karalis 6.Baroness Erminia Landau 7.A model shows the Livernano Wine (courtesy of the Cuillos Family) 8.Faith Morford & Demry Sibson 9.Dr. Marino & Carelia Carbonell 10.Artist Mino Netta shows her art at the Palm Beach Yacht Club.



12.Opening of the Residence Inn in West Palm Beach: Ralph Jacobsohn, Gary Koolik, Harold Jacobsohn, Bill Meyer 13.Dennis Grady, Jeri Muoio, Rich Anderson, Connie Breen

13 14.Marchese Fernando di Frescobaldi from Ornellaia surrounded by Wine Collectors, and the artist John Armleder at the Basel, Switzerland 2015 Auction (Vendemmia D’Artista). Exclusive image by Art Bodega Magazine


Signorelli been photographed at Pulperia Restaurant located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. 34 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 | | ART BODEGA | 35

“The most challenging aspect of life is realizing that you need boundaries”

36 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 |




By Rebeca Herrero


londe, smart and sexy, Holly Signorelli stands out from the crowd. Wearing Louboutin shoes and perfectly coiffed hair, she arrives amid a snowstorm in New York at La Pulperia Restaurant located in the Upper East Side, looking flawless, beautiful, tall and shapely. She could well be in a rock music video dazzling the crowds while dancing with high energy, seductive eyes, and an attitude that melts the hearts of handsome men while never losing the attention and admiration of powerful women. Her new self published book “Do You Know Where Your Money Is? ®” follows the step of gurus like Georgette Mosbacher or Suze Orman, women who know how to manage money and teach about it. As we spoke during an interview while sipping a fancy mixed martini, Signorelli spoke about different episodes in her life with great prowess, never losing her smile even though Manhattan was blanketed by the brutal storm. During the photo shoot, Signorelli posed with grace in the fantastic venue, surrounded by modern architecture, chic décor and a light that helped her resplendent persona. 38 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 |

Wisely!! Her accounting and consulting firm in Dallas, Texas has 650 clients. She is superb with numbers, but goes beyond the advising. She refers to herself as an “emotional coach”. “People spend their money based on their emotions and compulsiveness, sometimes losing it all,” says the affable but determined Signorelli who hails from the “Lone Star State”. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, she travels back and forth to the Big Apple to advise her clients from Park Avenue to Wall Street. Not only has she released two books, but her new publication is a great testament to her knowledge. She also has it in audio book, available to busy individuals who barely have time for anything “While I’m driving, I use audio books that help further my knowledge on everything,” admits Signorelli. Her strong family values are inherent in her, due to a system of protectiveness that was also kind. “My parents had 44 foster children, and adopted one of them, as well as my sister from Korea. Their kindness influenced me completely.” “I can admit that my family was good with money, but for some odd reason, I had a fear of money since I was 14 years old. It was not a personal PHOTOGR APHED AT PULPERIA RESTAUR ANT IN NEW YORK BY MIGUEL R AJMIL

fear, it was more a fear based on the economy. I always liked to spend on good things, provide for myself, buy designer shoes and enjoy life. For that reason I was aware I had to work hard to live a comfortable life,” reflect Signorelli on her early adolescence. She attended the University of Texas and got her degree in accounting. After graduating, she worked for a small firm that enabled her to learn everything needed to continue on a successful path that included some bumps, here and there. After several years, she went solo, attributing her slow but successful start with the referrals from people that really liked her. “At the end of the day, this is key in any business,” relays the wife and successful entrepreneur. One of the key points that built her endurance and determination was having a child at an early age and running from an abusive relationship. “I was only 22 years old, a mother, going through a rough time, but I always kept working, taking care of my son, sometimes I would work from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. Then I would come home to feed my baby. I believe that what enabled me to continue was the vision of what I really wanted. No one could take that away from me,” confesses the Money Therapist, the right nickname for her well deserved superlative of her career, always unstoppable. She also experienced an episode that changed her. “I got into a real estate deal with two friends and because we knew each other so well, we did not do the diligence I normally would have done. Instead of making millions of dollars, we literally lost everything we had put into it. This was a devastating time in my life because I had been so young, and on top of the world and I couldn’t believe that I was now broke and feeling so hopeless. Because I felt so bad about myself, there was a trickle down affect and I ended up in a very abusive relationship after that,” recounts Signorelli. “One night I literally beat my fist against the ground, wondering how I could go on and at that moment I literally felt an angel grab a hold of me. I literally got up, looked into the mirror and decided that very second that I would let go of any anger, blame, or self hate and that I would get back on top again. From that moment on I focused on my business, my clients, and my passions.” “I’m a true believer that people make bad

