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C hlues icago B with all that jazz

By Bill Murphy Photos by Mike Hari

Stompin’ The Blues

From suburban Geneva to the heart of Chicago, the restless spirit of blues, jazz and soul music is alive and well—and kicking.

It’s Thursday night at the Upper Club—the plush upstairs lounge at the Villa Verone restaurant in Geneva—and the dancefloor is packed. On a mild summer evening like this one, at the peak of the dinner rush, there’s a constant flow of hungry patrons in the outdoor garden down below that usually keeps owner and host Pietro Verone busy greeting guests for hours. But if it stresses him out, he never lets it show; in fact, he seems to thrive on it. A veteran businessman with a youthful streak, Verone moves between the kitchen and the front entrance of the old stone house with the natural ease of a magician or an orchestra conductor. For the moment, though, like everyone else in the spacious upstairs room, he’s smiling and moving to the music.

On stage, out in front of a red-hot rhythm section that’s laying down a blistering funk groove, Mike Hudson is “tradin’ eights” with fellow saxophonist and Chicago native Mekiel Reuben, who’s just flown in from Los Angeles. As each one solos over eight bars and then flips it back to the other, lead singer Perrian Jordan punctuates the exchanges with grunts and growls, exhorting the crowd into a sweat-induced swoon. Ordinarily, the upscale suburbs of Chicago would seem like the last place you’d expect to find seasoned players like these referencing soul and blues classics by everyone from Jackie Wilson to the Chi-Lites, but then, that’s what many residents told Verone when he started booking live music here just a few years ago. Page: 15


7 PG3sets L gets deeper “Pretty soonEDITORIAL the talk between into the soulful history of Chicago and, of course, the blues.”

“...when you go to a new city, if you’re a musician and looking for work, the thing to do is find a place to jam.” Page: 130


“First it was, ‘You’re gonna open a restaurant here? Are you crazy?’” Verone laughs, recalling a time when the surrounding neighborhood was still on the front edge of a growth spurt. “Then it was, ‘And now you’re gonna have bands playing upstairs? That’ll never work.’ But I’ve always loved music, ever since I was a kid growing up in Italy. As I got older, I got into the jazz and blues musicians like Joe Williams and Pinetop Perkins, and I loved all the Motown singers. I knew I wanted to try and create a feeling like that here.” Tonight’s group, Perrian Jordan and the 3Ms, is comprised largely of Chicago-born musicians who are products of the city’s club and hotel “First it was, ‘You’re open a restaurant Are you circuit,gonna and who—as children ofhere? the ’60s and crazy?’” Verone laughs, recalling a time when the surround’70s—see eye-to-eye with what Verone is trying ing neighborhood was still “Oh on the front edge a growth to recapture. yeah, we’re all of of that time,” spurt. “Then itJordan was, ‘And now you’re gonna have says. “I’ve been on stages with bands James playing upstairs? That’ll work.’Singers, But I’veand always Brown andnever the Staple I wasloved Gene music, ever since I was a kid growing up in Italy. As gotPietro oldChandler’s musical director for a year.I So er, I got into the jazz and blues musicians like Joe Williams knew what we could bring, and I’ve gotta admit, and Pinetop Perkins, I loved all owners the Motown singers. I he’s oneand of the few club I’ve met who will knew I wanted to try and create a feeling like that here.” not get in your way. He lets you do what you do, and that’s a definite plus.” Tonight’s group, Perrian Jordan and the 3Ms, is comprised largely of Chicago-born musicians who are products of the Pretty soon the talk between sets gets deeper city’s club and hotel circuit, and who—as children of the into the soulful history of Chicago and, of course, ’60s and ’70s—see eye-to-eye with what Verone is trying to the blues. Mike Hudson—who has agreed to be recapture. “Oh yeah, we’re all of that time,” Jordan says. our guide the following night for a whirlwind tour “I’ve been on stages with James Brown and the Staple Singof the city’s downtown music scene—reminisces ers, and I was Gene Chandler’s musical director for a year. So a bit about where he first got his feet wet as a horn Pietro knew what we could bring, and I’ve gotta admit, he’s player. “When I moved here, the old Cotton Club one of the few club owners I’ve met who will not get in your used haveyou an do, open micthat’s everya Monday night,” way. He lets you doto what and definite plus.” he says, calling up visions of the stylish South hot spot that its doors in 2006. “I did Pretty soon theLoop talk between setsclosed gets deeper into the soulful that a few times, just to try to get known and see history of Chicago and, of course, the blues. Mike Hudson— what was going on. They always say when you go who has agreed to be our guide the following night for a whirlto a new city, if you’re a musician and looking for wind tour of the city’s downtown music scene—reminisces a work, thegot thing to dowet is find place to jam.” bit about where he first his feet as aahorn player. “When I moved here, the old Cotton Club used to have an open mic every Monday night,” he says, calling up visions of the stylish South Loop hot spot that closed its doors in 2006. “I did that a few times, just to try to get known and see what was going on. They always say when you go to a new city, if you’re a musician and looking for work, the thing to do is find a place to jam.” Page: 131

Not only has Hudson managed to earn a respectable living playing live gigs—no easy feat in any city, let alone Chi-town—but for a while he made a small name for himself as the host of a cable access show called “House of Jazz,” where he interviewed such local heroes as blues guitarist Chainsaw Dupont, among many others. When asked if he can deliver the goods on a genuine “gutbucket” experience—a glimpse of the unvarnished roots of Chicago’s blues scene—Hudson just laughs. “Back in the day we used to call that ‘buckets of blood,’” he explains, referring to the raw, gritty jukejoint jams where literally anything can happen. “I think I know what you’re looking for.”

Seeking Out A Legend Every odyssey has to have its beginning. The next night, after a taste of some down-home West Side hospitality (which we’ll get to in a minute), our journey shifts into high gear at the famous Green Mill jazz club and cocktail lounge on the North Side, where guitar legend George Freeman is holding court with his quartet. In a way, stepping into the Green Mill is like stepping back in time. Not only does the place have a fabled past as a hangout for some of the most notorious mobsters of the ’20s (Capone triggerman “Machine Gun” Jack McGurn once even owned a stake in the establishment),

but it has also been the scene of many a Hollywood film, including Frank Sinatra’s “The Joker Is Wild” and James Caan’s “Thief.” With just the right mixture of classic glitz and kitsch—there’s a backlit statue of Aphrodite in the far corner of the club overlooking the stage, while a diverse clientele of hipsters, hucksters, club kids and professional drinkers fill the vintage red velvet booths that dot the main room—the Green Mill is the perfect backdrop for George Freeman. Well into his 80s, the ageless jazz guitarist has been enjoying yet another renaissance, his nimble fingers opening up a whole new generation to a library of jazz and blues riffs that stretches back to the 1940s, when he got his start with tenor sax giant Johnny Griffin. “My goodness, what a good day, huh?” Freeman says. He’s referring not only to the past, but to tonight’s turnout, which he can’t believe is all for him (even though the Freeman family—that’s George, elder brother Bruz, well-known brother Von and Von’s equally famous son Chico—is the closest you can get to Chicago royalty). “It must be the writeup I got in the Chicago Tribune,” he chuckles. “But the guy made a statement, which I agree with, about rhythm and sophistication. I played with Charlie Parker, and I just never heard anybody play blues like that before. It’s blues, but it’s sophisticated blues. You got all kind of blues, but jazz people, they can’t get too raun-

chy because they’re jazz men. But they can play sophisticated blues and hope that the rhythm will get to the people. That’s where I’m coming from.” After a stunning set rife with nods to Duke Ellington (“Take the ‘A’ Train”), Miles Davis (“So What”) and even Freeman’s artful, funky side (he is playing electric guitar, after all), Mike Hudson is in awe. “When I think of George, I just think of a legend,” he says. “Man, just to sit there and listen to him is a lesson. But what I also really like about him is that he knows how to keep it simple but interesting at the same time. He’s not one of those George Benson flashy types, but he’s got the feel. And the people seem to love him so much.” There’s truth in that observation. For years, Freeman has played the Tropical Den on the South Side every Thursday night, almost invariably to wall-to-wall audiences. “I’ve been back in Chicago since 1974,” he says, remembering his last tour with the late saxophonist Gene Ammons, whose hit “Black Cat” is one of many gems in the Freeman discography. “I haven’t been out there since, so this is a brand new experience for me now. I’m looking forward to better things and brighter things, and I’m glad that jazz is doing so well.”

“A gun? Yeah, I got a gun. It’s little, but it’s loud.”

“See, I’m from the West Side,” Ed says, “and when I was coming up, West Siders was into a lot of Tyrone Davis and Curtis Mayfield and the soul music that was hot at the time. Back then, my uncle was known on the South Side, and I think they were playing more of the old time stuff—more of the blues. So what you get from us is a little bit of both, and then some.”

Rock Me Baby Not too far away, another offshoot of the blues—this one of the more barrelhouse, boogie-stomp variety—is tearing the lid off with a vengeance. At the North Side no-frills haunt known simply as B.L.U.E.S., Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials are working the regulars into a regular lather, and Ed—all five feet five of him—is projecting his signature leonine growl out over the bar like a big cat marking his territory. Like another diminutive guitarist (this one from Minneapolis) named Prince once said: “A gun? Yeah, I got a gun. It’s little, but it’s loud.” The nephew of famed slide guitarist J.B Hutto, Ed Williams has taken up the mantle of such hard-rockin’ icons as Hound Dog Taylor and Luther Allison, and he’s kept the music vital and relevant by delivering it with an unabashed sense of raw honesty. His crackup-inducing appearances on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” have won him something of a cult following outside of Chicago, but this is no overnight sensation; he and his capable sidemen—rhythm guitarist Mike Garrett, bassist (and halfbrother) James “Pookie” Young and drummer Kelly Littleton— have been at this now for more than two decades.

As they crash into the last power chord of their set at B.L.U.E.S., the Blues Imperials have given so much that the crowd demands an encore. Lil Ed comes back out alone and quietly strums the mournful opening notes of Lowell Fulson’s “Reconsider Baby,” and suddenly all seems right with the world. Lil Ed might be from the socalled “younger generation” of blues guitar players, but there’s no question that he understands both the history and the future of the music. “I do believe there’s a next generation coming,” Ed says. “I don’t know how it’s gonna affect the blues scene. I do hear a lot of the younger musicians really trying to change it, but I think the old tradition will always be there, because there’s always gonna be somebody like me hanging around.” If guitarist Mike Garrett has his way, he and Lil Ed will be playing together for many years to come; no doubt he’ll still approach every gig with the same youthful enthusiasm he does now—and just as he did back in the day. “I think it was about the spring of ’87 when it all started happening,” he says, recalling the fateful phone call that put him on the road with the band to promote their first album for the Chicago-based label Alligator Records. “It’s been a long crazy ride ever since, and for me, it’s even more fitting to be playing here at B.L.U.E.S. Before I even lived here, this was the first bar I ever went to. The heavy cats were still around— Muddy Waters and guys like that. I used to show up every Sunday to see Sunnyland Slim and Big Smokey Smothers—these guys

were national treasures. So everyone here is like family to me. When I’m here, I feel like I’m walking into a roomful of friends.”

Running the Voodoo Down On the other side of North Halsted Street, you can jam all night long with not one but two roomfuls of your closest friends. That’s the vibe, at least, in the shoulder-to-shoulder confines of Doc Pellegrino’s Kingston Mines—a raucous neighborhood shrine to the blues, and one of the most popular draws on the North Side, with two separate stages that keep the live music going until well into the wee hours. On this particular night, we’re fortunate enough to run into harmonica wizard Billy Branch, whose pedigree reads like a who’s who not just of the blues (Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter, Albert King and many more) but of jazz as well (most notably, free jazz heavyweight Ornette Coleman). “In my college days in the late ’60s, Chicago was a blues mecca,” Branch says, accentuating the point with all the aplomb of a seasoned player. At times, with his gravely voice and steady, penetrating gaze, Branch conjures visions of a coiled cobra preparing to strike—but more than anything, he’s a force of nature on the harp (on stage with his Sons Of Blues band, he wears a custom-made leather bandolier loaded with harmonicas, allowing him to play the blues scale in any musical key at the drop of a down beat) as well as a deep wellspring of knowledge about the blues. “I guess it was almost inevitable that I would find my way into the blues club scene,” he continues, “because back in the day, it was everywhere. I had played harmonica since I was a kid, and there was nowhere you couldn’t hear blues. It was Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf playing on campus—we had those kind of things happen, and that was in addition to the clubs and all the concerts.” Page: 135

When it comes to longevity, Branch has an equally deep understanding of the concept; not only has he appeared on over 100 recordings, but every Monday for the past 20-odd years, he’s been playing Artis’s Lounge on the South Side—a place he helped convert, in a sense, to the blues aesthetic. “We’d get these gigs because the owners liked us,” he explains, “and they saw that we held a good crowd at different places. And at one point, we had four nights a week within a twomile radius on the South Side. And Artis and Clarence Ludd [who own Artis’s], they knew all the soul heavyweights. Eddie Kendricks from the Temptations sat in with us—so did Jerry Butler [a.k.a. ‘the Ice Man’] and Marvin Junior from the Dells. When we first went in, people would look at us like, ‘Aw, man, we don’t wanna hear that blues shit.’ But we hung in there, and inside of two months, we had ‘em.” Branch certainly has the mojo working tonight. He can make the harp laugh or cry, make it sound like a train or a screaming hawk— in fact, his ability to coax the instrument into expressing whatever emotion or character he chooses is pretty much mind-boggling.

But Branch is also extremely generous with his time on stage; everyone in the band gets a turn (including guitarist Roy Hightower [now known as Dok Tu], bassist Nick Charles and drummer Mose Rutues), as do some in the audience. Even the nephew of Lefty Diz—a gifted young man named Perry with a silky, gospel-tinged voice—is here to throw down.

a brief tour of Europe, he waxes poignant once again about blues music in its heyday. “You know, the guys of my generation, we try hard to preserve the tradition and bring some fresh ideas,” he says, “but guys like Lefty Diz or Big Moose Walker or Junior Wells were the original real deal. I mean, I’m not Junior Wells. Muddy’s gone, John Lee is gone— they’re just gone. Not to discount what we do, but that raw stuff that they had, man, it was just a magical thing that they did.” Even so, with players like Billy Branch on the scene, most will agree that his kind of magic still gets plenty of miles to the gallon.

Rough and Ready, Strong and Steady When Doc Pelligrino’s son Frank gets on the mic to close the festivities—“If you’re too drunk to drive, don’t,” he drawls amiably, “and if you do, don’t tell ‘em where you’ve been!” !”—Branch takes a moment to relax with a small snifter of brandy. Some weeks later, after he’s returned home from

There’s a classic 1972 album by another Illinois native named Leon Thomas (born, like Miles Davis, in East St. Louis) called Blues and the Soulful Truth—a title that comes in handy when describing Chicago’s West Side. It’s where this particular blues odyssey actually begins, even though it seems to make much more sense to con-

“In my college days in the late 60’s Chicago was a blues mecca”

clude a brief tour of Europe, he waxes poignant once again about blues music in its heyday. “You know, the guys of my generation, we try hard to preserve the tradition and bring some fresh ideas,” he says, “but guys like Lefty Diz or Big Moose Walker or Junior Wells were the original real deal. I mean, I’m not Junior Wells. Muddy’s gone, John Lee is gone— they’re just gone. Not to discount what we do, but that raw stuff that they had, man, it was just a magical thing that they did.” Even so, with players like Billy Branch on the scene, most will agree that his kind of magic still gets plenty of miles to the gallon.

Rough and Ready, Strong and Steady There’s a classic 1972 album by another Illinois native named Leon Thomas (born, like Miles Davis, in East St. Louis) called Blues and the Soulful Truth—a title that comes in handy when describing Chicago’s West Side. It’s where this particular blues odyssey actually begins, even though it seems to make much more sense to conclude with it here. If you’ve ever sought a living example of what the raw, undiluted crossroads of blues and soul might look like, you need journey no further than the corner of West Madison Street and California Avenue, where for the summer months between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Wallace’s Catfish Corner becomes a free outdoor festival of gritty, gratuitous and endlessly gratifying live jams. From an open flatbed next to the restaurant (owned by former alderman and neighborhood icon Wallace Davis Jr.), a litany of local musicians ply their trade over a beautifully dilapidated P.A. sys-

tem, diving headlong into soul, blues and gospel classics by the likes of Johnny “Guitar” Watson, the Staple Singers, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins and Otis Redding. “As far as being urban and gritty, I don’t think you can beat this,” Mike Hudson says, and there’s no questioning he’s right. Out on the crowded parking lot, people are dancing and drinking, enjoying the cool night air and the lowdown funky sounds coming from the stage. Meanwhile, off to the side, two local legends clad in colorful vintage shirts and understated gold chains are quietly surveying the scene. Almost immediately, we’re introduced to the Steelers—brothers Wesley Wells and Alonzo “Kool” Wells— who, as we soon learn, had a onetime national hit back in 1969 called “Get It from the Bottom,” and have kept it real on the West Side ever since. “People on the West Side don’t have anywhere to go now,” Kool says matter-of-factly. “Mostly all the lounges has been closed, you know? So there’s Wallace’s, and it’s free too? You can’t beat that. Now everybody comes out here and they bring their lawn chairs, and they’re having the time of their life. And you notice that they wasn’t fighting or clowning. They’re just out there enjoying themselves, so I don’t understand why there should be a problem.” The problem, according to Kool, is the apparent barrage of noise complaints and petitions to have the outdoor gigs at Wallace’s ceased altogether—although no one seems to know where these “petitions” come from. Drive-by inspections by the Chicago Police are a regular sight, but so far, Wallace Davis has been successful in keeping the city from shutting down the weekend event.

As for the Steelers today, they’re still writing, singing and recording songs whenever they can. Their latest track, which we take a moment to play in the car, is dedicated to Senator Barack Obama, whose presidential bid everyone here ardently supports. “Obama’s Gonna Do It” is, like the candidate’s campaign, flush with the hope of a better future—a catchy groove that’s almost child-like and innocent in the message it conveys. It’s amazing to consider that for all the ups and downs they’ve undoubtedly experienced, the Steelers have somehow maintained a positive spirit that’s as strong now as it must have been 40 years ago. “Oh, man, it’s been like a dream,” Wes says with sincerity. “We’ve been together a long time. I’ve been singing in this group ever since I was 13, and we kept the group rolling all this time. That’ll tell you something.” As we wind down our visit, Wallace Davis invites us back into the kitchen. “You better try the catfish, or don’t even bother coming back,” he says with a friendly warning— he might be joking, but only a little. We try the catfish. And it’s good. We’ll be coming back.

“We’ll be coming back...”


Of course it’s impossible to do justice to the live blues scene in greater Chicago and its environs in just one weekend, but if any of the places we’ve visited (and even some we didn’t) pique your interest, here are a few important details: Villa Verone Ristorante Italiano 416 Hamilton St. Geneva, IL 60134 tel. (630) 232-2201 live music Wednesday through Saturday The Green Mill 4802 N. Broadway Ave. Chicago, IL 60640 tel. (773) 878-5552 B.L.U.E.S. 2519 N. Halsted St. Chicago, IL 60614 tel. (773) 525-8530 Kingston Mines 2548 N. Halsted St. Chicago, IL 60614 tel. (773) 477-4647 Wallace’s Catfish Corner 2800 W. Madison St. Chicago, IL 60612 tel. (773) 638-3474 check out watch?v=zj6-D_RLY8g for a live taste of Wallace’s on the weekend Rosa’s Lounge 3420 W. Armitage Ave. Chicago IL 60647 tel. (773) 342-0452 Artis’s Lounge 1249 E. 87th St. Chicago, IL 60619 tel. (773) 734-0491 every Monday: Billy Branch and the S.O.B.s Marie’s Tropical Den 7209 S. Exchange Ave Chicago, IL 60649 tel. (773) 978-2341 every Thursday: George Freeman

“I WILL HOUSE YOU!” by Regine Siler’ Chicago Blues Soul Migrations---the Middle Passage—drumbeats from Africa— misery of human chains—spiritual chants—crucifixion—GODspell— resurrection— “holla” and “shoutin”—resurrection---this is the “BLUES”! Migration from the old Jim Crow South via the Mississippi Delta in the heart of America to the North, represented a new freedom for the Negro from that “peculiar institution” and its remnants of hate, fear, bondage and infinite servitude. Chicago was the beacon of a better life, movin’ on up and the American Dream. Black performers saw this opportunity and brought Southern street music to Chicago’s southside —“Chi-Town”. These performers brought with them an oral, historical accounting of their pain, love, fear, suffering, protest and even death through music. They came by droves with their harmonica-based Delta blues, acoustic guitar and began to jam anywhere they could find a juke-joint and a mic. The influence of big-city culture and people soon changed their sound from standard

And these new sounds of steel, mortar and brick began to seep into the minds and music of the black youth. Their parents had come for the American Dream only to get caught in the sophisticated web of a caste system: the untouchables. Black kids began to rebel against the system and their parents, looking for their own way to express the pain. With a lot of free time, no money and no job, this young, black generation sought to release their souls in the pursuit of hope and happiness. So they put together twoby-four make-shift equipment, “pump up the volume,” open their doors, blast the music.... and out of the eyes of the mainstream, HOUSE MUSIC WAS BORN. Black and Latino youth and the gay community started coming in droves to dance away their problems in their gospel-tinged “underground church”. The slow House Music Alchemy beat of the blues speeded up to a thumpin’ four-four beat with As the political protests and proba 120+ bpm (beats per minute), lems of America escalated in moving the kundalini up the chrothe 60’s and early 70’s, indusmatic music scale - from the root trial cities like Chicago took on chakra at the base of the spine a new urgency. Sounds coming to the head chakra - and sendfrom factories, trains, blasting ing the “dance congregation” steam... were edgier, fast-movPhotographer : James Weberinto / model Komis / Locationkinetic Cheetah NYC an: Natasha erotic, mystical ing, blaring day and night....

six-note chords to the major scale, making blues more “jazzy” with its shift from acoustic to amplified, electric. White audiences began showing up as this music mesmerized the entertainment scene in ChiTown. In no time slick promoters, producers and impresarios descended offering recording contracts, session work and stardom. Stars were born – Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Billy Branch, Hound Dog Taylor, Bo Diddley, Koko Taylor, Pinetop Perkins, Eddie “The Chief” Clearwater, Big Willie Horton, Jimmy Reed, and Magic Sam to name a few. Europe came a callin’. Blues’ influence on the most famous rock-n-roll bands was undeniable. And in stateside America, this blues became the root of all other genres of music— country, rock-n-roll, rhythm & blues, soul, 70’s disco, 80’s, punk, rap, hip-hop--and yes, HOUSE!

delirium. Deejays driving these beats became “preachers” in the church and the deejay booth became “the pulpit”, taking the music industry by storm and into unchartered territory.

I Need a Deejay Back in New York the house scene was gaining its own momentum in the 70’s, spearheaded by two friends since childhood who were making a name for themselves as deejays: Frankie Knuckles and Larry Levan. Frankie had just finished residency at the bankrupt Continental Baths and Larry Levan at Paradise Garage. Larry had an offer from a club in Chicago, and as fate would have it, he wanted to stay at the infamous Garage [Another story for another day; too little space to lend justice to Larry and the Garage!] so he recommended Frankie for the job. In March 1977, Knuckles played opening night at Warehouse…the night the “GODFATHER OF HOUSE” was born. In the middle of upright, cornfed, mid-western Chicago, House music erupted: Put people on notice. Club kids packed the house to dance to the infectious mix of classic underground Funk, Soul, Disco and tunes from Phillie which had originated on the East Coast. There was a juice

bar. No alcohol… no alcohol?… go figure! Knuckles resurrected the waning Disco music industry by remixing, editing and extending Top 40 disco tracks with soul, gospel, inspirational speeches, R&B and live vocals. He even orchestrated the first dance marathon from Saturday night to Sunday after noon. Visiting deejays came to check out the competition; they had no idea what a marathon was! Revolutionary. Whereas some deejays would just create “beats”, Knuckles overlaid beats on top of songs, creating “new” songs. Club kids rushed the local record stores looking for these songs. To the dismay of record store owners who hadn’t a clue, no merchandise. Knuckles proved instrumental in bringing respect to the House music industry, elevating “deejay” to an art for m and recognized profession. Inevitably club owners, producers and record labels came a callin’. Celebrity status of the deejay sprung. Knuckles’ repertoire of world-class club venues include the Warehouse, Sound Factory, Roxy, Paradise Garage, Power Plant and Ministry of Sound. In September of 2005, Frankie Knuckles was inducted in the Dance Music Hall of Fame in New York City.

During the early 80’s while still playing underground raves in London, a young teen named Carl Cox with Barbados origins from Lancashire, UK surfaced as the ambassador of funky, hardhouse tech-no. Although disco was the first music genre to capture his attention, listening to Dj Pierre’s (Who’s one-half of the Chicago-based, acid-house deejay duo Phuture.) epic “Acid Trax” would shape his future and fill his musical palate with hip-hop, soul and rare groovy sounds... all washed down with an acidic throat burn. He earned the name “Three Deck Wizard” by hooking up three turntables for a dawnbreaking set at the Second Summer of Love in 1988. Cox began to produce his own music and made his debut. The single, “I Want You”, on Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto label gave him a top chart hit. Other top hits followed: his 1995 mixed CD “F.A.C.T”; his 1996 single “Two Paintings and a Drum”; and “Sensual Sophisti-cat”. In 1997, Cox was the first person named No.1 DJ in the world according to DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJ poll. And in 2005 his third album, “Second S i g n ” , hit No.3 on Spain’s music c h a r t s . C a r l Cox is an allstar deejay who has shattered inter national time zones by flying to Australia, USA, South America, Europe and Asia.

A new debut album is due out for release in 2011 containing drum & bass, tech-no and house influences as well as down-tempo. It’s hard to talk about John Digweed without a mention of Sasha [ Again, another story for another day]. Sasha who appeared on the cover of Mixmag with the caption “SON OF GOD?” brought Digweed into his fold, having dual residencies on the most popular club night at the infamous mega-club Twilo in New York City from the late 90’s to 2001. Twilo was the place to go for the electronic music scene. Digweed’s roots come from England, and it has been rumored that he started his deejay career at the age of 4. Known for his progressive, funky house tracks and original style tech-no, he launched his own label called Bedrock Records. Digweed is one of the select few in the industry to infuse various artistic fields: playing a cameo in Greg Harrison’s movie, Groove, about an allnight rave in San Francisco, 2000; creating the soundtrack for film Stark Raving Mad, 2002; and his music was featured in the movie adaptation of Irvine Welsh’s novel Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance, 2008. Digweed celebrated with a 10 hour set -- 10 years at Matter Club in London

in October 2008. In 2010 he was voted No.29 in DJ Magazine’s annual top 100 vote.

