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Presidential Candidatesin HomeStretch With the presidential debates behind them, President Barack Obama (D) and Governor Mitt Romney (R-Mass.) are campaigning in battleground states leading up to the November 6 election. ARTBA encourages you to read its summary of each candidate’s positions on transportation, as well as President Obama’s plan for a second term, and Governor Romney’s plan for a first. ARTBA will continue to monitor the presidential and congressional races and will, as always, continue to work with all parties to grow and protect

Transportation The Focus of 2013 High School Debate, ARTBA On Board

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PortGroup &ARTBA SignStrategic Partnership ARTBA and the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) officially joined forces October 24 to build greater awareness of the need for more federal investment in the nation’s ports and waterways infrastructure. The two organizations signed a memorandum of cooperation during AAPA’s annual meeting Continued on page 4 Follow ARTBA:

ARTBA announced October 24 that it is lending its support to the National Association for Urban Debate Leagues (NAUDL) 2013 National Championship in Washington, D.C. April 18-21. The event is the culmination of a year-long competition among high school students from cities across the nation who are debating: “Should the federal government

substantially increase transportation infrastructure investment in the United States?” ARTBA is also preparing an online resource for students that will provide data on the many impacts of infrastructure investment on U.S. mobility, economic development, job creation and quality of life. NAUDL and its 19 local urban

debate leagues provide debate opportunities to 500 middle and high school students in low-income school districts, which helps young adults develop literacy, critical thinking, research, and communication skills. For more information or to get involved, contact ARTBA’s Beth McGinn.

Check out ARTBA President Pete Ruane’s election message on page 6 ARTBA Washington Newsline

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the transportation design and construction industry. The next administration and new Congress will have several difficult tasks ahead of them affecting transportation policy, including the looming fiscal cliff, long-term stability of the Highway Trust Fund, and a reauthorization of the federal highway and transit programs as of the “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century” Act (MAP-21) expires on September 30, 2014. ARTBA will produce its traditional postelection report with national results on federal elections and state ballot initiatives.

On October 25 ARTBA hosted a visiting delegation from the Korea Expressway Corporation in South Korea. The two groups discussed America’s transportation infrastructure and exchanged ideas about their respective national industries. Pictured: Hosik Yoo, FHWA research scholar; Sung-Soo Lee, Korea Expressway Corp. general manager Construction Technology; Jae Beom Park, Korea Expressway Corp. senior manager Construction Technology; Omar Lopez, ARTBA safety and Spanish language training programs specialist; Hank Webster, ARTBA managing director of PPP Division; Nick Goldstein, ARTBA vice president of environmental and regulatory affairs; and Rich Juliano, ARTBA senior vice president for strategic initiatives.

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MAP-21 Focus of Oct. 24-25 ARTBA Legal Forum Nearly two dozen transportation law professionals, including in-house counsel, contractors and government attorneys, and other industry executives gathered October 24-25 at the ARTBA HQ Building in Washington, D.C., to discuss the new surface transportation law, MAP-21, and other issues during ARTBA’s 4th annual Transportation Law and Regulatory Forum. The keynote address, delivered by Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Chief Counsel Fred Wagner, provided a broad overview of the agency’s upcoming regulatory agenda for implementing MAP-21. Other sessions explored: project

delivery, public-private partnerships, and labor issues. The forum also provided an in-depth look at recent changes to the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program, and risk management. For those who could not attend, sessions will soon be posted on ARTBA’s website for purchase.

FHWA Chief Counsel Fred Wagner at the ARTBA Legal Forum.

ARTBA 110 th Anniversary: Share Your Memorabilia

Products & Services Join the growing ranks of companies like Transpo Industries that are advertising in ARTBA’s digital Buyers’ Guide.

The year 2012 marks ARTBA’s 110 th year of service to the U.S. transportation design and construction industry. An ARTBA member recently sent us this cover of the “Road Builder News” from December 1940. We started thinking that there must be other similar items out there that ARTBA members have. In particular, we’re looking for interesting and/or old photographs of: •

• •

Provides roadway safety products, and specialized polymer concrete materials for the maintenance, rehabilitation and preservation of bridge decks, such as breakaways, glare Screens, barrier panels for roads, tunnels and bridges, and color pavement markings.

• • • •

road, bridge, airport, rail, waterway and transit projects under construction; industry professionals at work equipment used in transportation construction; road and airport signs ARTBA conventions, meetings and events; ARTBA leaders; and ARTBA publications.

Please send your items via email or regular mail to ARTBA’s Jenny Ragone or The ARTBA Building, 1219 28th Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. She can also be reached at 202.289.4434. We will include them in future “Washington Newslines.” Thanks in advance for your assistance with this 110 th anniversary-related project!

Contact ARTBA Director of Sales Peter Embrey at 202.289.4434 to become part of the 2013 guide. ARTBA Washington Newsline



Overheard “The best part about MAP-21 is that it’s only for two years.”