decisions based on their personal emotions. This is why I include a great component of these situations while advising my clients. We can lose a home, we can lose a business due to emotional differences with a business partner. Emotions can define us and destroy us, a big reason to keep them in check! It can make you or break you.” “The most challenging aspect of life is realizing that you need boundaries. How to achieve a full life, also you must meditate, and the reason I run a successful company, has to do with turning off my phone sometimes. If you have balance and boundaries, you can achieve this in an easier way. You cannot make everyone happy, and not every-

one will work. Mistakes are always there, and they teach us how to improve too,” admits the businesswoman. Her new book of 112 pages is a great summary for debt and spending survival skills. For people who need to get a quick read in what can become a great relief in their lives. “Knowing about your habits and hidden addictions defines you. We all need money to survive, it will all depend on how you spend and save it, how you live through it, and how you enjoy it on a positive note,” always cheerful, serious, dedicated and ready for a great and glamorous photo shoot. The women of today! Holly Signorelli! | ART BODEGA | 39




Is Transforming Italian Cuisine With Her Book By Rosanna Perez Palm Beach, Florida


charisma captivates everyone, much like many celebrated international female cooks like Nigella Lawson or Martha Stewart. Olimpia Zuccarelli not only knows how to cook, she is also a powerhouse in the world of restaurant entrepreneurs who are taking the media by storm. Olimpia’s sophistication exudes an attractiveness that is unparalleled by others. Whether at a fancy cocktail on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, shopping at Via Amore for a Jackie Rogers dress or carrying the Marley look at the Palm Harbor Marina, Olimpia is comfortable in her own skin. Her style is unique, genuine and out of this world. er beauty and

I started cooking by myself by the time I was tall enough to reach the kitchen counter


he hails from an Italian family from New

York, and started cooking at the age of nine. Her mother still helps her in the kitchen of her famous restaurant Zucarelli’s located in West Palm Beach, at Military Trail. Here delicious and succulent dishes are imbued in your senses throughout this cozy venue that is reminiscent of an old world traditional Italian restaurant, with a modern flair. When Olimpia gets in the kitchen, she means business!

Olimpia photographed at the Palm Harbor Marina wearing clothes by Marley’s at 256 Worth Avenue, Palm Beach.

40 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 |

Olimpia dedicated a few years of her life to complete this new self-published book on Italian Cuisine. PHOTOGR APHY BY MITCH HERRING

Now with a self published book titled “A Chair at my table…being Zuccarelli: cooking, eating, living”, Zuccarelli is set out to take New York with her charming personality and unique approach for the Italian cuisine. Her culinary expertise stems from a passion for cooking that’s been at her heart since the day she was born. At the young age of 9, Olimpia involved herself with her grandmother’s traditional Italian kitchen. Her mother who continues to be an inspiration and role model in Olimpia’s life,

maintains an efficient and immaculate kitchen while training the staff to become a part of the Zuccarelli family. This warm and friendly atmosphere would make any foodie admire the duo. The Zuccarelli family moved to Florida nearly thirty years ago, when the family decided to bring their unique Italian deli concept to a small town in Florida. Consequently, in the following years, the Zuccarelli family established one of the most recognizable and followed restaurants in the Palm Beach area, Zuccarelli’s. She has been in Palm Beach for 34 years. Zuccarelli takes great pride when she states that “the name of Zuccarelli is very special to us. With origins in Calabria, Italy, Zuccarelli is my family name. It has a long and colorful history and I am so proud to have named my family restaurant Zuccarelli’s…I can tell you, I started cooking by myself by the time I was tall enough to reach the kitchen counter”. | ART BODEGA | 41