New Kid on the Block On a hot 70’s summer day in Budapest, Hungary…a star was born. Destined to be an electronic music wizard of this generation, Nova Milo’s early childhood was spent practicing standards with two uncles of Hungarian/ gypsy extraction (both upright bass players) and attending music school where he received 5 years of classical training based on Kodaly’s traditional methods. In the mid80’s he began collecting pop tapes and foreign records while deejaying at public school parties, making a name for himself. He started hanging out with other deejays in a mystical castle called the Fortuna (circa 15th century)...where time stood still as deejays played into the nights... sending Hungarian club kids into ecstatic depths of consciousness. Deejay friends would travel to America and bring back the latest music: his exposure to funky, soulful Chicago house music and artists such as Earth, Wind & Fire, the Temptations and Marvin Gay. His defining moment was hearing “Noctur na Blue” from Basic Instinct’s soundtrack. Seeking inter national recognition,

Nova Milo moved to New York City in 1999. After befriending local deejays, promoters took note. He has played at some of our most prestigious clubs: Limelight, Exit 2, Saci, Remote, Nyla, Eugene and Spirit. And on any given day Nova Milo swirls New York City absorbing a cacophony of musical genres from classical at Lincoln Center to blues joints in Greenwich Village to live R&B on West 3rd’s Groove to reggae at the Sullivan Room to deep house at Cielo. Deepest impact in his musical career -- a trip to Ibiza in 2001 where he met some of the hottest international superstars in the deejay industry. Nova Milo’s love for the magical island of Ibiza was simply electric. He is currently in production working on a remix compilation and putting down original songs …oh yeah…. can you keep a secret….... …stay tuned to

Nova Milo’s magical nights at the

Copacabana, NYC, 2011.

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Soul Collective Paradise Garage Reunion Party April 4, 2011 was the night - excuse the cliche - a DJ saved my life.... Entering Le Poisson Rouge on Bleeker Street, the rich intoxicating sense of nostalgia was overwhelming. The night was a refreshing familiar interaction among like-minded, devoted lovers of beauty -- this thing we call house music. Initially, I thought it was a small intimate gathering of 50 or 60 folk in the lounge at the bottom of a flight of stairs in a small space reserved for poetry readings or small jazz concerts. This misconception was abruptly and pleasurably corrected. As I ventured toward the thunderous cacophony of melody-driven rhythms luring me into the main room, I witnessed a possessed tribe of at least 200 sexy, wildly adventurous and playful, yet mature adults. They looked as if some musical babysitter had left them unattended to run rampant, inebriated and completely uninhibited in a disco playground. The temperature of this early spring night hovered around 40 degrees outside; inside it must have been 95. Yet no one cared. The sounds of Joey Llanos and his original Paradise crew took us to a higher level; every song literally built off the prior one, creating an upward spiral of energetic inspiration. Intertwined dialogue between DJ and audience pushed the night into the stratosphere of dance floor ecstasy. In other words, the shit he was playing sounded real good and made you wanna dance! The hungry, beckoning, sweaty, grooving audience gyrated, swayed, twostepped and ‘grinded’ in pure unified enthusiasm. This was a sight for poor nightlife deprived eyes. Being from Chicago I had grown up on house music like kids in New York grew up on Hip-Hop. House music is in our blood. As teenagers in the mid80‘s we chased Ron Hardy, Frankie Knuckles, Farley and Andre Hatchet (celebrated DJ’s who have now achieved legendary status) around

the city, and we followed them into early adulthood. During that blissful time we would thirst to hear Isaac Hayes’ “I Can’t Turn Around”; First Choice’s “Let No Man Put Asunder”; and The Machine’s “There but for the Grace of God”. Originally our parents’ music - after being remixed, the E.Q. tweaked and the base amplified - it was now ours. The familiar sounds of childhood in Chicago had become the foundation of a movement. House music defined that generation. And 80‘s club music (specifically ’82 - ’89) would lay the groundwork for the next 25 years of dance music. What was created by DJs then is still being replicated today. And this was THE party that celebrated its significance.... The crowd seemed thankful, almost grateful, even humbled to be receiving such a heavy, pure dose of the dope we craved in early adulthood. There was no pretense, judgement or prejudice. Everyone was equal in this racially diverse demographic which emanated a gay exterior but encompassed many straight people. Like back in the day, it was all about the music: period. Ironically, house music has become global, and a plethora of foreigners were in attendance. I was having a shot at the bar with a stylishly dressed couple from Germany, when a group of Japanese tourists exploded with jubilant dance moves as the DJ laid into a medley of Loleta Holloway jams - a tribute to one of the queens of the genre.

As 4:00 am approached, the unrelenting base made the crowd anxious for a last surge of magic. As the DJ announced “this is the last song “ three separate times, our soul collective became a galvanized community of protesters. To say we did not want the night to end would be an understatement. So we were blessed with a fitting closure - “You Know How to Love Me” by the tragic, yet talented, Phyllis Hyman. “Measure for measure your love’s so much pleasure, like a haunting melody you came inside and captured me. I’m so happy for the rhythm of my life.” We sang every word as if it were our pledge of allegiance. We chanted our mantra. Pure joy - and perspiration - oozed from our beings. Satisfied, gratified and slightly exhausted from dancing, I realized I had not stopped moving for 4 hours except to have a drink. My shirt was soaked and my feet hurt, but I was happy. Really happy. On that night a tangible, undeniable, euphoric uprising took place in the West Village. The end result was a good ole’ house party in paradise. written by : GRIFFIN STACEY

Photographed by David Leslie Anthony Stylist, Tony Bryan @ Ford Artists Make-up Maggie Kerr @ Ford Artists Hair: Gia Tummillo Photo Assistants: Robert Ayers II, Marc Moran, & Neal Augustin Stylist Assistants: Tessa Kail & Mary Collins Special Appearance: Playboy Model Crystal McCahill

Mike: blk suit jacket by HUGO BOSS; white shirt by DOLCE & GABBANA; blk pants by DOLCE & GABBANA; shoes by PERTINI; sunglasses by CARRERA; gloves STYLIST’S OWN Crystal: necklace by TOM BINN; tan rib bone top by RODARTE; leather vest by LIP SERVICE; leather pants by CHROME HEARTS; shoes by JIMMY CHOO; chain link belt by JOHNNY FARAH: copper belt by ALEXANDER MCQUEEN; gloves STYLIST’S OWN Josh: blk suit by DOLCE & GABBANA; shirt by PRADA; tie by GIORGIO ARMANI; pocket handkerchief by ROBERT TALBOT Black hair girl: top by GUESS; pants by VINCE; vest from NIGHT & DAY VINTAGE; shoes by DIOR

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Mike: blk suit jacket by HUGO BOSS; white shirt by DOLCE & GABBANA; blk pants by DOLCE & GABBANA; shoes by PERTINI; gloves STYLIST’S OWN Crystal: blk cape by ISABEL TOLEDO; mesh top by ZERO + MARIA CORNEJO; blk & wht bodysuit by ALTUZARRA; tights by DKNY; shoes by NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD; necklace by TOM BINN; sunglasses by OLIVER PEOPLES; gloves STYLIST’S OWN; Jonathan: blk suit jacket by GIORGIO ARMANI; navy silk shirt by GIORGIO ARMANI; pocket handkerchief by BRIONI

Josh: blk suit by DOLCE & GABBANA; shirt by PRADA; tie by GIORGIO ARMANI; belt by JOHN VARVATOS Black hair girl: dress by BCBGENERATION; tights by WOLFORD

Dana: dress by JM COUTURE; belt by ARMANI EXCHANGE; jewelry MODEL’S OWN Jonathan: blk suit jacket by GIORGIO ARMANI; navy silk shirt by GIORGIO ARMANI; pocket handkerchief by BRIONI Black girl: top by JM COUTURE Josh (in mirror): blk suit by DOLCE & GABBANA; shirt by PRADA; tie by GIORGIO ARMANI

Jonathan: blk suit jacket by GIORGIO ARMANI; navy silk shirt by GIORGIO ARMANI Dana: top by JM COUTURE

Mike: blk suit jacket by HUGO BOSS; white shirt by DOLCE & GABBANA; blk pants by DOLCE & GABBANA; belt by PRADA; shoes by PERTINI; gloves STYLIST’S OWN Crystal: sequin top by JEAN PAUL GAULTIER; leather vest by LIP SERVICE; leather belt by LIP SERVICE; leather studded belt by/from NORDSTROM; leather pants by CHROME HEARTS; mink choker from NIGHT & DAY VINTAGE

Jonathan: blk suit jacket by GIORGIO ARMANI; navy silk shirt by GIORGIO ARMANI Black girl: top by JM COUTURE; belt by LIP SERVICE; necklace by BEBE

Mike: blk suit jacket by HUGO BOSS; white shirt by DOLCE & GABBANA; blk pants by DOLCE & GABBANA; belt by PRADA; shoes by PERTINI; gloves STYLIST’S OWN Crystal: sequin top by JEAN PAUL GAULTIER; leather vest by LIP SERVICE; leather belt by LIP SERVICE; leather studded belt by/from NORDSTROM; leather pants by CHROME HEARTS; mink choker from NIGHT & DAY VINTAGE Josh: blk suit by DOLCE & GABBANA; shirt by PRADA; tie by GIORGIO ARMANI; belt by JOHN VARVATOS Black hair girl: dress by BCBGENERATION; tights by WOLFORD Angie (blonde girl on couch): shirt by NANETTE LEPORE; vest by GRYPHON; shorts by ALICE & OLIVIA Dana: dress by JM COUTURE; belt by ARMANI EXCHANGE; jewelry MODEL’S OWN Jonathan: blk suit jacket by GIORGIO ARMANI; navy silk shirt by GIORGIO ARMANI; pocket handkerchief by BRIONI

Welcome to Times Square, NYC: “The Crossroads of the World, baby!” In this year of 2011 all is seemly gentrified under the bright lights in the heart of the Theatre District, but take a step off Broadway onto the wild side of 42nd Street and you will find options beyond your wildest dreams: Fast Carz, Rockstarz and Women from Marz! Controversial ROCKSTAR Natasha Komis, “Nikki Slik” to compatriots, has traveled through life exploring the roads of decadence and has endured them all. Komis knows all about the infamous New York nightlife, and she’s ready to “school” everyone who thinks they know better. While Komis has dabbled in several roles of the entertainment industry, her most notable role is that of musician-singer. Her spunky rocker attitude and voice have been attracting listeners for years. Her bite is lethal and so is her hair. But don’t shy away, because she has no intention of letting anyone out of her grasp. Photographer : James Weber / model : Natasha Komis / Location Cheetah NYC

The New Jersey phenomenon and former American Apparel model made her way onto the small screen when she appeared in MTV’s reality show, “My New BFF.” Komis starred alongside other girls vying to be Paris Hilton’s new best friend in the series’ 1st season and stood out as one of the more hard-core girls of the bunch. Consequently, she was asked to appear as a special guest on VH1’s “Daisy of Love.” Komis has since found her own celebrity scene with her exploding music career, accompanied by an entourage befitting a rock star. She has appeared in Vogue, Complex and Vice magazines and is a favorite at FoxxCode events!

This rockess has recently been attracting attention with her singles “Shooting Star” and “Party of the Year,” 80s-inspired rock/glam style music. Her musical and personal style is reminiscent of rock’n roll frontwoman Joan Jett of the Blackhearts, playing venues such as the renowned Rocklohoma Festival. A full-length album with her own band is currently being cut in the recording studio.

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Among the countless clubs that Natasha Komis knows so well is Times Squares’ Cheetah. And the gentlemen’s club and restaurant knows how to ease the stress and strains of city life. Cheetah is in the business of creating ‘bliss,’ after all. The ‘urban hideaway’ offers a Go Go Bikini Sports Bar, Skybox Lingerie Lounge and supper club cabaret. Cheetah recently unveiled its new VIP room, affectionately named after none other than Charlie Sheen himself.

Like Sheen, Cheetah is nothing without its dancers. As exotic and sultry as they come, the club’s seductive sirens attract New York natives, celebrities and tourists alike. They are the eye-catching traps of the urban jungle, and they cater to appetites as diverse and insatiable as the city’s occupants.

An unusually intimate atmosphere elevates patrons to a heightened state of leisure in this Las Vegas-style showcase meets Parisian Cabaret. From private parties to corporate events to celebrity catering, no party is too small or too lavish for Cheetah. In addition to the many entertainment complexes and exotic dancers, their international restaurant brings together fine dining cuisine in an East-Meets-West fashion.

Among celebrities, movie personalities, fashion industry, financial professional and diplomats who have ‘darkened the door’ of Cheetah are boxer Vincent Maddalone and mixed martial artist Darrill Schoonover. Flushing-born heavyweight Maddalone has 33 wins to his name out of 39 matches, 23 by knockout. As a popular fighter, he is often featured on ESPN. Maddalone’s most recent matches include Denis Boytsov, Jean Marc Mormeck and Dominique Alexander. Texas heavyweight Schoonover has trained in Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. He’s won 11 of the 15 matches in which he’s competed and has appeared as a cast member of Spike TV’s “The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights,” in which he fought against Zak Jenson, Marcus Jones and James McSweeney.

NAKED SUSHI Cheetah’s most impressive feature is their revival of an old Japanese art form originating from the wellknown and highly popularized geisha culture. Traditional and contemporary practices of entertainment are renewed and united in a delectable way. Offered in the Kabuki Room, nyotaimori, or “female body presentation,” is the art of serving raw fish on the body of a nude body, typically a woman’s. Both the food and the woman are presented and respected as art.

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Credits for shoot: photographer : Chili Palmer, models: Darci LeShea Hooker, Andra Lepnis, Special thanks to Bonnie Gore events mgr at Dal Toro and of course, Robbie Tatum, owner Dal Toro

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A recurring original Series of snapshots spotlighting our discoveries who exhibit the essence of American pop culture.

photographer : Mike White

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Photography, Patric Pross; Stylist, Elvis Nunez; Make-up, Gabriel Milan; Hair, Vivian Pisano of the Secret Garden Spa; Aiden & Co. Diamonds

Photographer : DAVID GURTCHEFF

Photos provided by : MODERN PICTORIALS ( Photographer : David Robert Gurtcheff Locations : Long Beach Island , New Jersey

by Jay Mann Lying just off the coast of Central New Jersey is the 20-mile-long barrier island of Long Beach Island. Elongated and lean, it is technically little more than a lengthy stretch of primordial sand, leaning, beach-first, toward the perpetually moody Atlantic Ocean. Despite being vulnerable to storms, tides and edgy seas, LBI has become a veritable stronghold of serenity and stability for the many folk who have been irreversibly won over by its appeal, its ‘magic’ as it commonly called. For those island converts banking on that magic, it has become a faithful escape, a turn-to source of energy and reenergizing. It is a place as close as a family member to the millions who have lain on its white sands, taking in its high-potential sunrises or watching the day reluctantly become a forceful bay side sunset.     Roughly 70 miles from Philly and 90 miles from NYC, the island is conveniently close to urban centers, yet distinctly a world apart. The Island’s south end easily views the high-stakes skyline of Atlantic City, just to the south. But as it is confidently noted by L.B.Islanders, you can’t get there from here. Short of shops, eateries, miniatures golf courses and hometown-sized amusement centers, the concept of glitz and glitter has never been afforded a chance to take a high-glam foothold hereabouts. During an extended summer season, budding in May and carrying on through October,

LBI is a semi-secretive, semiexclusive summer Mecca for a vast array of visitors, including the rich and famous - and the very much not-so. The Island’s seasonal people mix is as

eclectic as it is dedicated. Retirees,

family groups, famed and starving artists, revved up water-sporters (including some-

times-punk/sometimes polite surfers)

all share beach space with prominent doctors, lawyers and, scattered about, some Hollywood elite. The heterogeneous mix is utterly ideal for an island that has taken an obvious liking to humanity, even when that humanity arrives in volleys of thousands, tens of thousands -- and a good deal more on holiday weekends.   Long Beach Island met its first humans eons ago; the first footprints in its sugar sand belonging to Native Americans. Verbal records passed on by the coastal Leni- Lenape tribe indicate they were among the very first layer of humanity to feel the magnetic energy emanating from the island’s spirit. While later historians - of a European ilk - would propose that these original locals merely came to the barrier island for compulsory food gathering and other tediously pedestrian chores, the Island itself clearly recalls things much differently. Those first human visitors, primordial tourists, readily ran across the beach and along the water’s edge, laughing and splashing, kicking through the foam. They luxuriated in the way ocean winds fend off fierce mainland heat and banished biting insects. Particularly attuned to earthly energies, AmerInds were also surely the first to sense the island’s magic. To this day, artifacts of their LBI stays are found amid shells and glacial gravel. Symbolizing the powerful relevance the island offered the Lenape, are deep-purple wampum beads, made from qua hog clams crafted as the Indians took summers on the beach, symbolize the powerful relevance the island offered the Lenape.

While AmerInds came to the island in hollowed-out log canoes, modern island natives drive in atop a monumental concrete conveyance: a four-bridge, fourlane conduit simply dubbed “the Causeway.” As much as it is a thoroughfare, with exciting indicators and roadside landmarks that signal the island is drawing near, it has become something akin to the Island’s aorta, transporting the human essence - the lifeblood - of an island now energetically teeming with art, entertainment, ma-and-pa commerce and limitless water sports. Yet, despite the Island’s ready absorption of the all thing modern, the Causeway, first and foremost, brings in those gamely giving themselves over to the lure of Long Beach Island....  

“The “The instant I arrive on the Island, Island, it takes me over. Once Once I’m over the Causeway, II just just shift mental gears and allow allow things to flow as they may,” may,” says Jennifer L., a summer resident. Back in the real world, she teaches transcendental meditation near Philadelphia. “I often consider bringing my students down here, but that might break the spell the Island puts over me,” she adds, adjusting a baseball cap she traditionally wears when taking one of her multi-mile walks along the Island’s depopulating sunset beaches. “I sometimes have to force myself to head back to the house once I start walking the beach. I just get lost in the Island’s force,” says Jennifer. She’s among the many feeling the “force.” There are those who tap into LBI’s energy by coupling their idle beach time with semi-actively fishing in the surf. The potential for fish -- big fish, like striped bass and bluefish -- is sky high. The potential is even higher for those escapist anglers wanting to accomplish nothing more than plopping down

in a beach chair to watch spiked fishing rods, as they all but sleep in place, unmoving.   Island decades can pass with the same conceptual beach chair being filled by the same conceptual angler, generation after generation, all given over to an island energy that also knows when to quietly settle in, like a contented lapdog. “My dad and grand-

dad fished here, dating back to the 1940s. I’m the third generation and my son here is the fourth,” says Kevin W. of Cherry Hill, NJ, placing his hand on the sun-bleached, blond-streaked head of his 9-year old son, Kevin, Jr.

“As a kid, I’d have to listen to endless stories of their fishing craziness on LBI, especially bluefish blitzes, when Dad and Granddad would start hooking them on this beach and end up chasing the schools a mile down the beach, screaming and hollering and losing lures left and right along the way. They’d be so tired and have so many fish they would call my uncle to drive down and pick them up,” says Kevin, Sr. “Now that I’ve had the same bluefish blitz action, all they told me makes perfect sense. I live for it.” “And now I have to listen to the stories,” smiles Junior, who would go on to catch his first striped bass, a 37-incher, in a matter of hours. Then, there are those who double up on the energies the island lifestyle has to offer. For wave-riders -- be it via surfboard, body-board, kayak, skimboard or simply swim fins -- LBI offers a particularly high-energy form of mystic, one born of the coupling of island and ocean forces. This accruing of powers, as the Atlantic energy joins the Island’s, can quickly manifest into world-quality waves, peaking ceiling-

high and offering archetypal surf sessions, perfectly suited to those islanders seeking maximum immersion in epic doses of LBI’s unique wave energy. “I’ve surfed the world, seen the best waves, and have truthfully had some of my favorite surf sessions right here on Long Beach Island,” says Hawaii-bred Gregory M. “Sure it’s small here a lot, but that just makes the waves much better when they do come,” he says, adding, “Of course, even when the waves aren’t here, the partying is. When it comes to partying, LBI rocks!”   And therein may be the most famed magic of LBI. It rolls folks together in the finest -- and sometimes rammiest -of terms. From family-based bay side ‘brewsy’ barbecues to motel pool-side, outside-band happy hours to kick-ass nightclubs with bands that made the famous, when it comes Jersey Shore

to partying the Island is perpetually young at heart. It is as ready to rock today as it was back in the distant day.

“We hung out at Buck’s Bar, singing our heads off with the band; got chased out onto the street at closing time, then ran to the beach to howl at the moon until sunrise. Skinny-dipping was mandatory,” recalls Emma M. While her partying memories sound like the stuff of the latest Jersey reality shows, she talks LBI times within a cozy off-island retirement community. Her recollections focused on the early 1940s war years. “I lived there [on LBI] and knew that when the summer ended, it was back to the off-season quiet -- hanging out with bay men and fishermen. We girls made our hay in the summer,” Emma giggles youthfully. And the Island’s high-magic summers do end, albeit grudgingly, giving way

to something resembling normalcy to year-rounders. However, with season’s switch ushers in what - to many/most LBI worshippers - are the months of all: fall.   If the Island has a secret high point in its constant show of magic and lure, it’s when locals and tourist folk converge to absorb the annual autumnal burst of energy, an odd but compelling mix of cool beauty and remembrances of days just ended -- or long gone. Fall is the season of later-day introspection for the elders and a final high-animation splash of ocean wildness for lingering waveriders, acutely tuned to take in the finest, least-crowded waves and waters of the year. It’s now that beaches, recently undulating with wave after wave of tourists, lie momentarily barren. But not for long. A new buzz soon arises. Battalions of mobile fishermen, in gearchallenged “buggies,” soon begin cruising the beach front. It is the annual run of fishing madness, as species great and small begin migrating southward in the suds. The anglers wait, poised with tight lines and immersed in a traditional anticipation, to fight the likes of striped reaching 50 pounds.“They bass “cows”

say the island is better in the fall but I have to to disagree,” disagree,” says island local Jim D. “It’s absolutely best in the fall.” fall.” Working the waters until fall’s end, the anglers and surfers all but overdose on island energy -- seemingly storing it up like hibernal fats to get through the too long, too cold, often-savage LBI winter. Though remaining mystical through ice rains and freezing spray, the Island itself recedes into rest mode come winter. However, its respite is akin to a contented breather, one comforted by knowing that family is not far off, a mere season’s change away.

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“Wave” photography by Ann Coen:

by Lisa Ball

After a very stressful week, all I wanted to do was sit on the beach. I needed a place to forget my problems and just relax. As I eased back into my beach chair, my troubles were swept away with every crashing wave. The warm sun relaxed my muscles and the sound of the ocean lulled me into a drea m-like state. Oh those wonderful waves! They call my na me and tell me that everything will be alright. Watching such a powerful force of nature puts everything into perspective. Waves have been crashing for millions of years. I’ve only been watching them for fifty. Our lives pass by in a blink of the eye! My past is stored in those waves. All I have to do is sit on the sand and my memories come flooding back. Like watching a home movie, I see my kids playing on the beach and the baby napping under the u mbrella as if it were yesterday. Reaching further into the past, I see my first boyfriend stealing a kiss on a moonlit night. And then there was the time my cousin saved me from a rip current. He was my hero. I couldn’t swim to shore and he heard me calling him. I felt so safe when he swa m out to rescue me. My thoughts wa ndered to the me mories I shared with friends a nd fa mily a bout how the beach brought us all closer together. Some of them are no longer with us so I treasure those memories. My fondest memories are the simplest ones. Just picturing my aunts and uncles at the age I a m now and my cousins when we were all kids helps me remember all the laughter. I found myself smiling. My problems had drifted away. Wave therapy worked again.

“The Shack” images by Blanche Connolly

ReClaiming The Bay

ReClam the Bay (RCTB) was established in 2005 with the mission of providing incentive and information for improving Long Beach Island’s Barnegat Bay. RCTB raises awareness of humanity’s impact on the coastal bay and its watersheds by promoting care of hard clam and oyster population, living representatives of the bay’s ecosystem. “Get people involved in the lives of creatures that live in the bay, and [they] will make the bay better.” Educating people about shellfish will improve the Island’s water quality. Through RTCB the public has the opportunity to become the most effective avenue of stewardship for natural resource preservation as reflected in RCTB’s motto: “Restoration through Education: Education through Restoration”. Informed citizens can help sustain Barnegat Bay’s ecological environment by participating in RTCB’s following activities: * Hands-on, small group training sessions and outings; * The award-winning “Clam Trail Treasure Hunt, and; * The Giant Painted Clam Art Awareness Project, an open invitation for interaction with live baby clams.

Details @ <> photograph by : ANN COEN

Great vibe and lots to do!! We have private rooms, with shower, toilet and AC. Also dorms and rooms for 4 people which include a kitchen. Laundry Service is available. There is also a breezy lounge area with restaurant, skyTV and a DVD player, we offer a wide selection of DVD movies, Wii Games, Pool Table, Poker Nights, Tourist information available for all kinds of attractions available in the area. One step from the well known best beach break in Santa Teresa.

Comfortable • Convenient • Secure • Clean Tel: 506.264.00137


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It was a time popularized by its flappers, bootleggers, and jazz. Through his classic writings that defined an era, F. Scott Fitzgerald coined the term “the Jazz Age” to describe the flamboyance and irresistible amoral decadence that was the 1920’s. The Knife and Fork Inn was at the center of it all in Atlantic City. Established in 1912, the Knife and Fork Inn has enjoyed a rich past that saw the rise and fall of Prohibition and the pomp that surrounded it. The club included an exclusive men’s drinking and dining club and a separate “ladies lounge.” Private rooms on the third and fourth floor were reserved for gambling and other activities. The historic club-turned-restaurant has long been a hot spot for local politicians and vacationers. It has also been honored by the presence of such Hollywood celebrities as Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, and Vic Damone. Today, the Ladies’ Dining Lounge stands as a nod to the old men’s drinking and dining club that excluded women and had them dine in a separate room besides theirs. To the benefit of the restaurant’s patrons, this lounge is open to both women and men. The Knife and Fork Inn has undergone restorations and renovations to ensure this relic of the twenties is keeping the Jazz Age alive.