U.S. DOT Secretary Ray LaHood speaking at the National Associationof City Transportation Officials conference Oct. 25. “But we do know how to fix our problems. In the short run, we have to invest in infrastructure, education and research — the sources of our strength to stimulate growth — while simultaneously putting in place a credible long-term plan to cut spending and both raise and reform taxes as our economy improves.” Thomas L. Friedman in a Oct. 23“New York TImes” op-ed. “Obama speaks incessantly about upgrading the country’s infrastructure. He also stresses the urgency of retooling both our education system and the way we train people for well-paying jobs. One can imagine a comprehensive education, jobs and investment program being a high priority in a second Obama term.” E.J. Dionne Jr. in a Oct. 21 “Washington Post”op-ed. 4

ART BA Washington Newsline

ARTBA News Port Authority Association Continued from page 1

in Mobile, Ala. The agreement calls for each group to participate in the other’s committee meetings and policy discussions, share technical best practices, exchange information through newsletters and reports, and jointly lobby Congress on pending legislation that impacts ports and waterways. “Investing in freight-handling infrastructure is an essential, effective utilization of limited federal resources,” said Kurt Nagle, president and CEO of AAPA. “We look forward to this enhanced relationship with ARTBA, and to combining the strength of all our freight partners, to ensure port-related infrastructure is a priority whenever federal transportation policy and funding decisions are being considered.”

Construction Writers Gather in D.C. More than 50 construction industry journalists, corporate public relations professionals and association executives gathered in the Nation’s Capital October 22-23 for the Construction Writers Association (CWA) Annual Conference. ARTBA Senior Vice President of Communications & Marketing Matt Jeanneret, who serves on the CWA Board of Directors, helped develop the conference program and moderated several sessions, which included a talk by long-time “Washington Post” transportation reporter Ashley Halsey.

Other key ARTBA staff participated in the program. ARTBA Senior Vice President of Government Relations Dave Bauer talked about the implementation of MAP-21, the possibility of a deal on tackling the nation’s fiscal challenges, and the potential impacts of the November elections on the transportation construction industry. ARTBA Chief Economist Alison Premo Black provided a transportation construction market progress report and offered a preview of the transportation-ballot initiatives that ARTBA is tracking with next month’s elections. Established nearly 55 years ago, CWA is a non-profit, non-partisan, international organization for journalists, writers, editors, public relations, marketing, and communications professionals serving the information needs of the construction industry.

ARTBA Past Chairman Walton Named to DOT Advisory Council

the E.H. Cockrell Centennial Chair in Engineering at the University of Texas, Austin, to a three-year term on the Bureau of Transportation Statistics’ (BTS) Advisory Council on Transportation Statistics (ACTS). The ACTS advises on transportation statistics and analyses, including whether the statistics and analysis that BTS disseminates are of high quality and are based upon the best available objective information. Dr. Walton’s career has spanned more than four decades and he served as ARTBA chairman in 2006.

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood named Dr. Michael Walton,

Dr. Michael Walton, the E.H. Cockrell Centennial Chair in Engineering at the University of Texas, Austin.

Multimodal News

Fostering Innovation

A service of ARTBA’s multimodal councils, it features current transportation developments making news across all modes and regions. Contact Sara Jones to become a subscriber or visit

TRB Newsletter: Oct. 19

Highlighting new research, technologies, industry best practices and information resources available to the transportation design and construction industry.

MUTCD available for Mobile Devices ARTBA Rolls Out Traffic Control Manual for Mobile Devices

ARTBA October 26 launched the first-ever iBook version of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), one of the transportation industry’s most heavily utilized publications. Published by the Federal Highway Administration, the MUTCD defines uniform standards for traffic control devices on all public streets, highways and bikeways, providing guidance on the types of

Legislative & Regulatory News U.S. DOT Finalizes Intermodal Database The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) October 26 released a final Intermodal Passenger Connectivity Database (IPCD) after a five-year effort to collect nationwide data. Among the key findings, more than half of all U.S. transportation terminals offer intermodal passenger connectivity to at least two scheduled passenger transportation modes. According to the database, 68 percent of facilities in urbanized areas offer intermodal connections, but


shapes, colors, and fonts, and installation methods that should be used. The MUTCD e-book, which is available for purchase through the ARTBA Bookstore, allows road managers to quickly access safety information via their smart phones or tablets on the job site. The new format allows users to electronically search, find, copy, paste, print, and save both text and graphics by navigating hyperlinks and bookmarking information about traffic control rules and regulations.

only seven percent of facilities in rural areas offer the same service. Rail stations are the most likely terminals to offer connections, while airports are the least likely terminals to do so. The complete IPCD database contains details about connections at more than 7,000 passenger facilities, including the type of connecting facility, the geographic location of the connection, and the types of connecting modes.