The secret to her success?



n a world filled with competitive pressures, especially from corporations which establish box meal restaurants, Olimpia’s primary concern has always been her family. She recognizes the importance of her closed ones when she says, “I think my grandmother and my mother were and still are two of the most influential people in my life. After my grandmother passed away, my mother became my guiding light and mentor throughout my career as a restauranteur. Having a great sup-

At Zuccarelli’s, delicious plates are a daily routine. Her artisanal approach means that desserts, and even the sausage, are made inhouse.

port system which encompasses my family and close friends is the secret to my success. Of course without my restaurant patrons, I would have never been able to achieve a comfortable level of success in my life.” Olimpia refuses to cut corners and insists that the old world traditional family values and work ethics be incorporated into her business model and will always place her family and her restaurant’s family first when considering making decisions in her professional life.



is involved with the community and is always ready to help support a variety of charities. Her philanthropic efforts have become well known in Palm Beach County, where her original recipes delight patrons and donors alike. Her smile is seen while cooking at all times, never leaving an inch of generosity aside. “I have always made a point to be grateful for the support of my community. My restaurant is successful because of them. Consequently, I have an obligation to give back to everyone who has given me much. In the past, I have held fundraising events for several charities,

ranging from animal adoption to fighting breast cancer”, adds the attractive brunette. Recently, she confessed to have been surprised and honored by the nomination for the “Woman of the Year” charitable event for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). “I recently held a benefit dinner at the restaurant for LLS which raised over seven thousand dollars. This event was widely mentioned in the news. It made me very proud.” Her decision to write a book came to her a couple of years ago, after family and friends urged her to share her story of success. “I wanted to share my

family stories and recipes with my friends and people in order to help anyone with the dream of owning and managing their own restaurant”, says the entrepreneurial power woman. The title of the book, “A Chair at My Table, Living, Cooking and Being Zuccarelli” represents Olimpia’s sentiment regarding the importance of sharing a meal with the people around you, whether they are a family member or a stranger. For the Zuccarellis, it is customary to leave an open chair at the family table for anyone who arrives for dinner. The book took her two years, from conceptualization to publishing a hard copy. She admits that creating and writing about the recipes were fun and exciting to her, but publishing the book was a different story. During the latter part, Zuccarelli admits it was extremely difficult, but with the help of people around her, she was able to overcome any obstacles and finalize this great gem for food lovers. When she talks about style, she describes herself as classy and elegant…with a sprinkle of an adventurous spirit. She admits to be surrounded by family and people she trusts. She also says she is a constant traveler who loves to go shopping to New York, The Hamptons, Palm Beach, Milano and everywhere in Italy. Her vast experience in wine is a testament to a great selection she carries at her restaurant. The secret to her success? Consistency. “I want to give it all at this point in my life. I want to pursue a television career and conduct seminars around the country which will focus on building entrepreneurial skills as well as develop the confidence to build your own business into a success. The importance of a successful business is CONSISTENCY in product and service. Hands on management, is essential in order to maintain consistent quality and superior service. Lastly, there is nothing more important in the food industry that always buying FRESH, FRESH, and FRESH!” Olimpia Zuccarelli is a refreshing presence in the culinary world….