McCullough Models Inc. Bill McCullough 8 South Hanover Ave. Atlantic City, NJ 08402 Photographer : PATRIC PROSS Foto’s by Larry, LLC Larry Berman Casting and Backstage Photos Hat Emporium Tropicana Casino at the Quarter 2801 Pacific Ave. Atlantic City, NJ 08401 609-348-1777 Newport Prodouctions Backstage Footage and Prep Justin Thomson Yellow Cab Co. Paul Rosenberg 3401 Winchester Ave. Atlantic City, NJ 08401 Jersey Cape Region/AACA Charlie and Linda Molnar Car presented by son, Greg 1928 Erskine by Studabaker 4 A STAR Ava Holly Lewis

Sanctuary Boutique 2110 Richmond Rd,S.I, N.Y 10306 Contact: Joanna Denora 718.979.1080-Women’s Clothing Secret Garden Spa 702 Forest Ave S.I, N.Y 10310 Hair,Make-up,Styling,Jewelry,Headbands Roxanne Spray Tan (spray in a bottle)-Roxanne Rizzo Vincent Sciortino-3 East Front Street Red Bank, N.J 07701-Contact: Vincent Sciortino 732.933.8448 Destiny 347.296.9809-Contact: Jennifer Lorenzo and Nichole Conroy Unbuttoned Lab- 40 Bergen Street Englewood, N.J 07631 201.894.8002 PHOTO SHOOT AT Knife and Fork Inn Maureen Shay 3600 Atlantic Avenue Atlantic City, NJ 08401 special thanks section: Spanky and Son Classic Car Usage 3719 Porter Ave. Atlantic City, NJ WIN Promotions Set Extras Galloway, NJ ROOMS PROVIDED BY KD Group Inc. Empire Inn Absecon, NJ Tula Boutique Shrewsbury, NJ 732.219.8888 Secret Garden hair, make-up, and styling of shoot: Marla Lembo Vivian Pisano Alyssa LoCosto Lisa Marrocolo Linda Yorio Lauren Dunne Allison McDonough Lisa Ajello Gabrielle DePasquale





museum / collection / artist / auction house...


galary / sculptor / artist / performance...


artist / documentary / journalist...


music / commercial / internet...


film / theatre / opera...


comedian / personality / host...


broadway / off-broadway / live show...


dancer / choreography / troupe / school...


television / publishing / paparazzi / critic / social...


structure / sculptor / person...


design / decor / property / designer...


publishing / film / digital...


writer / creator / inventor...


book / person / poetry / prose...


dj / radio / announcer / broadcasting...


artist / icon / pulp fiction....


artist / venue / tour / agent / manager...


artist / venue / tour / agent / manager...


artist / venue / tour / agent / manager...


production / instrumental / composition / performer...


collection / composition / recording...


designer / model / collection / house / trend...


shop / designer department / custom design / private Collection...


jewelry / fashion / couture/ bag / shoe / trend / person...


fashion / organization / publicist....

191 HAIR

salon / product / stylist / owner / trend...




studio / product / stylist / owner / trend...


body painting / tattoo / nails / piercing / surgical procedure...


property / lodge / owner / design...


resort / property / proprietor / location...

201 LUXURY LIVING real-estate / life-style / person / investment... 203 SPORT

athlete / team / coach / trend...


transportation / person / sport / event...


transportation / sport / beach / surf....

209 CHEF

head of the kitchen


food / stylized preparation / suez chef...

213 RESTAURATEUR owner / family / purveyor / maitre dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;... 215 EATERY

restaurant / diner / pub...


gourmand / fine food / fine drink

219 WINE

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Fine Art Russ Elliott

Russ Elliott is a designer’s painter who enjoys the challenge of creating custom murals and paintings. “Custom,” explains Elliott, “entails having a designer request works of a certain size while adhering to a particular color palette, often stipulating the subject matter and style.” Elliott’s extensive body of work, including his “Gallery Collection” of serigraphs and lithographs, graces some of America’s most significant private residences as well as notable public and commercial establishments. Various styles of art are portrayed in Elliott’s work. His Hibiscus Restaurant project (Palm Beach) for Carleton Varney - Dorothy Draper’s protégé and one of America’s most well-known interior designers - was a testimony to transformation he effected with the stroke of a brush. This Everglades mural extends over a 35-foot-high wall, measuring 45 feet in length. Varney also commissioned Elliott’s art for the Greenbriar Resort (West Virginia), Peter’s Island Resort and the St. Croix Palm Mural (US Virgin Islands), as well as the famous Rookwood Restaurant (Ohio). His Trump Tower (New York) commission requested clouds and a Koi pond in a bathroom! The Carlyle Hotel required his restoring the famous Bemelmans and Erté murals with additional panels painted in the former artists’ styles. New York’s President and Sheraton Hotels house Elliott’s tropical designs, while the Wyndham Hotel’s Minotaur Restaurant features

his depiction of King Mino’s throne room (2600 B.C.) from the Island of Crete. In addition, Elliott has done restoration and new art work for famed chef David Ruggerio’s Le Chantilly and Nona’s Restaurants (New York).... The once vibrant historic Irving Hotel in Southampton featured Elliott’s casino library, his Rousseau-inspired dining room and his Monet-style water lily murals in the lobby and gallery. Lattanzi Ristorante (New York) was painted with Etruscan scenes. Others of Elliott’s commissions include: Blackbeard’s and Louisenhoj Castles (St. Thomas); The Palm Bay Club (Miami); DeSoto Hilton (Savannah); Halcyon Cove Resorts (Antigua); and New York’s Chez Josephine, Mortimer’s, the Gaslight Club and the McAlpin Hotel. Patron Marissa Beck’s Grill 21 and Pan De Sal (New York) both feature the very best of Elliott’s special signature murals. Elliott’s career is as extensive as his body of work, starting with his first one-man show in Korea during his military service in the Korean Conflict. Later he served as artist-in-residence at Bloomingdales (New York) for over three years and has numerous one-man shows to his credit, including two benefit exhibitions for the US Olympic Ski Team. His Endangered Species Series from the “Curaçao” show was hosted by the Governor of C uraç ao al o n g wi t h t h e l at e Joan C r a w f o r d , D i n a M e r r i l l ,

Cliff Robertson, Frank Gifford and Uniroyal President David Beretta. Crawford eventually became a patron and sponsor, as well as a collector, of Elliott’s paintings. Tennessee Williams and Van Johnson were close friends and champions of his art career as well. Elliott’s private gallery has been featured in Interior Design and House Beautiful magazines. Elliott has been recently involved with some design work for the United Nations building. Presently, an original Elliott signature mural was presented to the public at the July pre-opening of New York’s legendary Copacabana, and his refurbished Copa girl is magnificently showcased in a two-story Italian glass mosaic at the supper club’s entrance. Russ Elliott’s paintings have graced all four of Copacabana’s clubs through the years. While he has been extremely prolific in compiling his artistic portfolio during his career, Russ Elliott continues to astound us all with his energetic, creative genius!

Contact Elliott’s Managing Art Director John Lauruska for additional information:

Modern Art Miguel Paredes

Clowning II from the “Los Niños Series.” 2010. Oil on canvas. 135” x 55”

Photo credit: Luis Ernesto Piñol Photo credit: Isabella Paredes Art Work: Pulgha Flight. 2011. Oil on canvas. 54” x 54”. Ghostwriter. 2011. Oil on canvas. 111” X 55”

Miguel Paredes, a New York native, is an Urban Realist who combines cutting-edge techniques of Street art, Pop art and Japanese animation to create his own genre of trend-forward pieces. Drawing inspiration from pop icons such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and his own mentor Ronnie Cutrone, Warhol’s immediate assistant at The Factory during the notorious artist’s most productive and prestigious years, Paredes has created his own unique and explosive style. His combination of street graffiti, landscape and Pop art have propelled his crossover from street walls, during his days as a student at the prestigious Fiorello LaGuardia High School of Music and Art in the ‘80s, to becoming a highly regarded creator of fine decorative art, prized by collectors from Los Angeles to Seoul, Korea. Now Miami-based, Paredes has become one of the local art scene’s most prosperous artists. “Pulgha World,” an 18 x 26 ft. mosaic mural donated by the artist in 2010, is a colorful landmark located in the heart of Wynwood Art District. The artist is well-known for his iconic, Japanese anime-inspired digital series Pulgha™ & Birds. In this delightful collection the magical flea Pulgha™ joins forces for good with her friends the spirited Birds, Yori & Kosue. An original, branded cartoon series based on these creations is currently being represented by the William Morris Endeavor Agency, and a new collection of fine oil paintings is being developed. In his “Los Niños Series,” Paredes made his own children “the subject of a revealing drama about the timeless hopes of all parents and the strength needed to face the unknown battles of life.” He continues, “My children in these paintings are larger than life, heroic and provocative. I like to keep the paintings of the children as innocent and vulnerable as possible.” Paredes observes a decaying culture at work on an entire generation of youth with their rite of passage being uncertain and dangerously manipulative, so he arms his young subjects with ‘jammies,’ toy guns, tricycles, milk cartons and a slice of ‘what’s up’ attitude with which to tackle this new world. “I consider my children to be my life’s masterpieces,” reveals Paredes, and he uses them as subjects to awaken his “audience’s imagination and even some childhood memories.” Paredes continues to make his mark by expanding his inspirational environment while showcasing his works at local, national and international shows including Artist-In-Residence at the iconic National Hotel during Art Basel Miami Beach, 2010. His solo space Miguel Paredes Fine Art Gallery opened in February 2011 to rave reviews. He has recently become the first Miami-Dade recipient of simultaneous proclamations from the City of Miami Beach and the Village of Pinecrest, honoring Paredes’ donation to the Miami Design Preservation League’s Art Deco Welcome Center and his support of historic preservation, devotion to the city and positive impact on the community.

the Miguel Paredes Fine Art Gallery is located at 173 NW 23rd St. in the Wynwood Arts District, Miami Fl 33127 •

Fashion Photography James Weber The military opens expansive opportunities that provide a lifetime of rewards for many people. This is especially true for James Weber, whose entry into the world of photography began when he joined the Navy and learned to use a camera. “The moment I became a photographer, I didn’t want to do anything else,” he reveals. While developing his skills as a military photographer, his professional career of capturing images through a lens emerged. Weber’s portfolio is an impressive compilation of photographs that includes revealing portraits, various still lifes, and captivating landscapes. Although he enjoys shooting a variety of subjects, his focus is on fashion and beauty. When he arrived in New York in 2001, he worked as a commercial photographer and eventually opened James Weber Studio. His four years at Jordache inspired his interest in fashion and beauty, work requiring a collaborative rather than a singular effort. He enjoys creating and executing a concept with a team of stylists, hair and makeup artists, and models who work with him to realize a visually stunning final product. For the past five years, along with his commercial work, Weber has been producing “The Evolution Project”- a Fine Art collection based on the contrast between Darwin’s evolutionary theory and the Biblical version of Adam and Eve. Among Weber’s main influences as a photographer are Paolo Roversi, Patrick Demarchelier and Irving Penn. As does Penn, Weber enjoys exploring the use of light and dark in conjuring emotional responses to his work. He explains, “Sometimes what you don’t light is as important as what you do.” Of all his projects, the most meaningful one developed after December 2009 when Weber was diagnosed with leukemia. After months in the hospital, he received a bone marrow transplant that has allowed him to be cancer free since May 2010. During this professional hiatus, he initiated The Leukemia Needs Foundation. In the spring of 2011 the organization created “Life Bills” to financially assist hospitalized leukemia patients. The first fundraiser - “Art For the Cause” - was held on Weber’s first anniversary of his transplant, raising $10,000 with the help of forty-five artists and their collections of mixed media. In the studio James Weber continues to exercise his artistic eye behind the lens. His love of photography is evidenced by the way he speaks of it. He has combined a cherished hobby and hard work to create a lasting relationship with fine art of fashion and beauty. •

Portait Photography Ann Marie Coen

Ann Marie Coen was inspired to pick up her camera after spending her early adulthood exploring oceans and mountains in Tahiti, British Columbia, Central America, New Zealand, Colorado, and Fiji. Her career as a professional photographer began in 2003 when she became a staff photographer with the Asbury Park Press. She focused her freelance career on beach culture, and her work began appearing in magazines. She was quickly recognized as one of the five best women shooters on the East Coast by Eastern Surf Magazine. Wedding photography started as a side-project, but having been a recent young bride herself, Coen instantly connected with young couples. She offered a photojournalistic style paired with an appreciation for traditional portraits, artistically juxtaposing the personality of the bride and groom with varied regional settings like As

bury Park, Atlantic City, Barnegat Light, and NYC. She has also traveled to shoot inspirational ceremonies in Aruba, Costa Rica, and Boca Raton. In 2008 Coen opened her own gallery in Surf City, adorned with images of exotic locales and portraitures, as well as lifestyle, music, surfing, and Jersey Shore culture. She has been published in an array of magazines including Spin, Transworld Surf, and Salt. Photographs of her travels to the Outer Banks, Cuba, Mexico, the West Indies and Hawaii have been published internationally. In 2010 she was featured in the much-celebrated “Where Oceans Converge” art show with an impressive list of nationally-known contemporary artists. Coen contends, “Quality work is my number one priority. I feel that keeping a small, tight operation is one of the most impor-

tant aspects of quality control. Being a photographer is so much more than simply the ability to take a photo. It’s trying to understand your subject and environment. I think it’s something my clients recognize and it puts them at ease, resulting in more candid [effects].” Today her style is well-known, and her work hangs in many notable restaurants up and down the Jersey Shore. She has become a fixture at local wedding venues, was named Best of the Knot Photographers in 2011 and 2009, and has already played an advisory role in building LBI as a wedding destination. Ann Marie Coen is an integral part of the local art scene.

Page: 139

Video Martin Solveig received critical acclaim and enabled him to work with Salif Keita, for whom he remixed “Madan,” one of 2003’s biggest club anthems. This afro-disco release, along with his popular funkdriven “Rocking Music” track, helped fast-forward his career. His “Hedonist” album followed and produced hit singles such as “Everybody,” “Jealousy” and “Rejection.” Solveig’s 2008 album, “C’est La Vie,” sold in excess of 300,000 copies.

Over 37 million people have viewed the 7-minute video “Hello” since its release on YouTube at the end of 2010. Shot in front of a live audience at the Roland Garros tennis world championships in France, the music video achieved unprecedented success for the Frenchman who is described by critics as being “in a league of his own,” reminiscent of the early Woody Allen. The triumph of this visual masterpiece catapulted its creator towards immediate stardom! Born Martin Picandet, Martin Solveig is an electronic music DJ and producer from Paris who hosts a weekly radio show called “C’est La Vie” on stations worldwide, including FG DJ Radio in France. Influenced by luminaries such as Stevie Wonder, Prince, Lenny Kravitz and Serge Gainsbourg, Solveig’s eccentric taste and non-conformist attitude are the essence of this multifaceted artist. He sings, produces, deejays, acts and, occasionally, dances. Solveig’s pseudonym is an homage to the French actress Solveig Dommartin. At age 21, Solveig started his own label, Mixture Stereophonic, and released the successful track, “Heart of Africa,” inaugurating the pursuit of his music career. In 2002 his “Sur La Terre” album

Solveig has risen from being a wellrespected deejay and artist in his industry to one of the most formidable international music producers/ performers today. His music has sold well into the millions, and his videos are world-renowned. In 2009 Solveig was presented with the prestigious Chevalier Des Arts et Des Lettres for his contribution to the arts and the Artiste de Musiques Electroniques de l’Annee award at the French Victoires de la Musique. Since the emergence of the video “Hello,” Solveig’s “SMASH” YouTube series has come to define a new breed of music genius. The videos are accompanied by snippets of Solveig’s fourth studio album, “Smash,” released in 2011. The project involves the talents of Dragonette, Bloc Party frontman Kele, UK sensation Sunday Girl, US whirlwind DEV and Caporal Films. Hauntingly nostalgic, this quirky music video series is bursting with frivolity and Solveig’s trademark sounds as fictional ‘manageur’ LaFaille imagines stunts to grab the world’s attention and to take his artist all the way to the top! Armed with headbands and sunglasses, the capering duo recruit 15,000 spectators from the legendary Roland Garros stadium in Episode 1, “Hello,” to watch the deejay working hard to prepare himself for a tennis match, recuperate in the rooftop pool of the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore in Episode

2, “Initial S.H.E.” and hijack the Stade de France stadium at full capacity during March 29th’s France vs. Croatia football game in Episode 3,“Ready 2 Go.” Upcoming episodes will be shot live in Japan and Australia. “Hello” is Solveig’s most successful release to date, garnering an enormous number of Top 10 chart positions: # 1 in Belgium, Holland and Austria; gold certification in Italy and Australia; and a top 15 position in the UK and Germany. It has sold over 1.3 million copies and has achieved platinum status in four countries, not to mention countless other successes like millions of YouTube views, multiple Shazam #1 positions and becoming the soundtrack for BBC 1’s 2011 on-air promo. What began as an humble club track has exploded into one of the biggest crossover dance records the world has ever seen. Solveig’s ever-growing popularity and progressive musical style and creativity have made him one of the world’s most ‘in demand’ performers. In 2011 he was officially named one of the producers for Madonna’s yet untitled new studio album. A big “hello” to one of our most exciting, intriguing and gifted performers in the contemporary music world: Martin Solveig!

Actor Leonardo Dicaprio that made audiences take note. The following year, DiCaprio co-starred as the mentally handicapped brother of Johnny Depp in “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” earning nominations for both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for his portrayal and securing his path to stardom. His role in “Titanic” earned DiCaprio international fame.

Born and reared in Los Angeles, Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is one of America’s most prolific actors in modern culture. During the 90s he evolved from supporting roles in television to one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood, with much of his work being critically acclaimed. He has received numerous awards, including a Golden Globe Award, a Silver Bear, a Chlotrudis Award and a Satellite Award, among others. He has been nominated by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Screen Actors Guild and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. His recognition as an accomplished and versatile actor is without question. DiCaprio began his career in commercials prior to landing recurring roles on the TV shows “Parenthood,” “Santa Barbara” and “Growing Pains.” In 1991 he debuted on screen in the comedic sci-fi horror “Critters 3,” but it was his ’92 critically acclaimed breakout performance in “This Boy’s Life” (in which he was personally selected by Robert De Niro to play the lead role)

Besides De Niro and Depp, DiCaprio has starred alongside acting greats Ellen Barkin, Gene Hackman, Sharon Stone, Russell Crowe, Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, Kate Winslet, Tilda Swinton, Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jennifer Connelly, Djimon Hounsou, Ben Kingsley, Mark Ruffalo and Michelle Williams. He has worked with some of the greatest directors of our day, including Lasse Hallström, Baz Luhrmann, Sam Raimi, Jerry Zaks, James Cameron, Woody Allen, Randall Wallace, Danny Boyle, Steven Spielberg, Edward Zwick, Ridley Scott, Sam Mendes, Christopher Nolan and Martin Scorcese. DiCaprio’s repertoire is as extensive and diverse as the characters he portrays: western film “The Quick and the Dead;” arthouse film “Total Eclipse;” biopics “The Basketball Diaries” and “The Aviator;” classics “Romeo+Juliet” (an abridged modernization of William Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy that retained the original Shakespearean dialogue) and “The Man in the Iron Mask” (in which he played dual roles); caustic satire “Celebrity;” dramas “Marvin’s Room,” “The Beach,” “The Departed” and 1950s drama “Revolutionary Road;” crimecomedy “Catch Me If You Can;” historical film “Gangs of New York;” war film “Blood Diamond;” spy film

“Body of Lies;” psychological thriller “Shutter Island;” science-fiction film “Inception;” and documentary film “The 11th Hour” (created, produced and narrated by DiCaprio on the state of the natural environment). Appian Way Productions is DiCaprio’s production company, whose credits include the films “Gardener of Eden” and “Orphan.” In 2010, Appian Way acquired the rights to Erik Larson’s novel, “The Devil and The White City,” and DiCaprio will play the starring role as serial killer H. H. Holmes, who was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of women during the Chicago World’s Fair. Appian Way has also announced that DiCaprio will produce and star in the upcoming 2013 movie “Legacy of Secrecy,” whose storyline examines how, in the early 1960s, the combined forces of the CIA and the Mafia conspired to initiate and actualize the assassination of JFK. DiCaprio’s upcoming roles include: Clint Eastwood’s “J. Edgar;” Oliver Stone’s “Travis McGee;” Ridley Scott’s “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Brave New World;” Marc Forster’s “The Chancellor Manuscript;” Martin Scorcese biopic “Sinatra;” and Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming adaptation of the novel “The Great Gatsby.” This summer it was announced that DiCaprio was ‘in talks’ for the role of the villainous Calvin Candie for the upcoming Quentin Tarantino film, “Django Unchained,” and it has been reported that Paramount is interested in DiCaprio for the remake of James Caan’s 1974 addiction drama, The Gambler, an adaptation of the short novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Leonardo DiCaprio appears to be indefatigable, and his fans are truly grateful. Page: 143

Entertainer Charlie Sheen During the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, Sheen continued to establish himself as a top box office draw with a string of hits that included “Young Guns” (1988) costarring his brother Emilio, “Major League” (1989) and “Hot Shots!” (1991). He also starred in the baseball film “Eight Men Out,” action comedy “Men at Work,” “Cadence” alongside Martin Sheen, “The Rookie” with Clint Eastwood and “Beyond the Law.” In 1997 Sheen wrote his first movie, “Discovery Mars,” a direct-tovideo documentary that explored the question, Is There Life on Mars? The next year Sheen wrote, produced and starred in the action movie “No Code of Conduct,” directed by Bret Michaels. Google Images

All the world’s a tallyho for Charlie Sheen. Via film, television or stage, through the lens of the paparazzi or the eye of his personal computer, this American actor has captivated and entertained vast audiences in recent years with his performances - professionally and otherwise. With his trademark catch phrase “Winning!” spectators are mesmerized by his journey. Born Carlos Irwin Estévez in New York City, Sheen is the youngest son of actor Martin Sheen and the younger brother of actor Emilio Estévez. Sheen attended Santa Monica High School in California, where he was a star pitcher and shortstop for the baseball team and made amateur Super-8 films with his brother Emilio and school friends Rob Lowe and Sean Penn. Sheen’s film career began in 1984 with a role in the Cold War teen drama “Red Dawn.” In 1986 Oliver Stone directed him in his first major role in the Vietnam War drama “Platoon” and again in 1987 when he starred with his father in “Wall Street” in the acclaimed role of Bud Fox.

Sheen’s acting career includes the spoof series “Scary Movie 3” and “Scary Movie 4,” as well as the comedic films “Money Talks” and the “Major League” series. In 1999 Sheen played himself in the dark comedyfantasy, “Being John Malkovich.” In 2000 Sheen jumped to television when he replaced Michael J. Fox as Charlie Crawford for the last two seasons of the ABC sitcom “Spin City.” Then in 2003 Sheen was cast as Charlie Harper in the hugely successful CBS sitcom “Two and a Half Men,” a role that was loosely based on Sheen’s own bad boy image. Sheen became the highest paid actor on television in 2010 when his earnings topped $1.8 million per episode of “Two and a Half Men.” The role of Charlie Harper garnered an ALMA Award, three Emmy Award nominations and two Golden Globe Award nominations for Sheen. For his work in “Spin City,” he was nominated for two ALMA Awards and won a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy.

Sheen and the leading cast of “Young Guns” were honored with a Bronze Wrangler award for their work on the film. In 1994 Sheen was awarded a star on the legendary Hollywood Walk of Fame. Amidst a highly publicized dispute, Sheen parted with CBS and Warner Bros. as he left his role on “Two and a Half Men” in March 2011. During this time, he launched his controversial Winning! campaign that included a nationwide tour, “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not An Option.” The tour sold out in 18 minutes, a Ticketmaster record. In 2011, Sheen set a new Guinness World Record for Twitter as the Fastest Time to Reach 1 Million Followers (adding an average of 129,000 new followers per day), as well as the Guinness record for Highest Paid TV Actor Per Episode – Current when he exceeded $1.25 million per episode while he was a part of the “Two and a Half Men” cast. Sheen appeared as a host at Psychopathic Records’ 12th annual Gathering of the Juggalos (The Gathering or GOTJ) festival in August, and in September he was roasted on Comedy Central. The “Roast of Charlie Sheen” was watched by 6.4 million people, making it the highest-rated roast on Comedy Central to date. Now that’s entertainment!

Theatre Bonnie & Clyde followed their star on both its rise and decent. The bizarre relationship between the two rebels even elicited a term for being sexually aroused or attracted to people who have committed a gruesome crime - The Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome.

“You’ve read the story of Jesse James, of how he lived and died. If you’re still in need Of something to read, Here’s the story of Bonnie and Clyde.” - Bonnie Parker, 1934 Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were among the first celebrity criminals of the modern era. After they fled their hideout in April 1933 with nothing but the clothes on their backs, police discovered rolls of undeveloped film and scrawled doggerel poetry left behind. It was an instant legend; the photos showed the couple in playful, snapshot-type poses, except they were wielding pistols and rifles. Parker composed the fatalistic poem “The Trail’s End” and gave the handwritten verse to her mother upon their final meeting two weeks before her death. Her mother passed it to the press thereafter. The duo’s enduring appeal to the public imagination perhaps emanates from a fascination for the ‘outsider’ who revolts against an existing, uncaring establishment. Bonnie and Clyde represented the ultimate ‘outsiders’ in American Depression Era culture. Countless articles and books

In 1967 a Warner Bros. major box-office hit of their story, starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, catapulted Bonnie and Clyde back into the national mindset. The film’s sympathetic depiction of its outlaw protagonists struck a nerve on both sides of the ‘60s ‘generation gap,’ moving some with its portrayal of strong, independent cultural rebels, while infuriating others by romanticizing uncommonly vicious criminals. The “Bonnie & Clyde” movie earned $70 million, two Oscars and innumerable accolades.

Set in west Dallas, Texas, during the Great Depression, this gritty new musical features two small-town kids from the middle of nowhere who became the biggest folk heroes in all America. Recent prison escapee Clyde Barrow meets a young Bonnie Parker as he is attempting to steal her mother’s car. Bonnie, terminally bored by her job as a waitress at the local greasy spoon, is instantly attracted to Clyde and decides to become his partner in life and crime. However, their initial efforts in civil disobedience, while exciting, do not prove to be lucrative.

The Bonnie & Clyde gang forms with Clyde’s brother, Buck, and his wife Blanche, a preacher’s daughter. Blanche sees Bonnie as a sinful harpy who will only corrupt her husband and brother-in-law. In return, Bonnie begins to view Blanche as a blustering obstacle worth stepping over. Despite dissension in the ranks, the gang’s escapades mature from smalltime heists to murderous robbing sprees. As newspapers recount their notorious crimes, they begin to achieve folk hero status among the common man. With the police and press just one step behind the most famous outlaws in America, the hopeful gang finds shelter in a ramshackle hideaway while they plot their next move. As their lives end in a hail of gunfire, their place in history is secured as legendary outlaws and lovers. Filled with soaring themes, Bonnie & Clyde tells the human story behind the notorious figures. Previews of the musical about the 20th century’s most infamous duo began November 4th on Broadway. The daring story of love and crime that captured the imagination of a country now takes aim at a whole new generation. Featuring music by Tony® nominee Frank Wildhorn (Jekyll & Hyde), lyrics by Tony® and Oscar® winner Don Black (Sunset Boulevard), a book by Emmy® Award nominee Ivan Menchell and direction by Tony® nominee Jeff Calhoun (Newsies), this sexy new musical has claimed the Schoenfeld Theatre in NYC as its hideout this Fall. And after stealing hearts—and rave reviews—from the La Jolla Playhouse to the Asolo Rep, there may just be no stopping BONNIE & CLYDE.