U.S. DOT Extends DBE Comment Period

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program. Interested parties now have until December 24 to comment on the Department’s proposal to fundamentally change numerous aspects of the program, including goal-setting, good faith efforts, counting of trucking and regular-dealers, and certification. Read ARTBA’s comprehensive summary of the proposal. ARTBA’s DBE Committee met last week to begin drafting comments. To share your feedback, please contact Rich Juliano at 202.289.4434.

The U.S. Department of Transportation has extended the deadline for submitting written comments in response to its rulemaking on the

Download a PDF copy of the digital “Washington Newsline.” ARTBA Washington Newsline


Get Out and Vote! Election Message from ARTBA President Pete Ruane Recently, I attended an event for association CEOs and had the chance to visit with several colleagues from other trade associations. They were all aware of the recent passage of the federal surface transportation law, the “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act”, or MAP21, and congratulated ARTBA on our sustained and successful efforts to pass it. Many of these folks noted that important federal legislation relating to their associations’ own industries or professions remained bottled up in Congress, and their outlook continued to be pessimistic because of the extreme partisanship on Capitol Hill. So they told me, in effect, that it must have been a relief to get MAP-21 done and “out of the way.” Unfortunately, these comments reflect a belief among many that the job is done. While ARTBA’s members, chapters and staff deserve some plaudits for a seven-year effort to help frame the debate for reauthorization, support of the efforts of congressional transportation leaders to shape the best bill possible under the circumstances, and the grassroots push with our coalition partners to get it through each chamber, full blown kudos are premature. Yes, it was not an easy task, and indeed MAP-21 represents one of the few bipartisan accomplishments of the current Congress. As we reported in the last issue of “Transportation Builder,” which included ARTBA’s comprehensive analysis of the legislation, the highway and transit investment levels still fell short of what the nation needs. Numerous program reforms in MAP-21, however, provide the opportunity for meaningful

improvements in areas like planning, permitting and project delivery. Nonetheless, as ARTBA has made clear since President Obama signed MAP-21 on July 6, our work is far from over. We remain in full “reauthorization mode” with less than two years remaining until MAP-21 expires and the Highway Trust Fund once again faces insolvency. Congress has put off key revenue/investment decisions until the next time around. We have a critical two years ahead, and the next step in the road to MAP-21 reauthorization is the November elections. Please read ARTBA’s report on the transportation records of the presidential candidates. I urge you to examine this information carefully in the final days before the election. Talk to your industry colleagues, employees, suppliers and families about which candidates – whether for president, U.S. Senate, U.S. House, state or local office – have made transportation investment a priority. On the other hand, think about which candidates have been hostile or have just given you lip service when the industry has needed their help with a critical vote in Congress or your legislature. In the campaign’s closing days, you may even have a chance to question candidates in your area about these issues. Those with the strongest records and positions on transportation investment are the people who deserve your support. One of the oldest sayings in politics is that “people vote their pocketbook.” When they work on the successor to MAP-21, the next president and Congress will decide what your transportation design and construction market looks like for the rest of this decade. So it’s time for our industry to “vote its pocketbook” – now more than ever before!

Project Delivery Academy November 12-14 ARTBA Headquarters Washington, D.C.

Project Delivery Methods are Evolving. Are You?

Learn the Fundamentals of CMGC & Design-Build

Increased use of alternative project delivery methods such as Design-Build (DB) and Construction Manager-General Contractor (CMGC) by transportation agencies requires contractors to learn new skills. ARTBA’s Project Delivery Academy will help you learn the fundamentals of alternative delivery methods in four core areas: • • • •

Procurement models/contract structure; Project pricing provision models; Developing responsive submittals to requests for qualifications (RFQ) and/or requests for proposals (RFP); and Post-award contract administration.

Bonus! One of FHWA’s top executives will be on hand to discuss the agency’s goals to double the number CMGC and DB projects over the next two years through the “Every Day Counts” (EDC) initiative.

In addition, you will hear from Granite Construction and HDR Engineering representatives, who have successfully customized alternative delivery methods to fit project constraints, reduce construction costs and deliver projects below original estimates.

Douglas D. Gransberg, Ph.D., P.E.

Professor, Iowa State University, Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering The Academy will be led by Dr. Gransberg, an engineer, professor, designated design-build professional and owner of a construction management/project delivery consulting firm. Before moving to academia in 1994, he spent over 20 years in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. He is currently leading the effort to develop the “AASHTO Guidelines for CMGC Project Delivery” and “Guidebook for Alternative Quality Management.” He is also co-author of the “AASHTO Guide for DesignBuild Contracting.”

REGISTER NOW! Learn more about the academy 20 ARTBA Professional Development Hours available. Contact ARTBA’s Holly DiGangi at 202.289.4434 with any questions.


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