Zuccarelli’s Italian Restaurant and Bar 4595 Okeechobee Blvd. Ste. 126 West Palm Beach, Florida 33417 Telephone: 561-686-7739

42 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 | | ART BODEGA | 43

Politics & Today

& STYLE A WINNING PERSONALITY Dr. Bart Rossi , the Clinical/Political Psychologist tells us how to dress to impress


he word “style” is a neat rather “cool” word that has a special meaning to many people. Songs have been written about “style” and we all think about it in relation to how we present ourselves. But it is the view here by this Clinical/Political Psychologist that one can not have a “style,” look, or appearance that makes sense over time without a Winning Personality. There appear to be four major features associated with a Winning Personality. Often I like to look at these traits in our political figures and who is running for a particular office but traits and characteristics are critical for everyone. The four traits/ characteristics that are essential are: 1. Being comfortable in your own skin. Be yourself. 2. A consistent presentation of self. 3. Never disregard or dismiss someone or their viewpoint. 4. Becoming the best listener you can be. The best advice is often quite simple. The four traits or characteristics that everyone should relate to are not really that complicated, but extremely powerful.

Be Yourself We all must understand that everyone has a different set of personality traits. Psychologists say that personality traits develop very early in life and it is important that you not try to “be different” from who you are. If you are more reserved, less dynamic, more thoughtful, careful, less verbal, etc., go with these traits and make it work for you. It is critical that people believe you are comfortable being yourself. Perhaps the best example of what not to do in this regard is former Vice President Al Gore. He changed how he presented himself with different looks, changing his 44 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 |


style to hopefully meet certain expectations. He effectively defeated himself!

Be Consistent

The political psychologist says:

It is important to realize that no one is perfect and no one can pretend to always be the “same” without looking “phony” or too scripted. But it is essential to present yourself in a similar manner with regard to how you see the world. Having a personality marked by a “flip/flop” routine is a sure loser.

“If you are more reserved, less dynamic, more thoughtful, careful, less verbal, etc., go with these traits and make it work for you. It is critical that people believe you are comfortable being yourself.”

Don’t Dismiss Anyone Perhaps the worst trait anyone in politics can present is to overtly disregard or dismiss someone else as they do not exist or are unimportant. This is also very important for anyone seeking a meaningful career. Enraging someone else, even when you do not agree with them, is a losing proposition.

Be A Listener It is absolutely essential that you take a lesson from former President Clinton. His personality is geared around listening effectively, remembering almost everyone and what they say, and responding in the most personal, detailed fashion. Presenting yourself as a good listener makes it possible to be extremely effective with communication skills. This is the most important trait. How can one learn, be effective, sensitive, properly thoughtful, and a leader without being a good listener? All to often people only hear what they want to hear and disassociate themselves from the other person. | ART BODEGA | 45

Dr. Bart Rossi:

The Art of the

“President Obama speaks and presents with many outstanding mannerisms, Senator John McCain is a “maverick” and enjoys being himself, and former governor Tom Kean Sr. in New Jersey is very reserved but extremely well liked.” Not many can or should develop a personality like President Clinton or President Reagan (“The Great Communicator), but everyone can become the “best they can be” with their own set of personality features. One suggestion I often highlight is to look carefully at someone you admire and can relate to in terms of personality, either on the national stage or locally, and emulate how they present some of their traits. For example, President Obama speaks and presents with many outstanding mannerisms, Senator John McCain is a “maverick” and enjoys being himself, and former governor Tom Kean Sr. in New Jersey is very reserved but extremely well liked. As you look at how others present themselves you can develop yourself so you can be comfortable being yourself, relatively consistent, thoughtful to others, and a really good listener. Now if we match up “style” with a Winning Personality it really gets interesting. How we look is important! The thought here is that every attempt is made to dress and present yourself in a way that is consistent with your Winning Personality. If you are more reserved, demure, or cerebral your cloths and accessories should