Dance Majic Choreographers “MAJIC” midnight shows on Wednesdays at the Copacabana are a moving canvas of mixed media showcasing fashion and dance. Lucia Pachelli and Chelsea Dunkle are the New Yorkers who choreograph the moves for these extraordinarily entertaining weekly events. Using their talent, energy and skills, they create the colorful and trendy shows that offer patrons memorable evenings on the town. Lucia Pachelli employs her graceful dance vision in directing the vivacious dance for MAJIC nights. She became proficient in performance and choreography within the music industry, having studied ballet, jazz and hiphop. Her style has evolved from structured movement to a modern free-style she refers to as “Street Jazz Funk.” Pachelli has become a club-style music video dancer, reminiscent of Janet Jackson. Her dancing is explosive and requires Cierra-style athleticism as she incorporates aspects of noted dancers such as Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani. Pachelli is an experienced choreographer and dancer within New York’s pop, rock and underground house music industry, having appeared in numerous MTV and VH1 specials. “MAJIC’s” runway choreographer, Chelsey Dunkle, found her footing with various dance companies such as Artichoke and High Frequency Wave Lengths. She toured the country extensively for two years with Marilynn Danitz during the period Danitz was President of the American Dance Guild. Dunkel’s primary dance style is modern with a focus on release technique she describes as contemporary fusion modern dance form which involves the release of tension through the muscles and joints.

The fluidity and limitless realm of her stylistic expression gives Chelsea Dunkel freedom in terms of movement and direction. “It’s like a blank, kinesthetic canvas” with which to paint the city, she explains. “Any medium in which you want to work is available to you.” Looking to the future, Lucia Pachelli hopes to expand beyond the music industry to choreograph dance sequences for television and movies, revealing, “I can’t see myself sitting still. That’s torture for me.” These two New York dancing/directing choreographers bring magic to “MAJIC” Wednesday nights at the Copacabana!

Dance The UnOfficials

The New York Giants have never had a cheer or dance team. Many theories and tales circulate to this day regarding why a city that relies so heavily on its entertainment industry opts out of having the sideline support and halftime entertainment that has become synonymous with American Football. Entering the field... The UnOfficials. The Unofficial Dancers of the NY Giants are passionate about football and the art of dance. Their mission: Bring a distinquished football tradition to New York by becoming the first official dance/cheer team of the Giants. Until then, they are dedicated to their cause by appearing and performing at various locations throughout New York City in an effort to gain fan support for their team and for their troupe. Founder and director Ana DeVillegas is a former NFL Cheerleader and professional dancer who created The UnOfficials as a fusion of sports entertainment glamour and competitive dance expertise. DeVillegas is highly committed to forming a

dance team that represents a taste of Manhatten’s phenomenal performing arts talent refined by the beauty and highfashion trends that the city encompasses. Launching The UnOfficials is a major undertaking, since the NY Giants is a giant franchise in the giant city of fame-seeking. It is a bold and risky move, but one with immense potential! The team has selected dancers who range from World Ballroom Champions and performance-based reality TV winners to “So You Think You Can Dance” finalists. A distinctive facet of this elite squad is the co-ed status that includes professional male breakers, poppers, lockers and street jazz dancers. Being acquainted with the history of cheering is key to understanding the passion behind The UnOfficials’ mission to support the NY Giants at every game. Their website displays a synopsis of the history of American Cheer Squads and their significance to the iconic American sport of football. For more than 30 years prior to the creation of the NFL, American

football teams have received fan suppport through a long-time tradition of collective chanting. And The UnOfficials are committed to enriching the Giants’ fan base, while offering talented entertainment that has come to be associated with New York City. The UnOfficials relish the opportunity to build another platform on which New York City dancers can showcase their talents. From Broadway to hip hop, The UnOfficials stive to capture the essence of performing arts and take it to the field where they will rock fans and enhance the game day for the NY Giants by offering a beloved, traditional aspect of the American Football experience! Imagine a football team that embodies all that jazz! The UnOfficial Dancers of the New York Giants are here to support their city, their team and their sport their team and their sport by bringing on a tried-and-true football tradition and creating a New York legacy. It’s not a game, New York; The UnOfficials are playing for keeps!

Media Wendy Williams

“Queen of All Media” Triumphs in Dayime TV! After working as Wendy Williams’ radio producer for several years, Ken Simmons applauds the star’s transition from a shock jock to a kinder, gentler daytime TV talk show host who is embraced by American housewives. Williams is a member of the National Radio Hall of Fame who made her reputation as a feared broadcast personality. Many celebrities avoided Williams because of her reputation for dissecting her guests’ personal business, especially their sex lives. She made an enemy of a music mogul in the 1990s when she accused him of being a homosexual, and a record label chairman banned his artists from talking to her after she caused a famous profanity-laced meltdown by a recording star in 2003. William’s radio confrontations continued on her TV talk show pilot run in July 2008 when she became physical in an insult match with a celebrity. Since that episode, Williams is calmer and now embraces her guests, instead of attacking them. She is more subdued, less combative and less controversial. This dramatic tactical change has resulted in Williams’ mainstream popularity. She is America’s daytime darling, and her transformation has opened the door for guests who would never have visited

her radio show. She is no longer the diva who embarrasses and insults, and now she is fulfilling her dream by interviewing her idols, including Dolly Parton, Aretha Franklin and Whoopi Goldberg (whose presence caused the usually unflappable Williams to break into tears). Since the debut of “The Wendy Williams Show,” Williams has changed the landscape of daytime TV. Her show is a party and a fashion parade for herself and the primarily female studio audience. Her fans see her as a close girlfriend or next door neighbor. Williams shares what she eats, what she watches on TV, and her passion for wigs and shoes. She invites her audience into her world with frank revelations about family life with her husband Kevin and tenyear-old son, Kevin Jr., as well as her own plastic surgery and battles with weight and past drug use. Recently, comparing a well-known singer’s latest drug problem to her own

strug gles with cocaine has proven to be her most personal revelation to date. William’s interview lineup is one of the most diverse on television, ranging from entertainment to business and health. Financial guru Suze Orman is a regular contributor. Recent guests have included: Dr. Oz giving medical advice; veteran journalist Dan Rather talking about the crisis in Detroit public schools; CNN anchor Don Lemon discussing his gay revelation; and Chaz Bono sharing his gender change. Williams covers serious issues; yet, she still loves the drama of cat-fighting in the studio among the stars of one of her favorite shows, “Real Housewives of New Jersey.” Add a steady diet of food, fashion and contemporary music performances, and “The Wendy Williams Show” is a delicious full-course meal. Wendy Williams has distinctly emerged from “The Wendy Williams Experience” radio show as a well-rounded communicator, focusing more on serving her audience with discussions about health, finance and careers. This magnificently candid talk show host explains her popularity, “ I know.... my willingness to expose myself - warts and all - is part of the reason people are drawn to me. With me, what you see is what you get.” Page: 153

Fragrance Architect Yann Vasnier Vasnier constructs the vision for his fragrances from associations and interests in his life. A son of garden aficionados and a sibling of two brothers, one a landscape architect and the other a space engineer with a fascination for tropical destinations, it is natural that Vasnier’s expertise is structured in organic spacial order. For Vasnier, the most evocative fragrances are the ones emulated by people and places he loves or has loved As a student of the arts, Vasnier draws, photographs, paints, and sculpts. His interests lie in abstract symbolism and colors - namely red. He elicits particular inspiration from Michelangelo, Rodin, Gauguin and Vasarely. Modern artists as Anish Kapoor, Andreas Gursky, Sylvie Fleury, Wolfgang Tillmans, Josiah McElheny and Friedrich Kunath motivate Vasnier to envision the world through varying media of artistic expression. Yann Vasnier, celebrity perfumer and fragrance architect from Brittany, France, attended the prestigious International Institute of Perfumery, Cosmetics & Alimentary Aromas (founded in 1970 by Jean-Jacques Guerlain) in Versailles. During his studies, he trained with Quest International in Paris. Upon graduating from ISIPCA as valedictorian in 1999, Vasnier accepted a position as junior perfumer on their Fine fragrance team where he continued his training with Francoise Caron. In 2001 Vasnier received the International Young Perfumer Award. He became a perfumer for Quest Manhattan in 2003, and in 2007 he joined the world-renowned Givaudan.

Vasnier embraces the nightlife and cultural scenes in New York City, St. Martin and Paris as elevated, creative experiences. The frenetic energy of their evolving electronic music and dance scenes renders inspiration for his analysis, interpretation and construction of fragrance composition. Fashion, art, travel, pop culture and contemporary design infuse every detail of his creations. In the way that designers conceptualize rearranging spaces, Vasnier concocts ingredients in blueprinting his perfumes. Trained in chemistry, he is a master at recognizing subtle differences in odoriferous compounds. High

quality ingredients, pristine naturals and signature synthetics are key dimensions of his form and function as an elite perfumer. Natural ingredients, with their pure scents, form the cornerstone, while synthetic components extend the life of fragrance. Similar odors and quality control can often stifle creativity. So working with designers who are acutely attuned to the incremental differences in scent heightens Vasnier’s own esthetic sense. His distinctive repertoire of most recent designer fragrances include Nautica, Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger, Elizabeth Arden and DelRae, to name a few. As an artisan and architect of aroma, Vasnier believes every creation should represent a dimension of subtlety and an aspect of definitive character, and that fragrance composition should not be shy. French architect Jacques Carlu wrote, “Art does not lie in one form or another, but in a principle, in an expression of human thought in logical method.... Each form of art belongs to a definite period. The ideas and expressions of any one period indicate definitely the needs of that period.” Yann Vasnier understands that modern culture is, indeed, not shy; and yet, he so elegantly conveys its subtleties of definitive character with each of his intoxicating creations.

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Interior Design Rose Abby Rose Abby is a New Jersey-based designer who has merged her love for the arts, design and psychology. She possesses the ingenious sensitivity to create a perfect masterpiece for each individual client. Having received a BA in Fine Arts and an MA in Psychology from New School University in New York, she embarked on a career in Interior Design and opened her own design firm in 2009. Rose Abby Design offers custom-tailored interiors for all aspects of residential and commercial projects. Abby’s firm transforms a design concept into design execution, from space planning and renovations to Fine Art and fabric selections. Real-estate staging is a specialty service available for residential and commercial clientele as well. Although her approach may vary from space to space, Abby is most inspired by the elegance of 1940s Hollywood sophistication. Her expertise lies in combining classic pieces with edgy counterparts while maintaining minimalism. Experimenting with different design aesthetics allows her vision and imagination to flourish. Abby’s eclectic style reflects an opulence that merges modern with traditional. Her balance of color, texture and lighting define her portfolio, producing interiors that are timeless and sophisticated. Because of Abby’s life-long love for design, Rose Abby Design plans to produce cased goods in the near future, providing high-style elegant, interior storage. This custom collection will include furniture such as chests, dressers and cabinets made of wood, metal or glass as well as upholstered furniture. Her items will translate seamlessly into both modern and traditional interiors. Abby shares her passion for interior design: “One of the most satisfying aspects of being an interior designer is the opportunity to develop new relationships and maintain existing ones. Working with clients in their homes is a personal experience, one which I value highly. I strictly adhere to the philosophy that good design insists upon a strong partnership between client and designer. Using my background in psychology and my keen eye for design, my goal is to assist my clients in honing in on what reflects their personality and lifestyle. For me designing a room is like creating a work of art. Therefore, it is important that it comes from within. I am always looking forward to my next collaboration, so that I may discover a new sense of style, color and comfort.” Rose Abby Design strictly adheres to Abby’s philosophy that good design results from a partnership between client and designer. Her focus is on keeping clients involved and comfortable with every aspect of the design process, and her success is showcased by her serene spaces infused with each client’s personal style which are as elegant as Rose Abby herself. •

Media Design Antonio Reonegro Antonio Reonegro is a partner in New York-based HAVOC Media Design, an art and design company that creates artwork in various media for a diverse clientele. He is a talented artist passionate about drawing, painting, photography and all facets of graphic design. A graduate of Pratt Institute with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Reonegro studied at the David Passalacqua School in Florida. HAVOC’s studio is testimony to the company’s interesting approach to seeing the world as infinitely malleable. A Campbell’s Soup can, reading “Cream of Evil Spirits,” and a flattened Coca-Cola can, gazing at the ceiling with owl eyes of tin, represent shapes and figures that may be recast in a variety of styles. The WPA-inspired mural “Men Along the Shore” in New York’s Container Terminal showcases Reonegro’s and HAVOC partner, Tom Lynch’s, unique design layering. In 1999 Havoc Media Design embarked on a non-commissioned project to advertise Staten Island’s Carousel for All Children and the company that created it, Carousel Works of Mansfield, Ohio. This 3-month work project created an inspired portfolio that lead to their designing promotional material for the Staten Island Film Festival and the inaugural Dickens Festival at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center & Botanical Garden. HAVOC Media Design has created 20 book covers for Signet Classics. Book cover designs for the publisher include Dante’s “Divine Comedy,” Dostoevsky’s “The Brothers Karamazov,” and Homer’s “The Illiad” and “The Odyssey.” “Sophocles’ Complete Plays” and Sydney Omarr’s “Astrological Guides” are book jackets currently being developed by HAVOC. For over two decades Reonegro has worked for ABC television, the New

York Yankees, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, The Neptune Ball, Bon Ton Potato Chips, Fox Network, Discover Magazine, Penguin Books, New York Container Terminal, Staten Island Film Festival, Historic Richmondtown, Heartland Brewery, The Port Authority of NY/NJ and many other clients. Before the death of Jerry Garcia in 1995, Antonio Reonegro, spent 6 years designing and creating artwork for the Grateful Dead with over 160 illustrated backstage passes, numerous tee-shirt designs, logos and sketches. A number of his backstage passes are on display in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio. The art he created for the Grateful Dead was recently featured in an exhibit at the New York Historical Society in NYC. Antonio Reonegro is a prolific, cutting-edge, creative artist and designer who promotes his community on Staten Island where he lives with his wife and two children. He has worked on an astonishing array of projects in an amazing variety of styles within various media. Today, Reonegro teaches photography at Wagner College at Grymes Hill.

Author Erik Larson Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. As a staff writer for The Wall Street Journal, he was nominated for a Pulitzer prize for investigative journalism. Larson has taught non-fiction writing at San Francisco State, the Johns Hopkins Writing Seminars and the University of Oregon. He has written articles for The Atlantic Monthly, Harper’s, The New Yorker and other publications. Larson is currently a contributing writer for Time magazine, and he speaks to a wide range of audiences from coast to coast while on book tours.

Erik Larson is one of America’s greatest storytellers and distinguished authors. He is a writer, journalist and novelist who has written the New York Times’ bestsellers “Isaac’s Storm,” “Thunderstruck” and “The Devil and The White City,” which remained on the Times’ hardcover and paperback lists for over three years. “Isaac’s Storm” won the American Meteorology Society’s prestigious Louis J. Battan Author’s Award, and “The Devil in the White City” won the 2004 Edgar Award in the Best Fact Crime category and was a finalist for a National Book Award. In 2010, Leonardo DiCaprio acquired the option to make a movie of “The Devil in the White City.” After growing up on Long Island, Larson graduated summa cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania, where he studied Russian history, language and culture. He subsequently received a Master of Arts degree from the

Seattle Times book editor Mary Ann Gwinn refers to Larson as “an expert popular historian” who vividly recreates events from particular eras. “Isaac’s Storm: A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History” (1999) details the experiences of Isaac Cline during the Galveston Hurricane of 1900. “The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic and Madness at the Fair That Changed America” (2003) conjoins the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago and a series of murders by H. H. Holmes that were committed in the city around the time of the Fair. “Thunderstruck” (2006) chronicles the strange intersection in the careers of Hawley Harvey Crippen, England’s second most-famous murderer after Jack the Ripper, with the story of Guglielmo Marconi, the inventor of radio. Larson is masterful at weaving parallel story lines as he brings history to life for the modern-day reader.

The Story of a Gun” (1994) and “In The Garden of Beasts: Love, Terror, and An American Family in Hitler’s Berlin” (2011). “In The Garden of Beasts” incorporates William E. Dodd, the first American ambassador to Nazi Germany in the 1930s. New York Times Janet Maslin describes the ‘transportingly’ true story as a “powerful, poignant historical narrative.” In stores since May, the book has already surpassed “The Devil in the White City” with more than 400,000 copies in print to date, and publishers in Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Poland and Hungary have acquired rights to publish the book abroad. On June 2, 2011, the author shared this on his web site: “... I can report that though the publishing business may be in disarray, the love of story has not waned at all.” Erik Larson’s readers love his story, because it is readily apparent that he loves to tell the story.

Besides his bestsellers, Larson has penned “The Naked Consumer: How Our Private Lives Become Public Commodities” (1992), “Lethal Passage: Page: 161

Voice Steven Tyler “I’ve been mythicized, Mick-icized, eulogized and fooligized, I’ve been Cole-Portered and farmer’s-daughtered, I’ve been Led Zepped and 12-stepped. I’m a rhyming fool and so cool that me, Fritz the Cat, and Mohair Sam are the baddest cats that am. I have so many outrageous stories, too many, and I’m gonna tell ‘em all. All the unexpurgated, brain-jangling tales of debauchery, sex & drugs, transcendence & chemical dependence you will ever want to hear.”

in an Elevator” & “Janie’s Got a Gun,” and “Get a Grip” featuring “Livin’ on the Edge,” “Cryin’,” & “Crazy,” Tyler became a household name and has remained a relevant rock icon. As a result, Tyler has engaged in several solo endeavors, including guest appearances on other artists’ music projects and multi-media productions, as well as film and TV roles. In January 2011, he joined Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, Simon Cowell and host Ryan Seacrest as a judge on the Fox TV phenomenon American Idol. He is included among Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Singers and was ranked 3rd on Hit Parader’s Top 100 Metal Vocalists of All Time.

- from Steven Tyler in “Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Memoir” The voice is distinctive; the words absurdly profound. And the script reads like something out of the magical world of Dr. Zeus as its delivery poetically resonates from the “Demon of Screamin’s” mouth. Hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the greatest singers of all times, Steven Tyler released his autobiography in May 2011. According to Andy Lewis of The Hollywood Reporter, “What on the surface seems clichéd, almost a parody of a rock memoir, manages somehow to rise above that and be a fun ride. And pulling off that trick, ladies and gentlemen, is what separates a Rock Star from a merely ordinary pop star.”   Born Steven Victor Tallarico in Yonkers, New York, Steven Tyler is the iconic songwriter, composer and voice of American rock band Aerosmith and is considered one of rock ‘n roll’s most recognizable and dynamic frontmen. Aside from singing, he is a multi-talented instrumentalist who plays the harmonica, piano, maracas, guitar, bass guitar, mandolin, violin, flute, mellotron, hammered dulcimer, accordion, saxophone, trumpet, and drums. One of rock’s greatest showmen, Tyler is known for his on-stage acrobatics. During his high-energy performances, he usually dresses in brightly colorful outfits with Janis Joplin-inspired trademark scarves hanging from his microphone stand. After moving to Boston in the late 60s, Tyler encountered musicians with whom he would eventually form

the rock group Aerosmith: guitarist Joe Perry, bassist Tom Hamilton, guitarist Ray Tabano (later replaced by Brad Whitford) and drummer Joey Kramer. With Tyler as frontman, the band played its first gig together in 1970 and shared an apartment while gaining notice on Boston’s club circuit. In 1972 a gig at the legendary Max’s Kansas City landed Aerosmith a record deal with Columbia Records. The following year their self-titled debut album was released, featuring the song “Dream On.” In the early days, Aerosmith was compared to the Rolling Stones because of their similar bluesy sound and the physical resemblance between Mick Jagger and Tyler. Yet, Tyler rose to stardom with the albums “Toys in the Attic” (“Sweet Emotion” & “Walk This Way”), “Rocks” and “Draw the Line” with the band emerging as a leading rock group in its own right. In the late 70s and early 80s, the band experienced waning popularity due to a series of personal challenges. After Aerosmith launched a remarkable comeback in the late 80s and early 90s with the albums “Permanent Vacation” featuring “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)” & “Rag Doll,” “Pump” featuring “Love

In 2001 Tyler was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame with Aerosmith, whose 100 million records sales have garnered numerous prestigious accolades that include multiple Grammy, American Music, Billboard and MTV awards. Aerosmith has made rock history with memorable appearances in “Wayne’s World” and “The Simpsons,” the 2001 Super Bowl half-time show and their own version of Guitar Hero. The band’s #1 single, “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song from the movie “Armageddon.” After more than 41 years in the band, Tyler embarked on the 2010 international Cocked, Locked, Ready to Rock Tour with Aerosmith, and in 2011 the living legend returned to the studio with his band. “[Steven Tyler] understands that being a Rock Star is about more than just selling records. You have to live The Life, and if you write a memoir about The Life, certain conventions have to be respected — band fights have to be detailed, partying catalogued, hookups listed, regrets stated, a sensitive inner side revealed, redemption found — and because Tyler understands what it means to be a Rock Star, he delivers the goods in Does the Noise in My Head Bother You? Written with Rolling Stone founding editor David Dalton, Tyler’s surprisingly insightful and entertaining voice brings the familiar contours of this story alive.” - Andy Lewis of The Hollywood Reporter

Airwaves Ayesha

International recording artist, songwriter and deejay Ayesha Adamo has been a recent sensation on the Taiwan club scene, playing at the legendary Texound and the trendy Luxy, as well as holding residency at the famed 2F. Formerly on Producer Artist Management’s roster, she has brought her unique sound to North and Central American clubs and parties while keeping the spirit of her early days at NYC’s legendary superclub, Twilo, alive. Jersey Shore native Adamo first developed her love of music during her many years of ballet classes. In pursuit of a professional career as a ballerina, she stepped off the bus onto the streets of New York City with a suitcase full of pointe shoes but soon traded them for glowsticks as a club dancer for Twilo. After only a few nights of glitter and neon, she earned enough to buy her first turntables and teach herself the art of beat-mixing. Inspiration was sprung, and a deejay was born!

Adamo received the opportunity to make music her life during a visit to Taiwan as part of a summer scholarship program to study Chinese. Her musical talent gained recognition, and she joined pop singing group Beauty4 and signed with EMI Records. Beauty4 is the first international, racially mixed group to release a Mandarin Chinese album in Taiwan, singing and interviewing entirely in Chinese, and the release of their first album was a great success. But it was Adamo’s passion for a unique blend of techno and house music that ultimately landed the opportunity to record her first double CD mix set as a deejay for the Muzik Boutique series on Highnote Records Asia. After returning to the US, Adamo finished her degree in Music at Barnard College, Columbia University, where she graduated summa cum laude and was awarded the Ethel Stone LeFrak Prize in Music, amid several poetry awards that helped her hone her skills as a burgeoning songwriter. It was during this period and her post-grad years of acting study at William Esper Studios that Adamo’s songwriting blossomed. Taking a hiatus from the world of deejaying, Adamo concentrated on writing and focused on the muchanticipated rock project, “Loss of Eden,” recorded with producer Danny Leake (Kanye West, Janet Jackson, Sting, Hank Williams Jr, Stevie Wonder) and vocal producer Fran Allen Leake. Unlike the previous pop and dance incarnations of Adamo, the “Loss of Eden” project empha-

sized an earthy, naturalistic, underproduced approach—Adamo’s most honest and raw work to date, though the pop influence can still be heard in her catchy hooks and clever lyrics. At present, Adamo has returned to her EDM roots and is working on several hot new tracks in the pop/ dance genre. She hasn’t forgotten her Mandarin pop roots, though. In March 2011, Adamo was named one of the top 10 in the Los Angeles auditions for Super Idol 6, season 6 of the popular TV singing competition in Taiwan. She will continue the competition in Asia later this year as part of the overall top 100. As a phenomenal musical chameleon, Ayesha Adamo is in the forefront of the modern music world!

Airwaves Eddie Baez Respect. Experience. Admiration. Success. These are just some of the words associated with superstar DJ Eddie Baez among those in the dance music community. His impact upon dance floors worldwide is undisputed by industry people and dance music fans alike. Completely devoid of the politics, ego and attitude which run rampant in the industry, Baez is a genuinely humble music-maker who just happens to have a long and impressive list of credentials that are a tribute to his extraordinary talent. With his innovative, tribal-inflected remixes of songs, Baez has represented some of the industry’s most successful artists, including Jessica Simpson, Destiny’s Child, Kristine W, Whitney Houston, Mis-teeq and Cher. New York-based Baez laid the foundation for his career through many years as a deejay, as well as stints working for record labels such as Sony Records and Warner Bros. His big break came when he auditioned successfully for the coveted post of premier resident DJ at NYC’s famed Sound Factory. Beating out over 2,000 other candidates, Baez was crowned with the position in 1997 on New Year’s Eve by Sound Factory owner, Richard Grant. This accolade was a triumphant inauguration to clubland’s most promising star. Shortly after his debut at Sound Factory, Baez was scouted by club impresario extraordinaire, Peter Gatien. When Gatien offered him a residency at NYC’s Tunnel and a sub-residency at the legendary Limelight, it was an offer that Baez

simply could not refuse, and his residency there continued for 2 years. Since then, Baez is continually in demand at clubs in Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Atlanta, and he has achieved huge crossover success through his immense popularity at both gay and straight clubs. Currently, Baez resides at one of NYC’s hottest new clubs, Exit, where he plays for a crowd of over 6,000 every Saturday night. He also has residencies in Miami and Boston and has played at NYC’s famed Roxy and the annual White Party in Miami. Baez is not just another mega-talented deejay among this nation’s clubland. He is also an established and successful songwriter, re-mixer and producer. Throughout his career Baez has had tremendous success with his own original productions. In 2001 his single “Without You” was a Billboard Radio & Club smash, and he charted on Billboard with his remix of “Angles How Can I Lie.” Collaborating with vocalist Aimee Jean, Baez’s original track, “Useless Man,” was the first release on his own record label, Anthem Recordings, and became another hit track within the dance community. “Useless Man” subsequently appeared on fellow deejay Peter Rauhofers’ CD “Divas to the Dance Floor.” Five of Baez’s #1 Billboard hits include: Hannah Jones’ “You Only Have To Say You Love Me;” Toni Braxton’s “I Don’t Want To;” Joi Cardwell’s “Run To You;” Jocelyn Enriques’ “A Little Bit Of Ecstasy;”

;” and Kristine W’s “Sweet Mercy Me.” He has had dozens of hits charting on Billboard’s Top 10, including the remix of Miss Jane’s “It’s A Fine Day,” which is currently in Billboard’s Top 5. Other hits include Whitney Houston’s “Love Will Save the Day,” Sandra Bernhardt’s “On the Runway” and Demi Moore’s “Give of Love.” Baez released an original production entitled “Gay Robot Groove” on Warner Bros. Records with Adam Sandler. He recently remixed Seal’s “Crazy” & “Crime Mob Stilettos” (both on Warner Bros. Records) and Vivian Green’s “Tired” on Sony Music. He continues to work with other industry powerhouses, such as Pepper Mashay, in creating further original collaborations. Eddie Baez Vol. 1 and Eddie Baez Vol. 2, both on Logic/BMG Records, were his first major nationally-released mixed CD compilations. And his long-awaited new compilation is on its way, filled with fierce vocal anthems, hypnotic house tracks and thunderous tribal beats. Flawlessly beat-mixed, the compilation is definitely not a run of the mill dance mix. Recorded live in New York City, it is pure Eddie Baez. Watch for his Exit Compilation coming soon to stores nationwide. There are no limits to what this brilliant, unstoppable talent can do inside and out of clubland’s dance scenes. Just anticipate what’s to come with superstar DJ Eddie Baez!

