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Contributors Clothilde Bullen , a Wardandi

(Nyoongar) and Yamatji woman, is currently an independent curator and the Assistant Producer at Yirra Yaakin Theatre Company in Perth. She was the Curator of Indigenous Art at the Art Gallery of Western Australia for over a decade and prior to that managed a commercial Indigenous gallery in Perth. Bullen is working with the Ballardong Nyoongar community currently as the curator for a purpose built interpretive centre based in Northam, and is also an alumni of the British Council’s ACCELERATE program.

Benjamin Chadbond and Patrick Mason are the co-founders

of the online publication Try Hard Magazine. Last year they launched their in-house publishing imprint Try Hard Editions, a print-based extension of their online format.

Rebecca Gallo is an arts writer,

artist and editor based in Sydney. She is a regular contributor to Vault and The Art Life, and her written work has also been included in Runway Australian Experimental Art, Inside, Framework and numerous exhibition catalogues. She is a former director of Archive Space and editor of Raven Contemporary. Gallo has a Masters from UNSW Art and Design and a Bachelor of Fine Art from the National Art School, Sydney.

Miriam Kelly is Curator & Collection

Coordinator at Artbank, Sub-Editor of Sturgeon and Chair of the Runway Australian Experimental Art board (2016).

Alex Kiers is a Sydney based artist and musician. His practice spans a broad range of mediums including painting, embroidery, performance and sound design.

Gina Mobayed is an Art Consultant at Artbank and a Co-Director of Firstdraft (2015–16). 7

Daniel Mudie Cunningham

is Assistant Director & Head Curator at Artbank and Editor of Sturgeon. For the past two decades he has been productive as a freelance writer, curator and artist.

Tom O’Hern draws pictures on top

of a big hill in Hobart. His work explores masculinity, colonialism and environmental catastrophe. He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours from the University Of Tasmania. O’Hern is represented by Bett Gallery, Hobart.

Jason Phu is a Sydney based artist. “My work is about things I see, like a bird pooping on a man’s head.” Sean Rafferty is a Registrar at Artbank. He has previously worked as a technician in a range of galleries and organisations in Sydney and London, and co-directed artist-run organisations including Firstdraft, Runway Australian Experimental Art and Breezeblock. He has a background as an artist and is currently collecting and mapping fruit cartons, which he calls Cartonography. Macushla Robinson is an

independent writer and curator who currently lives and works in New York City. She is descended from Josiah Spode, founder of Spode Ceramics.

Eddie Sharp is a Sydney based comedian, writer and artist. He hosts Versus on FBi radio, appears on ABC TV’s The Mix and runs Erotic Fan Fiction Readings in both Sydney and Melbourne.  Mark Shorter works across sculpture, installation and performance. His practice frequently deploys performance as an aesthetic strategy to challenge established conventions and to open up new ground for exploration, particularly in relation to the artist’s body and its representation. Grounding these works is an interest in how performance functions within the visual arts and broader contemporary culture.

Paul Williams is a Sydney based

artist and casual academic at UNSW Art and Design. He also works as a mentor at Studio A and installs exhibitions across Sydney.

Eleanor Zeichner is a Sydney

based writer interested in the intersections of visual arts practice, performance and fiction. She is a board member of Runway Australian Experimental Art (2015–16), and Assistant Curator of UTS Gallery. She recently produced Separating Hydrogen from Air, an anecdotal archive and reading room for Next Wave Festival 2016.

Sturgeon Issue 6  

Australian art, culture, etc.

Sturgeon Issue 6  

Australian art, culture, etc.