MILL INER Laurence Bossion Hats from Paris 10, rue Saint Roch 75001 Paris, France

match who you are and not go in a different direction. For example, men with this type of personality should be thinking of smart and more traditional jackets and ties, and shirts that have a clean cut but that are not loud or overly striking. Women in this mold should perhaps stay away from extremely flashy over the top “sexy” outfits. Staying with finely tailored black and white comes to mind with great accessories. Conversely, anyone with a “big” personality, and they are comfortable with it, can engage in the more extreme in term of styling. New, trendy, attention grabbing cloths may fit someone who is comfortable being an extrovert. When the correct Style meets a Winning Personality there is an obvious result. We see a person who is extremely well “put together.” In the real world it does not happen as it should. Many people are stuck in their own thoughts and do not know how to work on a Winning Personality and consequently often have a poor idea of what Style is all about.

46 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 |

Thinking about and emulating some of the traits and characteristics of those who seem to have a good idea of Style and a Winning Personality is a good idea. No one gets better as a person without being self critical, and looking at others who to a great extent have seen the intersection of Style and a Winning Personality.

If you would like to contact the political psychologist, Dr. Bart Rossi please go to: Telephone: 1-908-725-8880 62 E Main St., Somerville NJ 08876 | ART BODEGA | 47



The Rum Diaries, Ke West St le




By Rebeca Herrero Key West, where sailors and writers lived in seclusion for decades, is also known as the southernmost tip point of Florida. Here tourists view it as a destination incomparable to other cities that are surrounded by water, and just plain fun! Decades old wooden houses give shelter to locals and visitors that come to escape their daily routine lives, and also to watch that incredible sunset. As the expansion of specialty hotels take place in the area, one new property stands out, The Gates Hotel. With a fun vibe, and great décor, this unique destination located in New Town has a great volume of rooms, and is quite spectacular, for the record! The Gates Hotel reminds us of boutique hotels in the world that must offer its visitors, art, cleanliness, cool gadgets, fun themes, and most of all, a modern version of what sophisticated young adults are looking for in its accommodations. The fun part has to do with its strategic partners…. The Rum Diaries, Key West Style! If you happen to know Key West resident like Paul Menta (an import from Philadelphia), you can figure out he is one amazing attraction. He owns the First Legal Rum Distillery near Duval Street on what used to be an old Coca Cola Bottling Factory since the 1940’s. Inside the distillery there are Coca Cola

52 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 |

bottles that were hidden underground for decades. His partnership with The Gates will consist of rum drinks mixed at the Rum Row bar. We tasted one of the cigar aroma mixed drinks, and oh boy, they were amazing! Menta also happens to be a record holding kite surfer too! At the Key West First Legal Rum you can taste the “Up in Smoke”, which is a nod to the cigar industry, or the Tomoka Mojito, named after a famous rum-running ship. You can pair a drink with a Rodriguez Cigar, another partner of The Gates Hotel. De La Gallery in Old Town was chosen to be a part of the décor at the hotel. Here, Cuban artist and photographer Jorge de la Torriente exhibits digital editions of Key West images that are also available to its patrons. The culinary experience trend The Blind Pig Is The Gate’s signature food truck serving tapas-style selection of regional Cuban, Bahamian, Caribbean and Floridian flavors- also known as “conch fusion”. Spearheaded by local chef David Fuhrman of Great Events Catering, The Blind Pig’s menu is seasonally-inspired and constantly rotating with dishes, including conch salads, grouper sliders and a modern take n the muffuletta sandwich. The cooking lessons at the Isle Cook are one wondrous trip to the visitor who wants to enjoy leisure time with great food. Whether you want to taste a heirloom

tomato gazpacho with mango salsa, or baked spaguetti beef tongue in parchment paper with Mediterranean Anchovies from local super star chefs, the wine pairing is a fun experience for foodies. The lessons are priced from $70 to $150 per person. Worth every penny…. Many bars are located alongside the strip of Duval Street. Here you will find plenty of old and new locations to taste a variety of beers and wines, or enjoy that mojito during a humid afternoon, ready to cool your tastebuds, already saturated with seafood and spicy new southern dishes. Because Key West is the place to go, no matter where you live in the world……. Other amenities -Martone Cycling Compay a custom-designed blue and white bikes exclusive to the hotel. -Experience the sunset sail boats owned and operated by Fury Water Adventures.