Popstar Katy Perry Katy Perry is an American singer/ songwriter and actress known for her unconventional style of throwback dress, brightly colored with fruitshaped accessories. In 2008 she rose to fame with the release of “I Kissed A Girl” from her first album, “One of the Boys,” and when “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)” from her 2010‘s second album, “Teenage Dream,” topped the Billboard Hot 100 in August 2011, Perry became the first female artist to achieve five #1 singles from one album. “Teenage Dream” became the second album in history (after Michael Jackson’s “Bad”) to yield five Hot 100 toppers. On May 12, 2011, Perry made history as the first artist to spend 52 consecutive weeks in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. From Santa Barbara, California, Perry grew up listening to gospel music and singing in her local church. A contralto vocalist, she learned how to craft songs and play guitar at age 15 from country music veterans in Nashville. Perry is artistically involved in her projects, especially in the writing process. She is inspired by specific moments of her life, and among her musical influences are Alanis Morisette, Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, Shirley Manson and Freddie Mercury. While signed to Columbia Records in 2004, Perry caught the attention of the music press and was named “The Next Big Thing” by Blender magazine. Collaborating with writer/producer Dr. Luke, Perry released her debut album, “One of the Boys,” under Capitol Media Group. It became the 33rd bestselling album worldwide of 2008, reaching number 9 on the Billboard 200 and was accredited platinum certification by the Recording Industry Association of

America, while “I Kissed a Girl” and her second single, “Hot N Cold,” both received multi-platinum certifications. “I Kissed A Girl” peaked at number one for 7 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 and became a worldwide hit, topping charts in 30 countries. “Hot N Cold” reached number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and topped the charts in Germany, Canada, and Denmark. In February 2009, both singles were certified three-time platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America for individual digital sales of over 3 million. The Guinness Book of World Records recognized Perry in its 2010 version as the Best Start on the US Digital Chart by a Female Artist for having her first two singles sell over two million digital copies. Perry’s second studio album, “Teenage Dream,” debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. The album included the Billboard chart-toppers “California Gurls,” “Teenage Dream,” “Firework,” “E.T.” and, most recently, “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).” Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” earned her a nomination for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance at the 2009 Grammy Awards. At the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, she was nominated in five categories, including Best New Artist and Best Female Video. She won Best New Act at the 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards, which she co-hosted, and Best International Female Artist at

the 2009 BRIT Awards. Perry appeared at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards where she was nominated for two awards, including the Best Female Video and Best Pop Video for “California Gurls.” “Teenage Dream” led Perry to nominations for four awards at the 2011 Grammy Awards: Album of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album, Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for “Teenage Dream” and Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for “California Gurls.” As “ I Kissed A Girl” climbed the charts, Perry embarked on the annual Warped Tour music festival and has toured throughout Central and Eastern Europe since. In 2009 she launched her first headlining tour, the Hello Katy Tour, and performed at the opening ceremony of the annual Life Ball in Vienna, Austria. She has collaborated with many artists, including Gavin Rossdale, band 3OH!3, Timbaland, Kanye West, Floria Sigismondi, Shaun Ross and Missy Elliot. Perry released her first live album under the 2009 MTV Unplugged series. Perry has appeared as a guest judge and performer on the British television show “The X Factor” and made cameos in the film “Get Him to the Greek” and Carbon Leaf’s video, “Learn to Fly.” She has made guest appearances on the ABC Family’s TV series “Wildfire” and daytime soap opera, “The Young and the Restless.” Her “Hot N Cold” music video with Elmo from “Sesame Street” can be viewed on YouTube, and she voiced Smurfette in the 2011 film “The Smurfs.” She has recently released her signature fragrance, Purr, available exclusively at Nordstrom stores. In July 2011, Katy Perry was ranked 7th in Rolling Stone magazine’s global Queen of Pop poll.

Rockstar Roberto Alagna

Opera has a new Act. No longer exclusive to the privileged of society, opera opens its curtains on stage and screen for all the world to experience its majestic transcendence of the human condition, if only for a brief moment in time. Scene I reveals a Rock Star with movie star looks and celebrity presence, and he is even on Facebook - accessible to all the masses! “Sounds silly, right? Isn’t everybody on FB? Not at all.... The fans, the groupies, the admirers of RA have been waiting for this for a long, long time. Those of you who don’t know Roberto Alagna are in for a treat. The golden boy of the lyrique stage who has changed the face and the attitude of opera forever is a superior talent not to be missed. Fans and followers know and love the inflection of his voice, the precise tonality and the eloquent phraseology. “For those of you out there who don’t follow opera: come on board. It’s not long-hair anymore, exclusive to the rich and richer. The opera world is enlarging [its] popular appeal by including contemporary facelifts to the classics. Architects are among those now designing sets at The Met. Prada, [and] the fashion house of Miuccia is designing costumes. Peter Gelb is taking his Met by the horns and mounting an entire new ‘Ring.’ Come and see! And hear. Wherever you are in the world, go hear an opera and bathe in the exquisite music that is ours to own and enjoy.

“Roberto Alagna has added a scintilla of rockstar to the opera world. He’s the face and the voice the world wants most to see and hear. RA has led an entire corps of actor/singers onto the lyrique stage, and opera will thank him for it for generations to come. No more a ‘standand-deliver’ operatic performance geared to the audience of yore, opera is now raw drama, burning passion, glorious joy. The actor/singer of today, with Roberto Alagna at the avantgarde of these new performers, gives us a different point of view. Opera is changing, and those of us who have always loved music, are deeply grateful. Even if we are led, kicking and screaming into the future.” (from the insightful commentary of designer Ellen Christine posted on March 6, 2011 / Meet opera’s future: French operatic tenor Roberto Alagna of Sicilian decent. Largely self-taught, Alagna developed his vocal technique listening to the great early tenors and singing in Parisian cabarets. Shortly after winning the Luciano Pavarotti Competition in 1988, Alagna made his professional debut as Alfredo in “La Traviata.” He went on to sing that role in Toulouse, Montpellier, Monte Carlo, Venice, Naples, Messina and in La Scala Milan, where he had a triumphant house debut in 1990. But it was his performances of Roméo in “Roméo et Juliette” at Covent Garden in 1994 that secured his international stardom. In 1994 Alagna was named Personnalité Musicale de l’Année by the French national press, and in 1995 he received the Laurence Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Opera for his performance in Roméo et Juliette at the Royal Opera House Covent Garden. Alagna was made a Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et Lettres by the French Ministry of Culture in 1996, and in 2004 he was named Artiste Lyrique de L’année at the Victoire de la Musique Classique awards.

Alagna’s substantial discography includes recording the major works in the French repertoire - “Manon,” “Werther,” “Don Carlos” and “Carmen” - and Italian operas and lyric works “La Bohème,” “La Rondine,” “Tosca” (in 2001 the film version and CD were released), “Il Trovatore,” Verdi’s “Requiem,” “Elisir d’Amore,” “Rigoletto” and “La Traviata.” His solo recitals are usually devoted to Berlioz or rare arias from French operas. Signing an exclusive recording contract with Deutsche Grammophon in 2004, Alagna recorded his first album under the label, “Roberto Alagna Sings Luis Mariano,” which received doubleplatinum status and earned him fame beyond the frontiers of opera. In 2007 The Met’s performance of “Roméo et Juliette,” starring Alagna and Anna Netrebko, was broadcast in 447 theaters worldwide in high definition and was viewed by an audience of 97,000. After the success of his 2008 “Sicilien” album that garnered sales in excess of 350,000, Alagna embarked on his 2009/10 French and international tours. In 2009 he released a live CD/ DVD set recorded at the Nîmes Arenas, and in Fall 2011 Alagna releases his Latin America album, “PASION!” Alagna is an extraordinarily popular singer - a Rockstar recognized and loved by a devoted, worldwide audience. Without compromising his dedication to traditional opera, his tours feature more mainstream genres as jazz, musicals and popular songs. As the music world anticipates the great awakening of “crossover” artists, Roberto Alagna has become an internationally celebrated avante garde musician by transforming different types of repertoire into a single operatic career. Scene II reveals an appreciative audience, basking in musical drama regenerated by a talent and a vitality that quickens the spirit. Stay tuned for Act II.

Country Star Scotty McCreery

Scott Cooke “Scotty” McCreery is the second youngest singer to win American Idol and the only country male winner in the show’s history. Of Puerto Rican decent from North Carolina, McCreery won the 10th season at the age of 17. With an easygoing personality that exudes a sly grin and distinctive microphone grip, America fell in love with McCreery’s deep and undeniably country voice, strong sense of self, small-town roots, and unwavering integrity and conviction.   McCreery released his coronation single, “I Love You This Big,” this summer immediately after winning American Idol. The song sold 171,404 units in its first week and was certified gold on August 25. “I Love You This Big” became a Top 15 hit and enjoyed the highest-charting debut for a new artist since the mid-80s, while the video for the song hit No. 1 in just a week after its release. In October, GAC premiered the TV special, “Introducing Scotty McCreery.”

he started sleeping with the instrument. Singing in school choirs since his elementary days, including the high school group, Die Meistersingers that travels and competes nationally, McCreery acquired tremendous vocal control and depth. When his voice dropped in his teens, he switched from singing tenor to bass. His confidence as a public performer is credited to his success as a varsity baseball pitcher and his participation in numerous regional vocal contests and events throughout North Carolina. He considers Conway Twitty, Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, George Strait, Lee Ann Womack and Reba McEntire among those who have influenced him musically.    McCreery cites his rhythm as “Godgiven” talent, and he is vocal about the significant role his faith plays in his life. He openly asserts his love for Jesus Christ and looks to God as the only way of getting through tough times, including competitions and high-pressure performances. He declares Sunday as his favorite day of the week, because he gets to attend church and help his mother cook. Mayor Ronnie Williams officially

declared May 14 as “Scotty McCreery Day” in Garner, North Carolina. McCreery is currently signed with Mercury Nashville, and he has recently finished his tour with “American Idols LIVE! Tour 2011.” His muchanticipated debut country album, “Clear As Day,” was due in stores the same week as his 18th birthday. The 12-song collection aims to capture his essence as an artist and a young man by blending the best of traditional and contemporary country music to create a fresh and timeless new sound. “Clear As Day” explores universal themes and conventional details that define American life, especially in small towns that can sometimes feel confining to teens with a powerful wanderlust for places unknown. The album explores the intoxicating excitement of the coming-of-age years and the rewarding results of working hard and living right in a place where word travels fast and time stands still.   Eager to take the next step of his music career with the release of his debut album, this high school senior will soon be everywhere sporting his sly-grin of gratitude to all his fans who made this journey possible. In May, when McCreery won Season 10 of American Idol, a record-breaking 122.4 million votes were cast for the finale, and nearly 39 million people tuned in to see the winner’s name announced. It’s certainly clear as day that America loves both the young man and his music! Happy Birthday, Mr. McCreery!

As a pre-schooler, McCreery used to impersonate Elvis Presley. He began guitar lessons at age 10 and was so impassioned that Page: 173

Jazz Star Mercedes Hall a flawless technician with a melodic line and a sublime example of an artist capable of making every song her own.” (John Hoglund) Risk-taking and a diverse repertoire have made Hall an acclaimed jazz stylist with comparisons to Ella Fitzgerald and Anita O’Day.

“Mercedes Hall is the dream-vocalist for any musician to collaborate with. She has a divine rhythmic sense, immaculate pitch, is fearless in an atmosphere of improvisation, and she hears and inspires the creative efforts of everyone in the mix. Add to that, she is a wonderfully engaging entertainer with heartfelt, soulful connection to the music and the people around her. She is a true artist and a warm-spirited friend.” - Arranger, Composer, Musician - Lanny Meyers Hall has been described by Jazz Times’ Christopher Loudon as “an espresso-rich blend of Dinah Washington sass, Lena Horne sophistication and Cleo Laine musicality, a voice made all the more disconcerting when you realize it’s pouring forth from a diminutive redhead with sparkling blue eyes.” A “wicked generator of moods, [she] has superb phrasing and musicianship” (Will Tusher) and “sails up the scale to heights of grandeur that are stratospheric and awesome. She is

This Boston-bred vocalist earned her living in television and cross-country club dates long before her children (the very talented entertainers actor/director Anthony Michael Hall and singer/songwriter Mary C) became marquee names. Hall is credited with numerous performances at world-renowned venues including the Copacabana, Lincoln Center, Off-Broadway and Madison Square Garden. She made many live appearances as a guest on the Merv Griffin Show, appeared in the hit film “The Breakfast Club” and was the featured voice on Edelweiss/Atlantic Records’ quirky club smash “Bring Me Edelweiss.” Hall has played top jazz/R&B venues throughout Las Vegas, LA, Boston, Chicago and NYC including Andy’s, Birdland, Palio Bar, Iridium Jazz Club, The Katano Hotel, Scullers Jazz Club and The Metropolitan Room. She has worked with great contemporary jazz musicians including including trumpeter Red Rodney, bassist John Heard and pianist John Hammond. Hall was the first recipient of the MAC Award (Manhattan Association of Clubs) for Best Jazz Vocalist and received a New York’s Back Stage BISTRO Award for Outstanding Female Vocalist. She has conducted a vocal clinic at the Berklee School of Music which concluded with a concert at the Berklee Performance Center. Hall has been featured and reviewed in numerous publications including FoxxCode Magazine’s inaugural issue, Jazz Times, Cadence Magazine, LA Jazz

Scene, Jersey Jazz Magazine, NY Native, Hollywood Reporter, EJazz News, Patriot Ledger-Boston, LA Times and many others. Her performances have garnered rave accolades, including worldrenowned jazz critic’s Leonard Feather: “Mercedes Hall is an anomaly... her sound quality, phrasing and feeling are more likely to conjure up memories of Dinah Washington or Aretha Franklin.... There is nothing simulated or contrived about the soulful conviction and intensity she brings to a set of contemporary songs.” To date, Hall has produced two critically acclaimed albums, “Somewhere in the Night” followed by “Pure Emotion.” “Somewhere in the Night” is a melodic collection of steamy jazz love songs, 8 of which were written by Hall, with one notable classic “Walk On By” being hailed as a singular achievement. Hall’s masterful release, “Pure Emotion,” renders her adventurous interpretations of classic jazz songs with primary musical companions bassist Frank Wagner, drummer Kazi McCoy and featured pianist/ arranger Glafkos Kontemeniotis. This exemplary program showcases guest performances by jazz luminaries Jerry Dodgion, Bashiri Johnson and Arturo O’Farrill as well as the relatively obscure, devilishly intoxicating “Satan Never Sleeps.” Having been successfully engaged this past summer at New York’s Jazz Standard and Cape Cod Jazz Festival, Hall turns her attention toward an upcoming documentary that features her unique vocal art and performance style. As jazz critic Scott Yanow states, “She is not a performer that one can forget easily, for Mercedes Hall is quite unique, a jazz stylist who has created her own category.” She is a “lady [who] possesses a powerful and distinctive voice that makes her a one of a kind musical wonder.”

Music Mary C. arranging & producing for major labels such as SONY Music Studios, SONY International, Universal Records, Def Jam Records, and Soho Publishing House, as well as various independent labels and recording artists. She has penned 2 original songs for SONY Japan recording artist, Ericka. In the fall of 2010, her original material (written and recorded for Strictly Rhythm Records) charted top 100 Billboard international dance charts. “Sexy, personable and interactive... never a dull moment with Mary C & The Stellars keeping up the great energy throughout the night!” raves Anthony Jay of The Tap Music regarding her recent performance at East Village’s Rockwood Music Hall. NYC-based singer/songwriter Mary C has created an original style of eclectic Pop/Soul infused with blues, rock, funk, jazz and powerful narrative lyrics. Having just returned from opening for Grammy-nominated Thievery Corporation in Jamaica, Mary C & The Stellars are the most recent buzz of NYC’s music scene. Daughter of legendary jazz recording artist, Mercedes Hall, and sister of actor/director 80s ‘Brat Pack’ member, Anthony Michael Hall, Mary C demonstrates that artistry is prominent in her family. She began performing original music written on the steps of her childhood schoolyard and hasn’t stop creating music since. As a singer/songwriter/arranger/producer, this accomplished recording artist credits a wide range of artists - from James Brown and Etta James to Adele and Amy Winehouse - among her major influences. Since her 2010 debut album, “Off The Line,” Mary C has been writing,

In 2011 Mary C was asked to write and record the official theme song for Good Morning America and New York Times Best Selling Author Tory Johnson’s Spark & Hustle Campaign. Her motivational up-tempo pop/rock song, “One Life,” is showcased on Ms. Johnson’s 2011 world campaign tour. With requests to perform all over the country, Mary C was invited to play at the famous Jones Beach concert stage, opening on the WaMu stage for Epic recording artist, Matisyahu, and Zomba recording artist, 311. Mary C has performed at the world famous ING New York City Marathon and, for the last 3 years, has been invited to close the internationally renowned Cape Cod Jazz Festival to sold-out audiences.

Most recently, Mary C was chosen to participate in the Marriott Hotels’ new online campaign, “Artist To Watch.” She has been featured in The New York Times, The Edge and various online publications. She has been requested to perform at various premiere events: an exclusive concert in Alaska and several shows in Vancouver, Cape Cod and Montreal.

Along with her critically acclaimed band, The Stellars, Mary C has been invited to perform at NYC’s Pianos music venue, sharing the bill with Grammy nominated R&B artist, Emily King. In addition, she holds her residency at NYC’s legendary The Bitter End in Greenwich Village. Mary C’s most recent concert at Rockwood Music Hall with The Stellars featured a sneak peek from her upcoming album, “Right On Time,” with soulful vocals in an eclectic fresh blend of retro pop, blues, rock and funk. Now that she has signed to record label Chantress Music Inc and is represented by Launch Productions, stay tuned this fall for Mary C’s sophomore album, “RIGHT ON TIME,” featuring her single, “Love Automatic.”

Album The Cars

“MOVE LIKE THIS” They’re baaaaaack.

What once was quoted by front man Ric Ocasek as a reunion that would “never” happen, thankfully has. After two decades The Cars have returned, and they haven’t missed a beat.

May 10, 2011 marked the release of “Move Like This,” their first studio album since 1987’s “Door to Door.” With the trademark swagger, art rock minimalism and synth-pop gleam of their classic hits, they pick up right where they left off. Bringing all of the energy and sonic vitality of past and present, The Cars deliver the sound one would expect. Reminiscent of their “Candy-O” days, their new album is a heavy dose of 1980s throwback, featuring all of the original members (minus the brilliant Ben Orr, who died of cancer in 2000), with the addition of the legendary Todd Rundgren as their new fifth. Ric Ocasek takes over the lead vocals, bringing his trademark man-machine sound back to the mic, along with Greg Hawkes on synths, Eliot Easton on guitar and David Robinson’s driving rhythm. Hawkes assumes the duties of bassist. (All agreed from the start that there was no replacing the late bassist and co-lead singer Ben Orr.) On first listen, “Move Like This” gives you exactly what you’ve come to expect with any Cars album. The first track, “Blue Tip,” kicks right in with the punchy synth and stellar drums, sounding as if it’s been released from an 80’s time capsule. Much like reconnecting with an old friend, The Cars reclaim the sound that has been sorely missed. “Too Late” once again proves their mastery of an infectious hook, bringing to mind “It’s All I Can Do” with a full layered production. Their first single, “Sad Song,” happily does not live up to it’s title, giving the listener a pop thrill complete with their signature handclaps, no doubt making it a must-have for any playlist. The uber-catchy ballad, “Soon,” cries back to the nostalgic, as cinematic as a John Hughes moment. Returning to their defining sound with a more mature and polished production, The Cars jump start an album that will appeal to fans old and new. Welcome back guys!!!

Haute Couture Ellen Christine

Queen of Hats La Reina De Los Sombr ros | La Reine Des Chapeaux

Ellen Colon-Lugo, known as Ellen Christine, is the undisputed source for both époque and fashion millinery. For over 3 decades she has designed and carefully fabricated authentic à la main, historical millinery for the stage, film, couture runway shows, private collections and the world’s most prestigious editorial publications. Ellen Christine meticulously oversees her showroom and studios that produce each and every hat to her exact specifications, down to the exquisite patternmaking, historically accurate stitching and opulent materials of antique trims and textiles. Artful draping, precious handmade flowers, and fanciful featherwork are incorporated into her glamorous designs that appeal to the modern client. This “Queen of Hats” caters to the niche-within-aniche of the most discerning brides, editors, stylists and hat lovers that flock to her for advice, consultation and design. With an Anglo/Latino heritage, Philadelphia-bred Christine was born into the 50s decade of percolating popular culture filled with post WWII color and cartoon cultural references. During this era of joyful fun and frivolous invention that gave the world Howdy Doody, Roy Rogers and Elvis Presley, she learned Craft and Art at home by making dolls’ clothes. Before the age

of 12, Christine’s entrepreneurial endeavors included producing neighborhood fairs, selling custom-designed and manufactured products door-todoor and working with local charities. While attending the University of Puerto Rico for undergraduate studies in Humanities, Christine opened her first retail boutique, carrying a full line of hippy regalia cut from Indian bedspreads for their lightness and pattern. Shirts, blouses, pants and dress lines were made in-house, all original designs by Christine. Earning a B.A. from UPR, she enrolled in Boston’s School of Fashion Design. Christine has been active in the millinery industry since those days on Newbury Street in the 80s. In Philadelphia Christine apprenticed to an Italian tailor. In Boston she helped create a costume shop for Strutters, the trend-setting antique clothier. After happening upon a hoard of hats that belonged to a socialite, she disassembled and reconstructed the 350 crushed and distorted hats as her “school” for developing her craft. Successful costume engagements garnered the attention of designer friends who approached Christine to design pieces to accessorize their collections. Continuous work in the field as a freelancer (pre-MTV music videos, styling and costume) all over the East Coast and beyond, Christine made a home base a necessity. In 1995 she opened her shop in Manhattan’s stylish Chelsea with a satellite atelier in the rear and a showplace display for the 5 plus

collections per year. The shop partnered with the small and the mighty to get hats on heads, and Ellen Christine Millinery became the darling of the fashion world. Florence Müller, the Doyenne of Mode in Paris, advised Christine to seek a degree in Costume History from NYU’s graduate program that led to her doctoral candidacy. As the Master Milliner for the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic 2010, Ellen Christine Millinery hosted a press party, designed hats galore for the event revelers and appeared on The Today Show - all in the name of hats. This summer the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on Governor’s Island once again fêted Christine’s hats, and the famous who wear them. Currently in collaboration with Henri Bendel, Ellen Christine hopes to bring a hat revolution to America and persuade generations of the hatless to join in the party. Look for her work in Vogue, W Magazine, Elegant Bride, Martha Stewart Weddings and on David Tutera’s “My Fair Wedding.” Find her exclusively designed headpieces at the Metropolitan Opera Shop. From brides to just plain beautiful, Ellen Christine makes hats for heads everywhere. Now in NYC’s West Soho, the studio and showroom are combined for buyers and private appointments as Ellen Christine Millinery remains the goto place for stylists, editors and designers. Heads up for hats, and hats off to Ellen Christine – the “Queen of Hats.”

Fashion Designer Ermanno Formica and design. Can you believe that? It was also a great success for La Perla. They sold tons of them!” Was inexperience a factor in his initial work? “Yes,” he replied, “absolutely! But I learned fast how to play with fabrics after that.”

Ermanno Formica has successfully designed for La Perla since 1985. This is his first interview in twenty-six years. He is shy, and he nervously requests that his colleagues be mentioned, because ‘he is just one of the designers at La Perla.’ During his tenure he has worked on every collection. Still very hands-on in the design process, currently he oversees La Perla Beachwear, La Perla Prêt-à-Porter and La Perla Limited Edition corsetteria. Formica is from a small southern Italian town in the region of Calabria far from the runways of Milan and Paris. His drawing talent gained recognition as he finished his degree in scenography and costume design. At an exclusive La Perla workshop on model drawing for fashion design, he was discovered by La Perla’s owner. After completing a year-long course, he joined the company and has been at La Perla ever since. Formica describes a memorable accomplishment at La Perla during his early years, “It was incredible! I remember the first bodysuit I created was done in black lace, and I came up with the design by mistake. It’s kind of a funny story. One of my first days on the job I’m given this wide piece of lace. I had no idea I could cut it, so I just placed it on the shoulder of the mannequin and worked around that. I ended up creating the very first model of a bodysuit designed with a large shoulder. Now it is in the history books about costume

He agrees that creative designs can result from working within limitations, “Well, I can tell you that I am probably the designer who drew the most panties and bras in his lifetime. But seriously, La Perla is a company whose philosophy is to create pieces that are lavish but never vulgar. That is what I love about my work. We have the greatest freedom in creating our products. For example, I was able to design the first gold bra in history, thanks to La Perla. I used gold yarn and personally threaded it with macramé. It was gorgeous. I applied the golden theme later for the outfit Shakira wore at the 2009 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. I was working on a series inspired by the model Veruschka, and when Shakira saw the bra, she fell in love [with it] and asked us to make outfits for her show.” Formica’s inspiration? “I always start with the idea that the woman will have to be beautiful to look gorgeous. I have to look at the creation from a woman’s perspective, although being a man helps. And, of course, I constantly look at artwork. I study art from around the world. Everything and anything can spark an idea.” Elaborating on fashion as an artistic indication, he offers, “It is an expression of modern art, even if applied to a certain practical means. As a designer I have to make sure that my creations fit the purpose. For example, I’ll use only certain fabrics when creating beachwear rather than the Limited Edition line lingerie. I always have to keep my imagination free and clear to be receptive to new ideas. If you don’t have an open mind, you cease being creative, and for me, it means I’ll be out of a job in no time.” Formica laughs as the interview closes, and his initial nervousness is gone. He feels fortunate working at La Perla where he has the opportunity to unleash his creativity. He designs costumes for some of the world’s most glamorous women on screen including

Angelina Jolie in “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider,” Caterina Murino in “Casino Royale,” Rebecca Rominjn Stamos in “Femme Fatale” and Julia Roberts in “Charlie Wilson’s War.” Women around the world are blessed that Ermanno Formica is designing such intimately lavish fashions!

Boutique Stacy Josloff dark reclaimed wood from a barn in Switzerland prominently displays the season’s most talked about designers, and a swinging leather couch dangling from the ceiling emphasizes a chic, modern shag rug.

Nestled on the main floor of W South Beach hotel, Miami’s newest boutique ‘wows‘ clientele with its unique, flawless design. Stacey Josloff is the proud owner of Therapy, a three-in-one concept store that presents shoppers with a sophisticated alternative to the current South Beach shopping experience with fashion, accessories and beauty -- all set in a sleek, airy and inviting atmosphere. Already generating ample buzz for its innovative image, this unique store is located in posh South Beach with a stunning 3,000 squarefoot store-front space. A work of art in itself, Therapy boasts a distinctive and flawless design, featuring exceptional furnishings, textured wall treatments, and an original Peter Tunney mural. Shoppers are immediately drawn to Therapy’s sprawling windows, white walls and intriguing accents. Floor-toceiling drapery separates the departments, and flooring shifts from inlaid marble to tile, highlighting Therapy’s elegant color scheme of whites, grays and neutral. In the retail space,

Varying textures and treatments mimic the modern beauty of South Beach and are strategically integrated throughout the store. Paying close attention to detail, every area of Therapy is utilized with a playful design element, including the entry columns dressed in delicate reflective wallpaper reminiscent of fish scales. Black wallpaper accented with sporadically placed golden teardrops serves as the perfect backdrop to accentuate a custom gold leather couch. Crystal chandeliers draped in pale beige cloth glow over the jewelry department’s grommetfinished museum cases that complement the golden flakes in the tile floor. Therapy also boasts an exclusive partnership with world-renowned styling duo Warren-Tricomi, featuring six state-of-the-art styling stations separated by hanging metal curtains placed to emulate columns. Celebrated artist Peter Tunney fashioned a 20-feet-high, “Blah Blah Blah,” mural for the salon wall in homage to the gossiping ritual of salon customers. A centerpiece of the salon, the work is a decoupage of newspaper clippings against a crimson background, attracting the eye from anywhere in the store. “I liked creating the mural directly on the wall for the exact reason most people don’t want to – so they can keep it and move it later,” says Tunney. “This piece shows a real over-the-top commitment to art and the life-enhancing aspect of it, not just the trade.” Therapy’s unique characteristics and design elements strategically blend together to beautifully complement one another and set the stage for a truly special shopping experience.

Therapy is the ideal showcase for Josleff’s sophisticated luxury swim wear and elegant resort wear collection, inca. As an accomplished designer, she spent ten years as a high-profile sales executive for Ralph Lauren and MaxMara before heading up her own luxury brand. Over the past decade Josloff has developed inca into a complete resort collection with original one-of-a-kind fabrics. In 2005 she introduced a whimsical swim and resort line for young fashionistas-in-training, incagirl. “Everything about incagirl emulates what the original adult line conjures – special details, vibrant colors, and bohemian sophistication,” explains Josloff, but with its target market being 4 to 14 years of age. Poised to remain among the most sought-after lifestyle brands, inca delivers essential, timeless style for the mode de vie. Josloff’s distinctively elegant resort collections surpass highend expectations with a contemporary vision seldom seen in the luxury wear market. Accordingly, since its launch onto the fashion scene, inca has been featured on national television and in publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, allure, Lucky, Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan. Season after season, Josloff creates beautiful lines of coveted fashion pieces such as embroidered tunics, silk dresses, sarongs and beaded bikinis. Inca invites women to experience a never-seen-before sense of style with a collection of clothing and swim wear that is tailored flawlessly to the female form with opulent details, luxurious fabrics and impeccably intricate embellishments. And Stacey Josloff ’s Therapy is the ultimate destination in which to find this luxe resort lifestyle apparel, inca.

Jewelry Sagiv Israeli “I always shoot for perfection,” Israeli asserts, “always looking for a way to improve perfect.” And what does he love most about the business?: His customers’ initial reaction to each piece of jewelry. According to Israeli, clients typically respond with “Nice,” “Beautiful” or “Wow.” It’s that WOW-factor which Israeli is shooting for with his jewelry.

Harry Winston. DeBeers. Cartier. These are a few distinguished names in the diamond and jewelry industry internationally known for elegance and sophistication. Aiden & Co. will soon join this exclusive list. A cut above competition with their distinctive aesthetics and gem quality, there is nothing understated about this company or their jewelry. Aiden & Co. was founded six years ago by Sagiv Israeli. A third generation diamond designer who learned the craft from his father and grandfather, Israeli believes, “Luxury is defined in the attention to detail.” This is evident in every beautifully polished diamond and exquisitely hand-crafted piece of jewelry. According to Israeli, the key is to design the jewelry around the stone and not the other way around. This allows the major diamond to be the focal point, giving the diamond the attention it deserves.

Aiden & Co.’s specialty is in the selection and cut of colored diamonds - especially pink, yellow, and green. With unique cutting expertise and capabilities, Israeli is proficient at polishing diamonds to their ideal proportions in order to maximize their brilliance and luster. “Most people think color and clarity give brilliance,” says Israeli. But it is the quality of the craftsmanship in cutting and polishing that gives the stones their brilliance. Yet Israeli’s designs aren’t simply a matter of precision-cut stones. Artistry and imagination, having been awakened during the creation process, are behind every piece of his jewelry. Initially everything is loose and separated,

but it is his gift that maximizes the potential of each stone by pulling it all together cohesively, creating a stunning piece of WOW! jewelry. These designs seem to come to Israeli out of nowhere. He can be sketching on a napkin while sitting at a coffee shop or on a plane. Sometimes he even awakes with a design,... ... a gracefully emerging design whose perfection is founded on family tradition, from second to third generation, and in the future to the fourth. With the company named after his first daughter and the “Elite” line named after his second, upholding the quality and name of Aiden & Co. is paramount to Israeli. That’s why he strives for perfection. One day he intends to bestow the company to ‘his precious family jewels.’ With his sight set on the broadening horizon of an emerging global market, Israeli has customers in London, Russia, Dubai, Hong Kong and, of course, New York. And his clients aren’t shying away from jewelry that ranges from $3,000 to $1 million. The market for high-end jewelry is quite strong, and Sagiv Israeli is confident in his assertion that Aiden and Co. is one of the world’s superior jewelers. So are we!

Fashion Stylist Brendan Cannon

Brendan CANNON, America’s awardwinning premier celebrity stylist, fashion editor and creative director, grew up in NYC and was influenced at an early age by rock culture and fashion design. His charisma and style have made him a trusted and soughtafter stylist by Hollywood legends such as Liza Minnelli, Willem Dafoe, Dennis Hopper and Glenn Close. He has worked with some of the most celebrated musicians of our time: Annie Lennox, Michael Jackson, MOBY, Shirley Manson, Jimmy Page and The Black Eyed Peas. CANNON’s extensive list of clientele includes countless celebrities: Diane Kruger, Alec Baldwin, Chris Noth, Bethany Frankel, Angelina Jolie, Matt Lauer, Jennifer Lopez, Matt Damon, Liv Tyler and Barbara Walters....

the 2009 Life Ball - the largest AIDS benefit runway show in the world. He works closely with various other charities, such as Make-A-Wish, PETA, the Red Cross, DIFFA, Canine Companions and St. Jude’s Hospital. This ecologically-minded humanitarian intends to make a difference in this world. “Be eco-friendly and ecoconscious in everything your business does; every business and every person make a difference; there is only one earth and we all need to protect and respect it,” he asserts.

CANNON’s philosophy advocates creating an open line of communication among him, his team and each of his clients, regarding aesthetics, budgets and expectations. With this approach, he has styled fashion shows for Jason Wu and has been instrumental in creating the partnership between Wu and household fashion label Brizo. Moreover, CANNON has styled shows for Safilo and their licensed brands, which include Gucci, Christian Dior, Emporio Armani, Ralph Lauren, Dior Home, Max Mara, Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Banana Republic, Tommy Hilfiger and YS. Notable companies that utilize his services include Saks Fifth Avenue, American Vogue, Entertainment Weekly, Sony Music, TCA, Sprint, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Atlantic Records, Lancôme, Disney and Air France....

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CANNON has styled casts of network shows (e.g., “The Sopranos,” “Lost,” “The View,” “Project Runway,” “Regis & Kelly,” “Top Chef” and “The Office”). His sound business practices and reputation for treating others with respect and dignity have even landed him starring roles. He has been featured on E! Style, VHl, CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC, TLC and Bravo. In addition to commercial work for Saks Fifth Avenue, Target, Sony Music, RCA, Bravo Network, Sprint, Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus, CANNON has been an on-air spokesperson for TJ Maxx, Burlington Coat Factory, Chapstick, Pantene, Dove and Peanuts/Snoopy Worldwide. Publications which have featured editorials on CANNON are Vanity Fair, Time, Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Entertainment Weekly and German, British and Australian Vogue. He has been instrumental in originating and speaking on a fashion panel for MEIFF (Middle Eastern International Film Festival), working closely with Jason Wu and contributing editor for Vogue Kathryn Neale Shaffer.

As a strategic fashion consultant, CANNON founded The Cannon Media Group (CMG), which affords opportunities for brand awareness via the worlds of fashion and celebrity. CMG has provided creative direction, production and styling for both established and emerging American designers during New York’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Whether obtaining actual museum pieces for a Discovery Channel TV commercial or recreating fifty unique, globally ethnic costumes for the worldwide launch of the National Geographic Channel, Cannon’s passion for authenticity and his gift of problem solving have left lasting impressions on everyone he has worked with, because he “strives for perfection on every project [he] takes on.”

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Hair Yaniv Levy & Yoni Kreger New York City has become a mecca for aspiring hair stylists, including rising stars Yaniv Levy and Yani Kreger, who are confident of their abilities to transform hair styles into a delicate form of artistic self-expression. They have recently acquired the salon formerly known as Salon West Soho to be officially re-opened as Y Gallery Salon. Levy and Kreger both started their careers in Tel Aviv, Israel. Levy - or Sting, as he is known by clients - worked in Israel before moving to Los Angeles and finally settling in New York. Ten years ago he made the city his home. Kreger was first introduced to hairstyling in high school, where it was offered as a class. After serving in the army, he knew it was what he wanted to do with his life. Kreger opened his first salon in Israel at the age of twenty-two. Closing the salon after two years, he worked two years in Europe. Kreger returned to Israel to open his second salon, which he operated for five years, and eventually found his way to NYC. Levy and Kreger met while working at Dramatics, a Manhattan salon chain, where they both taught students and worked photo shoots and fashion shows. Having known each other for eight years, they decided to become business partners. Realizing their dream, Levy and Kreger opened Y Gallery - a studio salon for artistic hair styling where clients’ artwork can be displayed. The “gallery” concept raises the consciousness of artistic expression in hair styling. “I always look at hair like a sculpture,” Levy said. “Later on, I discovered hair is like architecture.” He is always learning how to draw and build lines when shaping hair. Because Levy sees hair as a third of a person’s look, he considers styling extremely important. “It’s all about matching the face with the look,” he said. Levy and Kreger hope every person will come to understand that hair styling is actually art. Eventually, these hairdressers plan to turn the salon into an academy and open more salons. Levy described their constant learning process as hair stylists, “We live by the seasons of fashion.” So Yaniv Levy and Yani Kreger hope both established clients and future patrons of Y Gallery Salon will explore evolving hair styles with them as they move from season to season, exploring new ways to shape hair into personal works of art.

Make Up Roxanne Rizzo

Roxanne Rizzo is a celebrated professional makeup artist and licensed esthetician based in New York City. For the past 14 years she has worked with fashion shows, hit TV shows, movies and print. Rizzo is constantly open to new ideas leading to the development of concepts that have been inspired by mentors as well as by others in her industry. Her extensive knowledge has been used in creating her beauty line, Roxanne Rizzo Cosmetics, a brand which includes a popular body makeup appropriately named Bronze Glow. This outstanding product compliments all complexions and camouflages a variety of skin imperfections, making it advantageous for her work in all media. Rizzo’s makeup expertise and products have been used in commercials

for American Express, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Arm & Hammer, Delta Airlines and the New York Lottery, as well as in movies such as “Three Days to Vegas,” “Stepford Wives” and “Big Mamma’s House II.” On television she has worked with ABC’s “Ugly Betty” as department head, TLC’s “What Not to Wear,” NBC’s “Lipstick Jungle” and “Saturday Night Live,” Fox’s “The Wedding Album,” HBO’s “The Sopranos” and CBS’s “3 LBS,” among others. Rizzo’s client list is filled with notable names such as Michael Bloomberg, Ice-T, Cynthia Nixon, Christie Brinkley, Chris Rock, Eva Mendez, Vincent D’Onofrio, Stanley Tucci, Billy Burke, Anthony Michael Hall, Larraine Bracco, Chris Noth, Brooke Shields and numerous others.

Roxanne Rizzo’s key skills are concentrated in three specialized areas: beauty, injury and character enhancement. She is fortunate to love what she does, explaining, “Everyday is a learning experience for me.” Rizzo travels extensively - both nationally and internationally - for projects when not working in NYC, sharing her expertise and knowledge of makeup on and off set... even conducting makeup workshops while traveling throughout Japan. Recently Rizzo has begun sharing her products with the public, not simply with the “Stars,” making her client list unlimited!

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Body Art Marcus Suarez Marcus Suarez is one of the most distinctive artists in modern culture. He began his career in Brooklyn, NY, as a graffiti artist with a flair for the eccentric. Now his work has exploded onto the art and entertainment scenes in Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, fostering a greater appreciation for his unique talent, artful soul and ethereal spirituality. Today his acclaim as America’s premiere body artist extends throughout European and Asian audiences. Suarez has evolved into one of the most sought after artists in the country. Commercial campaigns that feature his imaginative vision include Pepsi with Pharrell Williams, Mountain Dew with Busta Rhymes and Schweppes with David LaChapelle. Suarez was Absolut Vodka’s artist in the 1990s. Recently he collaborated on a Remy Martin bottle design with David LaChapelle and is working with him on the book cover for LaChapelle’s latest insanely popular book, “Heaven to Hell”, as well as LaChapelle’s other over-the-top projects. Pamela Anderson is a client and close friend with whom Suarez has built an alliance over the years, and he was an integral part of her entourage, Team Pam, when she gracefully wowed the nation on “Dancing with the Stars” this past season. Other notable celebrity clientele include Prince, Mickey Rourke, Christina Aguilara, Sylvestor Stallone and the Sugar Tan Queen ( ... to name a few. Suarez has body painted a myriad of beauties during his Miami Beach days and has worked the PETA scene rocking out their anti-fur slogans in graffiti. As a performance artist, Suarez’s artwork - from celebrity paintings to graffiti work - was featured this past spring at the opening night gala of the La Vegas Mob Experience, located in the revamped Tropicana Las Vegas. This mob museum houses his murals and canvasses as part of the “interactive exhibit using technology from former Disney “Imagineers” to draw visitors into gangland.” Currently Marcus Suarez is reported to be back in residence in Los Angeles working on his next big commission affiliated with Star Wars and maintaining his well-deserved reputation as our most exciting avant garde body painter today! For more information regarding this megatalent, message

Hotel Michael Achenbaum, Gansevoort Hotel Group Michael Achenbaum is the co-owner and partner of the Gansevoort Hotel Group (GHG). Reared on Long Island, Achenbaum attended the University of Michigan, earned a degree in history, and then attended graduate school at NYU for a JD and an MBA. Prior to his real estate ventures, Achenbaum held positions at Bear Stearns and Nomura Securities, where he originated commercial mortgage loans for securitization. Since 1999 Achenbaum has worked with his father William, and together they have developed over $1 billion in commercial properties. Today he lends business acumen, innovative thinking and an energetic vibrancy to the flourishing Gansevoort brand.

the upscale restaurant Ristorante Asellina. Added amenities include a Lacoste boutique, Exhale Spa, Cutler Salon and in-town car service provided by Porsche. Achenbaum refers to Gansevoort Park Avenue as “the city’s most comprehensive urban resort.”

In 2004 Achenbaum led GHG in the revitalization of the once gritty Meatpacking District by opening its flagship five-star hotel, Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC. Located at 9th Ave and 13th Street, the hotel has been hailed by Forbes as “one of the 10 best business hotels in New York City,” while USA Today calls it a “sleek escape” and The Times of London refers to it as “sexy in the city.” even ranks it among the “world’s top 10 hippest hotels.”

In the past several years, GHG has assumed greater technical assistance and managerial roles in the hospitality industry and is pursuing expansion of its urban resort concept outside the United States. Like Ian Schrager, Achenbaum has made his New York hotels epicenters of the new nightlife. And similar to previous visionaries like Andre Balazs and the Thompson Group, he continues to create buzz-worthy environments with chic, stylish hotels of sophisticated minimalism. The Hotel Gansevoort’s signature element: its rooftop pool and bar!

Identifying GHG’s brand image by redefining contemporary hotel experience as a full-service lifestyle resort, Achenbaum expanded the Gansevoort brand to the Caribbean. In 2009 the Gansevoort Turks & Caicos resort was opened. Continuing excellence in service and distinctive style unparalleled in the hospitality industry, the Gansevoort Park Avenue NYC opened in 2010. This luxury hotel boasts a tri-level rooftop complex featuring connected nightlife spaces with a sound system designed by the engineer responsible for Pacha in NYC and SPACE in Miami, Ultra Lounge with attached outdoor balconies, and

GHG, a company known for its luxury hotel accommodations and innovative partnerships in restaurant, beauty and fashion, has developed and manages South Beach’s Gansevoort Miami Beach Hotel, Spa and Residences. Gansevoort Miami offers the services of unique entrepreneurial companies such as STK, Philippe, David Barton, Inca, BoHo Chic, Bustelo and Cutler.

Auchenbaum remains actively involved in children’s charities since his college days. In honor of his grandfather and great uncle, he founded the George Mitchell/Archie Wilkins Scholarship at the University of Michigan to provide financial assistance to local students participating in the University’s Big Sibling program. Achenbaum himself is a dedicated “Big Brother” in NYC. As a role model, Achenbaum demonstrates the potential success a pursuit of education can achieve for the boys.

Destination Miami Central Park

Located in the heart of Brickell in downtown Miami, a 60,000 square-foot oasis is being built for all who enjoy the rich pleasures of Southern Florida. Miami Central Park will feature The Meadow, Brickell Beer Garden andAkashi Japanese Restaurant. The Meadow is an expansive 9,500 square-foot event lawn with a professional putting green. Family picnics, corporate parties, film festivals, table tennis tournaments, Octoberfest celebrations, concerts, art shows, organic markets and beer games are all potential activities on this spacious, beautiful lawn. Air-conditioned tents, catering, sound, bar, bands and deejays are other amenities that can be provided. The Meadow reverts to a traditional beer garden with picnic benches when not in use for events. Patron, ‘the world is your garden.’ Brickell Beer Garden is an organic restaurant with renowned chef Abigail Fellows (winner of the 2009 Maryland Crab Cake contest and from Washington DC’s Gastro pub), who utilizes local farms and fisherman to combine German traditions with Miami flair. The Captain’s List matches premier beers with foods that combine for a perfect taste. German Beers and Micro Brews on tap, diverse bottle selection, fine wines and a full liquor bar will quench the thirst and enliven the spirit. Impatient patrons can use the self-service taps available on tables or in the lawn area while watching the World Cup, Olympics or favorite sporting event. (Brickell Beer Garden is the only place in Miami with self-service taps.)

Akashi has served South Miami with quality Japanese food for more than 18 years and is a welcome addition to Miami Central Park. In this setting at Brickell, patrons can take their shoes off in the garden and admire Japanese style comforts, enjoy excellent Japanese cuisine and partake of Japanese flights of sake that cover Japan from its coast to its mountains. The restaurant will also offer a weekly organic market. The force behind Miami Central Park is legendary nightlife operative Bobby Brandt. Well-known for his highly successful bars and lounges in Miami Beach, Brandt recently added chic-sophisticated Gemma Lounge to the long list of joints he has owned/operated, including Shadow Lounge, The Spot, Brandt’s Break, Chili Pepper, River Lounge and Martini Bar. He is actively involved with the website, promotemysong. com., an online version of a record label that allows unsigned artists and music industry people to sell, promote, seek services and collaborate with others in the business from all over the world as well as post classified ads, blog, chat, find events, etc. The site’s A&R Vault also gives top artists the opportunity to be discovered by record labels. Most recently, Brandt formed a bar management/consulting company that has secured top clients, including Skyline Lounge, Epic Hotel and Pure Ultra Lounge, and is providing many nationwide opportunities.

Luxury Living Trump Soho™ New York unrivaled craftsmanship and selection of only the finest materials is seen in hand-finished details from precious metals to suede and printed leathers with crocodile, micro-croc and iguana effects. Rockwell Group’s richly textured hotel interiors marry uptown luxury with downtown style. The hotel exudes uniquely contemporary glamour, with a series of classically influenced spaces re-interpreted in a loft-inspired design. Throughout the property, design details and materials emphasize urban verticality and reflection - from the American walnut screens in the lobby to the stitched leather panels in the elevators to the linear patterned Turkish marble in the guest rooms to the oiled bronze fixtures. Both the intimate mezzanine Library, with its extensive collection of coffee table books by Taschen®, and the downstairs soaring double height Lobby are flawlessly designed spaces of the Rockwell Group.

“Luxury has a new address.” Trump SoHo™ New York is a luxury living property, offering studios, suites and penthouses in the heart of NYC’s SoHo area. With exclusive sales by Prodigy Network, Handel Architects’ shimmering glass façade establishes a new paradigm in innovative design that makes Trump SoHo™ a breathtaking addition to Manhattan’s iconic skyline. The 391 spacious guest rooms and suites feature floor-to-ceiling windows, providing unparalleled views of the city’s spectacular skyline and the Hudson River. With 12 rooms per floor, Trump SoHo™ maintains an intimate boutique ambiance of sophistication and indulgence. Luxurious custom furnishings are by Fendi Casa, the esteemed Italian fashion house whose

Created under the direction of Ivanka Trump, Trump SoHo™’s spa and pool deck feature the stylish design of DiGuiseppe Architect, the awardwinning hospitality and spa specialists. Throughout The Spa and Bar D’Eau, DiGuiseppe has introduced Middle Eastern design details that create an environment both sensuous and serene, from Assyrian-shaped ceilings tiled in Capiz shells to woven-mesh chandeliers of nickel and crystal. Spa-goers step through a portal of Maccassar ebony into an entry fashioned after a Moroccan courtyard and graced by a fountain carved from Calacatta gold marble. The 11,000-square-foot Spa presents nine private treatment rooms, salon services, indoor and outdoor relaxation areas, and the first authentic luxury hammam in NYC. With unparalleled pampering and the most indulgent treatments imaginable, The Spa offers the award-winning spa

brand of the Trump® Hotel Collection. The landscaped 6,000-square-foot pool deck creates a stunning urban oasis for the blue Italian mosaic-lined open-air lounge pool with cascading waterfall, complete with chaise lounges, a Bocce court and cocktail service courtesy of Bar D’Eau, the hotspot designed by DiGuiseppe Architect. Dine on impeccably sourced produce and authentic Northern Italian artisanal cuisine at Quattro Gastronomia Italiana, Trump SoHo™’s bi-level destination restaurant, with private dining rooms on the mezzanine level. Drink under the stars at the bar, Bar D’Eau, or among the stars at Kastel, downtown’s hottest nightspot featuring top mixologists and bottle service. Connect with clients and colleagues in the stylish and technologically sophisticated 12,000 square-footmeeting space, able to accommodate special events needs from boardroom to ballroom. Take advantage of the full-service business center located on the Lower Lobby level. Entertain in spectacular style at SoHi, the top floor private events space with a unique atmosphere and views that will take your breath away. The interior design of the hotel, inspired by the cobblestone streets and architecture of historic New York, the West Village and SoHo, provides guests with a sense of place. This is New York City. This is downtown. This is SoHo. Located at 246 Spring Street, where SoHo meets TriBeCa and the West Village, Trump SoHo™’s exclusive setting provides the singular opportunity to enjoy Manhattan’s celebrated art galleries, restaurants, boutiques, shopping and the Village’s vibrant night life. Luxury certainly does have a new address with Trump SoHo™ New York!

Sport Lou Dibella “Boxing After Dark,” featured some of the most high profile matches in boxing history and provided boxers with title fights in front of millions of boxing fans. DiBella then founded his own promotional firm, DiBella Entertainment (DBE). In 2004 DBE produced “Broadway Boxing,” which is the longest running and most successful boxing series in New York City. Upcoming fighters and promising contenders have the opportunity to showcase their talents and their love for the sport in front of millions of fans. DiBella has created a company that shifts the balance of power from promoters to boxers.

Lou DiBella is one of the most wellknown, respected and influential personalities in sports today, and his name has become synonymous with world championship boxing. DiBella was born in Brooklyn, New York, attended Manhattan’s prestigious Regis High School and was a summa cum laude graduate of Tufts University. In 1985 he graduated from Harvard Law School and spent several years as an attorney with Sullivan & Cromwell LLP law firm before becoming one of the most successful boxing promoters in the world. DiBella headed the programming for HBO Sports for more than ten years. He was the backbone of the division that vaulted HBO boxing to signature programming status and a ratings bonanza. HBO Pay-Per-View flourished under his leadership, televising many of the biggest prizefights in the history of the sport. The highly successful series,

In 2005 DiBella furthered his promotional influence and business savvy by establishing DBE Productions, a full-service production company that encompasses many facets of the entertainment and sports industry under one roof. DBE Productions produces independent and documentary films, original theatrical performances and television movies, and satellite radio shows. This enterprise will give opportunities

to those who are looking to break into the entertainment industry a platform that will serve and promote their careers. DiBella produced the television

documentary, “Magic Man,” which depicted the life of Paulie Malignaggi and his rise in the world of boxing. Subsequently, he was the Executive Producer of “Love Ranch,” a major motion picture that stars Helen Mirren and Joe Pesci, and he was the Associate Producer of “The Fighter,” which stars Mark Wahlburg and Christian Bale. Past and present boxers represented by DBE include current WBC middleweight champion Sergio Gabriel Martinez, former middleweight world champions Jermain Taylor and Bernard Hopkins, former junior welterweight titlist Paulie Malignaggi, and WBC welterweight champion Andre Berto. Lou DiBella’s significant contribution to the boxing profession is without question.

Speedways Pour la Victoire

The hippest, most cutting-edge transportation in the world remains the oldest form of transportation: à pied. From ancient Roman roads to the sidewalks of NYC, London and Rodeo Drive to the runways of Paris and Milan, the “vehicles” of modern culture tread our “speedways.” Of course, the most glamorous speadway of all is the Red Carpet. Inspired by hard-edged, European design houses and a spirit of innovation, Pour La Victoire launched a woman’s footwear line for the adventurous woman who searches for a unique way of expressing her individuality. The brand is synonymous with progressive style, extreme comfort and high quality. Carine Roitfeld, editor-in-chief of French Vogue, describes the line as “S&M Rock n’ Roll Chic, a brand that has seduced all the fashionista shoe lovers.” Their footwear has gained popularity among socialites and celebrities. Fans such as Anne Hathaway, Rachel Weisz, Alexa Chung, Emmy Rossum, Dakota Fanning, Nina Dobrev and Kim Kardashian have made public appearances sporting their favorite heels, boots and sandals.

Fashion industry veterans Jay Adoni and David Giordano founded PLV STUDIO INC in the Spring of 2008. Both designers drew from their Wall Street backgrounds and their successful experiences in the accessory market. Adoni, owner of the successful shoe brand LJ Simone, partnered with Giordano, who headed such brands as Theory, Gene Meyer and Sam Edelman. With their combined forty years in the shoe industry, Adoni and Giordano aspire to create fashion forward concepts different from what mass-market brands offer. Following the success of Pour La Victoire, Kelsi Dagger was conceived. Seizing the opportunity to redefine the junior shoe market, Adoni and Giordano named their youthful line after a fictional English literary show girl and femme fatale. Kelsi is confident and slightly dangerous, speaking to the accelerating velocity of how young people live today. In a world full of sensory overload, Kelsi Dagger is a declaration for all that is youthful, fresh and totally hip. Kelsi Dagger is currently carried by top U.S. accounts, and its distribution

extends to more than twenty countries. Pour La Victoire is available in high-end stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales, as well as in over three hundred of the world’s specialty boutiques. A combination of handcrafted styles, premium leathers and fine details has attracted an intense loyal following, resulting in their 2010 inaugural handbag collection. Pour La Victoire has been featured in publications such as Lucky, ELLE, In Style, Marie Claire, ESSENCE, FLARE, O Magazine, REDBOOK, TeenVogue, GLAMOUR, Vogue and Women’s Health. The designs of Adoni and Giordano are presently featured in Allure and People magazines. Pour La Victoire is being heralded by magazine editors as THE “Next Big Thing” !