The Gates Hotel- Key West (rooms star t at $249 a night) is located at 3824 N. Roosevelt Boulevard in Key West, 33040. For reser vations call 305 -320 - 0930 or visit w w w.gateshotelkey You can also visit: @GatesKeyWest on Instagram, Twit ter and Pinterest and Gates Hotel-Key West on Facebook | ART BODEGA | 53




By: L.A. Dawson


eing fashionable feels good. Fashion week beckons us like water in the desert; we thirsty patrons of style. Watching silky fabric dance around beautiful models as they walk for Gianni Versace mesmerizes us. Hips swaying to the sound of six inch Louboutins catches our attention, and holds us there. A graceful hand stops at the waist…and poses. Our eyes are drawn to the magnificent two inches of bare midriff where there could be a stylish Prada belt but there isn’t; and that’s exactly the point. We have many style choices. Later on that evening scores of celebri ties are judged publically and deemed a hit or a miss based on their interpretations of those runway styles. Trends are fun but they come and go on a whim and are meant to be guidelines and interpretations only. Accessories are a way of making style your own. Feel comfortable walking into a room with other women wearing a similar black dress. You are all wearing Manolo Blahnik heels and may be judged as style equals at first glance, but one of you has added an amethyst and pearl ankle bracelet that catches light and casts rainbows on the mirrors. A simple eye-catching accessory has elevated your personal style…to attention grabbing relevancy. I discovered that accessories can make and change style quite by accident while walking the intricate footpaths of the Casbah in Tangiers, Morocco. A well -meaning friend entered me in a dance competition that required a new outfit. In a foreign country, with no high heels, no dress and no idea of what I was looking for….I started my quest. Colored kaftans hung on clotheslines and barrels of spices on the walkway caused me to

lose my balance. As I recovered my footing, my eyes found a pile of semi-precious stone and brass jewelry twinkling in the sun. Deep blue Lapis lazuli, aqua turquoise, teal ocean jaspers, pink rose quartz and honey ambers looked like chunks of candy as I touched them all. Putting each one around my eyes got a different reaction from my friends. I felt different in each color. Some made me say “ah” and some made me say “ugh!” Even though a trending style/color looks gorgeous on Jennifer Lopez, it may not be for you. You can 54 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 |

make it your own. That’s where semi-precious accessories comes in. I chose one of those delectable pieces on that Casbeautiful bah day and built my entire outfit around the accessory. I embraced the beautiful colors and energy of the stones on that day and I have never let go…and either should you! I call my style Casbah Chic because of its exotic origin. A casual paring of a Royston turquoise wrap bracelet with two simple copper bangles will give the wearer a distinct style advantage. Pair rings and bracelets in groups of threes or fives as interior designers do with art. Look around you and see what style makes your happy by simply looking at it. Try on a Chanel purse and see how it feels on your shoulder. Spray on Elie Saab perfume and breathe in. Then pick your stone for whatever reason….color, texture or clarity. Pick it quickly; almost intuitively. This is the basis of your style choices. Begin with the stone and it will guide you to the clothes like a compass. When you have chosen your Carolina Herrera outfit to compliment your red Sonora stone necklace that graces your neck… enjoy the choices because somewhere behind you, you hear the voices. “Who is she and who styled her?” You smile knowing you stayed true to your own style and nobody…yes nobody did it better.

Dress by David Maison

Telephone 212-966-6695 & 561-628-3494 Palm Beach New York | ART BODEGA | 55

56 | ART BODEGA | SUMMER 2015 |

March & April 2015 | South Florida  
March & April 2015 | South Florida