Water Waves Watercraft Adventure Tours WaterCraft Adventure Tours was founded on the New Jersey Shore, shortly after PWC enthusiast Ray Valladares completed his fourth roundtrip ride from Miami, Florida to Bimini in the Bahamas. From that point onward, Ray decided to pursue his dream and passion for sharing the thrill of discovery, the reward of adventure and the free spirit of riding to new destinations with other personal watercraft (PWC) owners. WaterCraft Adventure Tours is dedicated to providing customers with the greatest all-inclusive, pre-planned personal watercraft guided tours. We want to give our participants the most memorable riding experience by sharing the passion and the dream. Looking back, our real first adventure was riding 20 miles among the rolling waves of the Atlantic Ocean, and we have not stopped exploring since! We have grown and learned to ride across a wide variety of seas and conditions— from calm, flat rivers and bays to challenging 6-foot swells in the Bermuda Triangle. The thrill of a new ride and the spirit of adventure have, and always will, influence the planning of our trips. We will take you to famous landmarks, beautiful shore scenery and waterways—always along the path less taken. Although calm river cruises with common scenery, river banks and shoals are a wonderful experience, we focus more on a wide variety of sea and landscape, instead. From passing skyscrapers, historic lighthouses and military fortifications to visiting secluded beaches and watching diverse wildlife, your ride will be, at times, physically challenging—but always very rewarding. Come and join us for the trip of your life. Experience the freedom and excitement, and return with great stories to share and memories that will last forever!

For more information, upcoming trips and events visit our website at

Chef Bobby Brazzi Bobby Brazzi is excited to share traditional Italian cuisine with a contemporary twist. He has loved to cook since the age of sixteen, and after working at his parents’ pizzerias in Brooklyn and on Long Island, Bobby has become a natural restaurateur. In the summer of 2010, he opened Brazzi Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant in Manahawkin, New Jersey. “I wanted to bring a real Manhattan feel to Manahawkin,” says Bobby. He serves gourmet as well as casual Italian food in a family-style setting in his restaurant. And as the chef, he is concerned with quality and does not skimp on flavor. Brazzi boasts a wood-fired brick oven in which to cook pizza, varieties of fresh fish, lamb and veal. In addition to classic Italian dishes whose recipes are inherited from previous generations, the menu includes unique creations such as lobster ravioli in a pink sherry cream sauce, pine nut-encrusted Chilean sea bass and his famed specialty, Shrimp Roberto butterfly jumbo shrimp stuffed with lump crab meat set in a roasted garlic sauce. “By training and doing and experimenting, I create my own pastas,” explains Bobby. “It works, and people are loving it.” Brazzi serves fresh pastas, herbal breads and divine desserts, including gelato imported from Italy. While Bobby’s parents inspired his passion for Italian cooking, he credits Tuscan and Sicilian family members in the fishing industry and bakery business for his hands-on training. Actually, most of his training was with people who were everyday cooks, such as his aunts and great-aunts who shared their traditions and recipes. But it was his mother who taught him the true art of cooking.

The acclaim of Brazzi Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant has led Bobby Brazzi to consider franchising. He hopes to expand to central and northern New Jersey by next year, redefining the concept of traditional Italian cuisine. “When you go to many places, the food looks great but...there’s no taste,” he contends. He believes people shouldn’t have to embellish the flavor of food, and he cooks with that objective in mind. To that end, he is making and bottling his own sauces, which are available online and in the restaurant. Soon Bobby plans to introduce “Moonstruck at Brazzi.” This Thursdaythrough-Saturday cafe-style dining with music and a late night menu in an Italian bistro vibe will excite the youngat-heart chic of the south Jersey shore. All those searching for fine Italian food may bring their choice of wine or spirits to experience the exceptional, authentic cuisine of Bobby Brazzi at Brazzi Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant.

Brazzi Restaurant 601 Route 72 East Manahawkin New Jersey 08050 T: 609.597.8161

Cuisine Di Palo

Lou Di Palo’s great-grandfather, Savino, embarked on a journey in 1903 that changed his life and the lives of his family’s future generations. As Italians immigrated to the United States en masse between 1880 and 1920, Savino Di Palo left behind his family, his farm and all that he was accustomed to as a cheese-maker in the small mountain village of Montemelone in Basilicata, Italy. After settling in New York City’s Little Italy, he opened a latteria (dairy store) in 1910. In 1914 his family joined him. Working together with his children, Savino inspired them to preserve the traditions of his homeland in Italy. In 1925 Lou Di Palo’s grandmother (Savino’s daughter), Concetta, continued this tradition by opening up a latteria of her own with the support of her husband, Luigi. The latteria, called Di Palo’s, was located on the corner of Mott and Grand Streets, within a half block from her father’s shop. Always bustling with Italian immigrants, this small 400 square-foot store exclusively sold cheeses that were handmade by Luigi and Concetta and fresh milk ladled from large milk cans that were delivered daily from nearby farms. Over the years, Concetta and Luigi, along with their sons Michael and Savino, slowly increased their product line to include southern Italian cheeses such as Caciocavallo, Provolone and Pecorino Romano. Struggling through some of America’s most difficult times, the store survived the depression era, world wars and a changing community. In the 1960s immigration policies shifted, and Italian communities drastically diminished over the following 20 years. Lou Di Palo realized that the ‘footprint’ of Italian immigrants, which had been established in NYC’s Little Italy, needed to be preserved. When Di Palo’s father, Savino

(“Sam”), retired, Di Palo - along with his brother Salvatore and sister Marie - realized they needed to continue one of the greatest contributions that Italian immigrants made to the United States: the appreciation of traditional foods. Di Palo adopted a mission to rediscover what his greatgrandfather Savino DiPalo had left behind in Italy. He made frequent trips to his ancestral land to seek authentic tastes and select traditional products from its 20 regions. Di Palo adds a personal flavor to his cuisine; he explains, “I bring back to you the knowledge and history of these authentic flavors. I have made it my obligation not only to meet the producers but also to visit the farms during harvest times and see the animals and the land on which they graze in order to guarantee that these products are of the highest standards and quality.” And now Di Palo’s son Sam, the fifth generation of this family passionate about their work, has spent 4 years in Italy reclaiming his heritage. Sam Di Palo expanded their shop and created Enoteca Di Palo, a wine shop and wine gallery with a diverse selection of exceptional Italian wine. The shop displays “a rotation of different regional wines” from Italy’s 20 regions. Sam Di Palo, along side his father Lou, is now ensuring that the Di Palo family has come full circle to share the vision of his great-great-grandfather, Savino DiPalo.

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Da “title” Mikele

Entering Da Mikele - Signature food by Luzzo’s, patrons are greeted with a pleasantly inviting industrial atmosphere. Its rustic decor is evidenced by exposed brick walls, dimly lit hanging bulbs, pressed tin ceilings and distressed wooden custom furniture that exude the warmth of its enticing ambience. The chic granite and wooden bar was even crafted by the owner himself! From imported produce to their Milanese chef, Da Mikele is a little slice of Italy in New York City. In 2004 accomplished restaurateur Michele Iuliano opened Luzzo’s in the East Village to great acclaim and popularity. He chose Chelsea as the home for his second restaurant, Ovest, which he opened in 2010. Both are well known for their Neapolitan-style pizza. His newest eatery in TriBeCa boasts his grandmother’s original home-styled square pizza. Iuliano is “the grandson of an acclaimed baker, and is a gifted panettiere in his own right who attributes the popularity of his pizza crusts to his bread-making expertise.”

Da Mikele, a family-style restaurant, is a natural result of Iuliano’s upbringing. Surrounded by a family of bakers and restaurateurs in his hometown of Naples, his culinary education began as a child under the tutelage of his mother and grandmother. While his story involving food originated in Naples, his road to success began upon his arrival in New York City in 2001. Knowing little English, he worked behind the scenes as a dishwasher, busboy and delivery boy in many restaurants. These jobs provided Iuliano the opportunity to work with food in one form or another, and for him they were necessary stepping stones. Today Da Mikele is gaining momentum. With a newly obtained liquor license and an excellent selection of fine Italian wines, Director of Business Affairs Tony D’Aiuto is quite confident in Da Mikele’s continued success. He describes both their food and their customers as ‘warm’ and ‘welcoming’ and remarks, “[Our] crowd matches [our] food.” Five years prior to working for Iuliano, D’Aiuto himself was a regular

at Luzzo’s. Like Iuliano he had worked in his family’s restaurant as a child, learning about cooking from his father, and today he still enjoys being in the kitchen while spending most of his time managing all three of Iuliano’s restaurants. Da Mikele’s Neapolitan-inspired menu features a dazzling selection of daily specials, including hand-made pastas and individual-sized half-moon pizzas. One of Iuliano’s favorite dishes is Ragu Napolitano, the one his mother taught him how to cook in old-world style. Apertivo - or Italian happy hour - offers a rich variety of complimentary appetizers paired with wines and cocktails for those seeking to stimulate their palates with a pre-dinner drink. Becoming a favorite destination for sophisticated, casual neighborhood dining in TriBeCa, Michele Iuliano’s Da Mikele - Signature food by Luzzo’s is ideal for those passionate about Italian food and wine. “Prendiamo un aperitivo da Mikele! (Let’s go get an aperitif at Da Mikele!)” Page: 213

Eatery APL

Joey Verdone founded his new restaurant and lounge, Apl, on what he calls Modern American Cuisine. As the face of America has changed, the cliché of the New York City “melting pot” has never been more literal. Chinese, French, Japanese, Mexican and Indian food have become staples in modern cosmopolitan kitchens, and great chefs are now fusing these varied cuisines into their own unique creations. Apl (pronounced ‘apple’) fuses the best of classic ethnic dishes with an inventive cosmopolitan flare that delights even the most seasoned foodies. Appropriately located on Orchard Street in the Lower East Side, the restaurant caters to a diverse group of patrons. Verdone chose this location over others because he feels it is “the only unadulterated part of the city.” Verdone selected Blackbook’s Steve Lewis to oversee production of Apl’s colorful interior with Shepherd Fairy designed wallpaper. Bronzed high-top sneakers dangle as an accent, and framed wooden pigeons in flight hang above wormwood floor boards. The front bar is made of butter-

nut wood and is separated from the back dining room, where there is a corner DJ booth used to transform the space from an eatery into a lounge. Apl’s atmosphere parallels the essence of hipsters indigenous to the Lower East Side. Cognizant of the widespread and popular use of ethnic food in modern American culture, Verdone utilizes imaginative combinations. Modern American fusion is easily recognized on the menu. Korean short rib “tacos” are an interesting Asian/Mexican blend. The “Fish & Chips” feature tuna in place of beer-battered cod typically found in the English dish, wonton chips substitute for fries, and a spicy soy vinegar dressing takes the place of the traditional tartar sauce. “I blend a little bit from each country and refine it. It’s simple and it’s clean,” remarks Verdone, likening his food to the sleekness and simplicity of a modern car. It’s quite a novelty to experience many distinct styles of food coexisting. While there are numerous contrasting flavors, they are complementary. No dish is overpowered by one particular flavor or ingredient. Verdone’s food is strategic in taste and design, making it

as cultured as its eaters - and sustainable, too! Recognizing the benefits and popularity among newer generations of gastronomes, Verdone does his best to keep his menu entirely organic. Fusion is an obvious aspect of Apl’s spirits as well. Mixologist Jeremy Osslund has concocted a dessert drink and several specialty cocktails in a unique way. Harking back 100 years or more to retrieve classic recipes from the past, he rejuvenates and modernizes them with his own touch. For example, the standard East Side cocktail consists of gin, mint, cucumber and sugar. Oslund’s East River cocktail replaces the gin with rum, and the mint is infused with nitrous oxide - with a Swedish fish floating in the admixture. And Joey Verdone is no stranger to the right mixture. With his Sicilian and French heritage and his chef’s French and Japanese heritage, everything has blended to produce food that “melts” in the mouth and cocktails that have just the right amount of “bite” for the cosmopolitan patron. (Adam and Eve should consider taking a bite out of the Apl!)

Gourmet Boomtown

In 2010 the Bondaroff family opened Brooklyn-based Boomtown Baked Goods. With vegan, organic and gluten-free sweets, Boomtown Bakes is now considered the darling of street markets, coffee shops and restaurants around New York City. Highquality baked goods including cookies, cupcakes, muffins, scones, loaves, cake rolls and cheese cake are made with only the freshest ingredients in Brooklyn. Their innovative treasury of sweets includes chocolate chip coffee sandwich cookies and sweet potato tofu cream cheese cupcakes, as well as peanut butter and jelly muffins. Aaron, Alexis and Shamara Bondaroff are Brooklyn natives who are enthusiastic about their city and their food. Aaron, better known as “A-ron the Downtown Don,” has been an advocate of America’s art and fashion scenes for more than twenty years. Along with partner Al Moran, Aaron created oHWoW - a gallery, publisher and creative community project manager.

oHWoW is dedicated to encouraging artistic innovation, and it serves as a platform for progressive art of all media for emerging and established artists alike. Gallery locations are found in NYC, Los Angeles and Miami. While his passion centers on street wear label aNYthing and mega-gallery oHWoW, his interest in Boomtown Bakes began with his association with Back to the Land and Whole Foods Market. With humble beginnings in vegetarian fare at Blanche’s Cafe in Midtown and Commodities Natural Market in the East Village, Alexis developed her passion for food at a young age. She attended the prestigious Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City and opened Organica with great success shortly thereafter. During the past fifteen years Alexis has gained recognition as a private chef for clients throughout New York City. Shamara, a reformed corporate power player, is an accomplished mover and shaker. She helped establish

oHWoW in 2008 and has spent the past decade managing, developing and executing some of New York City’s most notable street wear labels. She currently heads retail operations for oHWoW and has, undoubtedly, become a mainstay of Boomtown Baked Goods. The Bondaroffs chose Carlos Caceres, a longtime pal, to be their baker. Working with Alexis at Blanche’s Cafe nearly seventeen years ago, he left to become part of her Organica team. While a baker at New York City’s favorite natural market, Lifethyme, Carlos mastered the art of vegan, organic and gluten-free baking, making him Boomtown Bakes’ virtuoso of fashionable foods - a tour de force! The Banderoffs - Aaron, Alexis and Shamara - are a cutting-edge, powerhouse trio who combine their eclectic talents, interests and abilities in creating and promoting the unique culinary delights of Boomtown Baked Goods.

Wine Savanna Wines

Whose is that gorgeous, new face - and body - pictured on Savanna Wines! Many may recognize her as the creator and force behind the persona of adult film star Savanna Samson. She has starred in films such as “The New Devil in Miss Jones” and “Beautiful Stranger,” has won ten AVN awards, and is a frequent guest on Howard Stern’s radio show. While she has enjoyed a great deal of success in front of the camera, Natalie Oliveros is now attracting notoriety for a new business venture off screen. A connoisseur of opera, ballet and art, Oliveros is also an avid wine aficionado. In 2006 she launched Savanna Samson Wines. Since that time, her company has introduced three well-received superior “Sogno” wines. Influential wine critic Robert Parker gave her first wine, Sogno Uno 2004, an impressive rating of 91 percent when it debuted in 2006. Sogno Uno 2004 - 70 percent Cesanese, 20 percent Sangiovese and 10 percent Montepulciano - is blended from grapes of the Lazio region in Italy. Oliveros compares the spiciness of the Cesanese to that of her persona as Savanna Samson - mature, elegant and voluptuous. Oliveros followed her debut wine with Sogno Due 2005, a crisp, refreshing white wine made from 100 percent

Falangina grape of the Campagna region. Sogno Duo is evocative of life on the Mediterranean coast. Her third wine, Sogno Tre 2006, is made from 100 percent Barbera grape, one of the rare feminine Italian red grapes. Oliveros loved the idea of a feminine wine, described as “full-bodied and girly.” And what’s special about this particular wine? The grapes were picked at three different times during harvest and blended to produce an exceptional taste. The superior taste of Oliveros’ wines is only surpassed by her marketing technique. Bottles of Savanna Wines are labeled with various alluring pin-up images of Savanna Samson. Depicting an adult star on the label is what Oliveros identifies as her unique marketing strategy. For the past seven years, she has collaborated with photographers to ensure that each label reflects the distinctive characteristics of that wine. Italian vintner and business partner Roberto Cipresso has been working alongside Oliveros throughout her venture. She first approached him to make Sogno Uno because she loved his passion for wine. The combination of Cipresso’s expertise and Oliveros’ business acumen have produced very fine wines and have men

have produced very fine wines and have made her dream a tangible reality. Looking forward to the future and hoping to establish a legacy for her family, she launched Savanna Samson Wines during the height of her adult career. Since 1999 she has traveled throughout Italy and France, studying and sampling wine. These trips inspired her to purchase a vineyard. Oliveros says about her bold move, “I’m stepping out of my comfort box of only my body. It’s scary but exhilarating, stepping both feet forward.” Natalie Oliveros is currently finalizing her fourth and final “Sogno” wine, Sogno Vero. As an astute business woman, Oliveros is blending her passion for life and wine into something that will improve with time. We raise our glasses to Savanna Wines!

Spirits Lucid® Absinthe Supérieure Lucid® was developed in France by renowned absinthe historian and distiller T.A. Breaux, exclusively for Viridian Spirits LLC. Viridian Spirits is also the exclusive U.S. importer of La Clandestine Absinthe Supérieure, handcrafted in Switzerland and T.A. Breaux’s Jade Liqueurs’ Nouvelle-Orleans Absinthe Supérieure. Both are available here in the U.S., unchanged from their original formulations.

Lucid® Absinthe Supérieure is the first genuine absinthe made with real Grande Wormwood to be legally available in the United States in 95 years. Allegedly created as an elixir in the 1790s by Dr. Pierre Ordinaire of Switzerland, absinthe gained its popularity among French soldiers who brought the herbal beverage back to the cafés of Paris, where it became a fashionable drink of the bourgeoisie. In the late 1800s, as absinthe grew more popular and cost effective than wine, the wine industry took advantage of the prohibition and temperance movements in the U.S. to demonize its green rival. In 1912, the U.S. Department of Agriculture banned absinthe in America, and it was banned in France a few years later. Today Lucid® is distilled in strict accordance to traditional French methods, in the historic Combier distillery (Loire Valley, France), founded in 1834 and designed by Gustave Eiffel. Distilled entirely from spirits and European whole herbs and uses no artificial additives, oils or dyes, Lucid® is ideal in both traditional and modern absinthe drinking methods.

After 95 years of prohibition, genuine absinthe was re-authorized for sale in the United States with the approval of Viridian Spirits’ Lucid®. Viridian negotiated with the U.S. government on the basis that Lucid® was created from absinthe-making techniques used over a century ago, and the result was not only a genuine, historically accurate product, but one that met all U.S. regulatory requirements.

Lucid® is characterized by upfront flavors of anise and fennel, followed by mild mid-palate earthy textures attributable to the absinthe (Artemisia absinthium). The herbs round out the flavor

with additional spice and grassy notes, which linger in a moderately long finish. Although a versatile spirit, the most traditional consumption method of Lucid® is “louching,” in which cold water and a sugar cube are dissolved into the absinthe, turning it a cloudy white color. Lucid® can also be consumed in a variety of classic and modern cocktails and shooters. Lucid® is 124 proof or 62% alcohol/volume. Lucid® has received recognition for its quality and flavor: 2009 Beverage Information Group Rising Star Award for “superb” new brand performance and 2008 Robb Report “Best of the Best.” Lucid® is now available in all 50 states as well as online.

Night Life Copacabana the supper club,” he said. “I’m looking forward to keeping it going.” It, being elegance. The Copa is returning to elegance in nightlife, something he and his grandfather feel has been lacking in the night club industry in recent years.

In a city where almost every avenue, street and alleyway buzzes with the sound of internationally renowned names, famous venues and historical gems that the encroachment of time has repeatedly tested, the Copacabana remains intact and untainted. It shines as one of America’s premiere Latin clubs where legends have wined, dined, danced and performed on stage and behind the scenes. Now the famed supper club has revived its own legend for this current generation of club-goers, reopening this past summer in the heart of New York City’s theatre district. The Copa, as it is affectionately known, opened its doors in 1941 during the era prior to television and Vegas’ notoriety, when Frank Sinatra, Desi Arnaz, Xavier Cugat and the comedy team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were headliners riding the waves of success to Hollywood immortality. The Copa became a haven for Latin entertainment with superb cuisine and dancing, and provided the perfect stage for showcasing big name performers and debuting up-and-coming entertainers. In 1976, John Juliano acquired the Copa and reopened it as a discotheque, welcoming a new generation of entertainers and cementing its place in New York City nightclub history. Few, if any, of the greatest night clubs

in the world have the staying power of the Copa. Its résumé is extensive, power-packed with the most current entertainment list in modern culture. Classic movies set in New York and filmed at the Copa include “Tootsie,” “Raging Bull,” “Carlito’s Way,” “Beyond the Sea” and “Goodfellas.” Notable headliners throughout the Copa’s history include: Tony Bennett; Harry Belafonte; Ella Fitzgerald; Wayne Newton; Tina Turner; Bobby Darin; Sammy Davis, Jr; Nat King Cole; Lena Horne; Liza Minnelli; Carmen Miranda; The Supremes; Perry Como; George Carlin; Jackie Gleason; Sid Caesar; Joan Rivers; Jimmy Durante; and Groucho Marx, to name a few. John Juliano has been in the company of many famous Hollywood legends such as Martin Scorsese, Robin Williams, Madonna, Bette Midler and Clint Eastwood, and the stories are countless from the man behind the Copa. John Juliano remains a vital part of the club’s history and the world of glamour. Juliano’s grandson, Kyle Juliano, no stranger to New York nightlife with extensive experience in bartending and club management, is being groomed to manage the new establishment. Kyle is confident that the Copa will continue to attract nightlife crowds based on its reputation for quality - in entertainment, food and dancing. “I’m really excited we’re bringing back

The Copa’s new venue in Times Square manifests a spirit of intimate glamour. The supper club and nightclub are crowned by a stunning garden terrace with a retractable glass roof on the fourth floor in which tapas and cocktails are passed on occasion. To heat up the dance floor, Marc Anthony and Oscar D’Leon are being consulted for possible association with its nightclub. And returning to the Copacabana Supper Club stage are the famous Copa Girls and the featured in-house band, the Copacabana All-Stars led by Richie Gonzalez. As a retro-glamo club, the Copa draws inspiration from its own history among New York’s original supper clubs. Regional specialties of various Hispanic countries are presented by Chef Garcia, whose extensive knowledge of Latin culture is evidenced through exceptional traditional cuisine. Garcia has created an authentic menu that will delightfully educate the novice and impress even the most discerning patron’s palette. With its soul-satisfying Latino cuisine and the exquisite hand-painted jungle murals of Russ Elliott, the Copacabana Supper Club restores the glamour, charm and exuberance of a bygone era. John Juliano’s new Copacabana, where each quest experiences the highest standard of hospitality, provides patrons with the excitement and energy of exotic Latin atmosphere and headlining entertainment. As the most celebrated nightclub and supper club of film and song, the Copacabana won’t disappoint anyone who is anxious to experience a modern twist on the classic New York City night life.

Promoter Jason Jay

THE NAME....with connections to the inside world of Hollywood nightlife and high-class reputation for VIP style is Jason Jay, 28-year-old founder and owner of Good Lyfe Entertainment. Since 2008, Jay’s company has helped upcoming and current artists with promoting their shows and showcasing their talents. Good Lyfe specializes in hosting and promoting some of the most exclusive events on the West Coast, offering party planning - from intimate settings to large functions - as well as VIP tables and bottle service reservations for the ultimate nightlife experience. Jay takes great pride in Good Lyfe’s highest level of service and exclusivity for his clientele, creating unforgettable nights at some of LA’s hottest clubs. “We invite some of the top of the top as far as quality is concerned,” Jay says. And as a result, he attracts many celebrity clients, particularly those in the music industry, such as Rihanna, Kanye West, Katie Perry, Drake and One Republic. Good Lyfe Entertainment produces numerous on-going events throughout LA and Orange County venues: Playhouse, Colony, Voyeur, Industry, Club My House, My Studio, Villa and Eden. The company has been chosen to work high profile events such as the 2010 official MTV Music Awards After Party, Nelly’s 5.0 Album Release Party, the 2011 Jermaine Dupri’s 2nd Annual Pre-Grammy Party, as well as many celebrity private seasonal and birthday parties. Good Lyfe also promoted the grand opening of Wet Republic in Las Vegas hosted by Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush with co-host Sabotage. Currently, Jay is promoting “Playhouse Thursdays” at Hollywood’s Playhouse (Penthouse Magazine’s Top Club in 2010); “Voyeur Fridays” at West Hollywood’s Voyeur, a risqué yet tasteful experience with live performances and an uninhibited after-hours atmosphere; Hollywood’s Las Palmas club, specializing in bottle service and DJ dance nights; and downtown LA’s “Villa Tuesdays,” by invitation only “where power players, trust-fund kids and celebrities like Jamie Foxx and Paris Hilton party the night away” on Melrose Avenue. Good Lyfe’s latest venture is in association with Mikey P and Jason Jay Presents: “Tuesdays at Eden” in Hollywood. Jay has certainly had his share of memorable moments, including surprise performances by Kanye West and Chris Brown. What matters most to him is that everyone is meeting new people, hearing the songs they want to hear and forgetting all their troubles for that night. When he notices that no one is sitting down, he knows his guests are having a good time. His job is done! “As a promoter, you’re only as good as your last good party,” he comments. With that in mind, Jason Jay of Good Lyfe Entertainment assures us that every party he hosts is one to remember!

Agent Lisa Ajello Lisa Ajello is like no other publicist! Founder and CEO of eyePRmedia, an NYC public relations firm specializing in talent publicity, strategic communications, entertainment, digital and targeted marketing, Ajello is extremely energetic with a dynamic go-getter style. Her enthusiasm and independence speak volumes about this unique personality taking the entertainment industry by storm! Ajello represents top-notch, up-and-coming, rock-and rollin’, moving-and-shaking talent of the 21st century by providing strategic counsel to a wide variety of high-profile artists, designers and corporate clients. Angel Raze 88 Inc., Rock Me Mama, Unbuttoned Lab and Secret Garden Spa are merely a few of the companies Ajello is flaunting today. Ajello’s extensive academic and showstopping fashion background illustrates her expertise and keen eye for promoting cutting-edge talent. Years of intensive study and training at The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and throughout Europe preparedher for the high road to success and achievement within the industry. She has been an associate buyer for Bloomingdales and Ann Taylor, a buyer for Alloy and Unbuttoned Maternity, a producer of fashion shows and a manager for several famous shops such as Saks Fifth Avenue. She is even a former owner of a trendy RTW boutique. In Europe, while visiting all the big designer showrooms and couture houses during her fashion and design studies, Ajello called on the design studios of Armani, Fendi, Jean Paul Gaultier, Hermes, Nina Ricci and countless others in France and Italy. It was there that she met her mentors and friends who changed the course of her life.

Ajello recognized her talents were better suited for the entertainment scene of glitz, glamour and dreams of stardom. Destined to work in an arena of inspirational superstars, she aspires to develop timeless legacies in cutting-

Rowley and countless other hipsters. She has organized high-fashion events at the Hotel Rivington, which highlighted various hip and trendy designers. Ajello is currently working with celebrity makeup artist Gabriel Milan as well as with international award-winning photographer Natalie Licini. Additionally, eyePRmedia’s clientele includes: FOXXCODE Magazine; Miss Havisham; Miss United States 2009 Graziella Baratta; renowned author and healer, Dr. Blanca Greenberg; music sensation soul band, “JUS Evolution;” Miss New York Liana Baratta; beauty and skincare genius Gilah Gurovitsch of GG Skin; Ultra Chic Maternity Boutique; and Chili Palmer, avant-garde photographer. Check out Lisa Ajello’s new “Fashion Eye Patrol” and “Fabulous Finds” @

edge culture along the lines of Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Marilyn Monroe and Jimi Hendrix. Ajello is committed to working with the best of the best of new stars who are ready to shine! Over the years, Ajello has coordinated numerous fashion shows in NYC’s top nightclubs, showcasing designs from Patricia Fields, Todd Oldham, Cynthia

REVIEW SPACE L Product Placement

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Wellness Synergy Fitness

A new version of fitness clubs has emerged onto the scene, one catering to the needs of every lifestyle imaginable. Synergy Fitness was founded 15 years ago with a simple philosophy: Fitness is a Lifestyle. Believing that a healthy mind and body dramatically improve life, Synergy Fitness seriously assumes the responsibility of training and educating clients in how to work out and stay fit for life. Their highly trained lifestyle coaches are fitness and health experts, certified in modern techniques that are on the forefront of future trends in their respective fields. As modern culture has become intensely focused on physical fitness, sporting fitness cards on key rings emerged as a necessary accessory in today’s society. So, whatever the client’s motivation, whether striving to acquire or maintain a bikini beachbody, fitting into a little black dress or sleek suit, or attempting to reverse time, Synergy Fitness advocates commitment to a fitness program.... The term synergy is defined as “a combined effect…the result of a combination of factors working together to create the end result.” The key to synergy is this: maximizing all components in the combined action of muscles, nerves and organs produces an optimal effect on the body’s health. Failure ceases as an option when co-operative action showcases

the total effect as being greater than the sum of effects independently. And when it comes to fitness, it is certainly all about the entire package! Workouts are most productive when structured with different addendums, and Synergy classes offer an effective variety to any cardio, strength training, endurance or fitness regimen including Zumba, Isometric Core conditioning, Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, and Boot Camp. Their fitness clubs boast cardio kickboxing, boxing, Mauy Thai grappling and Jiu-jitsu classes as well as MMA school. Tanning services, lifestyle coaching, personal and kinesis training, nutritional support and weight management programs are also available along with state-of-the-art training equipment and many other club amenities.

Synergy offers encouragement to all those intimidated by gyms, clueless about fitness and unchallenged by workouts with its 24-hour facilities at 16 convenient locations throughout the tri-state area. Understanding that

fitness is the greatest component in staying healthy, their trained professionals adopt a uniquely synergetic approach to helping achieve the transformation of mind and body into desired results...weight loss, building muscle tone or body conditioning. Synergy Fitness is ranked one of the top Health Club organizations in North America by Club Industry Magazine.

Membership to Synergy is not just gym membership. Its results produce not merely a better body or simply shape a “new you.” The Synergy experience is collective, offering the full package of an exceptionally well-tailored product. Synergy Fitness differs from other facilities in heart, motto and the embodiment of its name – We have but One Life…Live Well!

Motivation Joseph “EZO” Wippler Motivation of the human spirit and its creation has intrigued man from time immemorial. And this interminable fascination has effected a wanderlust for connection that is on the cusp of man’s search for meaning. Steaming with desire to be reconciled, justified and validated, man wrestles with himself, nature and God on the streets of everydayland. These ‘verses’ - whether mindful or not - permeate every being and enrapture the selected soul, that soul who elevates the unconscious and awakens the spirit to take flight... Revered graffiti artist Joseph “EZO” Wippler was born in 1963 in New York City and reared on the confluence of traditional Puerto Rican spiritual culture and the cynicism and spectacle of modern American city life. Seemingly, this initial experience formed the creative fountain from whence his work thrives and overflows. Often controversial and confrontational in message as well as aesthetics, Wippler is part of the current art movement that encompasses many different styles, including pop surrealism, lowbrow art, outsider art and underground art (known as New Contemporary Art). At the age of six, Wippler and his family moved to Vienna. Although the war had been over for 25 years, he became sensitive to the fingerprints of its recent history as well as to the late 1960s vibe of rebellion. While living with his family in Vienna, the duality of the receding Old World sensibilities and the immediacy of new possibilities were clearly evident to him at a young age and would serve as a positive force for Wippler’s life’s work.

Returning to New York in 1971, Wippler moved into a spacious apartment in Queens, in which he began reading and studying American comic books and art genres. It was also in this new environment that he first heard the raucous rock ‘n roll of the Queens seminal punk music group, The Ramones, and picked up an aerosol spray can to paint his first subway trains. Wippler attended NYC’s prestigious High School of Art and Design and School of Visual Arts, where he graduated with a BFA. He has been exhibiting artwork since 1983. Most recently, Wippler’s exhibits were in NYC’s 1313 CBGB gallery, Art Basel Miami and The Grand Palais in Paris. His work won the acclaimed BRIO award in 1993, earning him a one-year residency at Longwood Arts Center. Wippler’s art has also appeared in the motion pictures “PINERO” and “MY BROTHER,” and will appear in the upcoming Don Fogler feature “DON PEYOTE.” His work is catalogued at MOMA|The Center for Puerto Rican Studies—Library & Archives at Hunter College in New York City. Wippler works in oils, aerosol and various mixed media on linen and paper, and he ingeniously uses fire and water to manipulate the media and surface areas to generate different levels of opacity. His work is highly figurative - yet can become abstract in the way he bisects the composition and layers it, as his images project a stream of consciousness. Joseph “EZO” Wippler also enthusiastically paints and sketches a nightly average of 4-8 hours in his Hell’s Kitchen shop, NIRVANA OF NEW YORK, at 821 9th Avenue, an eclectic store that caters to the Spiritual and Esoteric.

Wippler’s artwork may initially evoke thoughts of transcendence or hyperbole, but closer scrutiny may reveal a visceral immanence that few artists are willing or able to share. Peradventure, Joseph “EZO” Wippler offers both.

  


Innovation Lloyd Levenson New Jersey’s economy. In 2010, The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey inaugurated the Lloyd D. Levenson Institute for Gaming, Hospitality and Tourism (LIGHT). The Institute collaborates with Stockton’s Hospitality and Tourism Management Studies (HTMS) program, housed in the college’s School of Business, to support research, education, and management development related to gaming, hospitality and tourism. There are 25 members on the advisory board, which includes CEOs from the area’s casinos and restaurants as well as non-casino hotel operations personnel. This group will lead the Institute’s efforts to analyze, poll and research trends for the area in order to support sound decision-making among policy makers and leaders in the region’s three largest industries. Lloyd D. Levenson is CEO of the prestigious Atlantic City law firm Cooper Levenson April Niedelman and Wagenheim. He is one of the nation’s top casino law experts and is Chairman of the Casino Law Practice Group. After graduating from Lafayette College with a Bachelor of Arts degree, he earned his Juris Doctor from the Georgetown University Law Center. Today Levenson is an iconic figure of strength and motivation for many organizations and projects being implemented throughout Atlantic City and the State of New Jersey. Levenson’s proactive involvement and innovative approach to business matters culminated in the establishment of a comprehensive institute to serve a critical aspect of

One unique program of the Institute breaking ground is the cooperative agreement between Stockton College and Cornell University School of Hotel Administration for the mutual benefit of hospitality management students from both institutions. This partnership affords Cornell students the opportunity for housing at Stockton’s historic Seaview Resort (one of the nation’s finest resort properties) while studying at Stockton and/or participating in Atlantic City area internships, and qualified Stockton students will have access to appropriate graduate programs at Cornell, which has produced generations of leaders in the hospitality industry. Cornell students will also be invited to participate in programming sponsored by the Lloyd D. Levenson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality & Tourism.

Levenson is a longtime friend of Stockton College. He was previous Chair of the Scholarship Gala and a supporter of numerous college activities and events. His wife Liane, also an attorney, is an adjunct faculty member of the college. When asked how he became involved with this whole project, Levenson recalled when he and Liane were strolling about the campus after Liane began teaching courses at Stockton. They met several students on their random tour and the now-President Herman Saatcamp. Levenson sensed a good atmosphere, and he saw a “rosy” future ahead. The Institute is just one in a list of Levenson’s community activities that include: D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) N.J. Board of Directors, Board of Directors of D.A.R.E. America Worldwide, former member of the Board of Governors for the N.J. State Opera, and a member of the Board of Trustees for the Southern N.J. Development Council. He has received the United Way Volunteer of the Year award and the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City’s Volunteer Champion award. He was named “Mainlander of the Year” by the Atlantic City Chamber of Commerce in 2008. “[The world] will see a transformation of Atlantic City into a worldclass destination resort where people can stay for several days, enjoy fine hotels, dining, shopping and spas,” envisions Levenson. “Let us not forget, [Atlantic City is] the only place of its kind with the Atlantic Ocean at its door.” ‒ and with the innovative insights of Lloyd D. Levenson!

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Technology Kriëger

Krieger Watch Corporation: A Force Beneath The Seas . . . KRIËGER Watch Corporation is the fast-growing, Miami-based watch company, which originally produced Swiss chronometers for serious sportsmen and women. KRIËGER has created some of the most remarkable professional timepieces, setting a tradition for producing watches that boasts innovative design and function. Over the past 20 years, founder Ira Kriëger and current President Lance Burstyn have successfully expanded the collection to include many exquisite models. As luxurious new models were added to the line, the KRIËGER watch has risen to become the timepiece of choice within the fashion, celebrity and investment worlds. Celebrating their 20th anniversary, KRIËGER Watch Corporation has returned to its roots as the watch of the seas. Bringing back the watch that launched its acclaim, the Tidal Wave, KRIËGER has revamped this signature timepiece to surpass

every other watch in this category. While most timepieces measure water resistance in feet, the Tidal Wave measures in miles, spanning a ½ mile distance in the depths of the ocean. KRIËGER continues to captivate the marine world with the all new Marine Chronometer and Sea Stallion. Burstyn, highly respected for his marketing and public relations experience, is “charting” the company toward even greater achievement by targeting a hip, cool and young demographic. KRIËGER’s most recent model, the Gigantium - the pocket watch for your wrist - has made waves among this audience, including celebrities. Grammy-winning music artist Usher has made KRIËGER Watch his timepiece of choice, purchasing Gigantiums with wristbands in varying colors for each day of the week to coincide with his wardrobe! Jessica Biel, a KRIËGER Watch fanatic, wears her watch with every outfit, as featured in Elle Magazine. Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria, Leonardo DiCaprio, Shaquille O’Neal

and Shakira are also among the long list of KRIËGER brand enthusiasts. KRIËGER Watch will embark on rebranding their line to attract new enthusiasts but will continue to cater to its devoted patrons, 35 to 55-year-old sportsmen and women who have been loyal to the traditional KRIËGER brand. KRIËGER’s continuing philosophy of building distinctive, quality timepieces will be implemented in the re-branding effort, nurturing the next wave of KRIËGER Watch loyalists. K R IËGE R C H RONOM È T R ES SUISSES offers technologically innovative watches that are both elegant and exceptionally durable. Watches retail from $2,000-$125,000.

KRIËGER WATCH CORPORATION 4770 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 600 Miami, Florida 33137 USA

Entrepreneur Derek Axelrod

Derek Axelrod’s journey of entrepreneurial mastery and sensibility commenced under the direct tutelage of famed and acclaimed Hard Rock Cafe brand owner, Peter Morton. Subsequently, Axelrod manifested this acquired business acumen in a series of successful product campaigns for his family’s French Connection clothing line. He creatively combines flair, knowledge and vision with culture to all ventures he launches. Axelrod’s newest creation, TEQA, is located in the Murray Hill section

of New York City, previously home to trendy bars and pubs for neighborhood New Yorkers. Diverging from the monotony of familiarity, Axelrod utilizes his extraordinary sense of newness and style to rendezous celebrities and the public under one roof. TEQA provides its patrons with an eclectic, yet traditional, style of TexMex, carefully orchestrated and prepared by executive & personal chef to the stars, Lisa Schoen. With the dining area’s intimate ambiance, the menu titillates the taste buds of high-end

patrons and connoisseurs. TEQA’s memorable dining experience is beyond expectation and is attracting the likes of Derek Jeter, Minka Kelly, Snooki, “Real Housewives of New York” star Kelly Bensimon and Mario Lopez, just to name a few. We are pleased to hear that David Axelrod is expanding TEQA to other areas in New York City.

Mogul Todd Smith Powerful doesn’t get much hipper than the modern mogul behind the scene of the entertainment industry. Meek and mild, he moves unnerved and undetected within the big business of pomp and circumstance, glitz and glam. He’s just doing what he loves best: connecting the right people in the right place at the right time. Meet Todd Smith, the unassuming genius behind Todd Smith Management/Production and Platinum Media Inc. Advisory. Todd Smith Management/Production was formed as an entertainment ‘boutique’ literary/talent management firm that represents television & film writers, directors, musical acts and intellectual property creators in the comic book/video game industries. The firm specializes in bringing creative artists into the studio mainstream via branding, development,productionanddistribution. The company has been instrumental in packaging talent with intellectual properties and securing domestic and international distribution for a myriad of artistic creators throughout the media landscape. This includes licensing, executive producing, intellectual property management negotiation and brand extension management. On behalf of its clientele, the company has successfully brokered many motion picture development deals with major studios, including 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, Paramount Pictures and Castle Rock Entertainment. Smith has negotiated development deals for writing clients that have included projects such as “Save the Last Dance” with Julia Styles for MTV/Paramount Studios, “Against the Ropes” with Meg Ryan at Paramount Studios, the edgy thriller “The Salton Sea” with Val

Kilmer for Castle Rock Pictures and “Murder by Numbers” with Sandra Bullock for Castle Rock/Warner Bros. In addition to managing top screenwriters, Smith formed an intellectual property division that included comic book creators and the video game firm Activision. His unique sense of commercial taste and savvy marketing/licensing expertise enabled him to develop the following intellectual properties with his esteemed clients and to enter into fast-track development deals with the following top production entities and major studios: Interstate ‘76 with John Davis at Fox, Battlezone with Larry Gordon at Universal, Ballistic with John Woo at MGM/Fox, Adrenalyne with Joel Silver at Warner Bros. and Apocalypse video game (featuring Bruce Willis) with Arnold Kopelson. Alongside his management endeavors in the film/television arena, Smith has brokered multi-media licensing deals for print media, broadcast and live events between multi-platinum musical acts like TLC, Bone ThugsN-Harmony, Destiny’s Child, Def Jam Records and corporate entities such as Sprite, Smart&Final Beverages, 7-11, HarperCollins Book Imprint, Puma/New Regency, MAC and NBA Properties, and NFL Properties. Prior to establishing his Management/ Production firm, Smith served as a Production Executive at HBO Entertainment in Los Angeles. While there, he worked on such shows as “Martin,” starring Martin Lawrence; “The Larry Sanders Show,” starring Garry Shandling; and “Dream On” from creators Bright/ Kauffman/Crane of “Friends.” Smith

started his entertainment career in corporate sponsorship at CBS Sports in New York City where his accounts included the NCAA Final Four and the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament. Smith has recently formed Platinum Media Inc. Advisory in conjunction with Todd Smith Management/Production, expanding into corporate consulting for new media companies by providing capital solutions for privately-held businesses through expertise in private equity, tax credit finance and structured finance. Due to its extensive network of relationships with venture capital firms, angel investors, high net worth individuals and hedge funds within the Entertainment & Media marketplace, Platinum Media Inc. Advisory is the Lender’s agent for various entertainment industry proposals - business plans, film packages and asset packages. Because Platinum Media has access to a vast array of production entities, content providers and distributors of film, television and video games, as well as various other media content, the company is successful in negotiating numerous deals with all the major studios (Fox, Universal, Sony, Paramount, Disney, Warner Bros. and MGM) and the major talent agencies (CAA, WME, UTA, APA, GERSH, PARADIGM). Platinum Media transacts with leading financial institutions, including Union Bank, City National, JP Morgan Chase and Citibank. Todd Smith Management/Production and Platinum Media Inc. Advisory formulate the proper chemistry for the entertainment industry, and Todd Smith is the catalyst – practically unchanged by the process.

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Philanthropy Gary Hill community where he is known for his active involvement in civic work as well as in business endeavors. He is presently employed by John Schultz Associates as Public & Community Relations Coordinator for 1616 PR. Currently, Hill is Executive Director & Community Relations Coordinator for Metropolitan Business & Citizens Association (MBCA), which is celebrating its 20th anniversary as one of the region’s leading civic organizations. He is founder and past chairman of the MBCA Scholarship Foundation supporting area students and teachers. Since its inception, the MBCA charitable arm has given over $100,000 to education recipients and over $280,000 to local charities and civic events without the benefit of grant funding.

In the heart of Atlantic City, Gary Hill may be found dining at the Knife and Fork Inn or strolling in the historic Gardner’s Basin area; however, he most likely will be attending some meeting where he is planning business, organizing a fundraiser for a charity or helping envision a great event or idea to implement for the benefit of Atlantic City. Hill, originally from Reading, PA, received Bachelor and Master degrees in education from Kutztown University in Kutztown, PA. He was a teacher and an Assistant Vice Principal where he became a mentor and consultant on curriculum planning and development of summer school programs. When Hill relocated to Atlantic City in 1988, he developed a great passion for the

Hill’s extensive involvement with Atlantic City community organizations includes: the New Jersey Shore Arts Association; Atlantic City Day Nursery Board; Jewish Family Services; the Ensign John R. Elliott Foundation (HERO); the Lloyd Levenson Institute of Gaming Hospitality and Tourism; the Atlantic City Main Street Advisory Board; the Atlantic City Municipal Authorities Board as Commissioner and Vice Chairman/Secretary; Borgata Jobs Training Board; Noyes Museum of Art Board; Bacharach Hospital Foundation Board; Alcove Grieving Center Board and Caring, Inc. Board. Hill is co-founder of the Schultz-Hill Foundation, which supports the arts/ history and education of area residents and organizations through scholarships and donations and through grants to area artists/historians and organizations throughout South Jersey. A wide and diverse circle of loyal and supportive friends and family members

are enjoyed by Hill. With partner John Schultz, he built “Casa Del Cielo” (Italian for “House in the Sky”), an 18,000 square foot 3-floor lavish penthouse residence atop a 1928 Pacific Avenue 9-story building. This dream home is situated one block off the Atlantic City Boardwalk and is the ideal venue for hosting his many philanthropic fundraisers. The sixth floor guest suites are used for charity work, musicians, entertainers, friends and family, while the seventh floor is designated for fundraising events for a number of charities such as the Richard Stockton College Foundation and the Atlantic City Boys & Girls Club. Although he has traveled the world, he has a special fondness for Atlantic City, its diversity, its energy and, of course, its beautiful beaches. Hill reasons that as the economy builds again, new venues of restaurants, casinos, clubs and shops will be built, making Atlantic City more attractive to natives and tourists alike. A reorganization of the casino system is a positive change; yet, Hill advocates more support for good corporate businesses, non-profit organizations and charities, and states, “After all, we are all in this together.” He is constantly and consistently available for many of the organizations and charities looking to better the lives of others. Gary Hill strongly supports the concept that we are each responsible to give back to our community as much as we can, and by doing this, we receive gratification. He believes, “We need to do this to be the best individuals we can, without hurting each other as we strive to reach our goals and objectives. Philanthropy is good for the soul, and we must all do our part. That is what makes us civilized.”

Socialite Valeria Tignini

Valeria Tignini is a modern Renaissance woman who is enjoying the premier position in the social networking scene of New York City. Along with being an active techie, artist, actor and writer, she is a smart, beautiful hostess with a cosmopolitan perspective and vast “connections.” Tignini is drawn to the centuries-old “awakening of knowledge” attitude, leading her to the exciting innovations of 21st century technology. Working from Silicon Alley in NYC, Tignini has been a sought-after information architect for leading brands and elite Fortune 500 companies since the dot-com boom. Parallel to her professional life in technology, she has been part of the social entertainment industry and was cast as a “dot-commer” on pop culture pioneer MTV’s reality show “Road Rules” in 1999. While consulting for top technology companies, Tignini studied

drama, socialized with New Yorkers from all walks of life, and traveled the world to experience diverse cultures. Her unique charisma and acting talent were immediately recognized by emerging film makers, and she was cast in several independent films, plays, commercials and TV shows. Tignini’s captivating beauty caught the eye of art directors and the modeling industry elite, and she became well known for her print modeling in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and Europe.

In 2011 Tignini played a leading role in “Bama Belles,” a nationally televised docu-soap series on the TLC network featuring Val from, who moves to Dothan, Alabama, to learn how women live in the South. Meanwhile, ValSecrets continues hosting events in NYC for prestigious brands and charities. Swarovski Crystalized, Cancer Schmancer, Charity Water, designer Kieth Lissner, Trump Vodka and Trump International are among those enjoying the networking ventures of Tignini.

Tignini’s technological expertise and media experience inspired the launch of her own company, ValSecrets Inc. ValSecrets is a New York-based social networking company designed for women to share tips, advice and entertaining information in video blogs (vlogs), written blogs and photos. In 2009 debuted as an interactive web site where Tignini shares and receives wisdom and experience. has featured guests such as actress Fran Drescher, NY Yankee player Chris Dickerson, MTV relationship expert Trina Dolenz, and Playboy apparel designer Rebecca Szymczak.

Tignini’s life is an exciting journey rich with diverse experiences. She has recently undergone a life-changing spiritual awakening and has become passionate about contributing to the rising consciousness of the planet. If eyes are the windows to the soul, Valerie Tignini’s alluring eyes give you a hint of her dynamic personality living and performing in the intriguing, fast-paced world of social networking in New York City.

As ValSecrets expands to the teen market, the company will be continuing its message of positivity, encouragement and connection. The ValSecrets teen web site is for teen/ tween girls who are looking for friendship, support and entertainment in an environment that doesn’t promote drama, violence, aggression or any other form of negative behavior. Soon ValSecretsKids. com will be an online site for educational and inspirational games.

Celebrity Bethenny Frankel New York Times best-selling author of “Naturally Thin,” “The Skinnygirl Dish” and “A Place of Yes.”

Photo by: Sergio Kurhajec

On a mission to democratize healthy living, Bethenny Frankel’s renowned ability to take calorie-rich foods and revamp them to create healthier versions without compromising flavor (defined by the health foodie as “fix-ology”) has launched her into the big business of celebrity. The American reality show personality, author, entrepreneur and natural foods chef sold her Skinnygirl® Cocktail line to Fortune Brands’ Beam Global in March 2011 for an estimated $120 million. Since then, Frankel has been honored as the cover story of the 13th annual Forbes Celebrity 100 issue and at the Forbes Celebrity 100 ‘The Entrepreneur Behind The Icon’ event in June, which paid tribute to the most influential celebrity entrepreneurs and influencers. Frankel has a knack for making healthy food taste delicious. That knack, which started as a hobby and was enhanced with formal training from the National Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, has elevated her to national prominence as a celebrated natural food chef, the creator of the popular Skinnygirl® Margarita and the Skinnygirl® Sangria, and The

In 2009 Frankel’s first book, “Naturally Thin: Unleash Your Skinnygirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting,” debuted on The New York Times Best-Sellers list and stayed for 18 consecutive weeks. That same year, her second book, “The SkinnyGirl Dish: Easy Recipes for Your Naturally Thin Life” was released. Her most recent book, “A Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out Of Life,” was on The New York Times Best-Sellers list for 13 weeks. Frankel has created an exercise DVD, “Body by Bethenny,” and an audio book, “The Skinnygirl Rules,” which summarizes her first two books.

Frankel began her TV and film career with appearances in the 90s movies “Hollywood Hills 90028” and “Wish Me Luck,” but she received national attention in 2005 when she was named first runnerup on NBC’s “The Apprentice: Martha Stewart.” From 2008 to 2010, she was one of the original five housewives featured on the Bravo hit series “The Real Housewives of New York.” In 2010 Frankel starred in her own companion series, “Bethenny Getting Married?,” and again in 2011 with a follow-up series, “Bethenny Ever After.” The premiere show of “Bethenny Getting Married?” was the highest rated of any series in Bravo’s history. In 2009 Frankel was a contributor to Bravo TV’s coverage of the Kentucky Oaks, and she appeared on the 2011 ABC reality series “Skating With The Stars,” finishing as runner-up to the champion.

In addition to being regularly featured in national publications as The New York Times, Forbes and Glamour, she has a monthly column in Health Magazine. She’s also a sought-after guest on national news and entertainment television, where she brings her expertise and irresistibly candid and funny take not only to food segments but also to any conversation about living healthy and living well. In September 2009 Frankel posed nude for PETA, and the image was featured on a 58-foot billboard in Times Square as part of PETA’s anti-fur campaign.

Frankel is most acclaimed as the creator and founder of the Skinnygirl® brand. Launched in 2009, she applied her skill as a fixologist to cocktails to drastically reduce the calories of traditional cocktails. The pre-mixed bottled Skinnygirl® Margarita and Skinnygirl® Sangria have become ‘it drinks’ for households across the America. Although the brand is now under the ownership of Beam Global, Frankel continues to serve as brand collaborator, developer and marketer. Skinnygirl® Cocktails is currently one of the fastest growing spirit brands in the world and soon will introduce its Skinnygirl® white cranberry Cosmo.

In addition to being regularly featured in national publications as The New York Times, Forbes and Glamour, she has a monthly column in Health Magazine. She’s also a sought-after guest on national news and entertainment television, where she brings her expertise and irresistibly candid and funny take not only to food segments but also to any conversation about living healthy and living well. In September 2009 Frankel posed nude for PETA, and the image was featured on a 58-foot billboard in Times Square as part of PETA’s anti-fur campaign.

Currently residing in New York City with her husband, daughter and dog Cookie, Frankel has become the go-to expert for healthy living in the real world. With unvarnished truth, common sense and a healthy dose of humor, Bethenny Frankel’s celebrity aims to educate everyone about healthy living with her personal appearances, books, columns and blogs.

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